2021 F1 Drivers - My First & Last | Part 1


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    What was your first car? What app do you open first in the morning? Last time you Googled yourself? Hear from Max Verstappen, Sebastian Vettel, Lando Norris and more.....
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    1. Angrez Ladka

      Alonso's firt car is as old as lando

    2. Lukas M

      Tsunoda rockin' with that vtec

    3. Kofitelli

      first podium: mazepin has left the chat

    4. Carol

      Put the subtitles on, please.

    5. Mason Daniel

      The miniature fiber hisologically dress because broccoli subcellularly mourn amidst a unbecoming fairies. abject, angry softdrink

    6. Sitranine

      Yuki ❤️

    7. Usman Khan

      First car s2000 👍👍

    8. Matteo Barbadori

      I didn't get kimi's car

    9. RPG RAP

      I love how stroll and mazepin did not answer the first question/they did not put it in the video because they dont wanted to flex to hard 😂

    10. Sovanvictor Vong

      Yuki Honda S2000 wow

    11. TheGangZA

      So no ones gonna mention the legendary S2000 Yuki owned?

    12. Joe Sheppard

      Lando saying "gangsta" with that face... 😂

    13. Gabriel 31

      Who the f wants an autograph from nikita

    14. Khloe Kai

      go Google George Russell

    15. uk tech

      verstapen a man of culture

    16. Daniel Atlas

      Hamilton of course you would forget your mother’s birthday,she,s white which only seems to means negatively to blacks!

    17. Dave

      Newb here and because I am new, no names with these guys is not helping me lol I know a handful of them but who is at 06:20 because that's hilarious. I know the face, not the name. Thanks When was the last time you forgot something important ? 14 February ha !

    18. Marco Russo

      Mazaspin was probably still spinning like a fidget spinner in carting

    19. John Bako

      Discord? Max is a gamer

    20. John Bako

      Of course the ice man drove a Lada... Bet he still does

    21. Hydra Salesman

      Shut up mazepin

    22. Xymn Says

      Well certainly not expecting MAZESPIN here

    23. Azra Şimal Akın

      Everyone: Instagram Checo: STONKS

    24. Martin Adrian Arcenas

      fernandos smile after "february 14th" lol..

    25. Boris Pernichev

      1:20 what?!? No way!! The guy got an s2k as a first car!!

    26. tomlg4life2202

      *that moment when you are racing in F1 but can't drive yet*

    27. polar bear

      its funny how most of drivers had their first car a brand that doesnt exist in formula 1 -BMW

    28. Pradip kr Bhowmik

      0:06:Bowah that's to much work.

    29. chicken wings #1180

      Lando and yuki are me

    30. Momo Adj

      0:56 SOVIET

    31. Alim ZazaZ Music

      Everyone gangsta (even lando) until yuki said S2000

    32. a lullaby

      S2000 cool

    33. Davester523

      First app Max: WhatsApp, or discord A man of culture, I see

    34. Corey Carlson

      Update: Russell's wikipedia picture is still the same

    35. Mk6J

      I always check the weather first

    36. f altay

      that uncomfortable laugh of alonso when he revealed he forgot valentines day caught me off guard XD

    37. bazique77

      Ford coguar, ive expected such a shitbox from Valterri 😃💁‍♂️

    38. Ahmad Nizam

      its funny how max doesnt hv license car but already drove f1 😂 i were him just show the racing license i guess

    39. Prince Ecstar

      0:50 oh you're talking about the 2019 Williams?

    40. ManosToroRosso


    41. Formlaticus_27 27

      Of course yuki had a Honda S2000 massive respect

    42. Deathy Voki

      Anyone notice that mazepin isn't on this video.

    43. Ji Mi

      Vettel would now anwer: yesterday, my correct parkin lot :D

    44. Godvitz

      8:48 I was waiting for this moment all video long lol

    45. Tyler Harper

      Hahaha I am dying at Russell's wiki pic rn

    46. J Khan

      I always think Lance stroll is so humble

    47. J Khan

      Lando saying gangster

    48. Thibaud Duhamel

      Wow horner is a d*ck for finding Checo's wallet and only telling him a week after... (just kiddin guys, don't get all high and mighty)

    49. M H A

      Latifi first car was an M3???? Assuming it's the e92 or the f80. I guess having a rich family has its perks

    50. Kai Sutherland

      7 Up champagne is awesome

    51. Safa Salici

      I think everyone Forgot his Mask

    52. Juan Andres

      Everyone else: WhatsApp or Instagram Bottas: THE WEATHER

    53. Orangerola

      Only men of real taste drive Lada

    54. Trilochan velmurugan

      Never expected that Yuki had a honda *S2000!*

    55. The Racing Zone

      1:19 respect for Yuki

    56. mtb_tompic

      Why does Lando look soo lost!!

