The Sims 4 Kits: Official Reveal Trailer

The Sims

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    It’s more of your style, your flavor, your choice with The Sims™ 4 Kits*! The first three Kits are available now :
    Kits are mini collections of content made to boost your playstyle with more choices-and more ways for you to Play With Life! These bite-size packs deliver BIG possibilities!
    Outfit your Sims in retro-inspired athleisure looks with The Sims 4 Throwback Fit Kit! Take it back to nostalgic colors, bold patterns, and trend-forward silhouettes with these all-new Create-a-Sim items. Updated everyday classics and workout wear elevate this unique collection-and your Sim’s fashion.
    Transform your Sim’s kitchen into the most charming part of their home with The Sims 4 Country Kitchen Kit. From vintage refrigerators to casserole dishes, these Build/Buy objects offer a delightfully trendy take on a timeless style.
    Dust off the vacuum and tidy up in The Sims 4 Bust the Dust Kit. Dust is piling up and spawning friendly bunnies and dastardly filth fiends in Sims’ homes. Get rid of the muck by cleaning, or settle in for a messy life. Conquer chores with new buffs and rewards for each dust level, vacuums to help fight the good fight, and aspirations related to cleanliness.
    Learn more about Kits:

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    1. The Sims

      And with more to come, jump into our Twitch livestream @ 11 AM PT to explore the first three Kits! :

      1. Pyrenos

        ​@merp and you will pay for a update?? I mean its a broken product of course updates are free?! The new content has to work if I pay for it. And now: full of bugs, expensive, content for children and far too little

      2. Pyrenos

        ​@imlili Paralives

      3. Rob Shore

        How can uninstall this pack?

      4. Drawing Things

        hello, sims 4 teams i have 2ideas for some kits! one of them is for plants! just like 15different plants for 5bucks then the toddler. It's just like a tiny swing or something and maybe like 15 of those too :) copy paste so the sims team sees btw sorry for bad grammar

      5. xavier prosper

        ''oh with more to com'e' NO give me what the game should already have before u do anything else I SWEAR IMA KILL WHO EVER RUNS EA MARK MY WORDS YOUR NOT SAFE

    2. Ayme Del Rio


    3. Pyrenos

      The game needs more realism. It's way too easy. After a short period of play, the work is irrelevant and bad deeds have no consequence. A pure utopia with content for children. I understand that most players have different priorities. But most of them, after a short click through the new content, write that the game gets boring quickly. I have great hope that Paralives will do better.

    4. Matt From Wii Sports

      EA what are you on?

    5. Froggy Loser x

      We asked for -Farms -Real Babies -More deep gameplay We got: *dust*

    6. UndoMyExistance

      You know you're a successfull buisnessman when you manage to buy a game series, make it worse, and add buyable dlcs to the said game and get away with selling it for alot of money.

    7. Attely

      This should’ve already been in the basegame, ridiculous.

    8. iWasNeverGivenAName

      Please fix this game. I can't play for more than 10 or 15 minutes without freezing since the last update. This is literally unplayable and I just spent money on expansions...of which are unplayable.

    9. Pyronaut

      Just look at the dislike ratio, that sums it up

    10. Silberblut

      Maybe you can make a Sims 4 stranded DLC like Sims 2 strandet?

    11. M Robbani Ilham

      Please just port The Sims 1 series or The Sims 2 to android, or even better just update The Sims 2 graphics like Age of Empire II definitve edition. It's quite popular now where developer just upgrade their old game series.

    12. xAsh


    13. jan kowalski

      oborze to wszystko takie ładne 😄

    14. DJ McKay

      The dust pack just looks awful. Not my idea of life simulation game content. I like the country themed pack but that should have come in a farming expansion that the community has asked for many times. I stopped playing Sims 4 when the Star Wars one came out. Went back to the Sims 3 and loving every minute of it.

    15. Marysia Kowalewska

      Can you add horses? please!!!! it's my dream

    16. Senna Sims

      Literally the whole community: ''We want babies who aren't objects, traits that actually have an impact on the gameplay, cars, farming, generations, more things for teens, kids and elders, disabilities, grocery stores, a game that's actually PLAYABLE and doesn't crash all the time The Sims team: vacuums go brr

      1. Senna Sims

        @Dreamypanda Jones yeah, i agree. I absolutely love occults but in order to have occult gameplay in your TS4, you have to spend more than 100 dollars on it, and they don't even work properly.

      2. Dreamypanda Jones

        That and occults. I want occults:( better occults. We had so many in sims 3. Now look at this.

    17. Shalma Monib

      Summer style fashion

    18. Baby Sayang

      Why always lake when i playing the sim 4 at ps 4 please dont make me angry..

