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    1. Gurshaan Brar

      I’m watching this video on 1080p50 instead of 1080p60 🙄

    2. Sicko vibes -

      Keep spamming 19:31 plz

    3. Reflex

      JJ lost more weight from screaming than actually moving

    4. omR

      Even though tobi said he will not win, he did

    5. Mark Gould

      Ksi is smarter than everyone else

    6. VyxlHonda Transport Flicks

      JJ screaming when not on go ape: Slenderman sounds JJ screaming when on go ape: Slenderman but scared

    7. Sub Phantom

      Respect to the camera man 19:25

    8. B Biju

      Vik doing good at football is so nice to see

    9. Jayden Valerie

      I blinked lol at 6:40

    10. Nidhin Nk

      vik and josh racing ws fun to watch!!

    11. aka_Danyalz

      I’m watching this while on the treadmill

    12. Spirit King

      bruh jj belly

    13. Bart Explains

      JJ sittin ona tollet

    14. Bart Explains

      “Vik” Comn man Im 40 and Im 12 and Ur 46 🤫🙅🏽‍♂️

    15. Craigjonnie5 Sam

      Title:24 hours jj:starts at 12 ends at 6

    16. sOar yekcan

      24 hour challenge is 6 hours lol lmao

    17. Gustavs

      i honestly thought they were better at football

    18. Rawan Rimawi

      19:40 “astaghfurallah” 😭😭

    19. Matt Ryan


    20. OxbowClamp74

      JJ scream bruh

    21. S A

      19:40 is ksi muslim??

      1. ebony black


    22. Lordz Hd

      What brand of scales do they use??

    23. govnix

      JJ looks like the air jordan logo when theyre on the rope bridge 😂😂

    24. Nick Ortiz

      Theo has gotten so much better

    25. Adam Deadass

      Bruh I’ve been gone for years on this channel, and I didn’t know bezhinga changed so much 👀

    26. Yeabsira Henok

      Josh:Merely Merely🤣🤣🤣🤣

    27. SheeshBoogie

      Me as an American realizing they aren’t using pounds😂

    28. Golden Lion

      How did the blue team in soccer go from 5 to 8

    29. frost_ rjisking

      any one else see jj having a mad stiffy when he was getting weighed

    30. Ethan Stead

      Did vik rlly say use an illegal sporting drug in boxing😂😂

    31. _ leonmaximilian

      miss the Indian music when vin touches the ball

    32. ChickenRun •

      Bro they should do a full Sidemen Sunday at Go Ape

    33. SamyKK

      JJ is terrified of heights fam😂😂😂

    34. safe me now

      how have i never been recommended this video

    35. Hanu 360

      Damnnn vikk, Im 71

    36. brodieleighhx

      they all had the same idea at the start lol

    37. Ahmed Abdullah Raiyan

      The sidmen videos are a slap to the face to people who say JJ only makes reaction content and no original content.

    38. Annasidegirl

      Sidemen need to do Hide and Seek in Hospital and in Airplane station. Cmon

    39. Rahid_Art

      Anyone know the song at 8:29

    40. Tobyisbored gaming

      U say 24hrs but u spend 6hrs

    41. Inferno K7ng 11

      This thumbnail is over used. but the views tho!!!

    42. Lance Hopkinson

      wita bix is a rip off of the aussie god cereal weetbix broooooo!!!!!!!!!!

    43. RawXVIII

      Also credit to the camera men on the gym course cause he is going first to film Backwards😓

    44. Sphephile Ndlovu

      JJ : haaaaaaa😱haaaaaaa😱haaaaaaa😱 Toby and harry: I'm going to piss myself 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    45. Daymon Herme

      my boy chip was in there

    46. Biscuit

      The last time I heard JJ scream like that was in his old videos with Deji.

