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    Snazzy Labs tries out 4 record cleaning machines-from $70 to $3,000. Which one does the best job?!
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    After 2 million+ views on my "how to properly care for vinyl records" video, I've decided to do a follow-up on the different methods of wet-cleaning. Some work better than others.
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    Purchase G.E.M. Dandy - www.sleevecityusa.com/GEM-Dandy-Hydraulic-Record-Cleaning-Apparatus-p/gem-dandy.htm
    Purchase VPI HW 16.5 - www.musicdirect.com/cleaning-machines/vpi-165-record-cleaning-machine
    Purchase Record Doctor VI - amzn.to/2LA3Ldz
    Purchase Music Hall WCS-3 - amzn.to/2LuZOa9
    Purchase Vinyl Styl - amzn.to/3fQ2wF9
    Purchase Spin Clean - amzn.to/2T7I0Gh
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    1. voldem0rt

      So, you are 27? You look 42 my guy. I legit always thought you were an old man. But you are a decade younger than me and I am genuinely confused how you even have half of the subscriber count that you do. Mostly because you whined a whole hell of a lot in the past.

      1. elijahpepe

        So, you are 37? You look 17 my guy. I legit always thought you were a teenager. But you are maturely a decade younger than me and I am genuinely confused how you even have the time to sit down and insult someone for no real reason. Mostly because you have no real life and demean others for a strange reason. Dude, this isn't constructive. You're whining and engaging with largely adolescents on the Internet and having an entire war and you're, 37? How can you insult someone for whining when you yourself spend hours writing comebacks for no real reason? You're treating this like a rigorous debate, and yet you're insulting someone's appearance? By no means Snazzy is perfect, but you're acting like a child at 30 fucking 7. You can have your opinion, but your way of going about it is completely unfounded. Picking up a thesaurus and using the thesaurus to make every word sound smart in order to get an advantage in an argument is confusing as well. Treat it like a rigorous debate (even though it's in HUgets comments, which is pretty much just Twitter 2.0) if you want, or treat it like it's a relaxed argument, but don't combine the two. You are immature. You spent this much time on one argument instead of betting yourself because you thought it was funny. Fuck you.

      2. TaswcmT

        ​@kevin cottle I find the odd exception from the gushing idol worship that fills every comment section on HUgets quite refreshing. How someone reacts to heckling is often very telling. Some just can't stand being criticized or poked fun of, and their scripted eloquence is suddenly reduced to the vocabulary of a five year old.

      3. TaswcmT

        ​@Snazzy Labs When the comeback is eloquent like this, there should be no doubt that the age in question is 27 and not 42. Throw the odd Rolex in the mix, and there may be reason to suspect we're dealing with a pot and kettle kind of situation.

      4. Willbatross

        Here's that attention you ordered

      5. kevin cottle

        @voldem0rt Glad to see someone stand up to this douchebag. Snazzy labs is the epitome of self-entitlement douche baggery. As for all the other morons on this thread speaking down to you, remember you can't cure the insufferable. The idiots of our society follow what's popular whether it's morally right or not.

    2. Rick Felgate

      What an old man

    3. DM DM

      You look like Doug Demuro , the one you referred to as daddy Doug . It’s cool you like vinyl. Howard Stern has a whole bit about it.

    4. Lucky Dave

      Thank you for your research. Only one mistake I heard, was the claim that Digital is better than Vinyl. Fact: Analog will always sound better than Digital to the human ear. And for the many out there today, saying that Vinyl Audio Quality no longer matters, that only the colors matter,,...well, there sure is quite a huge industry being developed to improve the Audio Quality. Lastly, I wish you could add the old Rubber Glue technique with the Testing Subjects. ;)

    5. Val Putnal

      I feel like we should expect a bearded Quinn soon...

    6. David Kang

      "I have four identical copies of Chet Baker Sings... Yes, this was expensive!" makes no fuss over $3000 record cleaner

    7. Matrix Lee

      A lot of people are showing the wood glue trick, is it good at all?

    8. Yohan Marchena

      Love the video and very informative. I’m a vinyl junky too and after many videos and many articles I decided to go with the Kirmuss ultrasonic machine. Don’t know if you have see it or hear about it pretty sure you probably have. I don’t know where you live but I got this crazy idea about doing a comparison between the Degritter vs Kirmuss. Just a thought a for future content on your channel.

    9. Jeff Sokol

      MP3 is trash

    10. Maurice Franco

      Great addition to your 2015 video about the 7 steps to keep vinyl rocking.

