Raikkonen Scares Giovinazzi On Nordschleife's 'Green Hell'


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    The Finn gave his Alfa Romeo team mate plenty of frights as the pair sped around one of the world's most revered and feared racing tracks.
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    1. Ahmet Eser

      guys, could you tell me, what was the brand of kimi's sunglasses, please??

    2. André

      Giovinazzi scared about the speed? that explains a lot of things

    3. Gazza1818

      Never seen a green Alpha Quad

    4. Robert Rivera


    5. Göktuğ alp Demirci

      Giovinazzi you are not real driver mateee :-(

    6. Ash Scott

      Learning to drive like that is as easy as learning to walk. It's just taking a bunch of inputs and learning to react unconsciously to them all at once and add inputs of your own to create and maintain the desired state of the whole system. People forget how many thousands of hours they put into learning to walk. People give up or expect to become experts overnight and get angry when they fail...and all those people once spent thousands of hours, trying and failing over and over again, just to get off the floor. Maybe that's why people forget their early childhoods: The trauma of actually committing to a goal.

    7. john thompson

      kimi is halarious

    8. Khair Owen Sullivan III 'Godless Rathead'

      The Iceman truly has cold blood in his icy glass veins.

    9. Ali Atik

      Alfa is really beauty!

    10. Adrian Kusuma


    11. usagi tsukino

      0:48 I really love how he goes 'whoop whoop' such a dad move 😂😂

    12. Jerry Helmet

      Kimi is a legend and so happy he became World Champion

    13. Marco Ferrari

      Podemos ver o Ice Man em um momento descontraído e até que é bem simpático!

    14. Joao Janeiro

      How on earth is giovanzzi a f1 driver?

    15. Yavor Kaloyanov

      right we have a nice castle :D:D:D:D:D:D

    16. Edward James Herath

      Kimi is just an absolute legend!

    17. oliver24x

      We need Kimi and Giovinazzi in a rally car.

    18. augusto carnevali

      Si vede che anche qui Kimi e troppoforte.

    19. fred flintstone

      This must be the funniest Nurburgring video ever.

    20. Rokkamakkafone

      "hoppla hey! Love you Kimi! xD

    21. db01374

      Grande Kimi, ma l'altro sembra un bibliotecario.

    22. Emmanuel Petit

      Kimi is truly funny

    23. Gianluca Maran

      Mercedes left conversation....

    24. Fran Málaga

      Este periodista es tonto coño! Disfruta! Lo que daria yo por ir montado en el coche con Kimi!

    25. Fran Málaga


    26. Malcolm Sequerah

      Love how he says its not about the money. Loves kimi's passion for racing. Going to miss him when he retires F1 :(

    27. Daniele Merosini

      Kimi the King!!!

    28. Franco Delpippo

      Very unusual to see Kimi smiling and laughing...

    29. grigorio allegri

      ... and here we have a nice castle...

    30. Bryan Powell

      It's now confirmed Gio is Kimi's friend, he made him laugh. The only other person I've seen on the grid that made Kimi laugh is Seb

    31. Samuele Quadri

      this video is like Riccardo Patrese and his wife, video

    32. Elang

      Kimi : It's okay Antonio ( *something's wrong I can feel it* )

    33. Isaac Sweasey

      Kimi thinking that the Alfa’s are the traffic

    34. masi pz

      Guess Kimi in this Video smiling more than all the years of his apperance at Ferrari!! And guess what it seems he has a very beautiful smile... 😍😍😍

    35. KingOfPurpur

      ímagine renault doing that with their slow cars xD

    36. Borano Zeqollari

      Moral... two formula 1 drivers are scared by the speed of an alfa romeo ghulia, the irony 😂

    37. F N

      Looks like a father sun relationship or cool uncle. I need definitely more from that, its so funny.

    38. Manjunath Singh

      Kimi to Antonio : If u crash, crash onto ur side ok. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    39. Bud Yeddi

      How could you not like Kimi ^_^ *Give that man THE DRINK*

    40. Eunice Leung

      Kimi about to spin Kimi: “Only 180!”

    41. Lorenzo Pio Oriolo

      3:30 Ou kimi, eh vabbè 😂😂 Grande Antonio orgoglio italiano

    42. Norfolk Enchants

      Believe me or don't, my friend's fiance works at Alfa Romeo as a mechanic and it was known within the team that a contract offer has been on the table for Kimi since August BUT he refused to sign it unless they kept Antonio. They asked him to give it a couple of months to see how things were going, apparently Kimi has been spending A LOT of time with Tonio this year and has been helping him, AR announced he'd be kept so Kimi signed.

    43. Massimo Degliesposti

      Kimi Number One!!!! Top!!!!!!! 🤣🤣🤣

    44. highflyerl23

      Most words spoken by kimi in 6 mins

    45. John Sekhar

      I don't think I've ever seen Kimi smile so much - love that they get on so well :)

    46. Udo de Beurges

      Great love Kimi the best

    47. Attila Balázs

      Simply the best... :)

    48. Thomas Agresta

      how did gio get a new contract?!

