The Future of TVs is NOT What You Think!

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    Everyone thinks MicrOLED is going to be the next big display technology, but with investment from Samsung and LG, OLED still has a lot of fight left in it, especially with the help of Quantum Dots from NanoSys.
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    Monitor And Keyboard by vadimmihalkevich / CC BY 4.0
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    1. oacy16

      I sleep well now having stopped on 85" q90t

    2. avalon NewWay

      MicroLED is future

    3. oggy jack

      That Segue way to Antony was a surprise.

    4. Mikolaj Szypkowski

      Boo no segway

    5. motz0815

      6:09 does that say "Veiwing Angles"?

    6. Hannah Matos

      TONIGHT: Follow along as the CBS News Decision Desk makes real-time state-by-state projections in the presidential race:

    7. TallGermanBoy

      This is the best LTT video I have ever seen! Awesome! Such a team effort, too!

    8. KeinNiemand

      So what's better qd-oled or micro led

    9. John Atom

      "Quantum Yield" is a very common term in chemistry.

    10. Sean Sollars

      Maybe one day OLED will be affordable

    11. Jeffrey Schofield

      Still waiting for SED :(

    12. Terry D

      i am m waiting for the unlimited k tv

    13. AscendantStoic

      Yeah, it actually makes sense, when i first read the explanations behind QLED and OLED, I thought "Hmmmm, why not combine both tech and negate all the downsides!!?" ... the answer was probably cost and technical limitations, but I suppose the cost of these technologies dropped a lot and their manufacturing became much more efficient that they can finally bring both tech together with no problems at a reasonable cost (still high for the average person but not insanely so).

    14. Toto Pie

      PLEASE TALK ABOUT PLASMONICS NEXT!!! It's gonna remove ALL the downsides of OLED, and then quantum dots can be merged with that!

    15. Hma Ngaiha

      This is breaking my brain ughh

    16. Son what

      So nanocell is just the same as q dot?

    17. Vidya Sagar Ronanki

      i think this is ltts best video

    18. Strider

      Wait..I thought Samsung just invested in “QNED” technology. So which is it. QNED or QD-OLED....

    19. Benedykt Kociersky

      Microled and OLED are the future TV panels

    20. Andrew Gutierrez

      This is unreasonably cool

    21. pslavi

      Anything with the word "Quantum" infront of it sounds cool..

    22. Paul Nolan

      I wanna know how ya gonna get a 3080 in a laptop :D

    23. ARA Photography

      the way he reads from the "text monitor" or what ever it is, makes my eyes hurt.

    24. AnonymousBagels

      2:09 shine it on a 14 nm dot and it'll glow blue

    25. nemure

      QD-OLED are just a brief step. Samsung is working on the big step which are QNED TV's Forget about crap OLED say hello to QNED

    26. Arthur Martinez

      How about Samsung get the qled generation tech they have currently correct . I'm currently on my 4th Samsung 75 inch q70t in 3 months

    27. User Name

      Does this stop the burn in issue all of my samsung tvs have had?

    28. Zack Brooks

      all I heard was blah blah blah

    29. quintana christopher

      wish they teach this way in schools

    30. michbushi

      fantastic job, guys. School sucks SO MUCH, by comparison!

    31. Christopher Lawley

      So is printer ink going to get cheaper?

    32. Hiran Almarales

      LG already makes the perfect OLED large size RGB TV with perfect color rendering and no color distortion no matter the viewing angle. Samsung excuses to market an obsolete and horrifying technology in order to make a profit are unacceptable. Please be advised of Samsung scams and do your research before purchasing a TV so that you wouldn't regret your decision later. 🤔 Also please note that on Jerry Rig Everything the color rendering of Samsung vs LG are clearly visible. a pure white color on Samsung looks green while on LG's is perfect. Also images on a Samsung are blurred while on LG's are perfect. Samsung used to make decent phones monitors at a low resolution of 1440p but now they have decided to quite literally make holes on them. making them a complete failure.

    33. YourPalJake

      What about oled burn in do?

    34. Espen Sande Larsen

      hey Linus & Co, I challenge you to make content that utilizes us who bought into the 32:9 aspect hype. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE my 49" screen in modern gaming. But when it comes to viewing videos online, either your excellent channel on youtube, or movies on Netflix... I just feel it is so much wasted opportunity to deliver quality content. I am not saying you should make videos only for us, but it would be cool if you made a couple - just to spearhead the future of ultra-wide content and be ahead of the curve for some content. I guess some of your videos would allow you to cater to a lesser demographic than your average videos.

