Vi IS STUCK 😳😳😳😳


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    help vi out my man
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    1. Ali Daşdöğen

      Does anyone know what the anime from 0:37 is?

    2. Liakos 03

      does anyone has the runes for this build

    3. Arvin Valdemar00

      Andoqs the jhin main👌

    4. Ara Ara

      Fun fact: when smth happens nb’s mouth reacts first a couple frames before the rest of his face does

    5. João Figueiredo

      de nada mpt

    6. Jian Ortega

      Is 0:36 evagelion? Or is it other anime? If its not then what anime is it.. Thanks

    7. Evjmte

      that thumbnail..

    8. BangChan_

      The edits *chefs kiss*

    9. Suka Berak

      0:03 Erpan1140 will say yes

    10. Paul Belmonte

      you played with Andoqs

    11. ERRØR405

      Cy@ A shitty annoying way of saying cya, popularized by the League of Legends streamer, Nightblue3. Usually said in Twitch chat, or Internet games, and sometimes said by annoying gamers without a life. 😂😂

    12. Dawid Dynowski

      3:50 name song ????

    13. M.A.DMatt6

      6:05 ultra instinct Jhin, is that you?

    14. 張煜杰

      this edit is just ‘’good‘’

    15. Michael

      Why is the best thing about this video the editing? o_O

    16. Rastaman Fos

      Yo that thumbnail is sick

    17. GH - 04HJ 838242 Burnt Elm PS

      That shadow in the thumb nail is kinda looking like a well..

    18. Nándor Bálizs

      Godlike thumbnail

    19. Faseegh Marcus

      As questionable as the thumbnail is. The editing makes the clips pretty entertaining. Small doses of dopamine every time he clicks Q, followed by a Meme with increased tempo on the music.

    20. Aqua x Shiv

      UR IN CHALLENGEr now play ekko ] lol

    21. Jarken Collins


    22. Cedieee cpa

      You are playing with my mah man... ANDOQS!!!

    23. Ivailo Ivanov


    24. Mr Hyde

      That yes sir hahaha i am crying

    25. franco riodique

      i tought i was watching venom when you were talking about going to mars or living in mars

    26. JMO Kazuto

      I just realized that Jhin is Andoqs a pinoy streamer playing in NA

    27. CALLmeSENPAIIpls

      someday my montage will be discovered pls subscribe guys

    28. Abdillah Dhiya

      wait its Vi chemtank

    29. Ali Alfergani

      He's really pushing it with these title images

    30. Ilija Ilic

      Bruh why everyone freaking about the thumbnail? Vi just has a sweeper and she is looking at a Teemo shroom

    31. Abdul Mahamed

      Vi is stuck and you are hardstuck so you are perfect for each other

    32. Péter Gaál

      Song at 4:47 plsss guys

    33. Saad ART

      Please stop those thumbnail, my mom saw notification of this video lmao (lmao not)

    34. Ivaylo Stoyanov

      i want a tutorial! The edits are on another level

    35. Typo

      Ok the titles are getting slightly boring tbh but the edits are funny dw

    36. Kuivia

      saying turbo chemtank is good on vi sounds kinda redundant, turbo chemtank on any champ that works with tankyish items is just buuuusted that item needs a nerf

    37. Nathan Guo

      these thumbnails are going a bit too far at this point imo. pretty sure the fanbase is mostly kids

    38. Ryan Joshua Buenaflor

      It's andoqs

    39. Knudsen

      ur fucking cringe

    40. Diego Poullard

      tf is this thumbnail brooooo lmao

    41. Crisjohn Vallejo

      omg that jhin is a Filipino streamerrr

    42. James Chen

      0:36 anyone knows what's this anime?

    43. Γιάννης Αποστολόπουλος

      this editor is a keeper

    44. LorDark Oni

      worst vi build ever made* and wrong runes here a vi main.

    45. hiroo

      forehead + nb3 mom booty = new intro. what a start😂

    46. Kojoni

      I clicked the video when I saw the shadow in the thumbnail xd

    47. Franco González

      CY@ IS BACK!

    48. Pork Sisig

      Andoqs lang sakalam

    49. Ezikil Fernandez

      Is the editor an ex indian drama editor?

