Guy Throws Christmas Tree Out of Window and it Lands Perfectly on the Ground - 1169330

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    1. Kiseki

      No. Wrong year

    2. Lick my bootyhole in and out

      See you all in 12 years for when we see the see you all in 12 years comment

    3. Sad Kermit

      *I’m going to get this on my recommended 9 years later*

    4. Nighty-Night

      Nice throw dudeeeee

    5. Cooler Queen

      Me: *tries doing the bottle flip challenge but fails* Guy: *Flips the Christmas tree and it stands on the ground with success* EaSyYy! Me: OMFG- SUDVSHXJAUWHDUSHN 💀

      1. ByScratCH

        Yur vari vari iziot isint it??? 😱😱

    6. positive penny

      it’s 2021 bitch we can flip our trees any day 😤🙏

    7. 37 - Trà My

      Here before 12 years

    8. Anhar Ashraf

      HOWWW DID HE DO THATTTTTT????,,??????!!

    9. Nicolas Kollinger

      Next generation Xmas Tree Flip Challenge

    10. AK Amith

      Me:ooh I just did bottle flip three times in a row,I am the best Meanwhile this guy:😎😎

    11. Hojitsu H

      Okay I’m here just 2 weeks later

    12. Whiskii

      I'm glad to see that The Grinch's cousin, Grunch, is doing well.

    13. Johnathan Mendonsa

      Should have dabbed

    14. Kiss Shot

      guy: I fucking hate christmas jesus:

    15. Memper

      one word: center of gravity

    16. omisha

      christmas treekshot

    17. Tdflky

      Why waste ten minutes, when you can do it in ten seconds?

    18. Oikawa Tooru

      The Christmas tree landing perfectly No one My mind:'Nobody can drag me doWn~'

    19. Dandylion

      the tree is actually a cat on its previous life

    20. Mr. Paint


    21. Ask to seduce Miss

      HUgets: guy throws Christmas tre- Me: say no more... clicks

    22. Lauren Blink

      4.3 Million people: Aha nice

    23. Dash_LP Nur echt mit dem _

      Christmas tree flip challenger

    24. Henke Matthias

      Christmas tree Flip Challenge

    25. DollaWave

      It is rewinded lol

      1. Ask to seduce Miss

        Dude Perfect has the left the chat

    26. American Light

      10 ... 9.7 ... 9.8 ... 10 ... 9.9 ... 9.7 ...

    27. alsacienne d'alsace

      Chrismas tree flip challenge

    28. Indian girl

      Hello guys, this is daily dose of *inte-*

    29. Thirukumaran Sabapathi

      Leonardo DiCaprio slow clap

    30. Andrew Cinque

      Great throw

    31. Milline Mouse

      "Hey pass me my keys"

    32. Annabel Rose

      bottle flip challenge who?

    33. Inkツ

      Take your "Watching this in 2021 ticket" ⬇

    34. Iza kim

      gonna go and leave a comment here so that after a decade i’ll saw this shitty comment again😌

    35. InjectingMySelf

      I had to check what date it was published to see if it was from 10 years ago

    36. Nastia Harina

      It's look like a big poop

    37. pablo andres

      Gente al pedo como Alberso

    38. half soul

      and when it's christmas again he wants it back

    39. Jasonic

      *Dude Perfect has the left the chat*

    40. Alyssa Paredes

      Christmas tree like “wanna see a trick dude”

    41. Riley Alexis

      See y’all in 5 years when this gets recommended to everyone:)

    42. Susan Besong Arts

      My face after when the tree landed 👁👄👁

    43. Susan Besong Arts


    44. Замза Талипбай

      That was sick


      Plot Twist - He casted "Wingardium LeviOsaa " on it...

    46. hadz001

      Looks like the house is taking a dump

    47. sparkieT88

      Better than a bottle flip

    48. Lukas Springsklee

      Why does this look like a video that could be 8 years old and only gets recommend now

    49. Aditya Rout

      Kids: Flip coins Adults: Flip bottles Legends: Flip Christmas Tree Russians: Flip Tanks, Nuclear Weapon

    50. li0n heart 05

      In my recommended anyone else to 👍🏻🇮🇪

    51. Jana Salah

      Off topic but bts army will notice something different (I'm army too)

    52. Baha

      This was the plan!

    53. No Name

      claim your ticket here for before this video gets recommended again after 7 years

    54. PhoenixGamer 1000

      Plot twist: This is Dude Perfect

    55. Ritam Ghosh

      Newton: has entered the chat 🤣

      1. Charming nowhere to hide

        That was amazing ?????

    56. dqma

      see u guys in 8 years where it randomly recommends us this

    57. Esther Ahn

      So his place is three stories on top of a garage?

    58. The Competitive Team

      Trees are Like Cats.