    19. VNB - Leo

      *Paralives, the Cities Skylines of the Sims franchise, still promises everything Sims 2, 3 and 4 (and a dreamed 5) has, but basically in a one time purchase, while listening to its community directly.* Meanwhile, EAXIS trying to just sell even more stuff, more repetitive stuff no one asked for, something you can tell by their current status and ratio of dislikes. This is stupid, hope people will realize it and go support Paralives so we can also have what Sims 6 could've been too (because at this point the franchise will die on day one after Paralives gets released). Also, you all noticed they're starting selling stuff separately the exact same way they did with Sims 3? They always did to an extend, but now it's worse, which is twice as weird considering that everyone understands that it was already a not so good practice before (and a horrible one as of today, somehow they did it worse, when their only job was to avoid it and go for a new approach, it should be easy when you have only a "do it the way you want just not that way, cause that one sucks".. and before saying "they needed money, cause EA is not paying well lol", Paralives is getting funded by *Patreon, not even EA nor any other company for god sake*)

    20. Rob Shore

      How can uninstall this pack? It’s really irritating...

      1. Rob Shore

        @Dreamypanda Jones nope, nothing there either 😕

      2. Dreamypanda Jones

        @Rob Shore YIKES.. support desk?

      3. Rob Shore

        @Dreamypanda Jones tried that and it don't show anything about uninstalling

      4. Dreamypanda Jones

        I think via origin.

    21. death Valley

      I stopped playing TS4 for a year... this reminded me why


      the sim4 is just a big mega bullshit ! ...too many restrictions on the most basic things that used to be so easily done in sims 2 and 3, making it an unpleasant experience for everyone in the world, forcing everybody to run after mods...I would urge the people working at EA to continue where they left off with the sims 3 and scrap the sims 4...give us a sim 4 but with the same core functionalities like in the sims 3...because of that I will never ever buy a single game with EA games

    23. Drawing Things

      hello, sims 4 teams i have 2ideas for some kits! one of them is for plants! just like 15different plants for 5bucks then the toddler. It's just like a tiny swing or something and maybe like 15 of those too :) copy paste so the sims team sees btw sorry for bad grammar

    24. ubibi 008

      Totally useless. Guys tell me what you want have REALLY in the Sims 4 and how you would like the gameplay be.

    25. Agnieszka Gołąb

      Cudo kocham simsy 4 piękne Fanka😀😀😀😀😀😀😀

    26. Ray Clay

      To the 8.9K people who liked this: Wha...what's wrong with y'all?

    27. Peter Diamond

      So the main gameplay is dusty and the mods are the vacuums cleaning it up.

    28. KC DeForge

      LMAO, at the like/dislike ratio. I guess I respect that you’re not trying to hide that this is an obvious cash grab. 🤡

    29. Myrahh M

      Can y’all add a thing in the create a sims where we could be carrying a baby in our stomachs

    30. Venus Rose

      Mods and cc do the same thing for free and better

    31. Raditya Harry Irawan

      Another trash pack. Just announce sims 5. Had enough

    32. Baayleaf

      Ok I love this game but why can't EA just add this kind of stuff in updates like every other game? Or they could release the three kits together as a stuff pack... but I'm not paying 5 dollars for dust. I've never opened the game and thought "I wish my house was a little dustier, so that my sims can vacuum it..."

    33. Todd Alford


    34. Hournaz Kheiri

      can we just boycott EA at this point.

    35. Iss Huugo

      So does anyone else think that if expansion packs were £15/$20, and normally half-off everyone, and I mean everyone, would've bought every single expansion pack but because they're so expensive, unless you're a huge fan of the sims, you only have one or two. Just lower the price and everyone would get them! I'm not a financial adviser of any kind but honestly if everything was cheaper I would've got it all by now. If I was asked "how much do you think vacuums in the sims 4 are as a pack?" I would say "about £1/$1".

    36. Lu Feitosa

      With everything the community have been complaining about, what did they think it would be a good idea?

    37. Cayce Sands

      we dont want this

    38. •Tall GaTcHtUbEe•

      I've been thinking the sims are russian for like 3 years so what language are they speaking

    39. The Necromancer King

      When they release playable werewolf or medieval pack im down, dust bunnies and vaccums? Nah....

    40. Chirp

      The people who go mad at this stuff are dumb. You don't have to buy the content. I do see why you would be upset that you get basically nothing for $5 but EA isn't holding you at gun point. And ey.. its extra DLC so who gives a toss?

    41. Justyna

      If anybody is looking for this song, it's "Independent" by Fried of Friend

    42. Anime R

      Downloaded this illegally and even i feel robed

    43. vrosed0llv


    44. Joana Salazar

      All I want is what sims 2 and sims 3 base game has. You keep releasing these non-sense.

    45. ComradeKenya

      You know what would be better than the Sims 4 Kits? Spore 2

    46. Jamboy3000

      Okay so sims have spellcasters, mermaids, vampires, and aliens but they need werewolves! Plz like my comment if you agree.

