Bring Me The Horizon - Teardrops (Official Video)

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    Bring Me The Horizon - teardrops (official video)
    POST HUMAN : SURVIVAL HORROR - the new album out now:
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    written, directed & edited by oliver sykes
    producer: craig dixon
    dop: gaul porat
    costume & mua: natasha lawes
    production designer: mimi windsor
    demon: rebecca rennison
    underwater cameraman: zac macauley
    underwater gaffer: neil blackman
    colourist: vlad barin
    we hurt ourselves for fun
    force feed our fear until our hearts go numb
    addicted to a lonely kind of love.
    what i wanna know..
    is how we got this stressed out,
    everything is going dark
    nothing makes me sadder than my head.
    i’m running out of teardrops
    let it hurt ‘til it stops
    i can’t keep my grip
    i’m slipping away from me
    oh god, everything is so fucked
    but i can’t feel a thing
    the emptiness is heavier than you think.
    i’m tripping on the edge
    high as a kite, i’m never coming down.
    and if you hear me
    guess you know how it feels
    to be alone
    so how’d we get this stressed out?
    everything is going dark
    nothing makes me sadder than my head.
    suicidal, violent tragic state of mind.
    lost my halo, now i’m my own anti-christ.
    #BringMeTheHorizon #Teardrops #BringMeTheHorizonTeardrops #BMTHTeardrops

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    1. Etruska Tinks

      This is very Linkin Park, love it! I'm sure Chester would have loved this

    2. Xone3 TV

      Oli your brain is an alien 👽. Fucking genius.

    3. Олег Хміль

      Давно очікував цей трек

    4. M.FACHRIYAN crwgr

      0:49 ketika lu baru siap ngerjai fisika abis itu datang tugas mm lagi bilek

    5. Maroon Eddie

      If you didn't get huge Linkin Park vibe from this I don't know what is wrong with you.

    6. jianne

      i miss listening to them :/

    7. Noor Euis


    8. SecretBunnyNinja

      Don't go too deep. We need you.

    9. perfecto printing

      For you who curious 0:06

    10. LesClaypool OnBass

      0:00 when you jump on cod to play with the boys and there is a 50 gig update

    11. Jo Grignard

      I luv this song!

    12. The Knight Patriot

      Can’t stop listening.

    13. foginhaler Fuul

      Not a fan at all, but Bmth always reminded me of Beatles, the way they evolve

    14. Jeremiah Kerr

      When I listen to this song, so do my neighbors...

      1. Erin Giles

        only way to listen to it

    15. Robyn McDiarmid

      The beginning of the video looks as if it's inspired by the photographer Gregory Crewdson 📷

    16. BakuBubs

      This video looks amazing It must've been super difficult to film

    17. arkan saftaniawan

      ngenahen ajig .bari teu ngarti ge😎

    18. Paweł Zieliński

      Every fan of BMTH must comment this video:

    19. DeaDly H3x

      I want that sweater!

    20. frank mason

      Depression: Exists BMTH: "A worthy opponent, our battle will be legendary"

    21. อิรฟาน โย๊ะ


    22. _butterkeksz_ _

      🖤 Nice 🤟🏻

    23. Andy Moyer

      if you miss the old Korn sound check out Heads solo album from when he left, its honestly the best sounding Korn album but since it was solo many people don't remember it, heres link.

    24. Notta Purson

      why is James Arthur in this?

    25. Lidia Quino


    26. Julio Cesar Dias

      Que espécie de Linkin Parkismo é esse?

    27. Noni Palowski


    28. Kwaq Adventure

      get good teraphist Man

    29. waliid messi

      legend !!!

    30. Dave Garner

      These guys went to shit man. 😩

    31. aztec quetzal

      This gave me early 2000s Linking Park vibes lol

    32. NXRAGVM

      Sou de Portugal muito bom 😊

    33. ForYouAllGames HD

      .... Tear drops

    34. Kori Jay

      Steve from Blue's Clues is going through some shit, huh?

    35. Pádraig O'Connell


    36. Laurana Haner

      Bmth : Knock knock knock Us : Who's there? Bmth : Another masterpiece Us : No surprise, come and take a seat pls

    37. quantum mixed

      somewhere the tears belong

    38. leigshe ballantyne

      Soooooooooo good. So much better than what they have been releasing not so long ago.

    39. Paul Johnson

      I liked their first album, they should revisit that sound

    40. Vivo Vivo

      He can do whatever that Chester Bennington did, he should be with Linkin Park

    41. JemmEmm BeeQueen

      I wish this was on there is a hell. Count your blessings it definitely wouldn't have fit lol. But hey... This is like how I've felt for 12 years. And as that guy said down there... Chester and Mike both would have loved it and Mr Hahn would have killed spinning to it. You guys should get them to come on stage to perform it with you in honour of Chester. Just make sure it's in Melbourne Australia hahaha 💚 You guys. Keep up the good work. I'm so effin proud of what you have all become Oli You're more of an inspiration than you they ey.

    42. Herlambang USLA

      Like a Linkin Park, thanks bmth 🤘🏻

    43. Dio Fireblade

      Linkin Park is far better

    44. Liam Ace

      Getting a hella Drowning Pool vibe from this one

    45. Abhinay K

      BMTH songs bring out the emo in me. *And i like it*

    46. FakeStory09

      Oh my God

    47. Kro

      this helped....

