Attack on Titan Is Still Incredible.


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    I know this is a bit late, please go easy on me manga readers.
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    1. The Third

      “Ah aH cAlL thE fAnGirLS” “Huh?” “*But not for you.*”

    2. 6 Bell

      The final season is literally: who is the good guy? Cause everyone wanna kill everyone. Who is the actual enemy?

    3. XyalamaboiX

      12:46 that should be the actual trailer for the final season part 1

    4. John Locke

      He just moves forward until he destroys all his enemies, what can I say


      I saw three animes like darling in the franxx and domestic girlfriend and danger girlfriend only the episode that I found on the HUgets . Where can i see the full anime likge watched darling int fran xx in yt full but i only saw domestic girlfriend and rent a girlfriend 12 episodes

      1. Muz Lee

        Aren't those 12 episode long? But you can watch anime on crunchyroll, funimation even Netflix

    6. aidan

      i (very) recently started watching anime because of attack on titan

    7. karen rodriguez

      Keeping up with AOT Has been so worth it and was also one of the only anime my mom has gotten so invested in.

    8. Avie corn

      the tokyo ghoul in 5 mins video is one of the best videos on youtube

    9. Sergio Gago Gómez

      Shame that the last season actually doesn't end:( but yeah great anime

    10. Jessica Mester

      I love the OP. It was beautiful and horrific at the same time.

    11. bigpotatobrain

      yes i like not knowing who dies but this........ this just hurt to much i hate gaby with hart and soul. but yes she has been written wel

    12. Yellow Peril Music

      Spoilers in comment! . . . . . . . . IMO just because the writers humanize the antagonists doesn’t mean that’s automatically a moral gray area. When you boil it down, Marley is still an apartheid state, and the Jaegerists’ plan is still eugenics. The antagonists may be human and are depicted as such with the full range of human emotion and relationships, but Mikasa, Hange, et al are still in the right to resist them. Nazi soldiers had families too, and it was still right for Allied soldiers to kill them. Tho ofc civilian casualties should always be avoided.

    13. Rue La Toya Phillips

      I would dance to the opening in a club since I do exercise to it already. LOL

    14. Hange Zoë

      And yet people still say aot is a mid

      1. Tsunade1stSannin

        At this point we can safely and unironically say even Naruto was written better than whatever that clusterfuck was in the last arc. Fucking ruined the entire series

      2. Muz Lee

        If the leaks are true, it's the best anime of the century, the best comedy anime.

      3. bigbird7

        after the end

    15. Thangmingou Touthang

      Where Levi

    16. Sora

      History is truly being made. If the anime adapt the manga's ending, then Attack on Titan will undoubtedly be the best COMEDY show of our generation.

      1. Real king is meruem

        @Sora I feel for all those who were saying that aot is the best shounen of Ll time 🤣🤣🤣🤣,like fr? There are tons of shounen much better than aot And bro I don't take these anitubers serious tbh because they are kind of diplomatic after a certain point.

      2. Real king is meruem

        @Sora Bro I too have exact feelings like you,I hope that these were the real leaks Moreover I think it's real because who tf will draw these so precisely?

      3. Sora

        @Real king is meruem When I was rewatching this video of Gigguk yesterday I laughed so hard. Especially when at the end when Gigguk said "really hope the ending wasn't 💩 bad because that would mean the ending of this video is gonna be pretty awkward *nervously laughed*". I laughed so hard that I die and got revived just so I can continue laughing my ass off 🤣🤣🤣 Btw, just so we're clear, I'm not trying to mock the video, I really did laugh because it was genuinly funny 😅😅

      4. Sora

        @Real king is meruem Still don't know if the leaks is real or not. I hope it's true. Because if so then at least we can all can all agree that the ending suck balls (will maybe except for Jean x Mikasa shippers) and AOT will officially reach the peak of fictional comedy 🤣🤣🤣

      5. Muz Lee

        @Real king is meruem fr? xD Truly a comedic genius. Can't wait for the extra extra pages that it was all just a dream.

    17. Kale

      theres nothing a cup of tea cant fix

    18. Lucas Bland


    19. Muhammed Abdel salam

      Ur aot videos endings are making me want to bomb my house 😭

    20. Minecreep 313

      I loved the opening. 10/10.

