Donating a cup of coffee to a soldier overseas


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    From the Family Guy episode Customer of the Week

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    1. Unexpected productions

      Very generous

    2. joshylord

      Honestly family guy has aged faster than the Simpsons 😂

    3. Sean Moran

      .25 speed. Thats all i have to say

    4. SneekOut

      The way he said "wwhaT"

    5. Adrian surillo

      Smart move Russians but we still have something you dont.......... I have nothing

    6. Setyx !

      Is that kevin swanson?

    7. Ole Fredrik Skjegstad

      There are many things I'd want to receive from a lady in Rhode Island. A cup of coffee isn't one of them

    8. Riley S.

      This could have been funny if it didn't have that pretext if the guy talking, it was just a 3 second clip him getting hit with the coffee and exploding. It had the ability to be funny, but they still ruined it.

    9. Samuel H1205

      169k likes. Nice!

    10. Cory Holdcraft

      Family Guy takes place in Rhode Island? The fuck

    11. Jan emre Suarez

      Why is rode island both in a game that i play but also in family guy

    12. Null: Absolute Zero

      magic bean water

    13. Domino Doodles


    14. Aaron 123


    15. Luke Wheatley


    16. Haz Mat


    17. Ewan Dougherty

      News: a marine over seas died by a explosion caused by hot liquid thrown on some c4. Lois: oh my god, who would do such a thing. News again: the person who sent the cup of coffee was woman in Rhode Island. The woman’s name was Lois griffin. Lois: ........... Stewie: wow, didn’t know she had that in her system.

    18. Precursor Goblin

      At least give that guy the coffee while he’s not clearly working on a god dam bomb

    19. Joseph Morrone

      A Rhode Island!!

    20. MegaAniLinkFan

      I was actually hoping the soldier was going to go "I'm in the Middle East! It's hot! Does it look like I want coffee!?" But this is modern Family Guy so its gotta be death and blood.

    21. roadstarification

      , and. for every frame... belive me

    22. A Weeb That Love SingSing and Gorgc

      Actual people who facing damnation somewhere in this world : Please , help! People on internet : OMG! I'm sending thoughts and prayers Actual people who facing damnation somewhere in this world : No , we really need REAL HELP People on internet : **Has changed into temporary profile picture**

    23. BD Reborn

      That dude behind Lois seems inpatient

    24. ⠀

      ah yes another day at the office

    25. ProfessorRaiParadox

      I will bet someone's kidney that there is an adult who saw this and thought that really happened, like it's based on a true story

      1. Ivan Genov

        I am joking don't take it seriously

      2. Ivan Genov

        Welp, you caught me, now come here and get my kidney

    26. Crappy-o's they're great

      And thats when EOD suits were finally used again.

    27. Joshua Rampersad

      Though, what actually is the point of this? Can't the CEOs and stuff donate it?

    28. MEME MAN

      If you pause at the right time you can see him getting blown up

    29. Brandon Villatuya

      It was a joint ops with Canadian special forces

    30. Lylum Gaming

      Amazing how quickly the message got relayed and the cause had a cup of coffee at the ready.

    31. Natsu Soma

      This is why I don’t donate a cup of coffee to a solider over seas

    32. MR_ROBLOX


    33. James Booth

      We don't drink sta'hbucks. We drink Greenbeans Coffee.

    34. 24k Beastboy


    35. berd berd

      Question: what's a bomb gonna destroy in the middle of the desert

    36. Dilenjah Harrison

      Good ending: he grabs the coffee and the bomb doesn’t explode and defuses it

    37. Robert Brown

      Atleast he did get a burned mouth.

    38. Tomato sauce

      That poor humvee

    39. Danger Dave Destroyer of Domains

      Now that I've clicked on this one family guy clip, I bet my recommended will clogged up with more

    40. Prietovich бля

      Louis you dumbass

    41. RED Mercury

      All I know is the guy who threw the coffee is the asshole here. Lol

    42. InfiniDragon X

      Solider:Dammit man,I wanted a frappucino!

    43. Erik Leutner

      She just got that assist

    44. Ángel Andrade

      That's just stupid they got to do something better with their humor like when they beat up Meg I love that but this oh man so dry very dry

    45. That Guy

      The coffee was a scam, it was secretly an assassination service.

    46. Thescott16

      0:11 People's braincells when they go to leave a comment...

    47. Dylan

      I wish he had a sip of that coffee as he was defusing the bomb and started getting the shakes and nips the wrong wire 😂

    48. dog soviet

      Bro ._.XD

    49. Nefarious Cookie

      Dam thats refreshing

    50. bernie

      As a former service member, I appreciate the coffees

    51. Kiyori IamLight

      Why did it look like alpha beta to me!?

    52. Don Kalzone

      If this would be real, Starbucks would be a hugh success in middle east.

      1. Jacob Payne

        It actually is highly successful

    53. Josiah Vick

      I can confirm this is exactly how it was... In Afghanistan at least...