    11. Mark1 HobbyTech

      First time watching your channel. Awesome subject matter and I see a diverse amount of content. I'm a fan now. Subbed

    12. i'll name this field later

      That cleaner cost 2,700 lol BYE

    13. liberation26 m

      Thanks for this review. You mentioned "none of them were nowhere near as the original control." Did Degritter or GEM Dandy degrade the vinyl in anyway?

    14. Matthijs Roovers

      Another nice one to test against these devices: coat a record with wood glue and let dry over night. Peel away in one go as a film the next morning. This results in a 100% clean record, even deep in the groove.

    15. Matthijs Roovers

      Can you repeat the test smudging the records with dissolved dirt that has had a chance to dry in? This is the type of 2nd hand record I encounter most: with dirt deep in the groove.

    16. mel obrien

      I have a DBX 128 that eliminates all noise; you can't even hear the stylus land on the record at the start of play.

    17. El George

      I love the old sound of vinyl, it's really great.

    18. Ozzy Helix

      what about the good old wood glue face mask trick where you coat it in wood glue an peal off the wood glue as one big mass

    19. Beware of Darkness

      I know the $3000 Degritter is the "best", but damn if that thing doesn't cost more than my whole setup and vinyl collection put together. I'll have to live with a more affordable cleaning solution.

    20. mandarin125

      I sometimes buy records at a flea market, they are crazy cheap (I got a stack for 2 euros). They are really filthy though. I just wash them under a tap and wipe them with a microfiber cloth. I don't own a cleaning machine.

    21. Eazy Draw

      Knosti Disco Anti-Stat is so much better than the Vinyl style & spin clean ...it has a handle to rotate the record and you put the record on the vinyl style rack incorrectly it should go at 90 degrees to the upright "pins" they look off set but actually if look at it you can see how to put it in vertically rather than as you left it at an angle

      1. Luis Abreu

        The Knosti was the big popular missing system on this test.

    22. Inje Kim

      That anker type c hub looks suspiciously similar to my verbatim one. I wonder if its ODM

    23. Leandro Pascal

      7:01 that's what she said

    24. Bruno Fernandez

      it hits different, i skip songs when i listening music with my phone. I love that i get to experience the whole album

    25. ryanjofre

      Dude your only 27......

    26. Ricktpt1

      IMO, you get some important facts wrong with respect to what makes vinyl "sound" better, without "being" better than digital, but you're dead on with your love for vinyl as a music delivery format. There's nothing stopping people from sitting down and listening intently to Digital, it's just not passively encouraged by the physical properties of the format itself. But you can get most of the positive attributes of vinyl and vinyl record cleaning machines/TT's without dropping the coin that you have invested. Arguably a VPI HW-19 Mk. IV and a 6L Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner will get you about 99.44% of the way there (cartridge choice is a big variable and not much attention is paid to it in this video) and you'll have money left over to pull your house payment...lol. Congrats on the Conniff/Butterfield record. I was listening to it years before it became a 21st would be-hipster touchstone. Keep 'em spinnin'!

    27. Dr Strangelove

      You sold it well dude. Im buying the degritter!

    28. James Sun

      Wood glue

    29. Abdo AlG0hary

      to tell the truth i enjoyed the dirty sound more

    30. The Spotlight Kid

      Interesting video, i intend to buy & try one of the more 'affordable' manual record cleaners, as i'm often noticing some of my vinyl L.P.s made in the late 60's to early 80's gaining single pops & random crackle where they once had none & i use Mobile Fidelity or equal inner selves on all (except the mostly-dross) ...while at the same time, many L.P.s i own made in that same period & often bought 2nd hand, have remained audibly spotless, sounding surprisingly clean compared to other L.P.'s. I'm not sure if it's static-attracted dust or just inner-groove damage because i've certainly noticed different labels vary in "becoming noisy" & i've began to think some record manufacturer's vinyl is made from purer stuff or better prepared by manufacture quality ....or something but i've heard obvious differences over 3 decades in certain label's sound quality & their ability in not gaining random pops & sometimes a near constant crackle sound like my recently bought shrink-wrapped new John Lee Hooker's "Mr. Lucky" & "The Healer" made around 2000 i think, but they both deteriorated uber-fast gaining crackle, pops & clicks from nowhere with successive playing & as always, with a perfectly aligned cartridge (now a Linn Troika, i also have 1 of those gr8 sounding diamond cantilevered Dynavector D17/3 which 'died' on 1 channel but i'm told Dynavector won't & don't rebuild them) & compare any Decca R.Stones to their later own label's output! big difference where Decca wins outright in longevity for clean, pop-less & crackle-void sounds. I believe better manufactured, mixed or purer vinyl somehow retains it's new "shape memory"* after being stamped by the cutting lathe's metal master stamper. *Science told me all mouldable matter has different degrees of 'shape memory' I want a pair or 2 of those gold thumb-turned cartridge bolts! seems like a good idea for not stripping threads which i once did & it happened far too easily

