G-Eazy - Hate The Way (Official Video) ft. blackbear


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    G-Eazy “Hate The Way” feat. blackbear: smarturl.it/hatetheway

    Director: Kat Webber
    Executive Producer: Taj Critchlow
    Producer: Fuliane Petikyan
    DP: Xiaolong Lui
    Production Designer: Gody Fusina / Spencer Graves
    Production Company: Fela

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    1. Doc the dude


    2. Shivam Tickoo

      This song deserve 1billion views

    3. Sarah Jane Clarke

      This track reminds me of a toxic relationship I was in, what a tune

    4. David Belk

      This song hits home, every time makes me get in my feels

    5. Trinity Stewart

      G-Eazy sucked me back in once again. Never left, life just had me in its grasp for a good amount of time.

    6. Mandie Booth

      I hate the way I miss my son

    7. Nikhil Kumar

      total f's=18

    8. Marlen Muñoz

      Ya dije que te amo hate the way


      very nice

    10. Faithleigh Hill

      My song

    11. Travis Coffman

      When its real love knowing we have priorities in our we have to take care of separately.. our hearts Beats as one...

    12. Mohamad Mahyudy


    13. Rahul Dhawan

      whitehuman named "blackbear"!

    14. Jill Cardenas

      Makes me think of us and the shit we went threw.

    15. Kearmera

      It ain't Halsey y'all it's symbolizin the addict in himself he chose over her and how many times he tried givin them up but kept goin back. Don't think of the female as Halsey but it's the uncontrollable side of him that caused all the issues in his life he can't seem to break free from and get better. For anyone thinkin about when he talks about hatin the way she talks to her friends think about if you've ever durin a break up you know was your fault you go out and get fucked up and say any excuse to your homies to make yourself feel better cause you know you fucked up but just don't wanna admit it. You got the strength to let that shit go for good I'll pray for you G 🙏🏽

    16. Love Dove

      What a toxic relationship. They exist and it took me years to get out of one and Im happy af with the love of my life who drives me wild. ❤

    17. Aashin M shibu

      This is the Collab we all wanted.

    18. Xuxa Styles

      He misses who she was.

    19. Jayshree


    20. Cayden Sass

      The christens that disliked this song 🤡

    21. Patriciataylorr deacon

      Love this song totally can relate awesome song! 🙏❤️🎶

    22. CODIE hugger

      Miss you ^^

    23. CODIE hugger


    24. CODIE hugger

      Hoplydy has

    25. CODIE hugger


    26. CODIE hugger

      Shaia 💀♥️

    27. Chloe Casco

      Me and my kids father broke up 8 months ago after being together for 15 years .... he just sent me this song 💔😭😭😭😭😭

    28. Nafi Ahmed

      Brouu you got a fucking hitt man 😉

    29. Saad

      G-eazy and blackbear are the best combo

    30. Arab Blood line

      This song is everything of my life. We have 3 kids and she still craze

    31. Jennifer Dear

      Sam....I miss you

    32. B Cullens

      I miss me 2

    33. B Cullens

      She broke that glass she got to him and told her truth

    34. Mikee22ification

      Boring and derivative of Slim Shady

    35. Yovana Garcia

      I agree 100%

    36. Maria Vailoces

      Dedicate this to my A.V. babes

    37. Miss Sita

      I hate how I always miss u😥felt that

    38. Vårhild Røsnes

      G-Eazy ; so easy to looove

    39. whoIS AminoBlack

      when you hear that wooden block you know it's only Ghoste

    40. Josefine H. Besson

      fave song so far. i swaer i cant get enough!

    41. Akvile Dancing

      I hate the way i miss you

    42. Shruti Đáś

      Discovered G eazy songs today...well m glad that i discovered ...gerald is a crush material ❤❤❤love him loads

    43. DigiDork Online

      G & Bear a fire mix

    44. Vibe with Jayden


    45. Zara

      Let’s appreciate him for picking a NATURAL girl for his video unlike these other rappers I’m so tired of all the PLASTIC 🚫

    46. Vibe with Jayden

      There’s never something wrong With a blackbear song💯💪🏼


      Joker girl ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😇❤️❤️💥❤️❤️💥❤️💥❤️💥❤️💥

    48. Jose B

      509 WA LOVE

    49. Jose B

      I truly miss you rebecca Johnson

    50. Jose B

      Anything everything everyone does in life is their choice

    51. Zoky Bác sĩ

      i luv this songgggggg

    52. Dana Cruickshank

      I got issues and what dont judge me no1 is perfect

    53. Michael Vukasu

      Why did they break up??

    54. True Rhythm

      medicated myself - i mixed it. challenges in my life. i have to face it.

    55. Zeki Cordell

      Bruh, stop assuming it's about Halsey. It's about Devon, because the lyrics and music video reference is about Devon.

