The Weeknd & Ariana Grande - Save Your Tears (Remix) (Official Video)


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    Official music video by The Weeknd & Ariana Grande performing "Save Your Tears" (Remix), available everywhere now:
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    Production Company: Blinkink @blink_ink
    Director: Jack Brown - @jbanimation
    Executive Producer: Josef Byrne @philipphlop
    Producers: Matt Marsh, Dom Thompson-Talbot & Sami Goddard
    Storyboard Artist: Sav Akyüz @splitwigs
    Pete Sharp @petesharp.universe
    Dexter Maurer @dextermaurer
    James Neilson @jamesxneilson
    Character Design: Jack Brown - @jbanimation
    Anita Gill @_anitagill
    Andrew Khosravani @andrew_khosravani
    Ed Smith @boxbeatrobot
    Katherine Spangenberg
    Gaurav Wakankar @gwakankar
    Maki Yoshikura @maki_animation
    Michael Towers @michael.towers
    Nikunj Patel @spiralofsorts
    Thomas Knowler @knowlerdraws
    Jonathan Gallagher @grasptheview
    Paul Cheshire @paul_cheshire
    Adriano Vessichelli @adrianovessichelli
    Editor: David Toba @ediztor
    I saw you dancing in a crowded room
    You look so happy when I’m not with you
    But then you saw me caught you by surprise
    A single teardrop falling from your eyes
    I don’t know why I run away
    I make you cry when I run away
    You could’ve asked my why I broke your heart
    You could’ve told me that you fell apart
    But you walked past me like I wasn’t there
    And just pretended like you didn’t care
    I don’t know why I run away
    I make you cry when I run away
    Take me back cause I wanna stay
    Save your tears for another…
    Save your tears for another day
    Save your tears for another day
    Met you once under a Pisces moon
    I kept my distance ‘cause I know that you
    Don’t like when I’m with nobody else
    I couldn’t help it, I put you through hell
    I don’t know why I run away, oh boy
    I make you cry when I run away
    Boy take me back ‘cause I wanna stay
    Save your tears for another
    I realize that it’s much too late
    And you deserve someone better
    Save your tears for another day
    Save your tears for another day
    I don’t know why, I run away
    I make you cry when I run away
    Save your tears for another day
    Save your tears for another day
    Save your tears for another day
    Save your tears for another day
    Save your tears for another day
    Save your tears for another day
    #TheWeeknd #ArianaGrande #SaveYourTearsRemix

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    1. E 3

      If this version was on the radio it would get alot more views!

    2. Mystic epic playz

      i save my tears every week

    3. aisyah

      Ariana's voice in this is EARGASM

    4. Quaverian Smith


      1. Cloudy


    5. Ceejay_the_stud

      Tell me I ain't the only one thinking bella porch's music video and music looks like this

      1. Kayla Vega

        same here. I love them both btw

    6. trezway

      Song feels like the future

    7. LookUpTV

      The most perfect song in the world! Thumbs up if you agree! 😜☺️❤️

    8. Ambar Barrios

      the fact that they can still collab after being broken up with

    9. Danyella Hilly

      Reminds me a lot of the song Blue Motorbike - Moto Boy

    10. shirley 1234


    11. BlazinSloth

      The original is better sorry

    12. Marlie Vela

      They have another song together called off the table😉

    13. Andy López

      Absolutely better than the original. Masterpiece.

    14. Ninja_Algérien

      3w 1,9m likes 57m view what in the world 😶

    15. Alondra Moreno

      I think Bella Poarch got her inspiration from here

    16. Oo Kk

      there make them big star to a puppet in real world

    17. Hrishita Acharya

      she saved her *happy tears* for her WEDDING DAY👰

      1. Диля ·

        hahah fr

    18. Mirian Martins

      legal os 2 juntos de novo

    19. Joemark Dela Cruz

      Its just me or i just realized that this similar to build a bitch song?

    20. BradBeal3

      This video hits different bro

    21. Sweet Cupcake

      The worst part 3:25 XD

    22. Mai Linh Thinh

      OMG, why is this video has something similar with the song of Bella Porch ???

    23. Rio


    24. DanyDrgonWrath DepresiveDialga

      Harder Better Faster Stronger Energy.

    25. Anthonella

      esa cancion ya me la grave

    26. waleed A

      That doll looks more like nicki minaj 😂

    27. Kassie Music

    28. mhdyi alhamad

      الحين يجيك واحد راسه مربع ويقول اللي في الفيد المنطقة 51

    29. Kayla Stewart

      anyone else have daft punk vibes?

    30. Juan Rosas


    31. Diego Enrique

      I'm not really into Ariana Grande's music, but I really like her participation in this song

    32. Sergio andres Cuartas

      No puedo superlaaaaa!!!!!! 😍😍😍😍

    33. janeta deo

      Anybody feels pandemic MVs are very reminscent of late 90s-early 2000 animation-type videos? Gorillaz, Junior Senior, or surreal 1-2 people MV videos like Kylie's Can't Get You Out of My Head, Jamiroquai everything etc? Hold up late 90s is back baby!