    31. Doug Burch

      don't use that cleaner from Vinyl styl use the cleaner from spin clean with the vinyl styl, the vinyl styl has a chemical that stays on your record.

    32. James Stange

      Oh my goodness I was a season you were born in yet wow

    33. Chris Webb

      What town has 40 record stores?

    34. BROWNSOULxxx


    35. Fontsman

      There's also stamper wear. An early pressing should be best. Also, a lot of pressing plants are not exactly dust free environments. The records come off the press and drop into large vertical stacks. The sheer weight of vinyl will force any dust deep into the grooves, especially the records at the bottom of the stack.

    36. Packgrog Vinyl

      The cleaning solution used makes a HUGE difference, and was not really taken into account here. More recently I've been using an Ilfotol dilution on my vacuum RCM that vastly outperforms the results I was ever able to get with an ultrasonic machine. Proper rinsing can also make a big difference. The GEM Dandy uses a pretty strong solvent, as stated here, which is the primary benefit. Be careful to install a filter for mineral deposits if you ever use tap water, though! Or do a final distilled water rinse and vacuum with a different machine.

    37. kevin cottle

      *Pay attention everyone!* He got into the hobby nearly a decade ago! He's gotta boost his ego while trying to one up as many people as possible, in an otherwise competitive, and pretentious society.

    38. Scott Frobel

      Make a record cleaning vacuum "wand" and buy a small shop vac. Use tergikleen solution to wet the album, vacuum it, and then repeat with the purest water you can obtain. BAM! Fantastically cleaned albums for little money.

    39. johnny woodbine

      The main reason I prefer records is because 90% of it hasn't been re-released on CD, and what is has been "remastered" usually poorly so it sounds wrong (usualy over boosted treble, and bass that lacks its original punch) that and records are fun to dj with lol

    40. KvatchIsInDanger

      As an entry-level audiophile I guess I'll just have to be super careful with my records for years to come and hope to pick up a Degritter on credit years from now. D:

    41. radu florin

      The best solution is a thin layer of PVA glue , spread on a surface at a time with a brush , leave it to dry , then it will peel off in one go , the best and cheaper there is :) !!

    42. Jake Bermel

      One thing to keep in mind is that vacuum-based cleaners do better when you prime the record surface with distilled water and a quick vacuum, THEN apply the cleaning solution, vacuum off, and rinse/vacuum again. No scratches and cleaner than just vacuuming once.

    43. Alex Massey

      Got any tips for removing static electricity from vinyl?

    44. EJIFIII

      My man's got a Kiwanuka vinyl while I've still been meaning to listen to it

    45. MetalTrabant

      3000 dollars for a cleaner?! o.O My hi-fi setup and whole record collection (including vinyls and CDs) doesn't worth as much... and I have quite a lot of records now. It's absolutely crazy the amount of money people could spend on a simple hobby like listening to music... and vinyl is definitely the one that can be the most expensive (maybe except reel-to-reel studio master tapes). And btw, 30+ years old original CD's with a lot of scratches still play like new. With vinyl records, you're lucky if it plays through without a loop, and extensive crackling... sometimes even with new ones. I love vinyl, but it's definitely an imperfect media...

    46. sipinthatbub

      12:40 That thing would make a beautiful custom case for a pc

    47. Roger Doger

      You forgot the wood glue method. I'm really interested how wood glue would compare with the fuxkoff expensive machines.

    48. Rare Form

      Sound good like my thousand records . Overzealous people get in the way . You can't take it with you !

    49. Ed Jackson

      I like the guys who download high quality vinyl tracks to youtube. They do all the cleaning and I get to listen to the vinyl beauty. The vinyl sound really comes thru on HUgets Music

    50. Aaron Garcia

      :/ I don't hear any difference between the clean and dirty record in your example.

    51. Dave C

      A LP is currently on a trajectory for eternity. Digital is not.

