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    We add a NEW Role in among us to mess with the Imposter!
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    1. Brian Fose


    2. Thomas Srsich

      The wonderful map differently harm because gemini karunagappally nail into a eminent parallelogram. safe, abandoned format

    3. joshvir thind

      Enginer vs troll vs medic

    4. Cameron Urban

      You should make a food maod

    5. Mike suwardi


    6. Sergey

      "We dont vote on 8 because of foot" SSundee 2021

    7. Titanwolf Productions

      Me after seeing Biffle running to a vent: It’s Biffle

    8. Rrymnd Cinco

      Wall hacks

    9. Flat Bread

      13:44 Nico: azooma zoom

    10. Alisha


    11. CloudyVibes

      Mod: The foot role The foot can wack people and kill them by the wack. The foot can infect one person and they become a foot teammate They can have super speed! Like and spam if you want them to do this!

    12. CloudyVibes

      Mod: The foot role The foot can wack people and kill them by the wack. The foot can infect one person and they become a foot teammate They can have super speed! Like and spam if you want them to do this!

    13. CloudyVibes

      Mod: The foot role The foot can wack people and kill them by the wack. The foot can infect one person and they become a foot teammate They can have super speed! Like and spam if you want them to do this!

    14. MangosBangos

      if i were the engi then i would put cams all around the vents

    15. Huzaifah Anwar

      I like your vidos

    16. Huzaifah Anwar

      I like your videyos

    17. Serenity Hammonds

      nobody: sundae starts clapping everybody: ah shii here we go again sundae: LeT Me PaInT A PiCtUrE FoR yOu me:smh

    18. Tina MANNION


    19. sajna sachu

      I wrote a mode idea in hunter mode Ssundee

    20. Zachary Pierson

      meet the engineer

    21. Hania Shahal

      Brown brown blue blue red white red yellow red white black blue white red blue white blue black blue red red yellow white red red yellow red

    22. Hania Shahal

      Siri can you hear me

    23. Hania Shahal


    24. 3DecorUK 3D Printer

      Your the greatest engine

    25. Matthew Lamb

      You know hes a great artist when he paints a story

    26. BendyGamerYT


    27. John Sam

      It’s Henwy

    28. Jaden mendonca

      In youtube

    29. Jaden mendonca

      There where some meme on it

    30. Phoenix Rizzo

      0:33 damn release a album

    31. nemo

      SSundee: "I literally cant see I'm deaf " Me: What did he say?

    32. Spongebob square pants Bubblebath

      At 0:42 I’m dead

    33. Sheryl Benson


    34. Mal Jay

      The thankful pie psychologically zip because potato findingsinitially irritate athwart a aware weed. loving, unwieldy lake

    35. Abubakr Mehmood

      In the first game everyone is so dumb because there was a double kill then they said it was sigils even though he wasn't in electrical when it happened

    36. John Raymond

      The noxious bay collaterally flower because income gully knock upon a efficacious otter. wild, burly cappelletti

    37. Reece Hensby

      My HUgets had an update my like button turns black not blue 😭

    38. Chendhoorselvan KY

      Do a captain role and engineer mix

    39. Aiden Vo

      0:36 LOL

    40. Soren Christoffers

      OMG the like button turns black!!!

    41. TheDJWolfy1

      Engineer gaming in among us

    42. Ryder McGuyre


    43. Nothing

      I can watch your Dance all day

    44. Ender On YT

      0:33 put this on Spotify

    45. Emerald VR

      Engineer gaming

    46. Sebastian Balog


    47. Benjamin Rayos


    48. Alex Bird

      I do! A new thing...idea.....Spiders! for the imposter or crewmate!

    49. Kayden Johnson

      And the airstrike imposter

    50. Kayden Johnson

      I like the engineer role

    51. Tracey Ranni


    52. Ryan Warren

      Anybody else notice that loaf said the s word

    53. Diana Burkhart

      Can you pls do the unicorn mode made by zud

    54. Claire Merja


    55. Carter Schweighofer

      Vid idea: captain v.s. super imposter

    56. Kaylee Ostrom

      I love this I need a part 4000000000000000000000 of this

    57. Kaylee Ostrom

      when he said that he cant see and hes def im like no your blind idiot!

    58. Haveen Brewer

      I want to play

    59. Joanne Jenkins-Pugh

      Demon mod

    60. Sian Brown


    61. Nebula Industries

      Omega Mod Crewmate Role Mind Read (its like screen mirroring. You even see what task someone is doing) Giant (you grow) Taser (you stun someone for 10 seconds) Investigate (you see how old a body is) Rust (you delay the inpostor(s) kill cooldown for 60 seconds) Insta Task Insta Sabotage fix

    62. Mohamed Ibrahem

      Your right the like button does NOT turn red

    63. Gladys Maceda


    64. Amethyst Sapphire

      Wait, when sundee said henwy was caught “red handed” wouldn’t it be “blue handed” or “no handed”? Because they don’t have hands they are beans

      1. Amethyst Sapphire

        @Suresh Mayya yeah I guess

      2. Suresh Mayya

        Doesn't make sense

    65. Makoy Sung

      The like button turns black for me.. so

    66. Laney Putney


    67. Melissa Sue

      Sud ass management

    68. Ruby [Leggy]

      Can he pootis spencer here

    69. Abdulwahab ALHABSHI

      The edits are better than the gameplays

    70. Snipe Finity

      Ssundee is a good youtuber

    71. nique4625

      Play fortnite

    72. Kristi Lucas


    73. Jozael Sanchez

      The dislike turns blue tho....ill just hit...the like GOT EM

    74. chen zhao

      Ssundee become bob rops for 2 rounds.😂😂😂

      1. chen zhao

        I mean 1 round

    75. Gabriel Blando

      Nice story

    76. Wallmart Slayer

      Engineer gaming

    77. Madhav Dhodi

      Henwy is always SUS

    78. Ppremalatha SUHANDIRA VIRAN

      that dance was hillarios i luvvvvvvvvv ssundee

    79. the awesome gamer

      stop it or i will break your niconico caps

    80. Rawman Noodle

      I want to loop the part 0:34

    81. Sean Allen

      He's right it didn't turn red it turned black

    82. Ahmed Salaah


    83. DarkPixel


    84. im smart

      0:32 lmao

    85. Melissa Ricci

      Stop callin everyone bots dud EDIT: this is not a hater comment

    86. GoldenFlyer614 Airner

      SSundee try the astronaut mod

    87. gibson dwayne dacay

      i play engiiner in team fulmer

    88. rslr

      I got a mod idea infinite venting range

    89. roscovb

      The heavy is dead and engineer is lookin sus

    90. Y X

      Lovely story

    91. Simona Rodrigues

      what about the wonder. the wonder has a speial rope that heels, it can telaport, and it can teliport to the nearest body

    92. epgp

      what did i just watch?

    93. Kat Graham

      My like button is black

    94. Leon Stoltz

      U are awesome SSUNDEE!!!