    34. Breanaca Ferguson

      Our girl is officially married! Congratulations my sweet I'm so happy for you 💓


      i promised myself that i'd only watch this after exams. here i am

    36. Kaiden Shaw

      This video is...... interesting 🤨

    37. David Cell

      So much love

    38. greennin

      This song is sick

    39. Terrence Williams

      Wiping tears in 100$ bills. Just save it.

    40. scott pyke

      Ruined a good song

    41. keren Gabriely

      Alguém brasileiro aqui?¿

    42. Nauvn

      This ain't Build a Bitch

    43. Izaias Araujo

      The weeknd e ariana grande São duas dupla incríveis e os cantam juntos ficou bom em melhor ainda muito bom mesmo ficou maravilhoso gostei so o the weeknd solo ficou bom agora cantando junto com Ariana Grande ficou muito legal e sou fã dos dois do the weeknd e da Ariana Grande e cantando juntos save you tears e musica muito lindo e maravilhoso e quero dizer que obrigado a vc Mashups e com muito carinho a vc sou seu fã e agradeço e pesso obrigado

    44. JFKMBE1 -_-

      This gave me daft punk video vibes

    45. Mike Studmuffin

      i cried after the song

    46. Jose Bernache

      Hi gays

    47. Erik Sanchez


    48. Erik Sanchez

      Que asco

    49. Rayaan Abid

      Ngl original one was better

    50. Adrian Addun

      Day 20 listining of this song May 18 2021

    51. Whoa Marcelus

      Going to a build a sex doll workshop be like

    52. Motorsoul ss

      On the next episode of how to ruin a song...

    53. Ivón Lusdana

      me encanta diossssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

    54. Rare S

      Ariana's voice is heavenly good !! i only love Ariana grande she's my idol she's my queen. respect

    55. oscar navarro

      Está canción ya la escuché en el radio y si me gustó 👍🥰🥰🥰

    56. Rare S

      Ariana's voice is heavenly good !! i swear she's the best

    57. Rare S

      Ariana's voice is heavenly good !!

    58. speedturk19

      Ariana Grande ft. Jay Z - 7 Girls (Nexus Remix)

    59. The Weeknd

      50M 💍

    60. KHVLIL

      Who’s here after hearing that Ariana is now married!

    61. Vivian Álvarez Blanco

      0:32 tik tok part

    62. Evison Pereira

      Tudo de bom 👏👏👏👏👏👏

    63. mehdi echaouch

      fantastique thanks you very much

    64. Blu Blu

      ariana 's voice is so soft and make u wish u had a girlfriend that sings like that in the shower, when you sleep, when u work,.... when u die.......😅..... very diverse uses

    65. •danna lyrics•

      Mis oídos an sido bendecidos

    66. Luis Salgueiro

      minha filha adora esta música e eu também. espectacular.

    67. nathaliatb ore

      mama´ papa´ jok pppppppppppppppppp nko hjugu

    68. K.R Fam

      Is it me or this video is almost similar as "build a bitch" by bella poach..

      1. Amanda Morandi

        But Bella filmed her music video in march. I imagine her surprise when she saw this

    69. Ivan Pantoja

    70. Vivers Game

      Кто у кого спиздил ? Это я про Беллу

    71. Optic Esmail

      This song inspires me

    72. Gavin Steele

      ive fell in love with this its awesome ❤❤❤

    73. borney

      This doll kinda looks like Nicki minaj to me

    74. Marz

      They did not have to clone ariana they got her 😩

    75. Krenton

      ima slap some aqua on this video and call it a day. come on barbie, lets go party!

    76. David simon


    77. Iker Vidaurreta Amatriain

      am I the only one who thinks ariana looks nicki????

    78. neymar Cf

      Ya lo esperabamos❤😎

    79. Abby Thomas

      how ariana was made: 100% beauty 100% nice 0% mean 88% savage 100% Caring.

    80. Meli Butera

      I love that

    81. Meli Butera

      I love

    82. Chae Yuuu

      They should do more collabs in thr future

    83. Nina Strbevska

      wait!!!! this is just like Bellas new music video

    84. Farhan Ishraq


    85. harry grande

      obsessed with this song

    86. harry grande

      56M unlcoked

    87. eduardo daniel irizar barrera

      i hear it on class , on minecraft , on fortnite ,on the jail , on the bathroom and i dont get tired

    88. Luis Manuel

      The Weeknd The Best

    89. jasmine sheik


    90. Martina Rothbauer

      Voll 80er..echt super

    91. Melissa Pehlivanova


    92. Dominika Chodkiewicz

      This remix should be with Selena

    93. Ridan wolf

      I can hear this all night long ❤️

    94. Zenita Sacramento

      Só eu que chorei Muito lindo LOVE ARIANA

    95. Aleksey Kostikov

      Bella Poarch: "Hmmm...."

    96. David Cox

      He certainly likes to use that beat.......over and over and over.

    97. שי אברהם


    98. Angel Angel

      the best video 2021

    99. Alex José

      Brazil aqui