    52. Electone_Guy

      Dawn dish soap, soft brush, rinse and dry. Easy, cheap and effective. Or, listen to CDs.

      1. Electone_Guy

        @Dave C Tell my CDs from 1983-on that they're dead. Oh, they can't hear you because they're still making beautiful music to this day. I enjoy vinyl as much as the next guy, but I have some recordings on CD that still floor me. Sure, I've transferred many of them to Flac files, but to say that they degrade? Sorry, not in my collection.

    53. Peter Ward

      This is weird. Today they are ADDING pops and clicks to soundtracks, when we spent years trying to eliminate them! D'oh!

    54. Forbidden User

      Heard literally no difference between clean and dirty... Still sounded like an inferior format. A cleaner is just adding an additional expense to an already useless expense. Vynal records are one of those odd products you end up paying a massive premium for a horrible quality product... And you do it intentionally... I wanna go to a car lot and buy a band new 40K$ car that comes pre-rusted, hipster-approved holes in the floorboard, leaking oil, and 3 flat tires... Then drag this pre-made piece of sh*t home to brag to all my friends about how I'm so cool and trendy and for doing so...

    55. colin gasson

      When i was deep into the vinyl hobby. I was looking at expensive record cleaners. Then I realised,what am I doing. Obviously I was more obsessed about equipment rather than the music. At the moment I have a Ifi Zen dac , Focal active speakers and a computer playing Tidal. The best part is that I don't need to clean my digital files. LOL. Good luck to all those vinyl heads maintaining their collections

    56. Eccomi

      Yeah I too unintentionally listen to music. It really annoys me but thankfully vinyl provides me with the answer to this dilemma. Finally I can press play intentionally!

    57. Guy Batchelor

      mate im a big collector myself, but why do you ave three copies of how to be a human being

    58. Olivier Champetier

      Hey, @Snazzy Labs thanks for the vids. Very informative! I have a question for you guys. I recently came across a product called "Dust Dabber". Sort of a slimy paste intended to pick up dust on scale models. My question is: how likely is this product to damage vinyls? Any comments? Thanks in advance

    59. Leonardo Milani

      Man, have you considered a soft sponge and some detergent? Some people use coconut detergent and it works just fine. You could spend like... US$2?

    60. Niels Gebhardt

      Vinyl is a religion, for my religion I would prefer Reel to Reel, it looks amazing and the Dynamic Range (mostly on the demo tapes) is amazing, but about 400€ for an album is crazy and lets not talk about the Machines... a fun and expensive hobby but for real clean/analytic audiophiles a Digital File is the way to go

    61. Ovnimoon

      CD sounds better :). and u no need waste tons of money for get clean sound..

    62. Cássio Contursi

      Is it just me or there's still crackling in the second recording?

    63. Josh Buckland

      You can buy much cheaper ways to clean records. No one ever told this guy, I'm guessing... Mine is very nice, and it cost less than $30. And my mom used to use rubbing alcohol and cotton... so...

    64. janot928

      What about the good old wood glue peel to clean record?

    65. geekfacekillah

      rich nerd: "my records have been sitting there for months, uncleaned" working dj: "I frequently lick bits of dried beverage off my records"

    66. Kyle X.

      Groovewasher makes a pretty good cleaning fluid.

    67. Vinicius Moreira

      i feel like an audiophile when i select extreme quality on spotify also recording a vinyl to digital audio will make the digital audio sound exactly the same as the vinyl, many "audiphiles" mistake different sound to better sound, vinyls don't sound better no matter how expensive your gear is

    68. C J


    69. Stid Starz

      Having spent thousands on vinyl and was driven to distraction by crackles, scratches and pops, I fully embraced the CD revolution to the full, and would never go back. Enjoyed the test though.


      eliminate pops and clicks....so...basically, eliminate the grain and sound of vynil records?...ugh....milennials....stay with the mp3, please..... you wanna clean a vynil? use alcohol or an ice cube, there, solved.

    71. The Watcher

      why would you want to do that?

    72. A M

      27? you look 47

    73. Robert Sorg

      You sold me on the degritter. As a mid 30 year old I cannot justify the $3k +. I don't think this would be in their business model, but if they would rent it for $100 to $200 a month to do my collection, I would be integrated. When done, I would mail it to the next renter. This might really work for price minded audiophiles and give them a use for returned products.

      1. Snazzy Labs

        Agree rental is a good idea.

