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    Starring: Justin Bieber & Zoey Deutch

    Director - Colin Tilley
    Producers - Jamee Ranta & Whitney Jackson
    Director of Photography - Elias Talbot
    Editor - Vinnie Hobbs
    Management - SB Projects

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    1. Aaron Hughes

      Helow Mr, Beiber. I think you need to pair us with Barbra Strysand! Her hipich and your base! what a combo! Donna Summer - If There Is Music There (from VH1 Presents Live & More Encore!)

    2. Kez Madelo

      Omg i though the girl is selena 😂

    3. Min Thuta M

      Who's still listening?

    4. Wan sum?

      Im glad justin bieber are getting better and better, ill admit i was a hater when he was a kid, but then since i learned alot of things about him. i started to liked him.

    5. tuğra fazlıoğlu

      Justin i am turkis

    6. Ghazal Assaf

      Bro l love your music god bless you and keep going man❤️❤️

    7. Margaret Merineau

      Justin Bieber is a good man

    8. Marlon Joseph

      that transition, fuck!!!

      1. alexander wikinson

        United gays of invalids coronavirus is justin gayber and selena gomez Global bullshit

    9. Porfavor deje de meterse En asuntos ajenos, thx

      60.6M suscr¡pt0res Yeiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

      1. alexander wikinson

        United gays of invalids coronavirus is justin gayber and selena gomez Global bullshit

    10. Ida Linnea

      His new lyrics with a deeper meaning are truly amazing.

      1. alexander wikinson

        United gays of invalids coronavirus is justin gayber and selena gomez Global bullshit

    11. Ayush Seth

      Sorry for this cheap comparison but he remembered me of the Sylvester Stallone starred as Rocky Balboa 🔥🙏

    12. Marley E

      This song is lame.

    13. bris_charms

      Not Zoey Deutch cheating on Ed Sheeran...iykyk😋

    14. Niko McSound

      Sheeran got her first, and now Bieber. 👏👏

    15. Jed Clark

      Tyson fury finisher

    16. Saintwolvinn

      Damn the change this guy has had. Major respect. Also the work of the make-up artists to make his tattoos unnoticeable is INSANE.

    17. bibekananda banerjee

      this video's story sucks

    18. Remington Hanks

      Wait wait wait So did he use his ACTUALLY wife?

    19. Katherine Hamaker

      Justin You incredibly talented and gifted from God, I mean WOW! Your new album has been on repeat everyday and I can't stop listening to it. Thank you for being you a great leader to our young ones and to the older ones. Keep sharing what Gods doing in your life, you are blessing so many!

      1. Alexa


    20. Ilham Nasrullah

      O hi my 28! it's ur bday! -anyone

    21. kiora harvey

      people are proud of you, a lot of people

    22. kiora harvey

      I'm happy for you justin bieber, you go through a lot of think and don't matter what we will still love you and care for you. i love you justin bieber and i am happy for you and your wife, the both of you are so cute together, don't let go

    23. Boumix 32

      Baby baby oooo baby baby baby oooo

    24. Naely Benedito


    25. tvtime2121

      This song and “Clover Cage - Better in Time” are the only two things keeping me sane through these tough times. I just want to send love to everyone and I want everyone to know things will get better...We are in this together...I love you..

    26. amir hasan talati

      Justin I want to know do you read a comments????? If you read the comments give heart to this comment 😸 love from iran😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍🥰

    27. Stanley Bowley

      Up00 (

    28. Arnaud Convers

      You should try to make your own movie. Inside be yourself. I'm sur you could be a great actor.

    29. Lucas Barbosa

      Curti demais

    30. No Nos Cortes Fans Mexicali

      JB6 is coming

    31. irohs jasmine tea

      everyone who disliked has covid because they have no taste.

    32. Pedro Sertek

      Cadê os BR na parada??

    33. Yrtd Ufd


    34. Sofía ReNu

      Really dislike that kiss, wasn't necessary

    35. Sammy The dog guy

      Doesn’t he have like 10 million tattoos?

    36. ابو حمزه

      العربي الوحيد

    37. Baller Stalin

      1:40 I have been thier in Vice city 😎

    38. rohan swami

      This song video has soo much meaning in it. Along with the beutiful lyrics , singing and music. I loved it. It's not like those shitty videos where nude girls , drugs and sex is shown for views , and music is shitty.

    39. Karan

      I love you so much bieber bro and I love your all songs🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️🌹🌹🌹🌹🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🥰🥰🥰🥰😘😘😘😘😘😘😘♥️♥️♥️♥️

    40. Christina Aziz

      stop saying who's watching in 2021.... we have never stopped watching ;)

    41. eva

    42. Eden Styleson


    43. Nahom Tesfaye

      if its true am glad he took out all his tatoos

    44. Peter Adjei


    45. Help me Reach 2k

      If this comment gets likes then that's proof that people come here everyday........

