Mojang accidentally deleted Iron from the game

Phoenix SC

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    Yes, it's true. I'm not making this up.
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    #Minecraft is a game about breaking and placing blocks, developed by Mojang.
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    1. Phoenix SC

      As usual, currently LIVE going through the snapshot! Without any iron. [ENDED]

      1. Marcel Ferenčak


      2. Marcel Ferenčak

        Phoenix sc@

      3. Marcel Ferenčak


      4. Engineer Gaming

        They somehow broke the enchantment table now

      5. Black Emerald

        Does anyone know what command he used to make all those blocks go away or was he modding?

    2. Endruv_

      Lowkey a no iron ore challenge where you have to loot for iron tools would be pretty fun

    3. alice ratcliffe

      this happened i found no iron and was to angry to progress

    4. William B

      It's incomplete it comes out in summer

    5. Carlo S

      How dare you Mojang

      1. PhantomFire 260

        You can fortune them

      2. Carlo S

        @PhantomFire 260 Noice!

      3. PhantomFire 260

        With raw ore

      4. PhantomFire 260

        Dont worry their back

    6. Monika Grochal

      wait iw rely mojang detled iron then there are no iron items and allso diamond items and also netherite items and allso gold items no enhanting table and no iron golems so we have only stone tools and lether armor so minecraft after detling iron was worse

    7. Dark Strife

      You now must kill iron golems to get iron.

    8. maria velasco

      iron ore: is deleted iron golems: **chuckles** im in danger

    9. The Foxy Over Heaven

      they deleted poitions

    10. DEV Ivan

      @Phoenix SC , the iron ore is back now.

    11. XxGamer GamerxX

      This means no diamonds

    12. Sait21

      (İron ore deleted) All ores : I m useless

    13. i iifv

      Soo minecraft go worst and worst iam. Cry


      Mojang:Removes iron ore. Everyone:Iron ore mod

    15. Jude Phillips

      Rip iron

    16. Jude Phillips

      No I don’t wanna lose iron

    17. Ali and Wali

      Well this sucks, how am i suppose to mine diamonds now

    18. Ali and Wali

      They added it back in later snapshots, its just not in caves or very rare.


      RIP ME:(

    20. Norma Mendoza

      If mojang delete iron how to get diamond

    21. Cleary


    22. Meme BEANS

      U know whats funny. A few days ago I tried to stream the new minecraft snapshot in hard-core minecraft and I was in a mine for quite some time and I was like where tf is all the iron. So I made a creative world went into spectator mode and there was no iron at all

      1. Meme BEANS

        Whats weird is all the iron items and ores are in the creative roster

    23. GD Randomness

      it's back now b r u h

    24. Cartoon Alex

      why do you say mojang as moyang

    25. Dominik Z

      This is challange?

    26. amber kmr

      Rip Iron You Will Be Loved In Our Hearts

    27. Segax x

      *Gone, reduced to aluminium*

    28. Ondra Mátl

      They also deleted fishing animation.

    29. Jamesy Sed YT

      Oh hell no to the no no gods why did they did that

    30. Tommy Hendrickson

      imagine the villagers why is the iron golem aluminum?

    31. Water

      Oh god

    32. Felixkeeg

      How do you accidentally delete a block from the game? lmao

    33. Masonnzn MC

      F for iron :,(

    34. mroskar123

      f for iron :(

    35. Virgin turtle

      And I was searching for it for 10 minutes

    36. sonic the hedgehog

      iron wasnt deleted your milking this

    37. AyrtonStudios

      hmm yes ACCIDENT (not really they just did that to put the new iron)

    38. Shepard

      Anyone else fucking despise the new ore textures?

    39. ɴᴜᴛᴇʟʟᴀ ᴡᴏʟfii

      is there still no iron in 21w11a?

    40. Derek Scozzari

      Why do u call mojang moyang

    41. ꧁d̶u̶c̶k̶y̶X̶x̶꧂

      NO they did not

    42. TwisterHarvester

      they really should add aluminum

    43. TheBoxyBear

      It's not "deleted" you just have to be so lucky as to defeat a literal 0% odd of it spawning.

      1. Kevin_YT The Youtuber

        i think mojang changed the name of iron ore

    44. efraim mamonado

      I think It would be a New speed run categorie in the Future

    45. Raphael John Lucena

      So sad for the iron

    46. Chief 4kuma

      It doesnt removed the iron. Calm down

    47. John Marston


    48. Star Grazt

      We need GRASS GOLEM

    49. Levi 11!

      So thats why when i play survival in that snapshot it doesnt have iron

    50. Neko Warrior Ltd.

      Mojang you got some 'splainin to do.