    47. JayBlu

      It seems like everytime the Sims 4 takes a step forward they take 2 steps back.

    48. missym877

      So, I’m going to put y’all on. The sims franchise is dead. Cities Skylines, Planet Coaster and Planet Zoo is where it’s at. You’re welcome.

    49. Quertz

      I feel like kits spice up the game a lot because they’re so cheap and small

    50. allobee

      The more EA begs me to spend money on the sims 4, the more happier I feel about just torrenting the game.

    51. No other Like my own skin

      Can you Release on Nintendo Switch and Next Nintendo Console? Can it be a better performance of a game like Sony Version or and PC Version? "Not a repeat. Wii Version. No, Thank you." Can you provide? American English & Japanese Audio & Subtitles. Can you work with Electronic Arts, Nintendo EAD, Square Enix, Rockstar North, Quantic Dream, and Team Bondi? Can you make real life looking people like? Can you provide? Sim Language in American English Version & Sim Language in Japan Japanese Version. Can you release this Video Games on Nintendo Switch? 1-29 Video Games... (1) The Sims High Resolution Remix Remake Version 2025 One Week April (2) The Sims Bustin' Out High Resolution Remix Remake Version 2025 Two Week April (3) The Urbz Sims in the City High Resolution Remix Remake Version 2025 Three Week April (4) The Sims Drop Another Broken Record High Resolution Version 2025 One Week May (5) The Sims 2 High Resolution Remix Remake Version 2025 Two Week May (6) The Sims 2 Pets High Resolution Remix Remake Version 2025 Three Week May (7) The Sims 2 Castaway High Resolution Remix Remake Version 2025 One Week June (8) The Sims 2 Apartment Pets High Resolution Remix Remake Version 2025 Two Week June (9) MySims High Resolution Remix Remake Version 2025 Three Week June (10) The Sims 3 High Resolution Remix Remake Version 2025 One Week July (11) The Sims 3 World Adventures High Resolution Remix Remake Version 2025 Two Week July (12) The Sims 3 Ambitions High Resolution Remix Remake Version 2025 Three Week July (13) The Sims 3 Supernatural High Resolution Remix Remake Version 2025 Two Week August (14) MySims 2 High Resolution Remix Version 2025 Two Week August (15) MySims 2 Pets High Resolution Remix Version 2026 One Week June (16) MySims 2 Castaway High Resolution Remix Version 2026 Two Week June (17) MySims 2 Apartment Pets High Resolution Remix Version 2026 Three Week June (18) MySims 3 High Resolution Remix Version 2026 One Week July (19) MySims 3 World Adventures High Resolution Remix Version 2026 Two Week July (20) MySims 3 Ambitions High Resolution Remix Version 2026 Three Week July (21) MySims 3 Supernatural High Resolution Remix Version 2026 One Week August (22) The Sims 4 High Resolution Remix Remake Version 2026 Two Week August (23) The Sims 4 First Pet High Resolution Remix Remake Version 2026 Three Week August (24) The Sims 4 Island Paradise High Resolution Remix Remake Version 2026 One Week September (25) The Sims 4 Seasonal High Resolution Remix Remake Version 2026 Two Week September (26) MySims 4 High Resolution Remix Version 2026 Three Week September (27) MySims 4 First Pet High Resolution Remix Version 2026 One Week October (28) MySims 4 Island Paradise High Resolution Remix Version 2026 Two Week October (29) MySims 4 Seasonal High Resolution Remix Version 2026 Three Week October

    52. Lance

      Sims community: We want babies who are not locked to a bassinet but a part of the family... Guru's We hear you here's some dust bunnies

    53. FreeMovies CZ

      I love critical comments. Its funny 😃. Still never hate this game. Sometimes its expensive, but what can we do.

    54. mata 2

      Did you just literally gave us trash ?

      1. Bruce Baxter

        They’ve been feeding us trash since the release of this sorry excuse for a game...

    55. ClimateCTRL

      I really wish there was an actual competitor to the sims. Someone needs to make EA care about their game other than seeing it as a cash cow, but sadly sims 4 is still the king of life simulation. It's way past time for them to be dethroned.

    56. Pyronaut

      If they're bite size they should be about a $1-$2.... why are all the packs so expensive though!!!!!!!!!!! I know you guys at EA are trying to make a profit but you guys are making enough profit from the other games, AND this game!!!

    57. Reign

      This is why i have gone back to Sims 3. Sims 4 is so boring and dull. They actually thought adding these kits will make the game any better? 🤔

    58. Amber Verheye


    59. Dogeyes

      I just want electric guitar damn...

    60. Brandy Langley

      The should make one with mowing lawns.

    61. Hiraeth

      After a whole year of not following the sims news, i decided to check out what theyre up to, like id expect some improvement lmao. How naive of me, its actually getting even worse?