    35. Raphael Jan Cañete Ferraris

      i tought it was going to be e paper or the mirror screen tech

    36. Johan

      2025-2027? How about 2020? 😃 Stop the FOMO breaking news!:

    37. Luis Hernandez

      the sad future of TV will be portrait mode | | we will have narrow tvs from floor to ceiling , boomers will keep their 2.39:1 screens

    38. ChonkyCat123

      this bitch leaked the apple tagline three months early

    39. John Kinsfather

      Why does everyone think brightness is better? Maybe we don’t need all this brightness

    40. JazzMac36251

      The production value on this was great! Awesome job everyone!

    41. Belijem Ezeomedo

      He wrote veiwing angle

    42. My Corner

      Can you guys explain qned: Is this self emissive pixels that can be turned on and off?

    43. TheCriticom

      I miss CRT monitors the picture was excellent no ghosting burn in high response time. I wish they could have pumped all that money in research into finding a way to make CRT as thin as lcd tv's that would be great.

    44. Mariano Tufro

      Love this new format featuring the whole team 😊 Keep then coming! Nice explanation of very complex concepts.

    45. Pale O'Pterix

      Conclusion: stock on LCD TVs while you can.

    46. Pale O'Pterix

      Of course... TV screens that degrade in a couple of years and lose colors and sharpness is the "way to go" for the greedy producers. Why buy a TV and use it for years and years when you could buy a TV every 2 years? It's the same tactics used by phone manufacturers when they stopped making phones with replaceable battery.

    47. Ray van der Heij

      Hehe. He said “threeways”.

    48. BiggityBoggityBoo

      So basically we've got into a scenario, again, where panel lifetime, like original oled, is still going to be an issue. Blue oled LEDs aren't fun from a standard lifetime perspective but I guess if you've only got one colour of base emitter it would be easier to store total cumulative pixel on-time and design a comepansation curve to prevent colour shifting and screenburn over time. Then the electron stimulation of the quantum dots directly? This is great but I had no idea that the dots themselves broke down...great. So back to the same problem, how to ensure longevity.

    49. WastedYouth

      I have a 1951 Motorola. Color is rich and deep.

    50. Andrew Douglas

      The lighting in the studio is absolute fire.

    51. mystery chemical

      Future of Monitors?

    52. SlappyTheElf

      As a consumer how much difference am I actually going to see here? I kind of feel that at the correct viewing distance we hit the realms of ever decreasing returns with 1080p, 4k is nice but isn't the total game changer that from SD to FHD was (and CRT TVs produced better colours and deeper blacks with less response times so we've not even caught back up in some respects). I'm watching this all on a 24" VA 1080p 144hz monitor.

    53. Nathan Auvil

      Did I just watch a Samsung ad for 11 minutes? Idk what just happened. Kudos my guys at ltt that got me. Kind of like the glass ad from mythbusters

    54. TJ Marx

      Worth watching to see Alex present again even if it was just for a moment. Please bring him back. Down voted because you associated a VPN with a security tool kit. Please stop advertising in misleading ways

    55. riza dervisoglu

      Very nice video guys! Well done!

    56. Tony Trilex

      I guess he wouldn't have gave himself away to the Nazi's in 1:05 (Inglorious Bastards)

    57. Jack Major

      6:01 ssǝuʇɥƃᴉɹq

    58. winkipinky

      Ok but the quadruple ear rings Linus.. come on, they gotta go it's 2020.

    59. Caleb Grayson

      teal? not cyan, magenta, and amber?

    60. Fred Thomson

      If there ever was a redundant technology to separate a fool from his money this is it. I am just watching a movie.

    61. Gary Benade

      Veiwing angles? Viewing angles, just better

    62. Daniel Cartis

      This is one of your top videos, LTT Team. I love all the different formats for the various series but this one was outstanding.

    63. David Hancock

      I really hope this is a proper thing and not another Samsung scam.

    64. NFSHeld

      1:29 I like how they consistently misspelled "Cadmium" as "cadium" everywhere they wrote "100% cadium free", but not the one place where it says "

    65. Lhun

      I'm gonna come in here and and say the future of tvs is no tvs at all, but vr/ar glasses. I watch tv, with friends, on a 90 foot theater with true to life 5.1 audio, even though some of them are halfway across the world, in oled, 144hz, at 5k. per eye. As headsets become more affordable, higher resolution (reverb g2!) and comfortable, who needs an overpriced tv anymore when you can just load up your desktop in bigscreen or vrchat?

