How a Champion Plays Aruni In Rainbow Six Siege


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      I never would have thought about the hallway Melusi/Aruni strat. Holy crap that's genius.

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      can someone explain me the kingdom hearts thing? thanks

    10. jstme andmeactlimlost

      2:42 how to do this trick i don’t understand;-;

      1. Icarus

        Place the aruni on the other side, and walk next to it on your side. That will disable it because you are near it, and then walk away to activate it and destroy the hardbreach

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      No one: Absolutely no one: Music: PARA BAILAR LA BAMBA

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      7:24 was when rainbow become hotline Miami

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      around 9:53 i'm starting to actually listen to the music and it reminds me of some game i used to play anyone know what it is could bring back nostalgia

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      Even kini knows you don't tap fire with a dmr, gotta send that lead down range if you want it to count, even with a dmr...

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    25. JHONNY

      hi everyone i wanted to tell you that if you have nice rainbow clips you can send them to thank you all

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      no.... kurt cobain said look at this trickshot with the M590A1

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      I love when people think someone who’s good is hacking and report them and nothing happens. It’s hilarious.

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      1:30 i do this in ranked always just open garage and they will get confused ..

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      The mystery dungeon music in the background completes this video for me lol

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      I hope Arunis dmr is going to get removed because it's overpowered as fuck

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      1:02 how do the scope like this please tell me

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      Aruni: code name snake, big boss

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        @Mami_Miracle it was a call back when he grinded ranked and got gold

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        He’s been in tournaments

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      How a champion plays aruni more like how a god plays aruni

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      I think her punches should get a cooldown period if she punches a wall or hatch 5 consecutive times in a short window of time


      7:24 was it just me but my fkn eyes feelt like they were about to pop out fam tf😂

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