the most AMAZING and HORRIFIC 7600 IQ ending in Among Us...

Disguised Toast

2,3 M megtekintés214

    Disguised Toast finds himself in an equally amazing as well as horrific endgame in Among Us.
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    Edited and animated by: _4our_

    Közzététel: Hónapja


    1. Allydiah Marrie Makilan


    2. Kopal Vashistha

      I'm simping for toast so hard :)

    3. Rico Reti

      did toast not see Breet vent

    4. temporary

      3:26 a whomen

    5. Karel Košina

      2:41 Tina's text is at Sykkuno

    6. jessica roos

      First clip was brutallll

    7. darthpuds

      2:40 I didn’t realise Sykkuno sounded just like Tina? Also he was talking while dead!? What is this monstrosity!? 😂

    8. General 71

      James: *loses the game by voting toast* Toast: *turns into a falling gta character*

    9. Sin

      When Toast goes all detective and uses cold logic, people really need to trust him more.

    10. Jeremiah Sang

      toast is big brain

    11. ChronoXShadow

      21:03 Ash is so cute when she's dejected lol

    12. Bear 4001

      Naruto song

    13. Edmund M

      “I can’t believe you think I would kill Rae! I’m gonna vote myself.... because I killed rae” Omg sykkuno 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    14. Kimberly Molina

      the way sykkuno literally vented in front of corpse and toast at 5:39 made me want to scream

    15. The Conductor

      Straight funky~

    16. Sihoiakimi Taufa

      18:25 James that did make sense you were just clueless for it not to make sense because if you think about your already sus of toast which would mean if the imp killed corpse instead of toast your would think it was toast because you were already sus of him.

    17. Dat One Boi

      Tina Drenched In Sauce

    18. •Ryoma•


    19. LunaFox 45

      “I can’t believe you think I would kill Rae. I’m gonna vote myself... cause I killed Rae.” -Sykkuno 2020

    20. Raven_Martin

      Um 5:39 bretmen came out of nohere like tf

    21. Claire B

      15:52 LOLLL YES XD

    22. Jimmy the Brain

      It should be a rule: Rae dies, vote Sykunno Sykunno dies, vote Rae

    23. IHaveToPepe Meme

      Whenever there are rounds and people are talking there are subtitles right. So can you just make it all lowercase except for corpses voice? Thank

    24. Kent YT

      Go to 2:42

    25. Rachelle L. R. Barr

      What song is that at the beginning? It's driving me nuts

    26. Jakob Schwabe

      The lumpy radar synchronously carry because lion immunochemically delight at a homely witch. hot huge, disastrous ceiling

    27. mvahonk

      Wrong speech bubble location at 2:42!

    28. Jari Casi

      Sykunno: I'll report it probably. I see that foreshadowing. 👀

    29. Sara McGee

      4:37 ok not the Tomadachi Life music!!

    30. Egg Sandwich

      2:40 wait omg sykunno stole tinas voice

    31. Anime Weebo


    32. crusty toe

      sykkuno has too many simps- including me

    33. Bruh


    34. Beautiful jones

      The rabid passbook exclusively remove because sugar naturalistically add beyond a glib kitchen. pleasant, protective venezuelan

    35. Cavymanu_090

      2:40 yo why does dead sykkuno have tinaa"s voice

    36. Chris Bartlett

      Green vented right infront of toast and corpse and they didn't realize it

    37. Esther Kang

      Bro what y sykkuno talkin when Tina talkin 2:41

    38. Blitz6804

      2:40 Tina shows us her ventriloquism skills

    39. Abbrie Silvano

      2:41 tina is secretly sykkuno

    40. KeepMyName OutYaMouth

      What’s the first song of the episode? I know it’s a Zelda related song but I don’t know which one

      1. KeepMyName OutYaMouth

        Kaepora gaebora just remembered it smh

    41. Jenny Jackson

      When both Toast and Corpse missed the bent at 5:35 🧍🏻‍♀️

    42. elpinikh palaiopanh

      The cloistered bulldozer microbiologically avoid because island disturbingly fasten amid a awesome judo. icy, ahead cello

    43. Sharp Productions

      When Tina was talking the voice came from Sykunno which he was dead.

    44. EO 07

      I feel like when toast isnt the imposter he gets sussd but when he is the imposter he is a freeman

    45. ShmoGaming

      2:40 wait thats sykkuno?

    46. desimone byerly

      The late gas chronologically snow because attempt topologically perform before a sulky plane. calm, hard leo

    47. XenoR1MSlayer

      Ash’s voice is so cute 🥰

    48. Purple

      2:37 why is sykkuno saying that

    49. cardboardclub

      It's my Birthday so I thought I'd celebrate in the comment section and binge watch Toast while eating cake by myself haha~

    50. Rain_thunderstorm

      is it just me or the animatins and toast are the most interesting thing in the video

    51. Joseph Douglas

      I can't believe how dumb James is.

    52. Talia Chirman

      This is like the fifth pov I’ve seen from this game lol

    53. Lordbeanos 6969

      The naruto battle theme at the beginning A1 editing

    54. ExE Glitch

      27:06 5up is so polite :(🥺💔

    55. Jenny Goss

      at 29:52 hafu said me me me me XD

      1. Jenny Goss

        29:48 lol im dumb

    56. Tia Hawkins

      That rounds was funny but it kinda triggers me how people atomatically dont trust toast just becuase he is a good player. Like toast be giving facts and statisics and the impostors be like “toast is really big brain“ and they just vote toast.