    57. Guido Guido

      If George changes his signature, the autographs he gave before will be even more valuable because you can literally never get them again!

      1. Ashleigh Spence

        True that... but ppl will probably think its fake🥲

    58. francisco Bernal

      How many GME shares do you think Checo holds?

    59. Martin PK

      verstappen saying he uses discord, one of us, one of us, ONE OF US

    60. Stephano Teani

      I love f1 media never change

    61. r Li

      HONDA S2000!!!! yeah!

    62. M҉r҉A҉l҉e҉k҉s҉

      Max has Discord? Gimme invite to server where he is please.

    63. Richard ter Veen

      Lada Kimi??

    64. mkaali

      0:06 It's your job, it's more like a hobby for me

    65. DranK

      Lando Norris ended racism with his first car

    66. justicewing

      1:20 Ma man!

    67. オタクRadPadGER

      2:05 Russell: My wikipedia photo is awful *Me Opens Google*

    68. Ojvind Svinhufvud


    69. JesusChrist4REAL

      Someone has Mazepins autograph 😅

    70. omar cano

      Yuki with the best car of them all, hope he keeps the s2k

    71. Nakul K.R.

      4:55 mazepin doesn't even sound like a russian. His english accent is perfect!

      1. Momo Adj

        kimi is more russian then him 😂

    72. SpookyPlague573

      sheeeeesh first Yuki's car is sick

    73. askavee

      Kimmi Räikkönen like a savage: *_L A D A_*

    74. Denis Nik

      Кими сказал - ЛАДА?

    75. Sebastian Sordo

      Can someone pass verstapens discord?

    76. FabianVanSteph

      Stroll still is the lostest in the Grid ! And btw. someone want a Autograph from Mazipan ? Really ?

    77. Honkey Tonkee

      Yuki Tsunoda had the coolest first car without a doubt


      I know we are supposed to hate paid divers but Nicholas is a pretty cool dude, hope for the best in his career. Hope he improves in the next couple years.

    79. Jeremy Palad

      Sainz's autograph story is the most epic one imo

    80. squid's don't have ankles

      Yes max the pro gamer using discord

    81. Alan Herrera

      6:16 sad Vettel smile... :')

    82. Think ItOver

      Vettel losing due to having the smallest neck on the grid. He cannot take the g forces like others.

    83. GramerDim

      no shot yuki had an s2k

    84. fred banda

      Great video👏🏾🤣🤣🤣

    85. Million Colors of Light

      "When was the last time you forgot something important?" Alonso: "14th of February" oh dear

      1. Kevin

        he slept on the couch that night...

    86. Jay Thrax

      It's kinda sad how Vettel never got asked for an autograph but Mazepin did. Makes me wanna ask him for one

    87. Henry Lorenz

      Hello? Can Kimi get more screentime?

    88. Moises Sequera

      Please next time ask what’s their favorite car.

    89. Rafat Anbousi

      ok Tsunade is cool

    90. JXMIE

      Ocon looks like Nikki lauda when he said “yeah”

    91. Koobs

      big up yuki with an s2k what a legend

    92. Andy Hatch

      I once arrived at a Tennis Tournament without any tennis rackets

    93. Colt Alabama

      when alonso said the 14th of feb i lost it

    94. MusicreviewbyDennis

      Just wondering, how the race would look like when they all compete with their first car 😅 Can we also talk about how many humble drivers we have in this years grid 😊

    95. MarCas8

      Is no-one going to talk about Max Verstappen's DISCORD?

    96. Alice Angel

      George thought that fiat was slow until he got into the Williams😂

    97. Allen

      Max Verstappen confirmed discord

    98. Daniel

      Bruh max has a discord?🤣

    99. Deer Lord

      Leclerc and Tsunoda had the coolest first cars. '69 Fiat 500 and Honda S2000 👌