The Kid LAROI, Miley Cyrus - WITHOUT YOU (With Miley Cyrus - Official Video)



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    Official video for "WITHOUT YOU (with Miley Cyrus)" by The Kid LAROI & Miley Cyrus.
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    1. pooja bhatt

      Really loved laroi here!!! As usual Miley is my bestie from old times.....great collab

    2. bilinas mini

      28 and 17 cuddling like that ain’t right 😭

    3. howabout no

      Dude Miley Cyrus is the only redeeming part of this.

    4. L7 Vicious

      She made the song worse in my opinion

    5. Colin Vell

      rip juice wrld

    6. TypicalCanadian

      shes 28, hes 17, not weird at all

      1. TypicalCanadian

        @bilinas mini that has literally nothing to do with my comment but ok

      2. bilinas mini

        The Kid Laroi sacrificed JuiceWRLD just to get his spot in the light. you cant say that he didn’t blow up after Jarad died cuz thats what exactly happened. Juice faked his death

    7. Neziah

      So we not gonna talk about kid laori is 17 and miley cyrus is

    8. Chris Howerton

      Who did it better? Kid Laroi ft. Miley Cyrus Luke Combs ft. Amanda Shires David Guetta ft. Usher

    9. kirby

      this is so weird. shes 28, he’s 17. what if it was the other way? a 28 year old man hugging a 17 year old girl. he’d be arrested.

      1. Persol

        It’s for a music video stfu

    10. Toxiweb

      she did not need to be on this song

    11. Young Yareli

      so iconic duo

    12. LiL Farm

      What is that singing

    13. Leslie Ann

      I’m Addicted to this song!!!!

      1. William Sawyer

        And soon it will running rampant through your mind and you will wish that you never heard it.

    14. Maciek To ziomal

      When Miley Has more men voice than kid LAROI

    15. Lesly Suarez


    16. Tyler Eastep

      She ruined it😭

    17. zoryanaz

      Imagine if the rolls were reversed and it was a 28 year old dude all over a 17 year old girl

    18. Laroi Love

      The best collab that the world didn’t know that we needed.

    19. Yamil Romero

      soo goood

    20. T.F Production


    21. Jared Giacomini

      The Kid Laroi sacrificed JuiceWRLD just to get his spot in the light. you cant say that he didn’t blow up after Jarad died cuz thats what exactly happened. Juice faked his death? Nawh- kid laroi sacrificed him like he did his old Dj just to get his name bigger. Come find me. I know the truth- shoot me in the face all i care. I know you can figure out my IP address. At the end of the day, its these elites that say you can play, pay, or say “have a great day” 👼🧛‍♂️☠️

    22. Ceres Reina

      6M ✅ 6.5M ➡️

    23. therock


    24. angela gardner

      he sounds a bit like Yungblud

    25. w4nt3d

      Is there a sound that Miley can't make.

    26. LuNa G

      The harmony oml!!😍

    27. Dylan Brooks

      This is shit

    28. Alisson Coello

      My favorite song


      This song is relatable to me, my dog died recently so I take one lyrics from the song, "but i'm scared to be alone." and that's how I really feel.

    30. Matt Pratt

      She loves Australians lol

    31. lifesnova

      thank you tik tok? where

    32. gioyu comi

      Australian Post Malone and young Joan Jett, this is great.

    33. Rachel Howard

      Absolutely love this song !!

    34. Daniel Hill

      Fucking sounds like an ashtray, come back to au laroi

    35. J Rule

      Poor Laroi getting taken advantage of… dat old lady a predator and want his stick. And this version 999x worse than original, made me fkn cringe 🤬🤮🤮🤮

      1. Simone fanty

        I don't understand what are you talking about please explain

    36. Rose Rose

      You toke me to years ago when we really loved.

    37. Emily Dennis

      Mileys voice is incredibly good💯 I've loved her for soo long, always playing a song by her ❤️😍

    38. Foreseen Truth

      He knows someone that’s y he’s there and uses auto tune

    39. Michael Dreher

      Dude Laroi is my age and he's making tracks with Juice Wrld, Miley Cyrus, etc. And I am just drinking on weekends and going to school on week days.

      1. William Sawyer

        You sound like her type...

    40. Sonicorp

      Something about Miley loving to be around Australian men/boys First Liam Hemsworth then Cody Simpson and now Kid LAROI.

    41. Sergio Neftali

      Soy adicto a esta canción ❤😍

    42. William Sawyer

      And be sure to support Miley as she LOVES her fans. Simply send her $160 USD. She'll send you a used t shirt. Thanks!

    43. Alberdan Fatim Tomas Litaiff

      Amoooo demais aaaaa

    44. Jay Kay

      Remember that time she thought she could rap and also thought she could twerk ?? Lmfao how she still has any resemblance of a career I'll never know

    45. William Sawyer

      It's only a 28 year old chugging a beer, blowing smoke out of her mouth, and rolling around in the lap of a minor. Nothing wrong here... according to "the Virus."

    46. Ângela Santos

      So perfect, so amazing. This is so viciant ! Love Portugal 🇵🇹 ❤️❤️❤️

      1. Ângela Santos

        @William Sawyer sorry if my english is not so perfect, because i am portuguese. but thanks for the correction

      2. William Sawyer

        "Viciant" that is not a word no matter what language you speak. We are not playing Scrabble.