    51. L.R.R. MATRIX

      Still not TOO hard to beat minecraft without iron ore, its possible but impractical

    52. TanKevin

      I am a 1000 disliker lol

    53. Briella Alexa DIMDAM


    54. Just ZENT

      That`s one of the reasons why I don`t wanna update minecraft

    55. Sherwin Blazado

      Uhh even spawn eggs on mobile

    56. Maya Andino

      did they fix it yet??

    57. Mr Allie

      go to the end of the vid and you see... This. Click here. (2:04)

    58. •butterscotch •

      When thinking back,iron really is the stuff that everyone carry along anywhere. So thats mean you cant craft a bucket,which means you cant make obsidion,and you cant mine any ore without iron

    59. RaS_20


    60. cameleon2mur 80

      it's because mojang want us make aluminum armor and stuff

    61. Shrine Ops

      The added it back tho

    62. ERika PAlafox

      No! Iron Ore

    63. Duwang

      New ores are so ugly

    64. SunfIowers //

      this was posted on my birthday gg's bro


      Aw man i was really excited i thought they actually added alluminum :(

    66. Lorena Jalimao

      no more speedrun!

    67. everythingelseytgamer

      It is faaaaaaaakkkkkkkkeeeeeeeee

    68. ricky cortes

      how w ill survival be without iron

    69. ricky cortes


    70. Connor Gaming

      Dude this is why I don’t really play snapshots lmao

    71. Christian Kopp

      It's actually pronounced "ay-loo-min-um" dude

    72. Ralsei but its a cat

      Chad iron vs virgin aluminum

    73. Hafidz Mocsin

      Hakai’d out of existence

    74. Mr. Void

      Here lies iron ore R.I.P will be missed

    75. ketrab

      mojang must add iron>:(

    76. Ha Cl

      they made a typo in the patch notes, instead of removing herobrine they removed "hebre iron"

    77. ?

      iron was my favorite ore lol

    78. xkillerx

      Mojang: "We deleted iron because it's offensive for people with iron deficiency"

      1. Jude Phillips

        Please don’t get rid of iron I don’t think it’s offensive

      2. Tejas Khurana


    79. Marco Paulo Tumambing

      Hmmmm when someone going to play this minecraft well what if he sees a 11 block of diamond that will be painful for gamers

    80. Tymon Kozłowski

      I came looking for iron i found copper

    81. Cagey Manager

      I can’t tell if this is real because he made the other video about them deleting enchanting

    82. Louie Firneno

      are we not gonna talk about how fucking ugly those ores look?

    83. dragotaku 2932xd

      xd xd xd x dx dx dx d xd xdx

    84. Nathen Hubbard

      God damn it minecraft

    85. BubbleTeaOc

      Im glad i play on an old version of minecraft that cant update im not mad anymore:D

    86. Naruto uzumaki


    87. #blocky_socks

      Iron must stay its my live in minecraft its sad i want it back because i cant mine diamonds anymore i dont wanna live without iron

      1. The Great Arceus

        It's just a bug lmao.

    88. lord richard montanez

      Plot twist : mojang devs call It a day and let players find the bugs they were supposed to be finding XD

    89. ProStreamerXD

      No Iron ore is in game but its changed the texture

    90. Mohammad Alsqqaf

      I am a pocket player I still not got this update, so I still can use iron, and maybe make update addons

      1. The Great Arceus

        You're never going to get this update because it's a beta, by the time it's released the bug would have been fixed.

    91. not jayeae

      Minecraft gamers: now how do we make iron armor

      1. The Great Arceus

        Wait for the bug to be patched.

    92. Jose Marco Eugenio

      "I used to rule the world" -Iron ore

      1. lilManiac07 Gaming

        Chunks would load when i gave the word

    93. Flamy

      So basically u can't mine iron but u can still get iron

    94. Arctic Fox

      I am beyond disappointed in Mojang.

      1. The Great Arceus

        Glitches happen mate, it's simply a mistake.

    95. Samantha Davis

      i never thought of iron being being something that i want more than diamonds.. but now.. NOW..

    96. Mary Semans

      Wait I’m confused did mojang actually do this?

      1. Engineer Gaming

        Yes, now they accidentally broke the enchantment table

    97. Will Longsworth

      Man I miss the old minecraft. This is like minecraft with a bunch of crappy mods installed

    98. Hunter DidSomething

      So it looks like a Iron farm is useful for once.

    99. Pedro Rodríguez García


    100. Ana Nakar

      I hate aluminium