I Made a FULL NETHERITE BEACON in Minecraft Hardcore


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    I made a FULL NETHERITE BEACON in Minecraft Hardcore! One of the hardest challenges you could ever do in minecraft, making a beacon out of netherite! How much ancient debris do you need for a netherite beacon? 5,904. This number may seem large but it's much larger than you could even imagine. Making a full netherite beacon took me 200 hours of playing minecraft and is a project I started 6 months ago!
    I made this netherite beacon legit in survival, 100% legit, no cheating and ALL ON MY OWN! and this makes me one of the first people in the world to complete the full netherite beacon advancement!
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    1. WadZee

      Hi, this video took me so long to make so to anyone that watches it all the way through, likes & comments, thank you so much! Help this video crack the Algorithm!

      1. Jeremy Chong

        Bro u said u need 6k and now I only have 5.09k

      2. Farzana Shabbir

        I also like this so much

      3. Dreams step Bro

        Sure thing king

      4. Sonic Blade

        LAST REPLY

      5. Sonic Blade


    2. AswiniThennavan Home

      Just a comment to tell you know that I have watched this video like a million times and I still don’t believe you did this

    3. TheUbner

      Fun Fact: He Could've used Bed instead of Wasting his life on sand and gunpowder

    4. Madelyn Earhart

      How can you find soooooooo much DEBRIES!

    5. King XT

      Weird flex but ok

    6. Sof Jaaniste


    7. Deanna Carson

      Can we just appreciate that he spent his whole quarantine making this video.


      Farfa lo hizo primero 😳👌🏼

    9. Dylan Harris

      Wow I’ve never fought a wither

    10. mohammed shees

      BRO the only vid in ur whole MC hardcore series that made me sub to u n like it .MASSIVE RESPECT . I would hve given up on like day 4

    11. Seth Dupuis

      Is it funny that the last one is the hardest one?

    12. Cealin 1011

      Been subbed since 85k, crazy to see you explode recently

    13. Anant Singh

      Imagine if he would be playing in a server with his friends and his friend throws all 4 shulker boxes of ancient debrii into lava

    14. Kevin R-Blox


    15. gamer kid

      you did not have to do that you clould of made it hallow. i mean no hate the fact that you did that is insane you have mad respect and also haters are mad right now hehe

    16. FireFidget 5

      "gone through hell"

    17. Felix Dobrovolskiy

      It just hurts to look at the full netherite beacon


      Wadzee:this seed is trash. Me who can’t find a singular good biome :wut

    19. Atharva Srivastava

      Not to depreciate your work or anything this was an awesome video, but I have to ask... Why didn't you just use like many tunnel boars?

    20. Caleb Mulrooney

      I just went back and rewatched every WadZee video. Help WadZee Reach 2 Million Subs!!! He deserves it! He puts so much sweat and work into his vidoes that we all enjoy so much! Edit: I went back to the 1st Hardcore video: Hardcore minecraft is too easy! Past Wadzee: First day in Hardcore Minecraft, full iron! Present Wadzee: What's Iron? I only use netherite, you peasant.

    21. Broken Heart

      I have a modded world and I can get any amount of netherite

    22. The B King

      "may not look like much" huh??

    23. olek js



        Olek js u r a foolish person forever

      2. Ануаp A

        He’s playing in hardcord. You can’t use creative or cheats in hardcord mode. Xd

    24. Dimitris Stellas

      The biggest problem with ancient debri is that you cant use fortune on it

    25. Jeffrey Baker

      youre a lunatic

    26. Tudor Boscu


    27. Unknown Facts

      You are amazing

    28. Movie Maza

      you really deserve a like for this video

    29. Coby Pickett

      What is wrong with u

    30. Adam Silver

      How did his levels go down if he was on hardcore minecraft

    31. Thomas Clouting

      I never found netherite before

    32. AUX king

      I would never do this...

    33. XPT Joshy

      My friend did this in 7 hours only using beds, says he isn’t cheating. Thoughts?