    66. andyp315

      7:32 love the closed caption mistake/joke "Doped with your opium and other rare earth materials..." No wonder they been slow to make their own full OLED tv's lol

    67. Anolaana Seranaar

      I like how Alex is the only one not to show off at 8:20 and not throw the lightbar xD

    68. Anna Nimmous

      6:32 I showed you my HDR display please respond

    69. John M

      4:35 I'd be willing to bet money that nobody could actually tell in a blind viewing test if the different displays were setup and calibrated as close as possible. The difference is there, absolutely. It's measurable by instruments, yes. But can our eyes and brains actually tell? Probably not. That said... It never hurts for color accuracy to be as good as it possibly can be.

    70. Busi Xnesse

      These new screen technologies suffer from early burn in. Give them a few years to figure it out.

    71. G M

      Hi ace videos but why your 4k ones odd. I have 2 black bars top bottom i have 65inch oled lg and some reson youtube or you have uploaded with then bars whats point of a big tv cant see it in full glory lol loves videos you do. 😉👍

    72. spluv y

      magnificent video!

    73. idpro83

      The future of TVs is a technology called CRT.

    74. Stephen V

      My favorite line of the video: "this thing's expensive, I'm not going to throw it."

    75. Ahorn Staub

      what about oled is fading (build for litter) technology?

    76. The BozzHogg

      SO burn in is our future ...awesome

    77. Afonso Luiz Dilda Bucco

      nobody answers the main question: Why the colors of new The Lion King movie are so bad and dark! That clean African sky seems like a cloudy London sky.

    78. TJCCBR47

      You know whats really funny? We already have a superior display Technology called SED, but Canon and Toshiba cant let others release comercial products... "SED (Surface-conduction Electron-emitter Display). The goal of SED is to bring some of the good qualities of CRT displays (response time, brightness, black levels) to a fixed pixel, very thin, low power display. "

    79. Kwa ndo

      TV has a future?

    80. juggerfox

      So it's QD OLEDs that make Veiwing Angles transform into Viewing Angles? :D

    81. John Da Costa

      This epsidoe was superb!! loved seeing you all in it :)

    82. Bill Hubbard

      Yeah and they're going to cost so much money most people ain't going to be able to afford them

    83. Kyle Anderson

      Quantum yield/efficiency is a technical term

    84. Jim S

      I understood nothing. Here is my comment for extra engagement.

    85. Morgan Campbell

      Excellent video, James knows how to make a good video

    86. Zanadoo

      Your viewing angles sign is spelt a little funky

    87. Mike K4ISR

      Time to stop thinking about things in only RGB since colors span a wider spectrum.

    88. David StarrTouch

      This may be the best production + Creativity LTT video yet like with the light throwing, the labs, the quick bites of info packed in. I’m impressed!

    89. Arcade Alchemist

      when you abuse a pure white light though a prism it turns LGBT

    90. Scott

      what about burn in? I will never buy an oled because of this.

    91. Luke Richards

      Love the ensemble cast.

    92. Victor Fugita

      I loved this new tech, but just sounded like the new plasma... Of course we want more bright and wider gamut, but if it has to deal with substance decay It will be pretty unreliable... OH YEAH AND CONGRATS FOR THE PRODUCTION ON THIS VIDEO 10/10

    93. Moksh Haria

      If someone understood all of the video, please explain it to me.

    94. Cuban CigarMan

      I’m watching this on my iPad and I have no intention of buying a new tv for the next 10-15 years as my tv viewing times is down to 2 hours a week. Maybe quantum holographics will be the norm then... lol

    95. CST

      bring back the old intro!

    96. Internet Supervillain

      I don't get it, wasn't the fundamental deal breakers for OLED both it's price and fragility? Doesn't sound like this will address either of those.

    97. Mc Epic

      It's igzo

    98. Dave Garratt

      You must have seen those pictures where someone see's blue and another person see's gold. I wonder if we will end up with a TV which different people see different colours ?

    99. E Lee

      this is actually my favorite ltt video

    100. Richard Calf

      Wow I watched this whole video, without really understanding.