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    Hey, everyone!? Hope you enjoy today’s special episode of 2020 VLOG SQUAD REWIND! Let us know what your favorite clip was in the comments section! Thanks for watching!

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    David :
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    Carly & Erin :
    Zane :
    Heath :
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    1. vO1t Gaming

      Jason looks better as a alien than as a person

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    7. Gianni Kaszuba

      funny 😐

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    9. Emma Marie

      Yea I can’t stand Natalie with Todd.

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    11. mm carts22

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      54:20 nobody is talking about the guy in the scooby doo costume

    13. Potato HEAD

      What are they now? “The TikTok squad” or “the insta squad”

    14. Esamin katun876 Richard linda796688*

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    15. Eric Waters

      That poor dude got david and he gave her $25k and he still didn't get the girl

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    23. Turkey Terri

      David: “I’m not gay.” Also David: “Justin you are very cute.”

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    33. sean

      zane has a insanely obvious drinking problem


      why this shit get recommended to me, I don't want to see proper fully grown adults acting like 14 year olds because they're rich and have no problems

    35. Sean Markil

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    36. Nose Picker

      vegas is gonna go bankrupt with david being there

    37. Nickolas Gormsen

      51:40 it made me cry :)

    38. Austin Hatfield

      The clip where Natalie kick the door open is when Todd and myself fell in love with her like im glad to know if I got fucked up she could probably save me from some shit

    39. Esteban A

      11:45 pew pew pew p e w

    40. Osler Charlie

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    41. PheenX

      "Best of 2020"? So like what, best of the first 2 or 3 months?

    42. Matthew Miller

      I love that David wears a Pitt hat

    43. Andrew Torres

      Goodnight grandma 😂😂

    44. Lucid Jay

      Imagine 2 years later david goes to the girl and say what about that hug

    45. Dianne Mason

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    46. Cyrus

      I just spend an hour on this watching the whole video and I didnt even notice that the video is going to end

    47. Yundt Myong

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    48. Optic YT

      36:18 “ I actually met him” seconds later see’s him for the actual first time 🤣

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    52. DandaGod

      12:23 i found out tday David is jigsaw :)

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    54. Jemma Brooks

      Watch this video also every morning, time to do it againn, love ya!!

      1. Jemma Brooks

        I can never just get enough of these

    55. MarTeen

      49:30 50:00 50:16 now i know why david says waawaaweewaa

    56. Uzayir Seraj


    57. Amanda Davis

      Who didn’t cry when Jason talked to his son

    58. Chris 100

      12:17 is my favorite moment “good night grandma”

    59. Dgr

      I was fucking crying at the alien

    60. Jahshshdhdgsh

      Jesus Is king repent and turn to Christ

    61. Zion Callender

      Am I the only one who saw overtime Megan

    62. Alex Sanpedro


    63. David Vador

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    64. Samuel Thacker

      So does that mean she’s not mature for the woman in the house

    65. Edge

      Charlie look high asf

    66. ew


    67. DTFlow artist

      You guys are cool. Make me smile

    68. rusty re

      Todd i dont have a crush on Natalie 3 months later There dating 😭😂

    69. Vinny Tiwari

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    70. jolenekp

      When Nat broke down the door that when Todd knew he loved her.

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    72. Marissa Bower

      Omfg only David can make me laugh uncontrollably for over an hour and then make me cry!

    73. IronField_ 14

      43:11 Todd sounds like Jon Bernthal

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      Whats the song called in the car avout Nadile???

    79. Jonas Meza

      1:37 But she got with Todd😐

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    81. Nicole's Random Channel

      charli never notices me on tiktok and NOW im jealous 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

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      Ok so I’m moving to LA


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      54:05 overtime megan?

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    91. Gabriel Limon

      Pause at 44:03 David looks like a kid when he has a sugar rush.

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    97. FanLove 873

      My favorite scenes will keep on editing for more: 14:32 13:28 13:39 15:30 15:36 15:40 16:02

    98. jess

      the girl at the end sounds like liza, I wonder if david noticed that and cried cus he misses her lmao

    99. Jake L

      wishi had friends like this