Azir Reveal | New Champion - Legends of Runeterra

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    Shurima will see the sun again. He’ll make sure of it.
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    1. Nalsium

      As much as I love Travis Willingham, this new voice actor is making me feel some kinda way 😳

    2. Eylül Coşkun

      Shao Kahn what are you doing in Shurima? Go back to Outworld!

    3. TheStrongVirus

      That's an interesting way to do leveling up. Makes me think... You gonna make the Darkin equip to followers? Gaining in a way as they do damage, steal health and when awoken they devour the card they were equipped to, then they become a champion card.

    4. Arthur Economos

      Star Craft 2 Artanis

    5. TheVladdracula1

      Azir Lucian is an unreal combo too. Unfortunately I never draw Lucian when playing it XD

    6. AhMaD 53


    7. BlackGhat

      The Winged Dragon of Ra.

    8. TK Raid

      So you're telling me, I could finally convert my enemies to Shurima? SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY RIOT.

    9. Remus Orghici

      Why did they change the voice actor of Azir, he was phenomenal.... I hope they don't change him in League as well

    10. Skelet0 Ic3

      Azir ran away to a card game to be viable after all those nerfs

    11. Muh Ilham

      "shurima, shurima shurima shurima shurima"

    12. Ben Dixon

      All this for Azir, but nothing for my boy Aphelios. Sadge

    13. Jacky Kong

      The tested dust analytically scribble because texture willy tremble given a reminiscent duck. womanly, gullible gusty faucet

    14. Deyan Enchev

      Delete frostbite from the game idiots. 😑

    15. Bradley Atkin

      I miss Travis as his VA but this voice is cool too

    16. X-ler

      Why this got in my recommendation even if I dont play this stupid card game.

      1. Gia Bảo Trần

        Just don't click on it lol. HUgets's algorithm is kinda bad tho.

    17. Ivan Denisov

      Where the Darkins from Shurima? Not finished lore...

    18. Diamond Toney

      I wonder what happens if your deck gets obliterated, but before the round ends, you Ascend your Azir 🤔

    19. Al Shajid

      That's 1 angry beeazir fro you

    20. lil hunter

      i like that he died at the end

    21. RedGamer

      In the meantime, they nerf his w damage a hole 10 points and also remove the hitbox of his R, lets go

    22. jama655

      New Va

    23. Denji senpai

      Babe hold up, new hot dad just dropped

    24. Kromzor

      Why doesn't he have the same voice actor though?

    25. AfterSun™

      Gostei demais desse sistema dos Campeões evoluirem 2 vezes

    26. Jonathan GB

      Please let Azir have interactions with Swain, I want these two rulers to trade words

      1. Random Dude

        They don't usually add interactions/new voice lines to older characters but let's just wait until SS posts the interactions tomorrow

    27. Theofilus Dewa

      Bisa gitu yak,ganti deck

    28. Kamek's Apprentice

      Azir: "Show me a real deck." *Shows my deck* Azir: "I said a real deck" *Emperor's deck* Azir: "Perfection"

    29. Xlockdown

      Gimme Aatrox

    30. It's Ya Boi

      Remember when Azir got released in league then got disabled immediately because he has alot of bugs?

    31. Simon K

      Please release all the champion background music !! It's so good!

      1. Random Dude

        I only know 3 of the new champions Azir-Azir Log In theme Nasus-Trial and Treason Legends Jarvan-Kingdom For The Braves

    32. \*.*/Jo 大大 《

      waiting for the VOid

    33. Edgar Flores

      Fight me Hecarim 🐥

    34. Jerome Evangelista

      Can't wait to use Nasus with Noxkaya.

    35. Der Professor

      They changed his voice actor!!!! My day is ruined and my disappointment is immeasurable

    36. Harry Julfam Handoko


    37. Entropy's Best Friend

      Wow, Azir deadass said our decks aren't worthy of his presence.

