What Happens If You Plug 100 Chargers in an iPhone? Instant Charge!?


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    I wanted to scale it up this time and try wiring 100 chargers together to see if it would be faster then a single charger! Both iPhone 6S's were on iOS 14.

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    5. Jj Acosta

      The iPhone 12 pro max charger, charges quicker than those 100

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    9. TheFatMonkey 195

      Imagine how much the electrical bill would be.

    10. Panzer Meyer

      When most peoples use iphone 11 or 12 Me : That’s my 6s.

    11. kcazatoc Yorahai

      i like how slow iphones charge and this guys connects a 100 charges

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    13. Yash MALLU FANS

      It still takes hours to charge an iPhone 😂😂😂

    14. michael Murphy

      The wires in the last bit of the charger would have never been able to carry enough current to charge the phone instantly. Plus the charge controller would not have allowed that amount of current because it would have made the battery explode after about 5 seconds. Still good experiment

    15. Αριστοτέλης Φίλιππος Λεμοντζής

      Chaos was never more satisfied to exist...

    16. Cora

      Hopefully this goes without saying, but maybe don’t do this with even two chargers. The batteries aren’t designed to accept that much voltage and wattage. So while your iPhone will charge faster the more chargers you plug in, over time it’s going to wreck your battery! Even with just plugging in two chargers, the c shorter charge time isn’t worth the shorter life span of your battery! Entertaining video nonetheless, but I figured I’d just throw this out there in case anyone’s thinking of trying this

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    22. Drezen Yuri Robles

      you can actually see the clock app moving in timelapses

    23. MewmaxM Mobile

      My guess is that it blows up From what I see it didn't blown up which is little sad but also at the beginning the first one had the lead by just 10% but when it hits 80% it slowed down while the other one maintains Conclusion:Phone has something that control how much ampere it can let into the battery

    24. nas agnar

      My Android is faster than that

    25. Matthew Boatright

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    26. Nickolas Borden

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    28. Jacob Gourley

      Phone is only rated to take so many watts and will not accept above that

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    38. Bright

      Plug 220 Volt Charge For İPhone 12 PRO Max

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    42. Its Gee Babyyy !!

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    43. BupDuppers

      The more chargers than two won’t make a difference cuz iPhones with only allow a certain amount of energy coming in

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    45. P a t o

      Por isso q o 12 n vem mais carregador, esse cara compro o todos

    46. Blackoutdmc

      I thought for SURE something was gonna blow.

    47. Joshini

      plug 1000 chargers all in one

    48. xSSKE

      ngl when he was turning on the power cords i was expecting a boom

    49. wayne rose

      The real Question is why is he recording this video 2 in the morning

    50. Matthew Fultz

      The charge circuit in the phone will only allow a set amount of charge. There's safety features built into lithium batteries so they don't blow up...

    51. serge m

      Did not surprised at all. Why 100 charges supposed to be faster? You increased the power on charger output. But the phone has own limit, how much energy it can take per time unit (second/minute).

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    58. kola moon

      Maybe try 4 charger

    59. paul woodburn

      Would have been nice to see the battery health afterwards.

    60. Ava Jewels

      No wonder I can’t find any chargers at the stores. He has them all

    61. Tech It Out

      He bout to trip the breaker with all those..

    62. Ken Cox

      It's a parallel circuit, let's see a new video with the chargers in "series circuit" start with 5! Thanks for the video it got my view👍

    63. Marc Goodwin

      What a waste of time and chargers 🤦🏻‍♂️

    64. Brincandopabajo

      100 charger!! It should have charger in 2 minutes 100%.

    65. N A

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    68. irrelevant viewer

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    69. Alduen Boticario

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    70. NonLegit Nation

      My OnePlus 7 Pro charges faster with one cable then the iPhone with 100 cables 😂

    71. Daniel Emenike

      Are you selling iPhone chargers on the side? How are you going to dispose them all..

    72. Gerson D

      96 chargers Not 100

    73. John Warwick

      This proves that apple made the older models slower on purpose because it probably should have charged faster but it was slow charged and he is using old models that apple slowed down and he did not realize what he had done

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    75. SM64 BLJ

      I don’t know why this was in my recommended...but I am happy it was there...

    76. 「Exøtic Cookie」

      My phone can charge in an hour soooo.. Disappointed that it can’t charge in just a minute 🙃

    77. Bulkybear

      There's circuitry in the battery that regulates the charge rate. Each charger is like what 5 volts? No matter how many you put it's still 5V. The battery can accept up to X amount of amps, the only thing you changed with 100 chargers is the amount of amps you can supply. But the circuitry in the battery is going to limit you to like 2 amps max regardless or something like that. 5v x 2 amps would be 10 watts of charging which is what I think those phones max out at.

    78. taylor threats

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    79. Shah M

      So you are the guy who took all the chargers from the iPhone 12 huh

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    81. The HandProject

      When you need to charge in public. "This wall doesn't have enough outlets"

    82. Dex Roduel De Guzman

      His friend be like My battery is low This guy: I got you fam *Whips out big charger

    83. Boss

      I hate those people who say Edit: thanks for the likes.

    84. R4ZOR - PUBG Mobile

      Thought it was gonna blow up or smth

    85. Mr Sentinel

      Android users be like: Yeah my phone charges to 100% in 40 minutes with this fast charge charger that was in the box iPhone users be like: Ok I need to get 100 iPhone chargers if I want to charge my phone a lil bit faster

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    95. Ashtin J

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    96. Bryan Teger

      This is such a waste of time, a tiny bit of research would tell you that the phone is responsible for the charging speed it accepts. This is so fucking dumb and pointless.

    97. Abdullah Asaad

      I have had a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge since 2017 with same cable as well as the power brick and my phone does charge itself from 0% to 50% in less than 20 minutes! Shame on you Apple, and I really still do not understand how on earth apple can make a huge amount of money and deceive its customers!

    98. Billy Billy

      Instead of using 100 chargers, why not use a 5v 20-50A power supply.

    99. Galactic Steve

      I was expecting it to blow up

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