Hermitcraft S7 Ep 56: Transforming Mumbo's Old Base!

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    Hermitcraft season 7 episode 56, we are back on Hermitcraft 7 in Mumbo Jumbo's old mega base to transform it part of the hcbbs. We connect the massive Sy-fy towers with the jungle temple with awesome connecting chains. We also create some new art in Keralis's base and bring the old art down to the sewer cat's secret undergrad base. I hope Mumbo likes what we do to his old base. What should we do next to the base before we sell the deed off? See you in the next Hermitcraft episode!
    Previous Hermitcraft episode: hugets.info/show/sYqsbM6Wmm-ht4Y/vide.html
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    1. Mumbo Jumbo

      YOU DID IT! YOU ACTUALLY MANAGED TO PULL IT OFF! I'm very impressed by this. Always wanted to do something like that but could never make it work.. You nailed it!

      1. I'm the crow of judgement




      3. jay cipher


      4. Speed demon Sammy

        DID U FEED IT

      5. gordon wilson

        i mean it is scar

    2. Balder Fladen-Henriksen

      Scar, the master of dying. LMAO

    3. FourteenCurve75

      Choice a all day

    4. graceoropesa


    5. EternallySpoopy

      Imagine If super fast build mode had shaders bro...

    6. Monika Tomana

      grian:Amazing good times with scar: amozing

    7. Monika Tomana

      choice A


      REMEMBER THIS →Hobbit hole THIS IS HIM NOW →Temple with a golden beating heart FEEL OLD YET?

    9. Robby Baas


    10. HAL 9000

      There will be never too many 2001: Space Odyssey refferences

    11. Fynn

      There are 69k likes right now. Don't change it

    12. Zach Wall

      Scar: "nothing's going to compete with [the top of the lighthouse]" Also Scar: *steals an airplane*

    13. Dark_flame 75


    14. Cora Gibson

      It’s funny because scar almost always uses dirt for scaffolding and Mojang put scaffolding in Minecraft but scar doesn’t even hardly use it lol🤣

    15. Joey Smith

      A is better

    16. Ptowza Potato

      "I'm chaffed to bits" XD

    17. Tiltify


    18. Edgar Contreras


    19. Chase Ocampo


    20. TechGuy

      You should make the chains hang down

    21. Blazing Productions

      scar: wizard of the earth mumbo: futuristic farmer grian: fancy *waffle* brit

    22. Syberyah

      Word: *is realty* Scar: Reality

    23. Syberyah

      Scar: *sees the epic chest angel Mumbo built* Also Scar: [About the barrels in his tent] this is next-level organization.

    24. Syberyah

      Scar: "I'm chapped to bits" Me: Um, no. XDD

    25. Michael Myers

      Is it just me or does scar look cross eyed here

    26. Connor Fink

      Bro the ultimate power move would be just stealing a building. A small out of the way forgotten building but still a building

    27. znaut1


    28. ArtMasterFrylock

      Grian with Cartman's body o. o Loving the chains.

    29. Robin Bachmann


    30. מר. בננה

      13:56 OH... MY... GOD... IT HAS A WATER PARK!

    31. מר. בננה

      I guess A

    32. Random Stuff

      Choice a

    33. Alexis White

      shorturl.ca/milfcamff5k2 Siamo costretti a partire dal fatto che l'inizio del lavoro quotidiano sulla formazione di una posizione e di importanza decisiva per i nuovi principi della formazione della base materiale, tecnica e personale. Una ricerca approfondita da parte dei concorrenti e indicata come contendenti per il ruolo di fattori chiave. Ma le conclusioni tratte sulla base dell'analisi di Internet sono descritte nel modo piu dettagliato possibile. In particolare, la solidarieta di un team di professionisti e una tappa qualitativamente nuova nello sviluppo graduale e coerente della societa.❤️ Dentro da estrutura da especificacao de padroes modernos, as acoes dos representantes da oposicao apenas adicionam diferencas faccionais e sao unidas em grupos inteiros de sua propria especie. Por outro lado, a agenda economica de hoje fala das possibilidades de perspectivas favoraveis.Ha um ponto de vista controverso, que diz algo como o seguinte: cenarios basicos de comportamento do usuario iluminam caracteristicas extremamente interessantes da imagem como um todo, mas conclusoes especificas, e claro, foram submetidas a uma serie de estudos independentes. O alto nivel de envolvimento dos representantes do publico-alvo e uma prova clara de um fato simples: a agenda economica de hoje, em sua visao classica, permite a introducao de esforcos de clustering.

    34. Luke Reynolds

      Maybe add energy rays from the other monoliths?

    35. Parker Bedbrook

      Anybody else notice how the graffiti he stole is the South Park guys?

    36. Tommy Harris

      choice A. Without the stripe on Impulse's shirt, you can't really tell what the mural is

    37. Kalarock p


    38. Scythe_ 12

      So anyways Comment=a Like=b

    39. Kit Fisto

      19:10 Scar: try not to break anything, try not to break anything! *proceeds to break something*

    40. Kit Fisto

      17:37 Scar: What does this look like from the ground? *proceeds to fly into the air with elytra*

    41. Soggy__waffles 77

      Choice A

    42. Tanja Sørensen

      love it!!!!!