    74. Let´sMüsli

      I just buy vinyls because I don't like buying music and not having anything physical to go along with it. I used to just buy CD's, but I want me favorite albums on vinyl

    75. FoulOwl

      "Reduce Pops and Clicks...". There, l fixed the title for you.

    76. ryan2stix

      I can't wait to get this so my scummy punk rock and d-beat stuff that sounds like it was recorded in a toilet will shine!

    77. Honk Honk

      Imma stick to my £1 microfibre cloths, thanks.

    78. hifi noob 2018

      Love the ubiquitous internet sound test. Pure nonsense.

    79. dvaoa

      $3000. Yup. Verdict = go get bent.

    80. Daniel Linger

      I was born in the 60s so I grew up with vinyl being the thing. I'm a bugger for not selling my stuff so I just kept all mine. Never gave it much thought until in the early 1990s I went and learned audio engineering at Uni. This changed my perception. I now knew PROPERLY how this worked. So when I had the cash some years later, I started investing in decent stereo and record washer and so on. From going from just "regular" couldn't care less bung a record on and don't think about it, to actually spending time to setup the table and take care, the difference sonically is AMAZING. It's well worth just taking the little extra time.




      3 grand? Thanks Spotify.

    83. Gabriel Cuahutle

      Sad, when did enjoying music become a nerds thing? Thumbs down for this video.

    84. googolplex1

      I'm 50 years old and I left behind vinyls yeeeeears ago... I only use CDs and digital formats, and I'm not not going back to vinyls...

    85. Saoirse McLeod

      Those pops and clicks are part of the nostalgic charm of vinyl. If you're going to get rid of them, why play a record? Why not just listen to digital format?

    86. Michael Renwick

      Any chance you want to sell one of those Chet Bakers, preferably the one cleaned on the USC? Thanks

    87. Erick Gregory

      holy mother of god. people complicate the living daylights out of simple tasks. oddboxTopper's original cleaning method works perfectly. Sad to say, I cannot share a link. Because for some reason got a lot of hate and he removed it from his channel. Simple DIY, and effective.

    88. ronniestanley75

      I disagree about digital being better. #1 without vinyl there would not be the caliber of music out there. The time constraints made the artists give us their best. #2 vinyl forces you to listen to songs other than hits. So, you hear more music that would never show up in a suggested list on line. And, #3 this is opinion, when you record music in analog, it should be listened to in analog. I would rather hear it the way it was recorded without digital filters. That said, records are a pain in the ass and are not easy to store.

    89. Samuel Paul Gäumann

      I clean my records with soap a sponge and running lukewarm tap water and dry them with a soft paper towel. It´s free and works ok and is good enough for old dirty cheep records from second hand stores. And I am the devil.

    90. Jose Ignacio

      Records are like drinking wine, it's bad for you but it's so relaxing and fulfilling... i don't own records nor I drink wine but I plan to start doing both at 60.

    91. MrSonofsonof

      Personally I can never hear any difference after cleaning. That's one of the advantages of getting older. Another one is that as your girlfriend gets more wrinkly, your eyesight gets worse and you don't notice so much. Nature is clever like that.

    92. runningwithshemp

      Having a tapes, CD's DVD's VHS or LP's (45, 33's) even laserdiscs is really a delight as digital streaming too distracting. I had Ipod touch but couldn't drive with it so bought final generation of Ipod Classic before it was discontinued, but even that find too jumpy and distracting unless I'm driving for over an hour. I even rebought a portable CD player so screen doesn't keep me awake at night. Only thing I see as illogical is playing 78's as core of one collection they are so fragile and sound can quite distance

    93. betaneptune

      What about discwasher? That's what I used back in the late 70's and 80's. I still have it, but need the discwasher fluid.

    94. betaneptune

      Please drop the extra music, like you have at the end. Why even bother putting it on?

    95. Jerry Gartner

      A few pops and clicks are part of the character of vinyl though. There is something to the ritual of cleaning records with the velvet brick and a little spritz. I see that these machines are a bit more hardcore for the really tough smeg.

    96. norton750commando

      That Gem Dandy. How to get 25 years of spindle wear in 2 seconds!

    97. Panaceias Úberes

      Uau... SACD won this in my book.

    98. Xiellion

      Of course the guy that collects records uses a mac

    99. Aldo lascuráin

      I like vinyl cause i like that pops and that physical sounds, and thats the only thing that i can listen on high volumen without losing quality, its like a copy from the master.

    100. Bryan Lu

      what about cleaning with wood glue?