New Year, New Yeet (Eat It or Yeet It #23)

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    A new year means new healthy yeets, and we’ve brought a HIGHLY requested contestant to the wheel this time!
    This video was shot with a very limited crew. All cast & crew followed all CDC and California COVID-19 precautions and filming guidelines.
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    Ian Hecox: ianhecox
    Courtney Miller: co_mill
    Damien Haas: damienhaas
    Kimmy Jimenez: kimmydoesstuff
    Tommy Bowe: tomeybones
    Garrett Palm: gpalm79
    Vice President, Unscripted: Matt Raub
    Executive Producer/Director: Sarah Whittle
    Producer/Cam Op: Kevin Rygg
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    1. maria Kun

      Does anyone know where Courtney's sweater is from I NEED IT

    2. Monica A

      I hope we get a new episode soon!

    3. Jeremazing

      It was so obvious by the way they shaped it was definitely canned pineapple

    4. Valkorion 23

      Jimmy Kimmel would have been great :D do it guys, invite him :D

    5. Vortex Gaming

      Do an episode where it's garretts revenge where shayne has to eat everything garrett made.

    6. Cryptic Enigma123

      Shayne probably thought that it would have smelled like water, so they didn’t show us his reaction.

    7. Not A Lithium Barbie Doll

      I need to see Courtney Freakin Miller on an episode of Eat it or Yeet it

    8. Wilson Aitken

      Do a fast food themed episode for example like a crunch wrap that has sushi with wasabi in it or something

    9. Alexandra Pono

      they should do a weird food combination episode

    10. Daniel Christie

      Iv been asking for Courtney to be a victim on this show for awhile now

    11. DevZen

      You guys should try 10 people. Double the Dishes, Double the pain, and Double the fun!

    12. itsmekyle_-

      I also want to eat🥺👉👈

    13. Emmy

      I would love to see if Garrett could get Senburi cha (or probably more known as Kuding tea) which I believe is the healthiest yet most bitter tea in the world. I've had it before as a game punishment and it was really bad. Just wonder how the smosh crew would take it lmao

    14. Mads

      Courtney FREAKIN’ Miller should be the host or the chef for an episode

    15. Ezra Bello

      Garrett and his majestic, amazing, healthy, and shiny hair... i'm envious look at it!!!

    16. Moonwolf Xx

      Brooo this was filmed on my b-day

    17. carver labarbera

      Is this a dream.......... Is Courtney really going to eat or yet?

    18. Dani

      I need to know where Courtney got her top from!

    19. Samuel Dyke

      I think unpopular opinion, please go back to the normal version or maybe alternate?

    20. NE SW

      They need to do a revenge episode. Rig the wheel so it stops on Garrett every time. May be do expressive entrees for their usual contestants.

    21. Arnold Hubbard

      I thought they'd make a Rocky joke after it was revealed to be raw egg

    22. floopin thepig

      eat or yeet with try not to laugh characters PLEASE

    23. Gabbi Ivey

      I feel like it would be fun if you mix eat it or yeet it and a game like mario party eat it or yeet it and the person who loses eats but a twist there not safe they can eat agian or all of them.

    24. Janell Rich

      Toothpaste round!!! Brush it or gush it!!!

    25. Ella Johnson

      They seem like really fun but chaotic People to hang out with lol

    26. Ice

      In 2:47, the bell rang the the second I hit the button

    27. Ghxst _

      im suprised i havent seen much sour with spicey combos, like why not do a super salty and sour and spicytaco or somthing or burrito, just an i dea :)

    28. Ashley Barnes

      Lol everyone freaking out about liquid egg whites.. use it as a substitute for water or milk in your protein shakes and you’ll never know. Literally has no taste and has the same consistency as water

    29. DraycosDragon

      Oh! I just had a couple ideas for Eat It Or Yeet It! IDEA 1: Maybe you guys could try weird breakfast items celebrities have either celebrity endorsed/sponsored foods. Like the "Bob Ross" cereal for example (the Bob Ross cereal is a real cereal. I only heard about it thanks to an old video I watched on the "Dope Or Nope" YT channel) IDEA 2: Seeing as Courtney already got to experience being in a seat at the wheel/table, maybe next time she could be the one coming up with all of the foods/drinks and Garret could have a chance as the server in her place (I'd say he could be at the table/wheel but they've already done that once before... just not when the wheel was included though). I doubt Garret or any of the other Smosh/Smosh Pit/Smosh Games people would ever read this but I hope they do. I think it'd be funny to see their reactions BEFORE eating the items, then their reactions AFTER eating the items.

    30. Amani5576

      1:10 Yaaaaaazzzz FINALLY ! I'm so excited

    31. ZeRoNinJa

      Guess Courtneys original Eat it or Yeet it contract expired

    32. Keyz Krazy

      I like the bell better, still an awesome series

    33. The Percussionist

      He said to punch the notification bell, so even though I already clicked it, I had the urge to punch it, so I literally punched it...

