big game BUG with MR P gadget

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    mr p gadget spawns porters with 93k hp. That's 93,800 health. IT'S BROKEN! IS IT A GLITCH? No, glitches are error in code. IS IT A BUG? Yes, it's unintended side effects of the new gadget that was not foreseen in Boss Fight.
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    1. Iam Dot957

      28:25, 48:14, 1:03:48, 1:08:42, 1:11:18, 1:20:13, 1:23:37, 1:42:16 are when OJ successfully cheeses 37:35, 1:01:22, 1:27:30, 1:29:47, 1:32:06 are when OJ gets reverse uno’d

      1. Jashn Patel

        i replied him before oj reacted

      2. Jashn Patel

        @SS Kim why the heck will i be

      3. SS Kim

        @Jashn Patel You are just jealous

      4. Snow_ Strike

        @Sourpower :/ no he was the big boss?

      5. Schokria Mahboobi

        @Orange Juice - Live Mohet

    2. Xx_Angelo Gwyn_xX

      Look how happy OJ is after his first Big Boss

    3. Rajini Srinivas

      send a friend request to anime4life

    4. Nick Duong

      Everyone: skips to the time IamDot957 put / Me: skips to the time when OJ gets uno reversed: aaaaaaahhhhh perfection.

    5. duccs are cool PhoY yos

      dude bigchungusgamer and anime4life are op

    6. Derya Türe

      holy shoot

    7. C Ganesan

      Oj is the stupid😵😵😵

    8. C Ganesan

      Ok stupid

    9. C Ganesan

      Stupid ok I am know this already

    10. Ninja Brawl Stars

      Should we star power to get so much hp for porters pls replay

    11. Ninja Brawl Stars

      But it never work for me?

    12. Fabian Huerta

      Guys the supercel figures out that in the big boss mr p gadget is broken so they fix it nooooooo more 🧀 😢

    13. Mihir Gokharu

      Everyone be notified because two days later i will be doing this in the game itself so be careful. Dont play big game or you will lose. I am f2p players ONLY

    14. kanan Nailwal

      OJ getting so hype as big boss that my speakers tell me to stop this.

    15. Elijah Butler

      I wat that new event again

    16. Lennon Pais

      you should defend and attack

    17. TurtleTwins YT

      Oj smart others copying you lol

    18. Kian Chen

      Supersel needs to fix this now

    19. Mustafa

      i live that mr ps turret with 100k 😠

    20. Furry

      You are the cheese king

    21. Avery Turner

      Why when people stream they have to wait for the actually stream?

    22. Luke Gaming

      28:25, 48:14, 1:03:48, 1:08:42, 1:11:18, 1:20:13, 1:23:37, 1:42:16 are when OJ successfully cheeses 37:35, 1:01:22, 1:27:30, 1:29:47, 1:32:06 are when OJ gets reverse uno’d

    23. Luke Gaming

      we cant hear the music your lisening too o_o

    24. Maša Zupančič

      @David Ben da ja sam sa Balkana

    25. REBEL YT

      OJ sucks

    26. A Gamer Kind Of

      I tried to be the Big Boss and it took me 22 games

    27. PIGDUK

      I was trying to do this with the super but it didnt work so I’m so confused

    28. ElementalNoodle

      is this like, one of ojs first solo cheeses?

    29. Andrea Nadales

      Oj unlocking super saiyan after he big boss

    30. Kouvelis Kouvelis

      oj is the best game breaker in brawl stars

    31. Resxme

      When you defeat the 3 porters but you still hear the boss music!

    32. Aidy Goat

      Kill 24 enemies with mr p Oj: NOT A PROBLEM!

    33. Marc-Aurel Ecker

      6:51 shelly 1 hp

    34. Shatterax

      This is literally attack on penguins

    35. Z D


    36. Z D

      hi OJ you my fun

    37. Vincent Valentino

      I beat a Mr p boss and Porter using teamwork I distract 3 porters at far range at spawn while 4 teammates will attack the boss and when they die they help me kill the porters but they'll only help for 3 seconds

    38. Jeffrey Wong


    39. Davie Chan


    40. EpiqEdwin

      Honestly its broken Today I played big boss and the boss wad mr and when he used all 3 gadgets and saw that had 92 thousand health problems was like NANI?!!??!!?!?!?!!?!? It was impossible to kill the penguins And instead of shooting mr p my teamates were shooting the little penguins , sooo yea we lost:(

    41. Lab2point0

      I am the big boss This is everytime what he says when he is the boss

    42. Brayden Ing

      samw here I didnt get big boss with Mr p after like 20 games

    43. Assassin Gamer YT

      OJ : Finally I have cheesed the Big Game

    44. GabryG23& Stef2317Giammi

      I just found mr p agents with so much life so i came here I hate mister p

    45. Sports Jackpot

      And we thought Sandy and her star power and gadget was good in boss

    46. Siew Fung Wong

      48:00 is the second time

    47. Avery Turner

      28:25, 48:14, 1:03:48, 1:08:42, 1:11:18, 1:20:13, 1:23:37, 1:42:16 is when cheese comes into real life. 😎. 1:33:44, 27:43, 25:46, 23:58, 22:12, 19:43, 19:00, 17:32, 15:42, 11:08 5:56, 37:35, 1:01:22, 1:27:30, 1:29:47, 1:32:06, 8:27 stands for reversed uno card. ❌.