    49. Thor Gaming

      Antonio , WHAT!!😂

    50. Russian Megabot

      gio really did not know the track?

    51. Steve Jameison

      I think Kimi is most relaxed, and therefore himself, behind the wheel of a car on the racetrack. He likes to joke and laugh which would make the lap a lot of fun.

    52. DespizedICON

      Kimi is Kimi. long live Kimi

    53. cullou toltec

      Shifu and the young apprentice ...

    54. GamingWithTobi

      Kimi says “its a round track so you ended up in the same place” Meanwhile kimi join sauber and probaly retired from f1 with sauber

    55. Sam Jesuthas

      Giovinazzi - Pushing it on the main straight at top speed at risk of a Crash Kimi - Look theres a nice castle over there

    56. Carlo Pampuri

      Think about a 2nd lap, Kimi knowing where it's wet ahahaahah

    57. Micha Pohle

      Never seen Kimi talking so long sentences... 😀

    58. Carlo Pampuri

      Kimi will definetely do rallies again. And then he'd REALLY scare the pants off Antonio.

    59. ferrari458960

      If you crash crash on that side

    60. Benny Pohlentz

      Kimi is awsome i like him so much!!! XD

    61. jyrki rantakoski

      Kimi on päällikkö!!

    62. John Harrison

      Kimi is king 🤴

    63. daniel laurence


    64. Mattx2201 yt

      Poi Giovinazzi che inizia a mescolare l'italiano con l'inglese ahahahaha

    65. Oly Mitchell

      did they really wore a mask outside and took them off when they got in the car lollll

    66. Mark-1 Rc

      Cool . Can I have a go pls 🙏😿

    67. alex12031968

      a very rare video in which Kimi laughs! and come on Antonio, how can you not trust in Ice Man driving? note Antonio's numerous typically Apulian expressions :D :D :D great both!!!

    68. Prian Purche

      i like this guy and his finnish(rather "dry") approach on "humor"... and his "i don't care" attitude^^

    69. Just Adrian

      Wait..Kimi smiles?

    70. Cody MacCarroll

      I love how Antonio is answering all of the questions for Kimi 😂

    71. Shelbys GT2014

      Kimi Texting driving laughing sets lap record.

    72. damon cus

      Best Ring LAPD ever. U2 guys absolutely cracked me up and made my entire morning too funny.

    73. AUTO TV

      Antonio: "I'm completely lost, honestly." Kimi: "Don't worry it's a round track you come back to where you started."

    74. preben hansen

      bad acting!

    75. giorgio262

      Un pilota che non conosce il tracciato del Nurburgring? Non ci ha mai fatto qualche giro nemmeno su un simulatore? Gran turismo? Praticamente Kimi lo prende in giro tutto il tempo. Onestamente Antonio non fa una bella figura.

      1. giamax74

        Beh in effetti, nulla togliendo a Giovinazzi che è davvero simpatico e un discreto pilota, ma come fa a non conoscere il nordschleife? Boh

    76. rafał mazur

      The last of big / facetów w sporcie motorowym

    77. TheTwixtr

      I like how they got in the car to then take their masks ofd

    78. Fabio Panteranera

      "3:15" Yea i've been getting paid with *ppalcash.xy z* i'm making over $2401 a week with them! εναι ένα εργείο ερσας για όλ

    79. Daniel Fermán

      Antonio, what?

    80. Tria playzz

      No masks?? When i saw that i thought to my self 《these are some badass people lol》


      How can an f1 driver afraid on a car?I cant understand it

    82. Aud RFB

      2020s Pinky & the Brain

    83. Hunter4k

      the car has a beautiful color

    84. DashOfOliveOil

      Kimi messing with antonio is a mood

    85. Barba Gianni

      Kimi ???? Pagato oro in Italia, e non sa 1 parola di Italiano...Hahaha cazzo hanno da ridere ??

    86. Noel Dahlfors

      3:51 yes Antonio he is finnish:)

    87. Joanna

      They will still race for the AR next year, confirmed, nice partner

    88. Daniel Báez

      3:07 Gio says Cazzo

    89. Driver Nephi

      Seriously who expected Kimi and Antonio to become such friends though?

    90. Kevin Y

      How tf antonio a f1 driver and not know this track? Smh

    91. Kevin

      The only time Kimi wants to be asked questions and he sounds nice is when he drives one of the most dangerous track 😂😂

      1. Joanna

        for a jolly. It was funny, until I now realize his passenger is another F1 driver...

    92. Rodoriginal101

      I would love to see Kimi and Robert in a rally car together!!

    93. P Switch

      kimi was having the ''oop'' in imola...along with the drink and steering wheel

    94. Ask to seduce Miss

      This is fake. They're actors. Kimi is smiling. Imposible

    95. Whats Up

      Interested see the gio afraid. Drive F1 don't means he can do all

    96. Julian Griffiths


    97. Raz Raz

      huh, I never knew kimi is so funny :)

    98. Tomule2

      The best qoute Kimi had in this video is the whole video

    99. lotuschile


    100. Stefan Günther

      Golden Kimi!