    59. green ඞ

      10 ways to Tree flip ur tree 1 Yeet ur tree out of ur House 2 yeet ur tree out of ur balcony 3 yeet ur tree At top of ur house 4 flip ur tree

    60. Mukundan

      Man flips the Christmas tree Dude perfect: *left the chat*

    61. RogelynMay Agustin

      See u again after 10 years.

      1. iSwearToCod

        @RogelynMay Agustin and u could also choose to ignore my comment so congrats you’re now a hypocrite and an unfunny one. go outside during lockdown bro haha rekt !!

      2. RogelynMay Agustin


      3. RogelynMay Agustin

        @iSwearToCod well u can chose to ignore this and go on with your life. Go out and touch some grass lol

      4. iSwearToCod

        @RogelynMay Agustin yes u were. don’t comment publicly if u want people to mind their business

      5. RogelynMay Agustin

        well I wasn't joking. Mind ur own business.

    62. Keyo

      That tree just won the olympic gold medal 🏅.

    63. urch1n _

      Lmao the title could have been, Christmas version of bottle flipping

    64. Sasha

      This reminds me of one of those cartoon scenes wherein the character pulls out a board and is drawing out the entire physics plan of the object and then does it and everything happens exactly has it planned

    65. K B

      This bottle flipping challange is getting out of hand, people have now moved to doing it with trees.

    66. Pavit Bhalla

      Serious Vine energy from this vid 💀💀💀

    67. SomeoneWhoComments

      Watch this get recommended to us during next Christmas

    68. Kutoban Ch.

      Can we just appreciate how these kinds of videos exist online, and how the world would be without it?

    69. chilli


    70. Simon Collis

      Ta dah

    71. Klein Armstrong


    72. Pes Mobile Gamer

      This was his 156 attempt.

    73. Dimitri M

      Bottle flipping Xmas edition.

    74. Cloud 9

      well, get ready for 'tree flipping' to be a internet craze now...

    75. hinata shoyo

      christmas miracle

    76. Your Mom

      Wow, physics works, who would've thought

    77. Joseph

      This is what it would look like if a house took a shit

    78. Mystical Wolf


    79. Murad 1988

      I remember throwing my TV out of the window and it didnt go well 😆😂😅

    80. Wercix

      See y'all in 12 years when it will blow out after youtube will recommend this for us. If you're here when it got posted you're a legend.

      1. iSwearToCod

        @Wercix still not funny

      2. Wercix

        @iSwearToCod well thank u because I didn't want to be funny :) have a good day

      3. iSwearToCod

        @Wercix still not funny

      4. iSwearToCod

        @Wercix u did try and u failed

      5. Wercix

        @iSwearToCod wha- I didn't want to be funny but u are now

    81. Ryne Saldana

      "Guy throws Christmas tree and lands perfectly on the ground" 4 million people: *tap*

    82. Nicole Theunissen

      Open your eyes in the last days For What is the deal if you gain the whole world but stil lose your own soul. ..Repent!!!💯Wake up💤

    83. Ivy Aguas

      Kuya graduated from bottle flipping to tree flipping. 10/10 👍

    84. Aditya K

      He should be in dude perfect

    85. Ptao Tom

      Hello to whoever getting this on their recommended on 2035 👋👋

      1. iSwearToCod

        ur not funny

    86. Lanah Wahidi

      Hey peeps 10 years away from us! Just gonna let you know 2020 was horrible so this guy got so angry he through a Christmas tree out! Haha have a great year! From: Lanah To: future kids

    87. Racer Hex


    88. hey

      see y'all in 2036

      1. iSwearToCod

        ur not funny

    89. Mohan MK

      Its a Christmas miracle! 🎄

    90. Ralf Ihl

      Kinda was expecting the PS2 Sound

    91. Aleks

      Funfact: That dude was the grinch who wanted too throw the tree of santa out the Window but Little did he know that the tree hatet him too and wanted to run away as fast as he could

      1. Ptao Tom

        Hello to whoever getting this on their recommended on 2035 👋👋

    92. Sam's Vlogs trains & more

      Why is this in my recommended?

    93. Anagha Xoxo

      How many trees need to be cut to do that ... ....

    94. Devang Patil

      I thought it's gonna stuck in that big tree

    95. Øshi

      See you all in 4 years when this is randomly recommended to us

      1. iSwearToCod

        @Øshi still not funny

      2. Øshi

        @iSwearToCod wait and see :)

      3. iSwearToCod

        ur not funny

    96. Nicolas Pantazis

      DUDE PERFECT 101

    97. Harshvardhan Jha

      That's how Jesus discovered gravityy

    98. Krati

      ain't this a scene from the mister bean series?

    99. High Leap Studios

      It's fake, the Christmas tree is a paid actor

    100. anis syafiqah

      commenting to see my comment in 12 years.