    21. Noa Jurcevic

      Geneva convention, more like Geneva suggestion

      1. Traypod

        Wow so original

    22. boredAF

      The opening wasn't bad, it just felt different from what we usually get from wit studio, i still liked it but i won't deny i was expecting similar to the first season, hope the last OP gives homage to it

    23. Dan Gilbert

      eh. It was ok I guess

    24. Gon' Smash YoUR Boy

      i've popped when u went, "Arc 1 Eren gets kidnapped ..." that one just made me sub to yo channel, no cap

    25. Jamie Baker

      I loved the manga ending. So many people hated it but it really felt like the conclusion of the whole series.

    26. FC Marok


    27. roller


      1. Noisyguest

        No u

    28. Amara Zaman

      this video is a joke aot was never good.Aot is garbage s4 is hella overrated and is hella garbage.Eren worst mc mikasa has like no charatcer devoplment repetitive fights s2 was garbage aot s4 has like no plot.Who tf is gabi?or falco?who are these charatcers is garbage.Aot will always remain garbage.

      1. Tsunade1stSannin

        @Muz Lee after that shitshow of an ending/last arc, Naruto is unironically better than SnK lmaooo at least Naruto remained consistent with its themes and character development

      2. Muz Lee

        I agree that it's overrated, but holy sh*t what have aot done to you? Stop complaining and watch Naruto or whatever

      3. Faizan 11-A

        @Animeman you replied to wrong one

      4. Animeman

        @Requiem ya go stick with your demon slayer which is fucking hilarious and garbage

      5. Requiem

        What else to expect from someone with a demon slayer ppf

    29. Pesmobile 2075

      Ok gigguk,you should read the leaks and the manga if you doesnt want to be dissapointed as i did

    30. Xuelian C

      This kinda gigguk videos always makes me have goosebumps for some reason

    31. Alexisasheep

      I dropped it during the first season but I guess I'll have to pick it up again among demon slayer and the latest seasons of hero aca

      1. anon

        @Alexisasheep don't.

      2. Jack The Ripper

        @Animeman aot is a joke.... It was great until the rotting pile of shit ending

      3. Animeman

        @Jack The Ripper you have no right to say that it is his choice

      4. Animeman

        @Jack The Ripper stop it don't ruin others enjoyment asshole

      5. Requiem

        @Jack The Ripper don't talk about yourself like that mate

    32. Eliandrei B. Menor

      please do more anime in minutes ;-; 0:45 - 0:49

    33. Vishrut Upadhyay

      it doesnt feel right though. Eren's motivation are still questionable. I cant help but the viewers are his best friends who have no clue as to why eren is acting this way. I dont see the point of making him a hero and a fan favorite when he most likely isnt for many

      1. Tsunade1stSannin

        It's ok, as it turns out Eren didn't know why he was acting this way either. Only Ymir will know lmao

    34. Alarche

      3:07 "Me and the boys at 2 am committing war crimes" YEP sounds like one of those light novel titles

    35. Aniruddha G

      who else got chillz at the end of this video xD

    36. fireballs

      No really duh its most generic anime i have ever seen tbh

      1. Faizan 11-A

        @fireballs oooh that's part is amazing. His death and the start of the new kingdom falconia

      2. fireballs

        @Faizan 11-A brah read till genishika part when i have time i will read it

      3. Faizan 11-A

        @fireballs lmao what? No one watches the anime. Read the manga. You only show the back story lmao 😂😂. That's where actual story starts. The ep 1 is after the events of 25

      4. fireballs

        @Faizan 11-A watched it read it hell i eant god hand kill casca and guts in worse way in the end

      5. Faizan 11-A

        @fireballs lmao have you even read berserk

    37. MrCabbageFace


    38. Lanu

      if the leaks are true, we are watching the fucking moon exploding in pieces and turning into shit

    39. Qwiggzz

      after he said "were watching history be made" i got CHILLS

    40. captain unicorn

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    41. Sunny Le

      This man is so obsessed with "L"s that we can call him E"L"en Yeager.


      “We’re watching history being made” ㄟ(≧◇≦)ㄏ

    43. pippike

      All I can say is the leaks better not be fucking true.

      1. Jack The Ripper

        It is fucking true

      2. Jack The Ripper

        It is

    44. Manuel Garcia Navarro

      OH BOI the last finalizing sequence was so great I had shivers all over my body

    45. Dajshinshin

      Me and the boys at 2AM committing war crimes .... I'm fuckin dead

    46. Qassim Mohd

      😂😂😂 AOT is good 😂😂😂

    47. Plg_Coder

      ok htf did you take how I felt and put it into perfect words

    48. Shdugen

      parody pls

    49. Akirizan


    50. Дамјан Ковачевић

      That ending tho...

