Game Night Stereotypes

Dude Perfect

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    Love 'em or Hate 'em, we all know 'em! Check out all the game night stereotypes!
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    1. Dude Perfect

      Thanks for watching guys! COMMENT your favorite line below 😂 ⬇️ __________________________________

      1. Devanshika Lalli


      2. Caden's Vlogs


      3. Caleb Vescal

        The nooob

      4. Martín Cazenave


      5. BBg


    2. Vikas Mattoo

      6:09 The funniest WWE match 8:00 The Rage Monster becomes calm then 8:48 He starts to Rage then calms down when hearing Rage

    3. Lil Mac Productions

      PASSSWWWORDD Cody: yea I think I’m here

    4. Grady Denardo

      After watching this a million times I realized at the long dice roller there playing clue with sorry pieces

    5. Jacobest Gaming

      7:06 ouch

    6. Ghosty Boy

      The forever dice roller that’s me for sure

    7. DARÍO 88

      9:16 I love it 😂

    8. karthikeya kumbham

      8:47 When it’s Easter

    9. Áine McCauley

      Who relates to the noob

    10. Áine McCauley

      Would you play jumangi?

    11. Áine McCauley


    12. ggyyuuw2 idk1111

      Now ik y they only make these vids every once in a while.. they need money to replace all the stuff (mostly Ty) broke lolz💵💵💵

    13. Tom Dom

      At 6:03 all of this for hungry hungry hippos I can not Believe that they did all of this for a video the chainsaw a door


      hey you could do gaming stereotypes

    15. Mark Cuda

      Well that’s a creative use of demo day for a real estate investment!

    16. Aiden Dickerson

      Baking sterotypes please!!!

    17. Gameknight 201

      How names that back ground song?

    18. 6B Raza fayzan Lubis

      What music did you use? I want to use it on my vid as well

    19. pattyp

      Ok, that's too far 7:05

    20. Nick Siebel


    21. Jonty Grant

      Garret why do you have two watches

    22. Elite Gaming

      8:09 basic start of rage monster Real start of rage more monster 9:07

    23. Kedryn Evenson

      Make nascar stereotypes

    24. ibraheem hussain

      People stereotypes

    25. Stephen Creech

      I’m glad stereotypes are back

    26. Bmajor 9715


    27. jan beagley

      Can you guys do a pregnant Stereotypes

    28. Kent Lane

      how much money do they waste with the rage monster?

    29. Crafts with Christina

      Please do school stereotypes

    30. Purple Berry

      I love this line so much cause I can Relate I always this... A Holographic charzared Pokémon card! Yes.

    31. Whitney Spry

      Dude perfect should make a school stereotypes

    32. TheWordsOut

      Ty went WAY TO FAR to show “rage.” :p

    33. Leslie Irving

      0:02 me

    34. Ken Taylor

      I like when they fits

    35. BrownieGamingX5

      Timestamps 0:00 The Forever Dice Roller 0:31 Troublesome Teammate 1:00 The Penalty Guy 1:18 The Poker Poser 1:49 Risk: The Longest Game Ever 2:22 Jumanji 3:10 Dungeons & Dragons 3:48 The “I’m Always Red” Guy 4:19 Team Chemistry 4:48 The Noob 5:12 Competitive Couple 5:46 The “Play For Fun” Group 6:42 The Puzzle Problem 7:11 Creative Quitter 7:29 The Overthinker 7:54 Charades Night 9:08 The Rage Monster 9:23 Outro Let me know if I missed anything.

    36. Joshua Hunt

      My favourite is The Forever Dice Roller

    37. RattleSnake

      Garret dude perfect plus: he's going to take I'm on is back and through I'm on the table

    38. RattleSnake

      I liked it on do plus Tyler: Did you break your teeth Chad: yeouch Everyone else: ha ha ha


      "He's an athlete, I'm pretty sure he used to play baseball. BrEtt fAvrE

    40. ArcTic4

      Does anyone else think some of the dudes should be casted in movies

    41. ishah amin

      man the way they were fighting is like the third world woar

    42. BlazeTzy

      3:49 This is how Kindergarten would have gone if they allowed Spray paint

    43. Timeless Pulse

      What happens to all these seemingly normal things getting destroyed? Was that perfectly ok kitchen getting remodeled after?