    56. Brittney Hawkins

      Blackbears voice tho! 😍

    57. Brittney Hawkins

      Everything about this song... I love it! It reminds me of someone from my life... I wish someone would dedicate it to me and mean it...❤️💜💜💜❤️

    58. Desi Tv

      He still misses halsey

    59. Mr Idle Hands

      This all really makes me wonder just exactly how things went down, at the end of Halseys video G is in a cop car, at the end of this one Halsey is leaving in an ambulance.

      1. Kearmera

        Think of it as it's still him not Halsey. He's talkin to the addict in him as a separate person that caused all this. The addict in him caused him and Halsey to go through that.

      2. Elizabete Ivanova

        same thinking

    60. Mr Idle Hands

      When I look at both sides of what they both say, honestly I can't say either of them are completely the problem.

    61. Vin sheely

      Blackbear carried it. G ez is dope

    62. Xavier B

      G-Eazy 🔥💪🏿

    63. tara pursel

      Honestly...he could act all bullshit and pretend he doesn't miss Halsey...but I don't think he's even worried about looking tough. Seriously...I have a lot of respect for this man. Image means nothing. He messed up and lost a good thing. To hurt so bad you let everyone know it... that's hell on earth.

      1. Yash Sura

        @Jess Jones hugets.info/show/lHGUptG5uZiqqKQ/vide.html

      2. Yash Sura

        @Holy Tansia hugets.info/show/lHGUptG5uZiqqKQ/vide.html MGK admitted it himself

      3. Brick Mcwankerville

        don't you feel uncomfortable knowing that much about the personal life of a person who you don't even know? I do

      4. Jess Jones

        @Yash Sura source?

      5. Holy Tansia

        @Yash Sura how do u know

    64. Allyssa D

      My ex girlfriend and I recently broke up. And this video describes our relationship.🥺 4 1/2 years down the drain. I miss her. But it is what it is😞

    65. Shauna Hamilton

      This whole song is it for me. Well everything other then a coke problem🤦🏻😩😔😶💔 I hate the way I always miss you

    66. Olga Put

      Beautiful voice

    67. Princess Joyce Sumicad

      The girl lowkey looked like Courtney Love 😍

    68. Gamechange1112

      This song and “Clover Cage - One More Try” are the only two things keeping me sane through these tough times. I just want to send love to everyone and I want everyone to know things will get better...We are in this together...I love you

    69. Josh Davis

      Shotgun, not a pistol for Kobain. Even though it sounds more catchy. for a pop song. that kind of miss-no-hit- reminds me of lil wayne lol.

    70. amanda tylor

      It's a crazy love most will never understand. Being two crazy people both are well aware of how sick we are but still loves you, it's almost a need a craving to be with them

    71. Vivien Jónás

      this song came out on my 18th Birthday....I just realized that...the biggest GIFT

    72. Naya Arescha

      Terharu dengan video nya

    73. Ms Marie

      Wasn't looking for a breakup song when I am going through one. Very unfortunate I have to feel this song instead of listen to it

    74. Not TellingYou


    75. katie Affro

      Did anyone notice that, this girl has the same shoulder tattoo as Halsey? .. :( Hits so hard :(

    76. Mike Ciffone

      Not Halsey...I think that's Dev

    77. Faithleigh Hill

      Damn!!! This is bad ass hell!!!!

    78. Kapil Singh

      Celebs are champs in finding lookalikes of their fellow celebs.

    79. Lisa MC kinney

      I'm always talking to myself, yeah i know i'm crazy but you sick too

    80. Lisa MC kinney

      I thought i was the one with all the issues❤️

    81. Shay Maldonado

      Hi cons

    82. Shay Maldonado

      Hi Cuz

    83. Shay Maldonado

      Boring and basic that’s me

    84. chilli

      I need actress name

    85. Nicolas Ibarra

      The music videos display that you been throw a lot G Eazy Take Care you your family and inner circle have a nice journey sincerely Nicolas

    86. Charlie


    87. Summerella Gang


    88. G Eazy


    89. Adore you

      Toxic relationships are just terrible and I wish them to no one. These teenage girls need to stop romanticizing this.

    90. Petr Opolsky

      Absolute legend 👌

    91. Quinn Camarena

      Unexpected Life situations make the best songs

    92. Eric Dean

      i fuckin love this song, it came just in time for my new girlfriend..She work 12 hr shifts,Grrrr Lol

    93. Thomas Phiri

      Aka right now

    94. GlockMan945

      Those tats look terrible. Shame. Just do a sleeve. Much better looking than random green tats.

    95. Lina Zymeri

      he wasn't wrong when he said I gave you the world and you twisted it.

    96. Davona Scott

      Wow 😭😭😭 I miss him

    97. No One


    98. Phoenixangel 1111

      Had this song on repeat pretty often. When you're left to pick up the pieces ..damn. this cut deep this wound, not something you can slap a bandaid on. I hope one day you realize the pain you caused me I wish this pain would go away. .my self esteem is in the toilet. sometimes the best love hurts I guess,including one's own lack of self love

      1. Manju Nath

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      3. Madhav Goyal

        remember this 'TOO' shall pass!!👍

    99. Carlos Damman


    100. Carlos Damman

      Everybody trying to be shady