    51. JrdnVFX

      "This guy is so obsessed with L's that he may as well get a death note"

    52. SKIPP

      The music is 100/10

    53. Tomas

      Evabridged is underrated, it was great comedy

    54. John David Salaum

      not gonna lie reading/watching aot feelings i'm watching code geass again like fk menh i hate the ending like menh they already gone to sacrifice alot of shet and it ended that way like fk the ending just feels false peace heck they might go in war again in 5year or 10years from now on and their sacrifice where done for nothing. . . . . . . . . . . . ok im not hating or anything just i feels awful like fk u author u never gave mikasa happiness

      1. John David Salaum

        @Kritika Srivastava yeah that's why i hate the ending like boi u(eren) sacrifice yourself yet it would be for nothing do be honest i was hoping for mikasa to be happy like come she been through tough shet yet she still cant have a peaceful life/happiness fk menh i wanna struggle the author to change it to make mikasa happy like fk u author the series was nice but the ending is dog shet fk menh i would anyone agree the ending is nice like fk u guys

      2. Kritika Srivastava

        Yeah kill everyone and Paradis people would be fighting among themselves. Great Titan war..? Uprising arc..? People create their own threats. There is no end to violence unless you are the only person alive. Keep on genociding everything...permanent peace can never be achieved


      Spoilers : armin is blond

    56. Aaqil Ali

      That last "history to be made" and the montage in the end gave me chills. I love you for understanding my passion for attack on titan

    57. mohammed alotaibi

      Eren for me is still the worst character in the series, i was waiting for his development in this season and i was disappointed 😑👎

      1. Hall of Memories

        You saying he didn’t get any development in season 4 ? What did you watch ?

    58. Cable Zen

      What anime is this from? When it shows the guys slicing off his head with a sword. Looked awesome

      1. Cable Zen

        I found it thanks! 10:38

      2. Faizan 11-A


    59. Ken Mendoza

      Boku no sensou is a banger. I'm gonna name my first born eren.

    60. Kioku

      Tbh i never liked AoT lol

    61. Gerald Yeager

      What's the song called at 0:15?

    62. Rodrigo Zanetti


    63. Joshua Nichols

      At first, I thought the series actually ended with Ep. 75. The HUgets comments made me think so, at least. 😅

    64. Arthbogoly

      this is my own bad take but i didn't really like season four even though i know in my head it's good it didn't catch me emotionally as every fucking person is evil

    65. TaKob

      The ED is so beautiful too.

    66. Matias Pereyra

      9:17 specially when you have 6 of the important titans at the same time moving and jumping and shit, and on top of that they couldn't take more time because "wits gave it to mappa because they can do the 4th S without taking 4 years again right"

    67. Hawke173 Carvell-Jenkins

      in my opinion the final season action scenes were some of the best this show has had but the episodes with no action scenes were so boring this season. in previous seasons I didn't mind them but season 4s were not very good.

    68. AKUMA

      what about the CJI???????

      1. safinhh

        he talked about it, watch the video before commenting

    69. Kuuh


    70. Sean Glennon

      The writing towards the last chapters was dogshit and rushed. Iseyama is a hack. And I've got one question.... DID YOU RIKE ARUMIN?

    71. Mike Man

      Ngl I personally think aot feel off at the end and because of all the time travel in last chapter it hurts other parts as well

      1. Faizan 11-A

        @PurpleRupees every series or movie with time travel will always and always face this problem

      2. PurpleRupees

        Paths shenanigans brings down the a series a bit for sure.

    72. ZaWarudo Scrumpeeh

      Attack on Geneva convention lmfaooo 😂

    73. Tito

      How could you hate Zeke? Wtf

    74. Animeman

      S4 part 1 is the build up for part 2

    75. Yi Zhe Tan


    76. Yi Zhe Tan

      ok fuck it CYBER SLEUTH YES

    77. Ccs1989

      Haha just don’t get your hopes up -Everyone who finished the manga

    78. Neil Kapoor

      Someone spoiled me the second half on season 4

    79. Sidd Otaku

      12:43 goosebumps

    80. Samuel Resy-toe

      That DPS reference

    81. Matthew Antis

      Man, I was thinking the animation was about the same after enjoying the last season.... but after the clips you showed of wit, its not even close to as good. I just dont understand how literally one of the most famous and best animes of all time switches animators on the FINAL season. Like why?