    62. Divo 777

      EA is the reason why people download games ilegaly instead of willingly letting themself be robbed by greedy corporations

    63. Satria Dano

      Still waiting EA launch last pack and release the sims 4 all pack complete bundle and I will buy it day one for sure

    64. Adut NOT Adult

      We agree EA doesn’t look at there comment section 💀

    65. Maranda Fisher

      Hey EA, can you add an make it possible to make blind sims or sims with disabilities. Thanks!

    66. Caio Raoni

      quem echo super ruim da like

    67. Lance

      Times like these I think Paralives will come

    68. Lance

      So more clothing and objects recolors in horrible swatches only $5... Clearly new styles in colors people would actually wear is way to much to ask for

    69. Moon Girl

      Ok now they’re just mocking us

    70. Avery Donovan

      Since these ‘Kits’ came out, does anyone else play on Xbox1 and have major glitching problems. Like when I’m playing sometimes I can’t go up and down a floor and when I’m in CAS it takes the last makeup my sim was wearing and put it on all outfits

      1. Avery Donovan

        Plz let me know how to fix it if others are experiencing this stuff too or other glitches, I would really appreciate it :))

    71. Dogwolf12

      oh wow, another reason why i'm not buying from EA again.

    72. Kai benington

      they should stop making more sims at sims 3

    73. TheStranger

      Can ya'll feel the negative energy that Ea is pulling cuz don't worry i'm feeling it and i'm mad as hell.

    74. Xxcoco nutxX

      Do you have a sims five coming

    75. Василиса Фукалова

      А чё ,типо он уже вышел?

    76. Lemonix

      It should have been uploaded today

    77. Kool Kat

      It continues to baffle me that there's a good majority of people that still support this game..

      1. G33 err

        @Reign they still work lol

      2. Reign

        @G33 err yeah... those sites are dodgy.

      3. G33 err

        i buy stuff like this on g2a and eneba, the expansion packs there are $10-15 and they're all codes that u enter into origins. 100% recommend

    78. Arrietty Arrieta

      Soooo, are expansion packs/game packs in the future going to be cheaper if your going to probably sell some of it's gameplay as kits?

    79. Emily Tarrant

      Please make all tops able to be tucked in

    80. kawaiiteddy’

      lol the only thing good abt this trailer is the music

    81. Valerie Lee

      Does anyone Know if bust the dust Kit is working ANY BETTER yet? Just wondering. Cuz the EA team said it was less buggy. But I'm NOT sure. Can Someone please let me know? Are the dust bunnies LESS or no? Ty. ✌️

    82. Kristi Amin

      hi I was wondering if you could try to add custom content sims 4 for consul players. It would be a big and good change. And if you do thank you I think a lot of people would like that.

    83. Etienñe Luies

      EA...what have you done?!☹

    84. Serena Poketeen

      Hope one day another company do a sims game. This one is finished.

      1. Jai Kundicevic

        Look it up

      2. Jai Kundicevic


    85. Everything Chris Prime

      This is some of the worst things I have ever seen.

    86. It's Mee

      Tbh not worth with the price for each kit

    87. selinchen gamer

      0:18 hi

    88. Adam Autumn

      With the new update, we can relax in bed and watch tv. That's the bare minimum. Thanks for giving it to us I guess. I hope you expand on that like talking to another sim, cuddling, scrolling on the phone, changing baby diapers (improved babies tho), etc.

    89. Ninja Productions

      Pretty much just the sims 3 store all over again...

    90. Isaiah Black

      Idc I just want more fantasy type packs and occult races at this point

    91. Tessa Warhol

      Bish i gotta get it from torrent just bc i can but i don't even want this bs for free you kno? Stop being jealous of Tencent you'll never be them 🤡

    92. Tessa Warhol

      Are you sure its THOSE 90's everyone wanted? Why sims 4 has such weird fashion omg?

    93. Terra’s World

      All the new things are great, but I want to be able to purchase a car and drive to my destination. Like the old game Jennys Journey or Grand Theft. I want Poly relationships. I want to go into the grocery store, and cook meals based on what I have. I want to stay in a hotel...visit Paris or Dubi. Be able to get my license...that kind of stuff. I want to break into folks house, and be on the run.

    94. Θωμακος Ο Συχνος

      *sighs* good thing anadius got our backs.

    95. Lamar Red

      The sims 4 достойно игры

    96. Diogo Matheus

      Parece que eles adoram nós deixar com raiva...

    97. Nihil

      I love how less and less people are paying for these.

    98. maddi locke

      I actually like kits

    99. Ольга Волкова

      I am very much looking forward to the addition, so that there are hotels and you can build them

    100. Ayla Sky

      It's official; EA is officially WORSE than Yandere Dev.