I Almost Learned To Fly A Jetpack

Tom Scott

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    Gravity Industries make jetpacks. They're not practical. They're not meant for mass use. But they are a lot of fun. They asked if I wanted to try flying one. Thanks to gravity.co/ - this is not sponsored but, obviously, they did give me a flight in a jetpack.
    Gravity's HUgets channel: hugets.info/like/kHr2Z0JWH8KGmQNDp4QXLw.html
    Pilot Sam landing on my hand: hugets.info/show/jnObZ9usx56RsaQ/vide.html
    Filmed safely: www.tomscott.com/safe/
    Camera by Simon Temple templefreelance.co.uk/
    Edited by Michelle Martin @mrsmmartin
    Audio mix by Graham Haerther
    I'm at tomscott.com
    on Twitter at tomscott
    on Facebook at tomscott
    and on Instagram as tomscottgo

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    1. Tom Scott

      I am not Iron Man.

      1. uh oh stinky

        “We flew a kite in a public place

      2. Sub2me4happyness

        You are iron chicken

      3. Several People

        No you are Tom Scott

      4. Ashley D.


      5. DynamicIz


    2. ru Chikati

      0:23, my computer when there is 1 google chrome tab open

    3. Alex

      1050 horsepower?!?

    4. Gacheru Mburu


    5. TornadoAlex_YT

      His face in the thumbnail is perfect

    6. finnrissa

      Inside Edition wants to know your location

    7. hansdietrich83

      The difference between this and car / boat / plane racing is, that those are very dynamic modes of traveling but this is very static mode. There is a reason, helicopter racing is not a thing

    8. Karol Kozik

      That's some really impressing networking on the part of both Pad 26 as well as Gravity. Congratulations to both you!

    9. CubeRazn

      Now I can collect the coins above the trains

    10. Ashley D.

      I love!!!

    11. Ashley D.

      Tom looks so happy this whole video

    12. YouTube-Kanal

      I saw Tom Scott flying over my house.

    13. Men Guarding Their Own Wallets

      Imagine driving a motorcycle, where the front wheel of the bike is attached ONLY to your front arms? That would be crazy. Well, this jetpack is sort of like that = it's not going to be a success. Either put them all together in one spot (like a motorcycle is put all together in one package) or forget it.

    14. Crystal S-R

      Tom Scott is just out there living his best life.

    15. Darold Carold

      Tom scott is the vsause of the uk

    16. Aozotra

      *looks at my fatass* "yep, wont be able to do that."

    17. Dominic LaSalle

      Tom's voice devolved to MW2 voice comms

    18. crank

      4:57 thats such a good point

    19. ZT1ST

      @0:05; The Jet Pack Makers: "Okay, we made a Jet Pack, now we need someone to test it." "Not me." "Not me." "Not me either - but I know a guy."

    20. The Crab Maestro

      While we get to be quarantined Tom gets to fly. Thanks 2020.

    21. Sweep and Bleep

      Seems like hard work and another 20 years until this is actually fun and worth while

    22. Zenitsu Agatsama

      “We’ve got jet pack wanna try flying it?” “No” *video ends

    23. Palestinian King Jerry 0

      Absolute SoyFace

    24. Emilio Bohórquez Vargas

      “I’m wearing five jet engines” is not a sentence I ever though I would hear in my lifetime.

    25. Aaron Knight

      Is it not really hard on the shoulders? How close to the exhaust before its harmful?

    26. Anchor Bait

      I love his development thought. I don't want more buttons and knobs and bigger computers. You are the flight computer. We're not putting you on a jet, we're giving you the tools and letting you learn your brain how to fly.

    27. Anchor Bait

      2:00 are you sure it's not 150hp equivalent? They said 1,050hp equivalent

      1. Brooks Moses

        At those fuel burn rates, 1,050hp equivalent sounds far more likely.

    28. James Bond

      Its a good thing they're not a microphone company.

    29. Ed Soniat

      Can you describe the physicality of the experience? That is to ask what sort of strength did you need, what was stressed, what might not be up to the job, how much fatigue was there?

    30. aemiil

      bri' ish pog

    31. Thomas Galea

      So this is what happens when you shout ROCKETMAN at the top of your lungs in real life.

    32. Flitz

      me when mom turns the corner to McDonald’s 0:56

    33. Jacksirrom

      What a dumb extravagance

    34. efe özkal

      His actual name is Barry

    35. miko foin

      Her, seductively: what are you wearing tonight Him: 0:43

    36. nichoindo123

      Thumbnail: Tom Spog/w jetpack

    37. kushalputta shastri

      0:37 when ur exam is postponed

      1. miko foin

        10 more laws to break in london

    38. Ted Chaffman

      I can’t wait to see group tours of tourists navigating the city streets of Rome with jet packs.

    39. Indonesia

      I'm amazed that you don't cook your feet when you point the jet engines down your feet

    40. doire aintu

      Thanos: I am inevitable. Tom: I am here, at Germany's smallest house

    41. Charmaine Eng

      now THAT is remarkable!

    42. Anthony Salzone

      The hell did you manage to get a jetpack

      1. doire aintu

        I hate to say it but, it's not like the 'rona is a thing is it.

    43. Velian Lodestone

      Kind of insane it takes 1500 horse power to lift up a person with a jet engine, but I am sure a single horse would be able to do that with a rope.

    44. doliio volay

      Is this the same guy who tried removing his fingertips with pineapples like 10 years ago??