    47. Troy .O

      9:37 that so so clean

    48. blank_ lyrics

      Ksi is afraid of heights I but he wasn't scared of horror games

    49. Dsk

      I’m 💨 fast

    50. MC PRO

      Sidemen puts a warning saying that this is not a way to lose weighme: this is the weight

    51. saucesbooty

      They live in the uk right

    52. B4U Clapz

      Ethan toe man 😬😬

    53. Zeidane Hall

      Me eat cereal everyday and I'm still skinny

    54. Adham Zaid

      Josh and vik: 😂😂😂😂 JJ:IM GONNA DIE IM GONNA DIE

    55. Leonel Arellano

      i have the same helmet like Simon

    56. Sir Cluck of The Chicken Empire

      I eat a ton, i can't gain weight at all.

    57. Do Not Drop

      JJ SAID 12pm to 6pm i am dead

    58. YouTube Clips

      JJ'S body physique 27:54 doesn't look that bad

    59. Anon

      Pro tip for next time: Suppository

    60. simon

      That entire time I didn’t know it was kilograms and thought it was pounds and fr felt so fat

    61. MrCuffey

      19:47 "im not going to drink the water" Follows up with just drinking the bloody water

      1. Daniel Eskelinen

        i was thinking the same😂😂😂

    62. Caden Langarica

      18:41 that’s a nice painting on the wall

    63. Who Asked

      JJ did a Jordan 18:00

    64. Hans B

      Me: clicked cause the title or thumbnail. Skip to the middle. Watched a few frames Skip to the 2/3. Watched a few frames. Skip near the end. Watched a few frames. Pause. Comment. "It's another s***"

      1. Gangatsa

        Fr bro wtf was this

    65. Cole Bechel

      Jj in the picture of the video is a before and after but the after is photo shopped ya fat neek

    66. Rushil Lachmon

      8:20 song?

    67. Vennom

      3:34 Look bottom left fam

    68. Pavanjit Singh

      18.42 nice drawing on the wall 🤣🤣🤣

    69. Kenny V.Kempen

      minimeter just broke there ankles so hard

    70. chef

      6:12 a man just popped out of vikstar

    71. Dakota Livezey

      I love how JJ still has the same pair of futbol boots

    72. Mimi Clarke

      23:51 gave me the ick

    73. Matthew Ridden

      I I

    74. Monkey d luffy

      6:41 the best part

    75. hka ra hka ra

      fat man aw manñnnnnnnn

    76. Mike Regter

      Vik 13:33 ever watched joelbeukers scoopie erbij

    77. O S


    78. niels AJAX

      sry but they all had their camera in their hand when weighting the first time

    79. opS_Andrew

      I'm 65kg and 13 years old.

    80. opS_Andrew

      Harry and josh are heavier than ethan , damn

    81. theone&only bj

      JJ was the inspiration for this video

    82. O Y

      What vid did Ethan break his toe

    83. Captain Cryptic

      VIKS 64.1 pounds ?!?!?!??!

    84. Juliana Cin

      Why only 6 hours and not 24?

    85. Jayden Carson-Scales

      I love how in the thumbnail for all of the weight loss videos they've done its always been a fat jj and a fat behz lol

    86. Janaira V

      Just an fyi, over exerting your muscles can make your muscles swell temporarily causing it to weigh just a bit more... sorry my nurse mind couldn’t help it 🤣❤️ love all your videos tho!!! Keep entertaining and vibing 🤟🏽

    87. Maverick Sellers

      18:44 what is that on the wall lol

    88. Elegy Beast

      Jesus is king

    89. Elegy Beast

      Jesus is kinf

    90. Andiorlis Samuel

      I see vik getting those simps

    91. Ifrah Bilal

      no one: asulotly no one: etah: attacks random player

    92. Tigeraft RP

      Notice how Ethan and JJ are in the title?

    93. MØRtalic-_-

      dont mind me just watching people loose weight while im eating a whole macDonalds meal :D

    94. noah brandis

      As an Aussie I'm offended by vik and his wheatabix lol

    95. Gavinus Maximus

      This seems safe

    96. November

      Title says 24 hours but its 6 hours

    97. Anurag J

      The amount of times Ethan played the toe card is unacceptable

    98. EricPlayz951

      5 year old me seeing a plane in the sky: 9:44

    99. Sub-0


    100. Angy H

      Callux couldn't save a word document