    44. star wars bricks

      "Another anthlete pretty sure hes a golfer" "Lebron James!" "Your crushing it!" Best line in this video

      1. kino murmu

        We Play For Fun

    45. Protogen Cedil

      Dnd, that is accurate, there either that, or the weird discord vc dnd

    46. Carmen Bara

      That is what you cal endgame

    47. The waflle Gamer

      When thos turn in to wwe

    48. Kevin Applebaum

      I do not understand why people think that risk takes so long it literally only takes 2 hours

    49. Elliot Shaw

      Fun fact I saw ty at a dbu baseball game but my mom said I couldn’t take a picture with him

    50. AfifGamingLegend04 roblox

      3:57 In board games : Im always red In Among Us : RED IS SUS!!!!

    51. mang kanor

      look Ty is crazy call the cops and arrest him now he destroyed everything in your house no more rage monster videos ok promis

    52. Stone Shannon

      Who else wants there to be soccer steriotypes

    53. Joseph Q

      Video game stereotypes anyone?🤗

    54. Harvey Kaseman

      Ty u r the worlst

    55. The Klein Siblings

      See how many subs I can get from this comment

    56. The Klein Siblings

      Chad:Loser belly flops, not in pool.. concrete

    57. Runnermech_YT

      I always hate the rage monster next time let somebody else be the rage monster and destroys ties house

    58. Brandon Sagardia


    59. Arran Ross

      "we only play for fun" proceeds to rip apart the room

    60. joec0355

      Heeeeees aliveeee and he’s back for moreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!

    61. Alex Iggulden

      Yeah that was the word, rage, you got it nice job 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    62. Fishingrich 1Playz

      They call it risk because it’s a risk to play it

    63. Nick Donoghue

      Anyone know the name of the song at 6:09?

    64. Gabriel The Cute Guy

      now 4 rage monsters

    65. Hana Polin

      “Play for fun”- literally my grade when we play soccer during lunch breaks every day 2x a day

      1. Hawk gaming Nation

        @Skittlez_8390 yeah same

      2. Nolyn McDaniel

        Ok cool

      3. Skittlez_8390

        lol thats my school but with football

    66. Marisa Circus

      The fact that they filmed that shows dedication.

    67. John Carter

      They haven’t made a funny one like this in a while 😂

    68. Laser Beam

      🤢, I will never 😀⬅️Dice Gross, Chad. Gross

    69. Zeke Henderson

      hey dude perfect i love yalls vedios

    70. Yayami [GD]

      I’m also a forever dice roller

    71. JustA Channel

      6:09 I bursted out laughing! This is without a doubt my favorite dude perfect stereotype video

    72. Ayub Mohamed

      Funniest rage ever!!!!

    73. b1az3

      I wonder what was last years rage?

    74. Itz fireboysocool Gaming vlog challenge

      Idea: school Stereotypes

    75. Nobody Exists

      Where did you get all of those animals for that part at 3:00?! And at 6:30, is it wierd that I felt sorry for all of that furniture?

    76. Vince Erswell

      3:16 if dude perfect was in stranger things

    77. Abs Berry

      4 o clock when my brother and I played sorry

    78. dragon fire

      Play for fun was funny

    79. Sriram K

      Hi Dude Perfect. What about Among Us Steryotypes.

    80. michal janik

      do the rage monsters stereotypes

    81. Loukas Skoulaxinos

      I am the puzzle problem EVERY TIME F****CK

    82. Jaxon Ciaravino

      Just roll the dice

    83. Ruben Fairbrother

      6:10 When the doom soundtrack hits...

    84. Bilal Riaz

      6:05 Me: sees them fighting eachother like maniacs. Me again:IS THIS REAL???!!!

    85. OT Brxnds

      You guys are the best!

    86. qopoy dnon

      This was definitely the BEST stereotypes video EVER!!!!!!!!

      1. qopoy dnon

        They actually had two rages?

    87. Dianne Mason

      The dusty viola architecturally visit because backbone positionally branch absent a painful trade. watery, jagged breath

    88. 123 NIGHT WOLF

      My mum rage be like "AHHHHHH"

    89. Cristina Deiac


    90. Cristina Deiac


    91. Velma Curtis

      The majestic radish continuously milk because religion undesirably glow without a flowery lobster. typical, insidious stinger

    92. Old School

      The forever dice roller🤣

    93. Harvey Sacedor

      so next is gaming stereo stypes

    94. Masato Asmr

      9:07 Rage Monster

    95. FL3XIFY

      This is perfect dude 😂

    96. Shambhavi Nagarajah

      The troublesome teammate thoo

    97. ThePugThug

      You forgot Mr/Ms Unlucky

    98. Edward gaming

      Nobody: Absalutely nobody: Rage monster: AGGGRRRHHAAA

    99. Tabsters

      The dice person: is basically doing a ritual with dice