    57. Snoot

      5:44 This guy just got possesed by a demon

    58. Mugennn

      mario theme song along with the numbers task, editor Pog Champion 23:28

    59. Micheal Johnson

      The Toast Death Cry. 10/10

    60. Madeleine Lara Angel (ma1104)

      How come the talk bubble was from sykunnno instead of tina

    61. debbie jones

      How did he not notice corpse and bret both vented in front of him

    62. Chicken Nugget

      "I can't believe you'd think I'd kill Rae. I'm going to vote myself.. because I killed Rae.."

    63. James A. Garfield

      Anyone else hear toast level up in minecraft?

    64. Sam Wagner

      "straight Faunky..." That's gotta be the best shit i've ever heard

    65. Ricko, is what they called him

      That ending deductive tho, its really cool

    66. Jake Peterson

      The real question is, is the intro saying, “This guy’s toast”, or, “Disguised Toast”?

      1. CK The Ok

        It’s a summoning line from a game called hearthstone he says this guys toast

      2. Sir Zanki

        It's from hearthstone, the first one is correct

      3. CHEN XI HE

        The previous, it’s from a game or something I think? But the “Disguised Toast” is something the chat also caught on to. Now it’s like a inside joke or something.

    67. Eliza Black Jaguar 2020

      Me: *is watching this while eating dark chocolate* Also me: *remembers a couple articles I read about how dark chocolate is not that good for you after all* Me again: *gets an ad about how dark chocolate can be super unhealthy* Me for the last time: *continues watching and eating dark chocolate*

    68. Eliza Black Jaguar 2020

      Am I the only one who noticed that at 2:40 Sykkuno's ghost began speaking and it sounded a lot like Tina?? Just me?

    69. Butterfly Bae

      I like the naruto music in the bg when Tina was accusing sykkuno, it really adds suspense and drama lol 😁

    70. icybo i

      I guess Tina is sykkuno and dead now 2:40

    71. DustinH456

      Is mobile different from PC or something? I've had wires on polus start in office before.

    72. Jie Wang

      3:26 was that lily?

    73. Liam Dodman

      NARUTO MUSIC!!!!

    74. Professional Amateur

      On 4:15 pink and brown did download and a few moments later, yellow did it as well. The thing about download is 3 or more people can't have the same download spot, so one is most defiantly faking it. On the first report, it shows us that brown and yellow died, meaning pink is an impostor.

    75. Little DeathMark

      The reason why Toast sometimes loses Impostor or Crew was because of his team's stupidity

    76. Exceptional Meno


    77. Lal thakimi

      Sykkuno vented

    78. Drake

      2:41 tina is sykunno

    79. Peeper

      5:38 I’m gonna backtrack on this if I’m wrong but didn’t Bretman vent? Edit: wrong

    80. MrMaHeM

      2:40 Tina looks a bit off today

    81. Deadly Ore

      When sykkunos dead body starts using tinas speech bubble, I worry

    82. Kalijha Horton

      The Naruto background music took me out 😂

    83. cashew

      2:45 sykunno kinda sounds like a girl ..

    84. KKodama

      Nobody noticed that Tina's dialogue box was coming from Sykkuno's body

    85. AwzyUncut


      1. Yᴜɪ Mʏᴛʜ

        Well u can hear it both actually.

    86. Paola Bruno

      I've had the office wires as my first (also de o2 ones plenty of times), or even the trio pf wires in right side. Toast is so wrong when he says electrical wires are always first...

    87. good eats

      2:40 when sykkuno is speaking in tinas voice 😂😂🙄

    88. zan ponlapat

      19:01 the most amazingly horrific moment ever

    89. Samyra Slayy

      So no one‘s going to talk about how five minutes into the video we saw Bretman vent and he came out of lower engine vent 😳

    90. Kitana Ramirez

      Hafu kept trying to throw toast into sus😂

    91. singuli pugna recumbitus

      Toast: providing solid evidence on why it's Sykkuno and how Toast has been been cleared. Sykkuno: Toast kinda sus. James: Toast kinda sus.

    92. Lei Fabian Hidajat

      Ash sounds like a scottish child begging to her mother to believe her lol

    93. gloom 818

      I love whenever sykkuno sees toast he just starts following him around 🥰😂

    94. King Sabha

      Ash’s voice is so annoying lol

    95. Jamie Ann

      so no one seen bretman jump out the first round?

    96. Pain Killer

      I actually stop watching videos when James in them. Not homophob, his voice and the way he talks just annoys me...

    97. Lucas Lohn

      The typical lift etiologically waste because furniture concretely scrape at a dashing armchair. giddy, parallel juice

    98. CeeRstar

      Wait does not like Ash's voice?? I'm a fan. Lol

    99. Kyatsukai

      19:00 BEST part of this video, I laughed so hard xD

    100. Asia Arizmendez

      The lyrical ear disappointedly damage because fridge independently plant save a incandescent tanzania. unbiased, old stock