    38. Diego Alemao


    39. Joao Victor

      Bruh, the madlad literally has his own deck.

    40. Kamil Nurkowski

      Damn it I tried LoR and just didn't enjoy it this much but return of the Azir makes me want to try it again alongside of the one and only Emperor.

    41. Gian Marc Perez

      His voice is different.

    42. Ionian Myth

      The emperors deck looks armored / protected how cool would it be if it can’t get nabbed or obliterated.

    43. lebh lebh


    44. folkwiin Defuse

      Where is it . its March 3

    45. Zimmer Player

      his level up animation is in a hole other level so beutiful

    46. Daniel Freixieiro

      Azir: Summons soldiers, when he ascends he gets his own deck. Fiora: Kills 4 and wins

    47. R.O.T. Johnny

      OK... But how can i make the soldiers dance???🤔

      1. Joao Victor

        Someone finally asking the real questions.

    48. Radosław Czuj

      Instant Hecarim levelup

    49. Radosław Czuj

      "Give enemies bulnerable this round", they forgot to add the word : all enemies

    50. peter turna

      Is this a new voice actor?

      1. Eylül Coşkun

        Yes. He is voicing by Ike Amadi who also voices Shao Kahn in Mortal Kombat 11 and Atrocitus in İnjustice 2.


      He is good in lor,gotta nerf him in League.

    52. FlippeR FlappeR

      HE LEVEL UP TWICE???!!!

      1. Random Dude

        You just found it out? Btw the only champs that can level up twice are Nasus Renekton and Azir

    53. orihime2u

      It's March 3rd ALREADY, I can't WAIT!!! I want Jhin next, please... Pyke and Evelyn after :D Also, heavy Ancient Egypt vibes. I LOVE IT

    54. Mahmoud Ragab

      I love the new animation of LOR and how they make the new champions on fire... but then comes the opponent with purrsuit of perfection and clean all these birds 😂😂😂💔

    55. S.L.E.O

      Shurima count for this video 0:00 0:09 0:21 0:50

    56. fearingalma1550

      New VA though, anyone else think he sounds a lot like Nasus?

      1. Eylül Coşkun

        But it is not same voice actor.

    57. Timon Di Mare

      Azir has to be one of the coolest designs in video game history

    58. Minh Brawl

      Hmm after the watcher or maokai thanos snap you deck then azir lv up u get a new deck or i stupid....?

    59. Garcia, Alexander Dean

      The fact that they gave him the ability to give us girthier emperors deck is a good concept for azir

    60. Phúc Tất Nhiên Dương

      hold it, replacing the entire deck? anti-teemo champ

    61. Jimmy Quach

      do all shuriman champions level up twice?

      1. Emerson Andrade

        Only the ascended that are Nasus, Renekton and Azir.

    62. Muhammad Ilyasa

      Di gabungin ama hecarim mantep nih

    63. Elie Bordron


    64. Ertos Accounter

      Am I the only one who thinks Azir is bad? Look at the conditions to restore the sun disc, it's MUCH harder than Lv up Zoe, especially if the opponent is in shurima with Desert Naturalist. Azir will Lv up quickly, but Renekton and Nasus will never Lv up. So yeah your Azir's deck win condition will come online on like turn 15 most of the time (less if you're running the 3/4 advance sun disc countdown by 2). Furthermore, you have to first draw those emperor cards to use them. I get the feeling that it's just a worse version of Karma. Rant complete.

      1. Ertos Accounter

        ​@William Eklöf Not if you play it right but instead if you draw it right (without opponent's counterplay). I get that it's crazy in certain situations but those situations are very rare and not at all reliable. It's a meme basically.