        He is not

    34. •KING•



        Hard core does not allow creative

    35. Jc gabriel

      Big respect to you good sir i hope you make more hardcore vids and i just sub and like your vid becuase you earned it fair. good job

    36. tabish shahzad

      keep it up☻♠♥

    37. Prativa Sharma

      I can do this in 2 minutes by cheating 🤣🤣🤣🤣 but appreciate your hard work(•‿•)

    38. Ui toll



      Nice work dude

    40. Egg2D OLD

      behold the god of destruction

    41. Marcelo Castro

      Nope I only got 1

    42. ⦃T1 An1 arc⦄

      T_T maked me cry

    43. João Veit

      Random dubstep 13:20

    44. Chris Park

      I honestly can’t even find one netherack

    45. Malcolm

      Imagine he died somehow 😭

    46. L I G H T




    47. AnnyMaldonado


    48. Abel

      farfados lo hizo antes a casa

    49. Wįñđžøř _1_

      You know using tnt is way more expensive if anything you should have used the bed strat because it does the exact same thing for basically free

    50. Dillon Sandusky

      what y are u

    51. Cody Tharpe

      ok this is torcher

    52. Killz_clan_ Zillakilla

      Achievement where is the achievements

    53. Arianna Perilli

      I just recently started watching your videos and let me tell you, your motivation and patience are an inspiration and motivate me so much, you're insane dude

    54. Leif Gunderson

      i- how?!?? that’s amazing

    55. SlumpSKD1

      Nice video!

    56. SuperBebe56

      Dude I am so impressed I am having trouble getting 40 to help my friends mad respect!

    57. sam DUCHESNE


    58. Gabriella McCarthy

      I’m actually inspired to make some armor..............wow

    59. Anibhal Salgado

      Me: builds an iron beacon Wadzee: makes a netherite beacon

    60. green ip

      ur a stupid awsome man bro i love u my master :)

    61. V A P O R W A V E

      8:34 say that to farfadox

    62. Juan Reyes

      If ONLY he wouldve waited until the bundle duplication glitch it would've been WAY EASIER

    63. Reckless

      I couldn’t do this in creative

    64. Reckless

      and I struggle making a beacon out of iron

    65. Steven Del Rosario

      damn u did good

    66. Žan Flakus


    67. Kaspar Padjus


    68. mohammad chohan


    69. John Bustelo

      Hey just so you know you could have looked up a tutorial on HUgets for a tunnel bore and you would have to make all that TNT, although I do recommend making it atl east 100 block long. the one on the sci craft servers over world is 1000 block long and they used ti to get a full double chest of every item that requires diamond to craft

    70. Lukas Holmén

      Technically it was 2 months because of allthe breaks, but still, good work wadzee!

    71. alexander avezaat

      you are byfar the best minecraftplayer

    72. I'm the Worst

      We will remember you soldier

    73. ThePowerOfAngel

      For the algorhythm but i dont sub

    74. ꧁ lynxie ꧂

      Alternative title: How i DESTROYED the NETHER in Minecraft Hardcore

    75. Máté Borus

      You r crazy!

    76. shyam sundar das

      i know it was long long loooong journey but you suceeded. you know you are amazing and the dedication in you inspires me so much . lots of love to you and please for god sake take some rest my friend.

    77. Teviee

      Weird flex but ok

    78. Alex AND Alex

      Very good!!!

    79. blueangus1p Gaming


    80. Uki Kk

      Why I have done this XD

    81. Jairo Lance Yatar

      That's what you can consider "Mining off camera".

    82. akash singh

      i have made 11 worlds but i havent killed ender dragon or wither and i have deleted all of my worlds hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah

    83. EHAN INTAJ

      I did not even know the 5904 ancient debris even exict in a minecraft seed but well done Wadzee you worked hard and did no give up

    84. Cheese_Monster101.256

      im proud of my netherite boots

    85. Indian Soldier

      Are you even a human??? How did you get so much patience

    86. Euri278

      Me: getting 50 ancient debris Wadzee: 5,904 ancient debris Me: im dead

    87. Jungle Berry

      11:57 tubbo theme

    88. Jungle Berry

      you need to be on dream smp

    89. Jungle Berry

      he deserves a like if he does it all on his own

    90. Altaf Mohammad Kaffah

      At 7:10didn’t you make turtles not extinct? You literally destroy a turtles home,Not complaining but Good job on it really

    91. zach Marucci

      wow thats amazing

    92. Tecnecial boy Gaming

      Doing in creative

    93. Jack Bleichmar

      the fact that he did this in hardcore is crazy. The dedication. Mad respect

      1. Jeffrey Baker

        "Why have I done this" A good question, but hard to answer. Every person asks himself this atleast once a day.

    94. Mr. Squishy


    95. cheeto dorito

      140 levels... holy fuck

    96. zyxhl

      im not suprised that he did this hes just to pro. im suprised he got that seed that could get this.