    46. Micheal Isaac

      I love you, justin.

    47. arbel kadosh

      Where are my beliebers who said “forever” back then at 2010 and actually followed trough? #beliebersstayforever

    48. Floppy_Donut28

      just looked up this song on spotify and it turns out Justin didnt write this song someone else did so yeah if anyone was wondering that. Still a good song tho, i listened to the original and tbh i like this version better.

      1. Jayya11 23426

        Yeah he didn’t camilla did

    49. Dinah Bae


    50. Basya Leider

      I do it on 🪙 not on chickens any moreZ.

    51. Reponse Arnold

      good, keep up

    52. Bethany Cano Medina

      Amo Amooo Amooooooo Amooooo Sigo amando.... uff

    53. Samantha L. Montero F.

      What are you doing watching the comments you should be listening to this beautiful song

      1. Abi & Hash Official

        Yeah you are right.......

    54. The Random World


    55. The Random World


    56. The Random World


    57. Ezgi Yıldız

      justin senden her şey olur ama boksör olmaz

    58. Quoc Thang Tran Mai

      Awesome!!! I'm glad my idol come back for what he did a great song !!!! Keep up ur good work i always follow u !

    59. Dj Sauce

      He looks like Uriah faber

    60. Dj Sauce

      Sounds like jb and maroon 5

    61. Lost Music

      Beauty and beast Baby Never say never . Really old is gold ❤️

    62. Thomas Jansen

      Nice to see him, without tattoos.

    63. Scarlett #76

      JB is Rocky Balboa in this video

    64. Kevin Bessey

      Is this Logan Paul's ultimate fantasy in a music video?

    65. Astronomer FF Gaming

      No matter who you are/were but we still love u

    66. Ofer yaani

      skurtttttt i know barki??:

    67. Miss kranti

      Hollywood has also started copying bollywood... 😁😁good

    68. Chandler Cottrell

      It makes my 19th birthday better than ever

    69. Chandler Cottrell

      Dude it rocks. Sets my birthday on fire (Jan 1, 2021)

    70. aanchal

      basically this song made for salena.. how much he loves her❤️

      1. alexander wikinson

        United gays of invalids coronavirus is justin gayber and selena gomez global bullshit

    71. MIRIAN

      I'm from Brazil!

    72. Julien Stebner

      Why are you kissing This Girl ???!!! You are married With haily! Haily watching this 👀😳😩Oh Justin... i am a Fan of you but this is too much 😭😳!!!!!

      1. alexander wikinson

        United gays of invalids coronavirus is justin gayber and selena gomez global bullshit

    73. _양정욱

      fucking good song ever i listened

    74. Nora Zine dine

      Saad lmjared 🎶🎶

    75. Andrith Stifer Meneses Maca

      Zoey 💗

    76. Dan G

      Wheres his tattoos gone?

    77. Y. Bharathi

      Justin vs alyan lol😂😂😂

    78. Felicitas Bantan

      Rocky vs Apollo Creed?

    79. Amit Shrivastav

      This song made my day better because I love this song Love you JB❤️❤️❤️💓💓

    80. Laura Gomez

      Fuckkkkkkk i loveeee uuu

    81. Magical Tube

      Hey, love ❤️ from India 🇮🇳🇮🇳

    82. Alyssa Haynes

      Why is hailer his gf if he’s gonna flirt with other gus

      1. Alyssa Haynes




    84. Ro han

      We want Justin bieber vs Logan paul boxing match

    85. Ye Ye

      Love you brother

    86. Su N iL Ne W aR

      Voice of justin is just a magic♥️ Lots of love ❤️

    87. Ruma Dey

      His high note is no way less than Zayn malik ... Have to appreciate that

    88. Fateme Kazemi

      My lovely boy

    89. Surjit Gill

      Boy harry kapurthala 5

    90. Ashok Kadayat

      Amazed 🤩😍😍

    91. Surjit Gill


    92. Surjit Gill


    93. Noemu Lonely

      If its not you its not anyone

    94. Gabriela Galhoto

      E vocês falando que a perfeição não existe

    95. Drëw ßiebs

      Stay tuned for JB6

    96. No No

      Anyone accept Logan Paul.

    97. dop lyrics

      My idol justin can I made lyrics your song

    98. Vishnu Thakur


    99. Eliana Rodriguez


    100. shekh Sanowar

      Justin please come in bangladesh😌