*NEW* IRON MAN vs Galactus! (Fortnite Battle)


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    Fortnite Iron Man vs Galactus - Who wins!?
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    1. SOHAM MILAN MODY [Parel]

      Ok, dude, Ali-a is the best youtuber

    2. Romail David


    3. Suray

      Woho go team galactus

    4. Sonic the Yajhog

      Team iron man

    5. Henry Barragan

      I’m a PS4 controller player

    6. Jeremiah Jones

      I'm team iron Man

    7. Zync

      Hey guys! Hope you guys have a great rest of your day! Also could you help my channel out?

    8. BradIsAChad

      the team iron man guy is legit but you can tell that the galactus guy has just made a new account to go against bots

    9. Aliani Brown

      Team iron man

    10. Family Robbo

      30.5 People On Each Team

    11. Andrew Ardeleanu

      taem iron man

    12. Trevor 3D

      Who is here during season 5?


      me do

    14. Sondrya

      Hi I am a very big fan of you I like your every video Please gift me a skin My name is ANSH blaster 123

    15. Unbreakable

      Team iron man

    16. Benjamin Steele

      iron man

    17. Esteban Garcia

      iron man team

    18. Aaron Barron

      The commitment to that drone he deserved to win he could have took the loot at the end but NO he stood to it gg default

    19. Jairad Jackson

      What type of dog is that

    20. Alison Lincoln

      I play on Xbox 1s

      1. Alison Lincoln


    21. Jay Jay

      I’m team iron man

    22. 권혁민

      I still can’t believe how cracked that controller player was

    23. Croskro

      Iron man

    24. GizmoGames

      Kim Galantis

    25. DaRk GaMeR

      Bruh team galactus just joined the game while team iron man is a sweat...... .....

    26. Gabriel Watts

      Galactus team was level 8 and got bad players while team iron man was level 182

    27. Angela Crews

      I saw the event it was epic

    28. Manar Sulayman


    29. Marthinus Versfeld

      Ali-a predicts the future

    30. pieter vanroelen

      loot Lake jou set lazy lake

    31. Arin Gharibian

      I love how it goes between an absolute sweat and an absolute bot (I didn’t even know editing on controller that fast was possible lol)

      1. Arin Gharibian

        I still can’t believe how cracked that controller player was

    32. jxst pandaz

      You do realise that that galactus guy was on a new account and the first game is with bots...

    33. Fl4ir

      the default wasn't really ''cracked''

    34. Mia Watson-Shone

      Alia are you friends with catbomber438 on Xbox?

    35. The planet earth

      Who's happy we won against Galactus?

    36. Anish Shah

      I am Ayaan

    37. Mason Pascual

      the default has bot lobbys hes cheating "EXPOSED"

    38. Muhammad Shah Meer Tariq

      ALI A: Iron Man vs Galactus WHO WILL WIN FACTS : Captain America beat Iron Man ME : Is that a real question?

    39. Eth5N

      It's funny how the iron man dude only fought ais 😂

    40. Nikstar112

      The guy on Team Galactus was trash! Where did you find him? He’s worse than me

    41. SLogan 2010


    42. MrTrusty

      I was so upset when Team Iron Man won : (

    43. g4stly

      Galactus kid is on a smurf

    44. Foxshark bros

      It was way easier fot team iron man agreed?

    45. Anthony Best

      Team Iron Man

    46. Rian Baker

      team iron man

    47. Shane C

      That fortnite Galactus event was awesome

    48. Criselia Cisneros

      Team iron Man

    49. Nellie Alexander

      too many live stream scammers out there

    50. viet le

      The person playing as team galactus was so limited it’s not even fair

    51. Tanner Huber

      mine user is tannerhubs

    52. Molly Kline

      i watch the enent

    53. Banna_ Myhem


    54. Cara Tomlinson

      ..loved it

    55. Drew Chuba

      1. Drew Chuba

        Don't mint the thing in da corner of bottom right... the watermark dat ok?

      2. Drew Chuba


    56. Hellamagz

      I think the team galactus player made a new account to get in bot lobbies and stack kills to gain more points

    57. TwT Senix

      conspiracy theory agent Jonesy was their because galactic rifted their like in the event meaning hes their destroying that world

    58. Lily Twaite

      Can you give me next season's battle pass

    59. Boi Drew


    60. ED_ Gxming

      Team iron man

    61. Alex playez

      Who's here after the event?

      1. Bilu fighter


      2. itz Spikey Tube


    62. Moises Gomez

      I was taking pictures of the live event on my switch and I found an Easter egg I found the Travis Scott planet

      1. Lightcrayzirr

        I saw it too. It was near Saturn

    63. R St

      ima tree skin

    64. Amanda Moreland

      Team iron man

    65. R St

      but did u see me on the live event

    66. R St

      team iron man

    67. only sis team omg

      Me team iron man😀

    68. Jayden Gonzalez

      Galacticis because I was watching your stream

    69. SteaLth_ Game

      Wow that was a great event ngl

    70. Isaac Rogers

      How did they both win?

    71. Austin Hayes

      Team iron man but I don't have a ps4

    72. Mehl Mickens

      I still can’t believe how cracked that controller player was

    73. Jessica Kirby


    74. meme gameing


    75. Brunson Munroe

      Iron man

    76. FF FLYE


    77. Kristel Alaniz

      Team iron Man

    78. Carlos Emigdio Hernandez

      I don't have fornite :(

    79. Sera Freestone


    80. Sera Freestone


    81. bass demon

      I used code alia

    82. Gaz Ricketts

      Ali-A: are you team iron man or team galactus Me: IM TEAM ALI-A!

    83. Jenny Evans

      Play normal fortnite pls

    84. Harry Joel

      Fortnites dead

    85. Gema Hervé

      Shoutout to Ethan, Aiden & Riley in Jersey uk :) 💝💝💝💝💝💝

    86. Retal Gamal

      The between strong

    87. Anime Blaster

      Wait ali a plz reply remember the comic in the beginning of season 4 they showed black winter what if black winter has something to do in the live event today

    88. TigerBeta

      ITS 19:31 ALIA LOG IN

    89. gulla pops

      alia is better then bh

    90. hairyhead-0

      Is that you

    91. Marlon Islas Gonzalez31

      Plz continue Alia plays mincraft

    92. Jodey Burbine

      Team Iron Man

    93. Jazey Denny

      What team are you helping I'm helping glactus??

    94. William Young


    95. Julia Nault_26

      Team iron man

    96. gulla pops

      the galactus team had the bottiest combo curently

    97. hairyhead-0


    98. money ninja

      Team gluctes

    99. aubrey gomez

      And then you find a stark rifle from the goergia!!NANI