    48. Avery Turner

      I heard mr p say m m m ei e a but he says m m a m ei e a

    49. Avery Turner

      This made me want to be mr p luckily I have him but don’t have his gadget :(

      1. Jrqolx

        Sad I have both gadgets

    50. astro Shadow


    51. astro Shadow


    52. astro Shadow


    53. Ally Daquipil

      Unexpected iconic duo: OJ and anime4life

    54. Sonali Dutt

      Last time when Big game came out... I was boss for all the games I played... I am not lying, even I was amazed myself... I played around 12 matches and I was the Boss in all of them... and this time I've played 25 matches so far and I was the boss in only one (T_T)

    55. Abdurrahmen Hmaidi

      OJ you said you‘ll have a stream in 12 hours I think it should be right now

    56. easy lego for beginners

      I have a great cheese 🧀 map for you ok it's name is 🧀🧀cheese 🧀🧀

    57. lidyawati santosa

      Oj theres a map today in gem grab called chese

    58. ANTI HXR YT


    59. Blitzboy The animater

      Mr.p ‘s new name in big game Warning: 13-18 Mr. Pussy

    60. Chan Jia Yi

      1:13:14 poco 4 heatlh wat

    61. Chan Jia Yi

      I told my friends about this bug

    62. Lawrence Williams

      I'm so mad at this glitch, it's such a cheat

      1. Vladimir Lenin

        Cough cough jessie turret cough cough nita's bear.

    63. S D

      See my profile picture is a pin of oj

    64. Cactus brix

      I rage quit when I saw they had 100,000 health instead of 10k

    65. Dog Gaming

      After came out like 10 minutes later I found out

    66. Dog Gaming

      I found about this when big game came out

    67. Magnifico Senpai

      I miss this video 💙

    68. Jacob McComsey

      I was wondering when someone was gonna make a video on this lol.

    69. Boxuan Liu

      u cannnnnnn win if the mr p doesnt have gadget. maybe i guess .

    70. Game Chazer

      I also did the bug it is broken!!


      when i play nani as a boss: 3 emz, 1 max, 1 bea (4 make me slow down and one make them fast);-;

      1. Avery Turner

        max to thE MAX

    72. Galactic BS

      I was in his second to last game

    73. Razzy

      It’s too good

    74. derrick khoo Jing yu

      OJ 💟anime4life

    75. HeishiX

      But if you’re on a normal sleep schedule I’ll miss streams

    76. derrick khoo Jing yu

      I realised that nani second gadget would be good against boss

    77. Game Changer


    78. LilMexican 1207

      Anime4life is everyone's new honorary favorite Cheese friend

    79. Jack Chase

      I got big boss three times in a row with this gadget

    80. Kenneth Okao

      Oh my god mr p gadget to broken in big game

    81. MrBeast Burger

      30:36 Kylo Ren.....

    82. Tiago Santos

      The new map Cheese is very good to cheese ahahahahahhahahahahhaha

    83. Márk Márk Márk Márk Márk Márk Márk Márk Márk

      I got big boss 4 times in a row today😎😎

    84. LimeBun

      *5 minutes later* Supercell: b u g f i x e s

    85. dan Vo

      Aaàâáåæāăãąä Bb Ccçćč ďđDd eEèėéęêěëĕēə Ff

    86. Shyma Al-hassany

      What are you trying to do

    87. dan Vo


    88. Lord XM

      I made a video on this too. huh.

    89. KeeN Gamer

      I been boss for 3 times arow and i have the secondo gaget of mister p and io destroyed everyone

    90. Mia Tayeb

      I JUST tried Same like you Orange juise :3

    91. Alexander (Samuel) Hazan

      1st boss time: 28:28 2nd boss time: 48:00 3rd boss time: 1:03:50 4th boss time: 1:08:43 5th boss time: 1:11:20 6th boss time: 1:20:14 7th boss time: 1:23:39 8th boss time: 1:42:15 Hope this helped!

      1. PIGDUK


    92. Jerry Huang

      Wow Rey did a vid

    93. rice_muk

      Normal people: that’s not fair Pat and oj: that’s illegal


      1:10:38 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Literally savage rico Poor oj

      1. POOJA PATEL

        Has such thing ever happened with you? Ever?

    95. Gamer Ali

      OJ: Look at this tick dealing no damage to the jessie OJ 10 seconds later: It's me that's not dealing damage to the jessie

    96. Joey Dafishy

      Friend request anime4life

    97. ANKIT gaming

      U can lose as mr p when u are power 6 or lower and If undo not even have it like me and I didn't get a brawler in a month I have one mythic and two epics left to get not have suge and I have 16500 trophies sad

    98. Mightybrain

      timestamps for bigboss 28:28 first time 48:14 second time

    99. Miku - Brawl Stars

      I saw this in game lmao