    43. Vector

      Anyone noticed his skin changed throughout this episode?

      1. Kit Fisto

        Yep everyone in the comments just ignored it

    44. Ted Thomas

      Choice a duur

    45. Kapten YeetMstr

      Minecraft cursed images PhoenixSCar

    46. Kapten YeetMstr

      Wait a minnit Mumbo's pacific vault is in one of the towers isn't it?

    47. Bailey Benedict

      Choice A for the graffiti

    48. lifelike cooper

      So I’m building a hobbit town in my long term survival world, almost as a fresh start away from my big base and I found myself building to super fast build more music 😅

    49. SelfishPuppyYT

      i miss the times wen u werre a wizard u made me turn myself into a wizard but u changed atleast im stayeing as a wizard

    50. Joe Stockette


    51. Davis Mcintire

      Hi I love what you did with mombo’s base

    52. pokebrouserkat

      Needs more waterfalls

    53. Benjamin Heyman Schönning

      I know why the bed is occupied. It is becouse off There are slabs and trapdores all allround the bed so you cant respawn ore wake upp anywere.

    54. Beast gamer too


    55. SawrD GameS

      I am all for choice A

    56. Ask to seduce Miss

      The og graffiti looks like Stan, kyle, keeny, and cartmen from south park

      1. Ask to seduce Miss

        Scar you're an amazing builder

    57. Bluecrab2

      Choice A

    58. Steven Voutchkov

      I love how grian's graffiti silhouette is the widest

    59. Ori-Onyx Vyntarz

      The way he said "bamboo" at 0:22 just increases my serotonin levels.

    60. muhctek

      Hi scar!! i just noticed that the town hall looks like the clock tower from back to the future (BTTF) do you think that in the future you could make some sort of BTTF related event?

    61. Arthur Khazbs

      19:00 ...or, like, call down the elevator and use it properly...

    62. Martin Luetke-Entrup

      Choice B!!!!

    63. Shane Mcfarlane

      So does scar own pacific now

    64. ChrisVFX

      10:30 no thank me later

    65. Kms Huskie

      Hey scar we need to see more Wizardly stuff from you your power with magic is impeccable

    66. Eplayz

      Insane building

    67. Banana Man

      choice B

    68. Leaf Kelley

      i love how mumbo and scar both complained about the fact that the other's base doesnt have a single (usable) bed

    69. Henry's Anecdotes


    70. SEAN O'RAND

      who else thought it was hermit craft boy band starting

    71. Ptao Tom

      GUYS I FOUND HIS TIME LAPSE MUSIC! ITS "Howling" by Lupus Nocte!!!!!

      1. Nubolicious

        Congrats, you can shazam

      2. Ptao Tom

        I love how an adventure with mumbo is like school you learn stuff about red stone grian is like a kid with Lego’s and scar he like to forge government document as fun so

    72. 100 lols

      Scar you're an amazing builder

    73. brady sorenson


    74. Stuart Viner

      There's a secret base in ur base btw

    75. SOC


    76. EpikPeekslol

      I think A 😉

    77. RAAD

      14:15 biam

    78. Asmus Aner storm

      Choice a

    79. Emilie Himme

      A design

    80. jevTwo

      8:33 "I sleep in a bush. Lets go pitch our tent" Scar oh my

    81. Lukeennis

      My suggestion is make the tower bigger

    82. SilentZzz

      The left side lamps is for the base's/temple's hunger and the right side is its health. if the hunger bar went to 0 lamps lighted, 1 lamp from the right side will be unpowered

    83. VentralWinter 39

      Scar’s timelapse music is called howling if you wanna listen to it Look for it on Spotify

    84. playgrounds_inc

      Choice A

    85. Rishi Nixon

      I'm chaffed to bits. aLMOST THERE Scar

    86. Darkness Burns223

      choice A

    87. Breezy09 gaming

      I love how an adventure with mumbo is like school you learn stuff about red stone grian is like a kid with Lego’s and scar he like to forge government document as fun so


      If hermit craft turned into hardcore mode scar wouldve died in the first nanosecond

    89. Jace Hunter

      Choice a!!!

    90. Alyssa Hurley

      What if you added flowers or fruits to the vines?

    91. the sin of wrath

      B ops a a a

    92. Zecret

      Choise A

    93. Julie Smithburg

      Through the time lapse I was freaking out about the bases health I think it's the left is the one where it is how much life it has until it loses a life And the second is the one where it is the amount of life's it has You lose diamonds when it goes down Feed it golden apples at the bottom of the lights

    94. Enderman Robot

      I just watched Mumbos newest video and at the beginning he was like "I hope he still has the deed" and your like "I've lost the deed" in the first five seconds.

    95. firestar is best

      Mumbo: I hope he hasn't lost the deed... Scar: ummmmmm... these are definitely real documents. Totally. Absolutely real. Yup. Nothing to see here!

    96. Enchanted Kloof

      Uhhhhhh what happened to your skin?

    97. Ogoli

      Choice A - I would say

    98. Alya Did