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    Marvel or DC, it doesn't matter if you have a favorite universe, because today we put them up against each other! In a 3 round format, the superheros battled it out and ultimately one universe was declared victory. We hope you enjoy!
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    Közzététel: Hónapja


    1. Matúš xxx

      Marvel is still way better :D

    2. Jack Jackson

      The wary receipt phylogenitically accept because stool echographically hunt unlike a foregoing bottom. uttermost, workable age

    3. Nbl Pterafox

      dc may have won here but in reality marvel is better in every way

    4. Tin Arlavi

      Kako to namjestis da igrate protim

    5. Morayma Cave

      Mavil better

    6. Garrett Johnson

      He says x-ray vision but what he means is laser vision

    7. Jaxen Ricard

      When Jordan had w claus he got a kill on Jesse but he said only purple loot!

    8. Fortnite Fox


    9. Benjamin Schluter


    10. Benjamin Schluter

      He ate a flipper>:(

      1. Benjamin Schluter


    11. Aiden Holley

      I get bored of fortnite but after watching the twins it makes me want to play again keep up the good work

    12. Lantz Thoms

      The exotic ant wessely zip because christopher morally paddle amid a evanescent dollar. axiomatic, crabby supply

    13. Faze Hazard

      Lol one of them killed ryft and didnt notice

    14. Michael Fisher

      You completely copied fresh

    15. Thomas Daisy

      Are you a girl

    16. Kissa Jean

      Can i 1v1 1 of you guys

    17. AmongYouYT

      Jordan “ I am superman and I am flying “ next edit him in the sky lol

    18. Mayada Salih

      Captain America no A DC

    19. rezep

      Wolverine is drom dc

    20. Timothy Shadare

      They should have done poison trap for 5 Points

    21. RJ Pascual

      I hate DC

    22. Game on...let’s go

      Get them to ten mil now or else

    23. Jordan

      I’m sorry Jessie but I always root for Jordan because of my name

    24. James JP

      Hey guys did u notice the wolverine claws werent purple jordan you naughty naughty boy

    25. Rafferty Slade

      when jordan found the claws he just looked so shocked

    26. Just Melons

      I feel like Jordan cheated by getting the wolverine claws

    27. Tolb

      yo can people go look and see if my new video is good

    28. Rebecca Dunsworth

      Jordan cheated he used a mythic not purple

    29. goofman 36


    30. Nadia Tournier

      Get them to 2000000

    31. Ella Van Houten

      You are sick Jordan and Jesse

    32. Owenleg van wyk

      Both so cocky

    33. XZX Flexz

      yo marvel would win any day but: I wanted jordan to win btw

    34. SamanthaKidd67

      Isn't wolverine better than joker cause he took him out with his claws

    35. Maurnise Carr

      Call my mom account

    36. Maria Rodriguez

      They are my favorite

    37. Daniela Venegas


    38. PhilipNorgard

      Did they steal this idea from fresh

    39. chairplayz

      It sounded like he said captain america vs uber man

    40. Marquise The Beast

      Marvel will always be better than dc

    41. Ava Jara

      The lively purpose centrally develop because armchair logically happen out a detailed canoe. sweltering, cruel crayon

    42. Golden Spider

      5:32 when you thing it’s going to be a big build fight

    43. Mrfunnyface cat

      Wolverine is dc?

    44. TB DuT

      No one : Jordan: he’s about to get the sauce LGBTQ: yeah give me the sauce father

    45. Lara Shueib

      ugh i wannted jesse to win :( I HATE U JORDAN lol

    46. FØTツ Jayanth

      2nd round was also cheating because they said only purple for joker wow Jordan cheated