      1. safinhh

        @Matthew Antis because Kodansha wanted season 4 from WIT in 8 months before the manga ended, but WIT knew that this was not enough time

      2. Just Milk

        Oh no it's one of this guys again

    82. Blue 7lvn

      i will make billions of yen, and re-animate aot, eren will be the psycho we need

    83. Mark Bötefür

      Difference between Gabi and Eren is that Gabi didn't grow up like him. Erens life was much worse

    84. Mayne Tiong

      I am ready to place AOT either in front or back of my favorite Code Geass depends on the ending

      1. Faizan 11-A

        @Animeman he said the ending dude. Not finale. And we both know it's not good. Series as whole is masterpiece but don't lie to yourself. It could have been 10x better.

      2. Animeman

        Get ready for the second peak fiction arc war for paradise Ch 117 to 123

    85. Gnankumar simhadri

      *Gabi is the season 1 eren, respawned in enemies team* 😂😂😂

    86. Zemen Beshir

      Attack on titan is the only anime that you can't know who is the Hero and who is the Villain

      1. hotsauce mlbb

        Kaguya 2.0 and Parasite Black Zetsu 2.0

    87. BananaMan

      You should remake attack on titan in 9 minutes but have it for season 3 part 2 cause that part would be funny for it

    88. Former UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon

      I stopped watching because the cgi is shit but I'm so intrigued by the story that I'm gonna read the msga despitr never reading any manga before.

      1. Brossy

        Theres only cgi in like 4 of the 16 episodes

      2. Mack Menezes

        @Brossy the cgi is actually really well done what is not done properly is that there were not much exceptional sakuga moments ,it's fairly obvious because of the time constraints

      3. Brossy

        Theres barely any cgi in the new season

    89. Aum Ghag

      was waiting for this video

    90. Surya Karmakar

      This is overrated for sure. Re Zero, JJU and Dr Stone were also good and enjoyable and they were not hyped that much. The reason of its hype was mostly how much it resembles with GOT and that's why western noobs caught onto this creating a long hype train

      1. Faizan 11-A

        @Mack Menezes I think 70% of the fans are kids. 30% are actual adults with an actual mind to communicate

      2. Mack Menezes

        Really ,really I think it's because of the war arc

    91. Nonon Jakuzure

      s3 p2 was shit

      1. Rajesh Sharma


      2. Hall of Memories


    92. Justin M

      Wasn't ready to be turned into a human popsicle at the beats drop holy shit. AOT is one of the sickest anime's out there.

    93. Joe Mariani

      Watching the first episodes be like “Eren really be pulling the Uno reverse on huh”

    94. Keith Knows

      I know I'm in the minority here, but Daenerys' character was a _tragic_ hero from the beginning. After rewatching GOT it was clear that, though rushed, her actions were _not_ out of character.

      1. Keith Knows

        @Muz Lee I agree. Though it was fascinating going back and seeing how often her proposed solutions were to kill everybody, only to be persuaded not to by her advisors. It's easier to overlook genocide when you feel its justified, but it's still genocide. And she did a lot of it.

      2. Muz Lee

        She just had 5 season worth of character development in a single episode.

    95. Sodafs

      Thank you for acknowledging the animation wasn't as good as previous seasons, there just weren't any mindblowing scenes like before. And saying that doesn't meant you're harassing anyone or intend to do so like some people accused me just for having this opinion, it just means you don't feel it was as good.

      1. Just Milk

        @Sodafs yeah right i kinda miss that but i also really like the change bc it represents the general change of the anime really good.

      2. Sodafs

        @Just Milk Sure, I recognize there were some good scenes in season 4, I really liked the first episode scene where Zeke and Reiner show up, that one in the basement was also good and Levi in the forest was nice as well. But still it lacked the impact that the previous seasons added in scenes like that, like the right music, the slow motion in the perfect moment etc.

      3. Just Milk

        Well thats what you say. You have too look more deep into the anime and not just the obvious hype moments. (Ok now some spoilers) Like the time eren transformed into a titen while being in the basement with Reiner. Yk those blue eyes flashing. But i get your point and this is just mine.

    96. The sidekick

      Well .. No.

      1. Just Milk

        Well yes

    97. Marvel Forever

      Please make more anime in minutes 🙏🙏🙏🙏 Copy and paste this if you want it too

    98. Megumin’s Place 万事屋

      Now we just need to wait until "The Attack on Titan is Incredible Gigguk Trilogy Part 3 God that name never rolls off the tongue no matter how many times I say it" is released at the end of the last season :v

    99. Why am I alive?

      Uh oh.......This video aged very...very badly.

      1. Brossy

        No, it aged well

    100. Angelo Mandia

      Then: "This could very well be, the anime that defines this generation" Now: "We're watching history being made"