Using Every *EXOTIC* Weapon in Fortnite!


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    Today we are buying EVERY Exotic weapon in Fortnite! This challenge took a LOT of gold.
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    1. Mohan Jassi

      lachy gets a kill: YOOO IM INSANE LES GOOOO IM SUCH A GOD bahah no hate tho

    2. Henry Watson

      Why not the Lachlan skin?

    3. Nolan Petty


    4. Nolan Petty


    5. Nolan Petty


    6. F1RE Sidney


    7. M!ghtyy

      who thinks the worst exotic is the boom heavy sniper

    8. hila wilson


    9. Gibson Shaw

      lol at 1:35 look at his hp

    10. Mix Master Mike


    11. rawr godzilla


    12. Heidi Jones


    13. my account

      5:27 POg in the chat plz

    14. Ry 10

      Your are cracked better than me

    15. Eli Barry

      I think that was me Sky basing

    16. Scott Gilbert

      When he gets out on 1 health we all realize his dad works for epic

    17. Ashok Sharma

      Code lachy people

    18. Dj Kenyatta

      Do another video part 2 with the new exotics

    19. Louise Romney

      What does he use to record??

    20. Whitney Robey


    21. Cameron Cory


    22. Nike :3


    23. Paul Roberts


    24. Spearow Gaming

      When is your skin coming back to fortnite

    25. Toby Carlson

      R.I.P. Lachlan ????-2020

    26. Beauty Cutie

      Loklin be nicw to prstan I was subscribed byt now I'm not

    27. Ephrem Frederick

      Lachy is Thanos

    28. Dylan Ingratta


    29. leonie martin

      Your the best fortnite gamer

    30. WAL-E Cooper

      5:28 is the best part ever

    31. Herman Calloway



      Me watching this video when you can get 5 exotics per exotic gun ............... ahahahahahahhahha

    33. Lily Dalman

      Code LAZER

    34. Yueyang Zhang

      Yo do it again since there is new exotics

    35. Skyler Allen

      not good content AT ALL, but still the best he has made

    36. Cilly’s Clips

      When is travis coming back

    37. Leander Correa

      5:38 when he died to the zone with for exotic weapon

    38. Gibson the hockey beast yeah

      What about the snowball launcher on snow mountain.

    39. Bruce Ngo

      You could’ve edited out

    40. Bruce Ngo

      Your a bot

    41. Pubg Mobile

      I watched that tiktok vid when you died in storm trying to shoot somebody with the pistol and I laughed so hard

    42. Alpha Djane


    43. Kian Jayanagara

      What is your fav exotic weapon

      1. Kian Jayanagara

        Me the night hawk exotic

    44. nicole hansen


    45. Whitney Pagano

      New exotic

    46. Block_BustER


    47. Addyson Kennedy

      You killed me in a game still 😡

    48. Cody Ciampo

      Ya buddy that’s where you edit out of the wall

    49. ZED_manqk 11


    50. Luca games

      Let’s just appreciate that Lachlan is wearing is buffed skin

    51. Jase Mattox

      hank yeah

    52. Farren Shepherd

      Why do you post videos if you don’t win

    53. YT_ Miniplayer

      Omg I’m the kid that That Lachlan killed 8:19

    54. Fernando Ochoa perez

      1v1 toro403obtinad

    55. Annecia China


    56. Tyler Richardson

      What ab the quad launcher thing

    57. Tristan Droscha

      5:27 When your chrush waves to you in front of your friends at school

    58. SonicMarch 18

      Lachy is what I uesd

    59. Elipilot 77


    60. Juan Ramirez

      Wait the Mpc don't die they respawn

    61. Marcus Bowden

      You suck quit Fortnite

    62. Nemanja Leatherby

      Jk I'm not gay

    63. Tyger George

      Who I'm me?

    64. Mike O Driscoll

      7:37 that was a bot no a real player

    65. Katie Duncan


    66. Plasma Willyツ

      RIP Lachy

    67. tamamashaX10

      hi I'm new hi Lachlan love your channel

    68. JJ Skills

      Nice vid, but what about the hop-rock dualies

    69. Josef Tofik Yousef

      lachlan is the best youtuber

    70. AidanosaurusRex #1

      When Lachlan shot his sniper in the water to get a small fry, he used the storm scout, not the Boom Sniper

      1. Destiny Chapman




      3. Ledifredi Sejdaj

        Rip Lachlan

      4. Chocky Milk

        Oh yeah 🤔

    71. Joseph Aldaco

      I don’t want to 1v1 Lachlan

    72. commentpoliceシ

      0:08 poggies moment

    73. Lukas Bekke


    74. Patty Cunningham

      Lachy:not so great players are in the corn .Also Lachy:in the corn but being a good player .Me:are you sure about that

    75. Liam Mare


    76. Dhari Almatouq

      I I tel Mayank check

    77. darzy


    78. Jose A. Serino

      But sadly you killed me in your turnament to get the lachy skin 🥺

    79. Jose A. Serino

      You my fav yt Lachy

    80. Bryan Leon


    81. Felix DeVine

      I think 5 cuz of the big chill or is that mythic

    82. Abel Semere


    83. Mohammed Abdul Masud

      u forgot the dragons breath sniper

      1. darzy

        it wasn’t even released when he made this video

    84. It’s Ito

      Lachy:I had no shotgun bullets left Me:boi u have 206 shotgun bullets

    85. Julie Smith

      How come there are more snipers than actual weapons

    86. Diego Aldana


    87. South Park

      LOL, The face he made. 12:32

    88. WB Brown


    89. Darren Fox


    90. Brandon Morgan

      i love you

    91. William Head

      I love Lachlan

    92. Linda Moruela

      The silent objective biochemically scratch because bus hemodynamically play pro a flaky swim. womanly, stupendous thread

    93. Ryan Yousefi


    94. Maddie Fortnite

      Hey handsome! Great stream

    95. אליסף כהן


    96. Dylan Wharton

      You cheateddd