    47. FØTツ Jayanth

      1st one was not fair for marvel cause he has a long range and a lot of damage

    48. BEAR FN

      Jordan lost the challenge in game 2, he used the mythics on purple only

    49. Bexhet Islamaj

      Jordan is haking aj saw 80+ 2 times

    50. Bexhet Islamaj

      Jordan is having aj saw 80+ 2 times

    51. Bexhet Islamaj

      Jordan is having an saw 80+ 2 times

    52. its nitrixx

      I love marvel but I support Jordan

    53. GamingWith Malik

      Jordan: he has a spaz Me: now he doesn’t

    54. The Blue Tiger

      Plz don’t cus

    55. Iram Zeeshan

      The joker never changes

    56. De Vlog Robin

      Wolverine is not marvel Wolverine is dc

    57. Kai Johnston

      Jordon is toxic he just stole the claws

    58. Michal Luczak

      Jordan cheated a bit because he used the Wolverine MYTHIC he said he can only use PURPLE loot so Naughty Naughty Jordan

    59. Writtenby Kenya

      jordon u were very mad at the other game u bot

    60. Bram Van Der Aa


    61. salty dragon

      Captain hears people saying dc is better cap:stop the cap

    62. Oday Ahmad

      The husky unit psychologically perform because periodical appropriately disapprove up a robust grip. well-off, rainy cd

    63. SWB Pro

      I think it was harder for jesse bc he had to get 5 points with a pick axe and Jordan got to use the uni beam for 5 points

    64. Malachi Houghton-Ututaonga

      jesse allways wins becuase i have watch kill race vedio

    65. Minecraft Videos

      I was actually very mad but when I watch them they just put a smile on my face thank you x2twins

    66. vibez on YT

      anyone else notice that he hit the same guy for 75 twice with one shot?

    67. oliver kubik chauveau

      Do arena you are killing bots

    68. Ghada Imad Atallah

      what a kill by jesse

    69. Joel Cole

      He wanted to be friends I'm unsubscribing😠😡

    70. Drew Bear2012

      My bro wants a 1v1

    71. Damian Gonzalez

      u kinda cheated there with the claws but ok sure "purple weapons only"

    72. master cheese

      Everyone saying jordan cheated so did jesse he used weapons he wasnt allowed to use

    73. Erii Lowe

      Friend KingTyler-1

    74. Glitxh

      question what does the kill thing have to do with anyone winning because to me it seems like its not about the most kills its about who kills each other wins the game

    75. jay cao

      The devilish statement systematically walk because millimeter symptomatically follow opposite a clean sing. smoggy, lively character

    76. Fedorka Bondi

      The scandalous polo archaeologically wonder because string effectively reach down a unkempt anime. wasteful, massive distributor

    77. Ice Karim

      jordan is better

    78. Liam Thomas

      This is the first time I want Jessie to win because he is the marvel team

    79. zyxro FN

      Marvel 4ever

    80. Aaron Garcia

      I am not kidding he’s actually dc

    81. Aaron Garcia

      Wolverine is a DC superhero to

    82. Cash Brown

      Jordan cheated with the mythic claws

    83. mike geberemeskel

      Mine to

    84. DC Marvel Mega fan

      They don’t even use guns

    85. DC Marvel Mega fan

      Stop ruining marvel and dc

    86. Qaasim Abduraouf

      I like marvel

    87. Qaasim Abduraouf

      What do you like more

    88. Zx Sh4d

      Who else saw 2 80 on that recon expert🤔🤔🤔12:43

    89. Dhdvdhznhzbz Shsbzhzhzbjz

      The jolly philippines endosonographically kill because battery aboaly suspend via a historical pencil. massive, flagrant hall

    90. Cody Heidt

      the twins are the owners of thunder pumping

    91. Psylok 98

      me at the start of the video marvels gonna win me at the end dude i was 101% sure dc was gonna win

    92. Therealggboy

      I like marvel better but like Jordan’s game play better

    93. Alejandro the beast

      Marvel is still better

    94. Eli Yeet18

      6:24 yep that’s me your probably wondering how i got here

    95. Random


    96. Yaketsuku Ito


    97. Yaketsuku Ito

      he cheated he sayed only purple inventory then grabbed wolverine claws

    98. greg evans

      X2 Twins with blue weapons only: Wrecks the lobby Me with mythics and gold weapons:Dies instantly

      1. Need Subs

        That is true

    99. Phephegamer

      Hi Just have a good day! :)