    54. Pacho Thompson

      I only like this because it includes the death of a US soldier

    55. MrBigtime1986

      family guy sucks

      1. Steven Turnick

        I fully agree

    56. James M

      Correction: Hey! Here's your fucking cup of coffee from a bitch in Rhode Island.

    57. axl noob

      This joke is so unfunny, imagine people writing this and thinking is clever

    58. Ayo

      Rhode island

    59. legothatego

      Watch at 0.25x speed

    60. John USP

      Slow-motion does the trick.

    61. Charles B.

      oh frick play hat in slomo

    62. Suryadev S

      To those who are seeing this years later This is what people in quarantine are watching

    63. Dan kovač

      Ok i know I'm being "that guy" But honestly, they have the IED all dug out and exposed, and this guy is obviously not an EOD guy since his only tools are wire cutters, 2 kinds of pliers, some screwdriver and a flashlight. So realistically, assuming the Humvee in the background has a mounted .50 they'd be far better just shooting the thing with API. But i guess there will be situations where you can't just do that and really HAVE to defuse it but for the love of me I don't wanna be that guy if that's the case

      1. raven P

        It's just a thought. Should we be giving our soldiers a small set of supplies so they can quick build conclusives so they can just throw it at stuff like that instead of wasting a round and giving all that extra noise alerting others there there?

    64. Uno Uno

      So we just gonna ignore how Charlie bit me finga

    65. Saiyan angel 1277

      This is my favorite couch gag from family guy 😂😂😂😂

    66. Ben Tube HD

      She is actually a spy for US enemies.

    67. Gamers Galaxy

      0:11 b o n e s

    68. TruuHoper

      LOL WTH :D

    69. Shaved American

      If you watch it in slow motion, you can see his eyes pop out omg

    70. #thekingofALLmonkz

      0:11 guy actually gets mutilated

    71. Human Deviant

      From the thumbnail I thought someone threw this coffee overseas lol.

    72. The King of Antarctica

      Imagine a terrorist walked in and they ask them to donate and he's like "with pleasure."

    73. Dr. Daniel Medicc

      Poor dude.

    74. Flame

      I wanna know why citizens are donating money to the world’s most-funded military...

      1. λaron C.

        ​@Flame Let me summarize: There is no such thing as too-much defense. That most-funded military uses every drop of that money on protecting your ass from the dozen-or-so countries that want to kick it, and they can't do it without those funds. Even removing a *fraction* of that budget would result in dire consequences all across the board. The reason *citizens* should want to donate to said military is because there's nothing more important to a marine than their country, and the country reminding the marines they're important too is always a good idea, to say the least. We're nothing without our military, and our militaries got nothing without everyone's support. I hope that explanation helped.

      2. Flame

        @λaron C. why

      3. λaron C.

        You cannot see it, but this comment is being bombed with dislikes (And for good reason)

    75. Just a Coyote

      What a great cause :)

    76. JesseCrafts26

      if your on a computer switch the speed to 2 and then keep clicking at 0:10 edit: at 0:11 then click 1:10 when i was doing it it made a mini song

    77. Pandem R32 Skyline

      damn, ISIS is so bad at their job, we're doing it for them!

    78. Lemon Power


    79. Steve is on crack

      i can watch this All day

    80. Svilen Vasilev

      “What ?!”

    81. adam pelletier

      Why would you disarm an IED instead of just blowing it up from a distance

      1. Jacob Payne

        Probably to get the inner workings for future reference

    82. Givey 1916

      That was not funny. absolute shit. South Park is better

    83. Tyrone Tj

      And folks. That is why I never donate 👌

    84. tupadre41

      I played it in 0,25x speed. Am I a psychopath?

    85. Red Army Soldier

      Watch in 0.25 the soldier actually explodes

    86. condo riano

      Well its for a good cause..

    87. BL1ngBlong

      How to get away with murder.

    88. Matheus Reis

      Me as avegare soldier: * taking coffee * Thanks. This Guy:

    89. Sadat Sanim


    90. larden Friund

      I used to think this was how it worked

    91. Reynaldo Q.

      Care packages were really appreciated when I was deployed. Big thanks to everyone who does send care packages!

    92. heart of the representative republic

      Turn the play back speed to 0:25 and pause it every frame or second

    93. Alae Asli

      First thing recommended to me...

    94. Mr Vantastic

      0:12 God damn

    95. Morgus Schmorgus

      family guy really has become so shitty lately

    96. Just a cacodemon with internet access

      This is the smoothest animation ive ever seen in the show

    97. Rendering Hero

      life changing.....

    98. Constable Dodo

      Wow I had no idea thats how they deliver the free coffee. Makes me think twice before "donating"

    99. Lord Zamasu Vegeta Black Fusion

      Killer Queen has already touched that cup of coffee.

    100. Streach Atom

      0:11 😬 gezzz Random soldier: don't u dare said ''we can save him we have the technology'' WE DON'T!!!