    45. CaliBudds

      This looks terrible in reality. Just look at his shoulders. Youd be screaming in pain after an hour of use. Extremely degrading on the rotator cuff. As well as lower back issues due to literally no support and inevitable whiplash. Shows no forethought and reveals this is just someone wasting investors money on what any engineering student would equate to an over engineered toy.

      1. CaliBudds

        Damn. I got a notif about someoene tryna call me stupid because you cant run this for an hour. I see its deleted because even they realized they’re argument was hilarious. 1. It can be used more than once, just needs refilled. Same as arguing a car cant go more than a few hours. Just a simple refill. 2. If you cant fly it for any reasonable period of time, is there any practicality? Nope lmfao. I cant wait for people to look back on this 5 years from now and facepalm.

      2. UWaShock

        Why don't you try and make a jetpack

    46. Jered

      Bri'ish pog

      1. doliio volay

        Captain Marvel !

    47. Skwizzz B

      everybody gangsta till u get bit by an ant in the hips

    48. Alex Dailing

      Tom's white face been helpin me clear smudges off my screen for years. goat.

    49. Tenzin Choesang

      just a worse plane, sick!

    50. liam shin

      How is Newton's universal law of gravity proved to be a universal law - meaning it is true in any and every part of this universe - without Newton himself travelling to all parts of universe to verify?

    51. Ricardo Aguiar

      How many red shirts do you own?

    52. Derek R

      10 more laws to break in london

    53. Thibs Games

      Jetpack joyride

    54. Prestige E

      Is it me or does his voice sound cool

    55. Flobbinhood Games

      I love his enthusiasm

    56. Videa podle Pepy

      Teachers mic be like...

    57. Lavagreat The great

      I hate to say it but, it's not like the 'rona is a thing is it.

    58. juggornaut777

      I always thought Tom Scott was just a CGI character until now.

    59. Robert Dascoli

      " money can't buy happiness.' Scott's face at 25 seconds says otherwise

    60. KanMedLife

      Captain Marvel !

    61. Enclave Comms Officer

      *Cheat activated*

    62. Weston

      I respect how long this guys been on youtube

    63. unsalted pretzel


    64. Autistic Soda


    65. Nomcclops

      why is his voice so soothing

    66. BeyondWrittenWords

      It's enermous energy to just fight against the gravity, every second. This energy contributes to global warming. So that's why flying is seldom a viable option for transportation

    67. IIBFDIfanII

      If tom dies before 2021. Im gonna scuicide

    68. Raging_Azzhole

      God im jealous, i really wish i could learn to fly. Very cool video.

    69. My Couch Smells Like Soda

      I don't know why I can't explain it But The whole thing felt like an episode of The Office (the good one) that was about to go terribly wrong. Great vid.

    70. Richard Smith

      It takes a lot of upper body strength. Like pushng your self off the ground with your arms and holding yourself off the ground.


      rained a lot yesterday in Seoul, Korea. The cold winter began with the cold wind blowing. ; I hope health is always with you. Thank you. ^O^

      1. Clockwork Kirlia

        Thank you kindly! And with you, mysterious stranger on The Internet!

    72. RannopicK

      hey, I want to ask seriously. Who is Tom Scott?

    73. OOWEEOO

      You were in a pewdiepie video

    74. Bubbabutt04

      You tubers always get the best perks. I wish I could fly but that’s only unlocked with the youtuber expansion pack :(

    75. Dhhruv Singh

      “We were on the verge of greatness”

    76. Jim Bread

      Haha I love Tom's Call of Duty Mic xD

    77. FuzzzWuzzz

      That smile doesn't lie. You're in the right job.

    78. Zephyr Cyenta

      I thought this setup looked familiar. Same guys who worked with ColinFurze.

    79. Your Average Alien

      Bri'ish pog

    80. Cjclow05

      I've been watching too much tom Scott I dreamed a whole video about the worlds largest billboard


      The jetpack reminds me of the one that the hacksmith made

    82. Stirling Clark

      Tom Scott is the best youtuber on the internet: - 2 second intro - Straight into the action - No clickbait - Everything that people want

    83. Remy Lebeau

      Make it more practical and add winged flight!

    84. LuqmanLSG

      “I think more power will kill me, but let’s try it.”

    85. Codric Griswald

      Next up: "My unlicenced Jetpack pub is technically legal"

    86. zettaexa

      alt title: a person with a 50 year old body stuck in a 20 year old personality flies 20 cm in the air

    87. Duality

      Looks fun till you drop out of the sky

    88. V 2


    89. Saiem

      This video has 629,727 views

    90. Jacob Griffin

      Let's start a chain train: *Ground Control to Major Tom.*

    91. Custard

      This is the same guy who dropped 2 drums and a cymbal off a cliff

    92. Aot eren Yeager


    93. Kacper Włoch

      Tom Scott escaping area 69 with a jetpack

    94. Coalition Gaming

      When you need ultra instinct to fly

    95. A E

      Nobody: Me: hmm GTA vibes

    96. pineapple Lord

      yknow a minigun works better as a jetpack than mini jet engines right?

    97. Akari

      Imagine the jet hit hard and both of this hands went backwards

    98. Tim N.

      What people don't realise is personal flying machines already exist, I have one. They are

    99. Cubscouter

      Looks like the ODM gear training swing from Attack on Titan. (I hope I did the acronym right 😎)

    100. Seth Cuzzoni

      The microphone on the headset reminds me of the COD MW2 Lobby over the riot shield