    48. Eggy Stax

      When Sempiternal came out it blew my mind and a lot of people didn’t like it “wasn’t as heavy” but it’s so beautiful what bmth have become

    49. kholidi yudi Abdurrahman

      Dangerous humanistic *he Will attack you in silence,, give 1million damage, quiet,and quickly.🔥🔥

      1. yasio bolo

        That's so good !

    50. Mega_Rage124 _

      So, so far these guys have been a base support for 2 generations of kids now. Fucking amazing.

      1. yasio bolo

        bro this slaps

    51. Grey Swinson

      I love the heavier bmth but this... This is gold 😭💯♥

    52. Gary D.

      After all this time, Linkin Park still doesn't disappoint! Really like the song.

    53. Perla -.-

      I love this song so much 💖💖 Everyone thinks I’m a nice girl and don’t listen to songs that say bad words but- when you get to know me I listen to a lot of songs that say bad words, so yea 😊💖💖💖

    54. thekronic1989

      Good song, oli kinda reminds me of Steve from blues clues with that shirt on. We just got a single I wonder who's it from

    55. Patrik Isenbarth

      fck, this is awesome! the green tint passages gave me flashbacks to early 2000 nu metal videos :D

    56. Robbie Cumming

      This is the most perfect musical representation of a panic attack. amazing lyrics

    57. Terrence Myers

      This smacks so Effin hard!!!

    58. C.C. D'LoW

      💧💔💧💔💧💔💧💔💧💔 Emptiness is Xtremely HeAvY

    59. Damian Dziura

      Somewhere I Belong

    60. The Lost Boys OfficialMusicVideo

      I like this 🤘🤘🤘 Sucsess always❤️🙏

    61. Marron Dixon

      This music video reminds me of Logan in Xmen Days of Future Past

    62. Made in America

      This guy thinks Antifa is trying to save the world hahahaha. No silly, they just want to burn it down. 🤦‍♂️

    63. Thaís Ferreira nós

      Ahhhhh eu ameeeei! 🇧🇷🤘🏿

    64. Shadow NightLeopard

      I love this song is amazing even the video is awesome.

    65. nia misou

      bro this slaps

    66. Нико

      That's so good !

    67. Schalk Riekert

      I finally found me y'all, after fourteen years 😢🏳️‍🌈❤⚡

    68. Minecraft Steve

      the linkin park influence is really hitting my heartstrings

    69. JD Estrada

      Oli looking like he about to host an episode of Blue's Clues

    70. StrawberryNumbness

      *one month old music video anniverseryyy*

    71. Henrique Amaral

      Is this elephant's sound in the context of "heavier than u think"?

    72. Ade Irfan Nugraha

      Nu metal

    73. Kim Kinney

      I wanna steal his Steve look. Somebody help.

    74. Forya Beats

      All the dump people complementing the song ignoring the message. God knows how long before this dude commits suicide. This path is hopeless! Enlighten your darkened hearts and save yourselves from the ultimate penalty.

    75. Matthew Holden

      In case it hasn't been noted yet, the pale creature climbing over the bed is likely a reference to the personification of Despair from Neil Gaiman's The Sandman

    76. Garrett K

      Awesome track! BMTH, can you enable people to digitally purchase your album to download in FLAC? I want to hear the full spectrum of sound in your tracks. Thank you.

    77. yessi apaza

      Nadie Absolutamente nadie Yo: denki? Eres tu? Xd

    78. sarah lovato


    79. aminul haque

      Nice 👍🏽

    80. Николай Лебедев

      it's like if Linkin Park married BfMV

    81. Evie

      yo this sounds just like wild frontier by the prodigy.

    82. La novia de bakugou katsuki

      Que hace bakugou cantando aqui

    83. Ahmad Faris

      2:46 almost looks like Chester's figure.

      1. bcvbb hyui

        how fucking good is this band. every album, different yet amazing. FUCK YES

    84. Евгений Сытов

      Какая же годнота. Чуваки жгите так и дальше. Очень круто что радуете отличным музлом

      1. bcvbb hyui

        Bring Me The Horizon is british Linkin Park with Teardrops


      Cover Drumpad :

    86. dad dad

    87. Morgan Cowperthwait


    88. Laurent Altamirano

      Teardrops tsss tara tar tar taas

    89. hasret

      Günlerdir dönüp dolaşıp buraya geliyorum.

    90. IExistTBH

      Somewhere i belo- i mean

    91. djlivvy46

      Distinctive but still fresh.

    92. Daniela Levitan

      Ughhh can't stop listening to this all day long! So glad I discovered this band!! 😍 Anyone have song suggestions that are similar? I'm loving Throne, Ludens, True Friends, Shadow Moses, 1x1, and Parasite Eve.

      1. Sebastian Pacheco

        You should check Mantra, Sleepwalking, Happy Song, Doomed, Avalanche, Can you feel my heart, Obey...

    93. webnet15

      AWESOMENESS.................#335,404..........11 21 20...............the emptiness is heavier than u thinK.........

    94. Marv M.

      imagine the underwater scenes with his long hair :D absolute great song!

    95. Viper Gaming

      Reminds me of skillet

    96. Rob Jobse

      BMTH, best comeback ever

    97. Alternative Nasibov

      Bring Me The Horizon is british Linkin Park with Teardrops

    98. Kelsey Gill

      how fucking good is this band. every album, different yet amazing. FUCK YES

    99. daily memes u like

      This is what HUgets will give me in recommendations in 7 years.