      2. William Eklöf

        You can have a lvl 3 Azir and Renekton on turn 6 if you play it right. 1. Sundisk 2. Pass 3. Azir 4. Renekton 5. Acendents Rise

      3. Danial Irfan Den

        That's the point,the disc is a threat if you dont remove it, welp there's goes lvl 3,so basically you against the clock

    65. Void

      Everyone in the comments comparing Azir's Deck replacement with Atem: You all do know that Atem did not replace Yugi's deck right? its still the same deck Yugi got from his grandpa. Of course, it changes over the seasons, but thats cause of story progressions/new cards/mechanics.

    66. Eric Pang

      Azir, MF scout deck?

    67. Oxndv Vfkuhl

      Legends of Runeterra: Azirs voice is much better than in league of legends....

    68. Dmitriy Shashkov

      Risen from sarcophagi The army of Shurima never dies We'll bring glory back to the world Beak and claw, until we fall, only to rise

    69. Matthew Rimando

      New va sounds neat! But the original makes me wanna give my heart out

    70. CHAOS

      Is this Hecarim's cousin?

    71. victor garduce

      I wish if there is a card that says every time azir says shurima he gets 1+1+ buff

    72. Jhonel Corpuz

      when is the update? it’s already march 3

      1. siuLAF

        March 4 for philippines

    73. A Typhlosion

      If Maokai wasn't irrelevant enough, imagine finishing the Sun Disc after your deck was just destroyed.

    74. A Typhlosion

      You know, I was about to call this a meme deck, but depending on how fast you can get to that Sun Disc level up this looks terrifying.

    75. ShinKenMW

      I like that creation deck thing... hope asol would have gotten something like this xD

    76. Inocentius baptista varani

      Feel bad for elise

    77. SM!LE

      *Maokai literally discard till 4 cards left* Azir: call the ambulance! Call the ambulance!! *Ascended Azir* "But not for me!!!" 🔫🦅

    78. Lunar Kun

      shurima your chicken has retuned.

    79. Shizuma

      Where's his epic voice. Azir isn't Azir without his voice Rito.

    80. SHADOW Playz

      Sweet dreams hecarim

    81. Joshua Coronel

      Devs should make a decignated landmark space so that you can always summon 6 unit, landmark should not take unit space in the board,

    82. NQD Not Found [GD]

      azir : Stupid player deck , i play my own deck >:((

    83. CraZGuy Kwan

      Netdeckers: not only do Master streamers make our decks for us, but now Azir does too!

    84. Birbz

      On one hand I love the new voice, on the other I miss my sweet Travis Willingham tones

    85. Gabriel Wong

      Watcher: obliterates deck Azir: Oh No! Ascended Azir: Anyways...

    86. mooaz ali

      Damn now my pc will lag beforr i even see the level up

    87. Games FTW

      Azir really just died in his own Reveal Trailer huh?

      1. Zagi Productions

        Foreshadowing 👀

    88. Almarii Fajri

      today is the day

    89. Umino Fuyuki

      I thought our nexus will attack few turns too, just like Azir passive in LOL

    90. Terraria And Gacha Trinidad

      Riot its march 3 time for an update!

    91. Malacite

      Confirmed, Maokai is sitting in the corner crying right now.

    92. iTs-Sneak

      How are we supposed to defend against this lol.

    93. Forbidden Extasis

      Riot: *THE ORDER IS GIVEN*

    94. Nates View

      The wait for ekko continues

    95. an Hylian

      man im a bit disappointed. Azir is a mastermind mechanical lategame controll mage. And riot makes him a whack aggro whankster? Srsly? And you turn Kindred into a controll champion which is an ADC markmesn by default? Relly, really....................

    96. Đức Tuyên Lê

      me seeing sand solders: they're pretty weak azir ascended deck: ok this might just be worth it

    97. Juichibey

      Surprisingly underwhelming... No turret mechanic. Honestly I was expecting a lot more from the Iconic piece of this expansion (Like Targon/Aurelion). The Emperor's Deck is dope doe

    98. Veken

      now rw lb

    99. OHHH that's a Baseball

      So if the watcher obliterated your deck, then you level up azir, so will you get a new deck or still lose for running out of cards