    50. DAVE MARIN

      hey that jhin was andoqs

    51. Animelordd

      these thumbnails tho

    52. Tj Buenaobra

      And theres andoqs the filipino jhin main!

    53. mustafa adel

      Dude the video so good but why making gross thumbnail like that it is hated dude

    54. Alvin

      And the crying fat guy in the pool

    55. Alvin

      The dog

    56. thanasis isaias

      elon musks theory of NUKING mars was left alone in the dark, it was a kick start for learning about TERRAFORMING planets!!!! also we dont have the resources to do it :P

    57. AutorTegoFilmu

      Wait. He got the kappa award for saying a funny thing and not by praising the editor??

    58. Judith

      TF is that thumbnail dude?

    59. Gilbert Shih

      So glad that nb3s editor picked up so many memes other than just the "get over here " sound

    60. Noah Moroz

      The little smile at 8:50 😃

    61. Francis Nepomuceno

      what??? andoqs?

    62. 2crazyToCarry

      cool content and good job too the editor for making it even better

    63. Cristinel Radoi

      Kind of program : ACTION !

    64. KingOmega28

      i think the editor only eats, sleeps and searching for memes all the day

    65. MouseCZ Games

      7:39 when Nightblue speak Czech

    66. dasie

      When i saw 1-6 on my screen, i quickly exited the video

    67. II Jonaking II

      Tried this build 24/2/14 it’s op

    68. ShieldMaiden 13

      dont be shy show us your editor :P

    69. ReachingValhalla

      Those Thumbnails have become extremely childish and stupid

    70. JA BOY

      2021 nb3's editor still on drugs

    71. Shiro Xyfy

      That thumbnail...

    72. Jescu Lucian

      Can anyone tell me the song from 3:10? Plz

    73. doing63

      watching nb3's face immediately after seeing this thumpnail :)

    74. Rolis

      With grand wizard? grand wizard of KKK

    75. Sett The Boss

      3:35 had me dying LMAO

    76. mon mon

      Andoqs lang malakas

    77. Harlem Shake

      eyy andoqs is in da house lezgo phillipines!!

    78. Shirimoto Kun

      3:37 I lmfao

    79. Alexander Hrbcek

      try go elektrocute, sudden impact, eyeball collector, ultimate hunter/ legend:alacrity, coup de grace/ ability haste, adaptive force, armor kraken slayer, collector, berseker´s greaves, bloodthister, mortal reminder

    80. A Johansson

      1-6 w/l jeez

    81. Jack the Bard

      This Chanel feels like the last good thing on youtube.

    82. Thanh Dat Chu

      0:26 Yes, it will. If you nuke Mars every few seconds in the next few hundred years, the temperature will rise high enough for a life form can survive, like on Earth. Hope we can have enough nuclear bomb and fuel to nuke the Mars, andby some how we could solve the problem with radiation emits from that nuclear blast

    83. Oscar Simon Velasco

      On Andoq's channel: Andoqs meet NB3

    84. Carson Raven190

      i havent played the game since march 2020, why is urgot an item?

    85. Peachyhue

      Fucking thumbnail lmao

    86. 3koyyy


    87. Scott Govan

      Too much nightblue, not enough memes

    88. Sergio Campos

      Next vid should start with the hello there followed by his cough laugh

    89. Axcel Quita Aditya

      What the song on 4:50 i cant find it ;-;

    90. Tanner Travers

      bro what are these thumbnails

    91. Mob-kun Psycho

      Sooo no one's gonna talk about theyre jhin was actually a Filipino

    92. Kevin Valdez

      He played with andoqs the most op jhin player in ph

    93. Yohizumu

      what is the anime title at 0:37 ?

    94. khanh nguyen

      nb3 editor old content is back

    95. EclipsaMyrtenaster

      I just noticed that the sniper was pump-action... Someone got really bored one night to make that

    96. l xVRCx l

      The return of the cy@

    97. noelgaming Dickenson

      Lol ur with andoqs nice

    98. Jake

      Yo chill with the thumbnails, is this HUgets?

    99. dig bick

      yo you playing with andoqs. he’s the number 1 bot in the philippines.