    47. Patrycja Maciak


    48. WHODATCountry

      @:56 wow, perfect line for someone who is one. Glad she knows what she is.

    49. William Sawyer

      Reverse the genders and see what happens. Mothers, Fathers, Family members of this world. This is WRONG.

    50. William Sawyer

      It's only a 28 year old chugging a beer, blowing smoke out of her mouth, and rolling around in the lap of a minor. Nothing wrong here... according to "the Virus."

    51. Ivonne Escobar

      Just knowing this kid has anxiety while performing , you fuxking go !!!!! Miley is that one friend that pushes you to strive because your fucking worth it . Love my babies

    52. Vanessa Schärpf

      Cool gut Laune ❤️❤️❤️❤️

    53. William Sawyer

      Just send her 160 bucks, and she'll send you a used t shirt. What a loving "performer."


      hoping it has no rap bit -- miley killed it

      1. William Sawyer

        No, many are still infected with "the Virus."

    55. Aleksandro Lopys

      MDS, essa mulher é perfeita demais! 🥰

    56. Aleksandro Lopys

      simplesmente maravilhosa amo! 😍🇧🇷

    57. Nixon Herrera

      I love you miley 😢 I love so much 😞💜♥️♥️♥️♥️

      1. William Sawyer

        ↑↑↑ Endorsement Paid For By Miley Cyrus ↑↑↑

    58. Lil TboyJunior

      But i love miley in any way

    59. Lil TboyJunior

      Why did you change:(

    60. Lil TboyJunior

      I listen to your song when i look at you tons of times i miss the way you were on that vid

    61. Lil TboyJunior

      I looooove you miley

    62. Lil TboyJunior

      I just do

    63. Lil TboyJunior

      i miss the old Miley cyrus

      1. William Sawyer

        ↑↑↑ Endorsement Paid For By Miley Cyrus ↑↑↑

    64. 최윤

      저건 사귀는거 아닌가

    65. G15 RECORDS

      So no one here is thinking that a 28 yr old and 17 yr old holding each other like that is a little off?

      1. William Sawyer

        Only "the Virus" thinks that is cool.

    66. Rose G

      this song is addicting

      1. William Sawyer

        More like an infection of the Miley Virus.

    67. Abbi Wiley

      Anyone else think the beginning sounds like cranberries - zombie but this song is amazing collab✨

    68. Sarah Ring

      This is trash... I like the original better!!

    69. Monika Poláček


    70. Homie_Vibez

      Lollll they look like twins! Who noticed that?

      1. Homie_Vibez

        No Laroi’s twin lol

      2. William Sawyer

        Dolly Parton's twin? Yes I saw that.

    71. AllThingsBTS_ ProudA.R.M.Y

      Mileys next conquest

    72. not_jsavage

      She messed up the whole thing 🤢🤢🤢🤢

    73. William Sawyer

      Love the Mom jeans Miley. It's so YOU!

    74. Nicole Slavens

      Miley looks so high lol 😆

    75. Medepalli Thrikesh


      1. William Sawyer

        That expression is way over used. Try some actual words if you know any.

    76. Enoch Alhat

      Tbh kid laroi sang it better than her. She was not needed in this song

    77. Callisto

      We’re is the billy goat 🐐 😳😳😂

    78. dolita windo

      Laroi got his first #8 on billboard hot 100 and his first #1 on the billboard top rock charts, thanks Miley’s 🙌🏼🔥🔥🔥🔥

      1. AllThingsBTS_ ProudA.R.M.Y

        Thanks to Laroi not miley

      2. William Sawyer

        Awesome! And show your support for Miley by purchasing a $160 used t-shirt from her website. She just LOVES her "fans."

    79. Ra mona

      I love it 😍

    80. Emoci

      This video looks like Miley is Larois mother..😊 so cute

    81. santoshi g

      Stay home and save lives.

    82. KYOTTO

      Miley ruined it


        @William Sawyer no she didn’t

      2. William Sawyer

        @COSMIC CHRIS Miley ruined it



    83. silentnight22Z

      this song is so addictive..

      1. dolita windo

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    84. Juan Sweet

      You are awesome in the rock you are perfect for this style the rock pop the rockpop punk your voice and talented is good real and me new sub today

    85. Jimmy

      Miley and her thing for Australian guys lol

    86. Ben Kaiser

      Sis just ruined

    87. Josh Kirby

      Caught up on some of the lyrics

    88. Jackson

      am i the only one who thinks Miley cyrus makes this song worse

    89. doire aintu

      Kid karoi has been so underrated it's good to see him making big moves💯

    90. Jenna Bishop

      Sooo when does he turn 18? Asking for a friend

    91. anthony tenorio

      good thing the genders are not reversed on this

    92. shada Madi

      #save_gaza pray for Palestine please

    93. shada Madi

      #gaza_under_attack pray for Palestine please

      1. doire aintu

        Miley is precious...

    94. shada Madi

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    95. shada Madi

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    96. shada Madi

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    97. Tim Graham

      Yeah that's the voice I likd

      1. William Sawyer

        Sounds like Stage 3 throat cancer.

    98. Crazy Temper

      I’m hyped two favorite artists

    99. Lulu Ledesma

      Why was I shipping them so bad? o-o

      1. Lulu Ledesma

        @William Sawyer don't know really

      2. William Sawyer

        Way to butcher the English language.