    34. Joe L Rodriquez

      Every time y’all say punch that notification bell, I do and I either turn it on or off... Courtney threw up on chicken soup😂😂😂(basically)

    35. Joe L Rodriquez

      Wow courtney is eating for once lol

    36. Jaime Abengoechea

      How is this still a thing wtf get jobs pls

    37. caiden heath

      Courtney serving unus annus vibes

    38. Mossmann 590

      That yellow stuff is slurm from futerama

    39. My name Josh

      Yeah Court Bort!

    40. Grace Li

      Ian: it smells nice Courtney: I can’t smell it Me: 😳 corona?

    41. DeadlyHusk

      How did Courtney get unasanus merch

    42. Johnavita1

      What you should do is keep it covered and only tell the description but make it sound weird ie churned Cow juice for butter. Then have them ring the bell and reveal the dish.

    43. DryBones271

      Next game, Have 7 pieces, 1 for the 5 guests, one for Courtney, and a small slice for Garrett.

    44. CadetClarke

      Kevin should be a contestant in a future episode!!!!!

    45. Renem Art

      Im picky as hell. I couldn;t play this game bacause even those "Good" ones would be disgusting for me XDD

    46. Stormy Dino

      I think Courtney freaking miller shouldve been on this. I miss her.


      About time she did it, especially since it came out in the podcast that she shot down the OG idea for this show just because she didn’t feel like eating some less-than-ideal food

    48. Will Kelly

      Y’all this is my favorite show. I watch every episode of this that you do of this series. I would LOVE to be a part of this game like deadass it’s like a dream of mine

    49. AlaskanDude9oh7

      Shayne: *takes shot* Ian: "there you go! there you go!" i could see this being a meme lmao

    50. cosmicIllusion1999


    51. PinkPanda Marz

      They should do one where they hve 6 identical dishes, and all are bad except for 1 and everyone eats every time

    52. Keeshawn Lucero

      Hey @Smosh next time you do Eat it or Yeet it. You should leave the cover on when you spin it. So that way you don’t know who eats the food until you uncover it. That way everyone would get nervous and scared 😂Just an idea 😂🔥💯

    53. karishma levy

      Idea: eat it or yet it ice cream..???

    54. Nicholas Ortega

      Anyone else think that Anthony would've loved to be a part of and see eat it or yeet it grow up

    55. Mikael

      Raw egg seriously? I have 3 of them every morning. Ye its kind of disgusting but you get everything else but vitamin C from them. But yeet it gross? No

    56. Savvas V

      Ian looks like old cody ko (with bleached hair)

      1. Savvas V

        I still like smosh though

    57. Valkorion 23

      Jimmy Kimmel would have been awesome, not gonna lie :D but this was so fun! :D

    58. Thumbs Up Man


    59. Jia Wei Ye

      . .

    60. Pepe Garcia

      00:19 Kimmy's face is the most adorable thing

    61. Leviathan Lamothe

      Garrett hair looks great!

    62. Hanna Goodrich

      Courtney faced one of her fears! She talked about it in the podcasts and she hated it. Super proud of you girl!!! Also can’t wait for the podcast to come back!!

    63. sad warudo

      Goodbye anthony i hope you have a good time ;(

    64. Laura Siddall

      Mix mashed banana into scrambled eggs. Its impossible to see the difference

    65. Kaydence Larson

      I remember when she was so excited she wouldn't have to sit at the table

    66. NarwhalGalaxy

      Jesus loves you!

    67. Nicole Weigel Kroll

      Smosh? Were are the pokemon references?

    68. Requiem for a Meme

      3:33 Kimmy so wholesome that she doesn’t spoil anything when she figured out what it is.

    69. Rae Helen Timbal

      Finally, Courtney after 2 years 😅😂

    70. Sxftii_ Cloxds

      who thinks courtney freaking miller should go on eat it or yeet it-

    71. Relyxxs

      Courtney please be in the challenge again! I love u so much

    72. Braden -_-

      Eat or Yeet idea: the food is only revealed for 5 seconds and everyone votes EAT or YEET. If the majority votes EAT, everyone eats. If majority votes YEET, anyone who voted EAT still has to eat. Unanimous vote means Garrett has to eat.

    73. Zero Barge

      Courtney, I just want you to know that I love and appreciate you.

    74. Vitor Gonzaga

      Used to love Courtney, now my heart belongs to Kimmy ♥

    75. Corey Neher

      Kimmy is freakin adorable, just sayin

    76. fire Dragon

      Shane was in Henry danger and I just found out

    77. jimevers100

      I would like to see an eat it or yeet it where you guys don’t reveal what the food is until after the wheel is spun, that way it lands on (ex. Shayne) and he doesn’t see it until it’s time to put it in his mouth, I think that way the game would be 10x more psychological torture lol

    78. Lizzy Fire

      What if one of these times they just send out the same dish. Same ingredients, same plating, same flavour. And the big bite is just the dish but bigger.

    79. PunishMeDaddy

      Hehehe the old man get a pooping cereals, but no bully Kimmy >:/

    80. THElbhorsie

      Kimmy: *looks absolutely disgausted * Also Kimmy: "interesting"

    81. k frost

      I simply continue to enjoy all of the content that comes out on this channel. Never a dull moment. So I’ve seen many “episodes” and for what it’s worth, which is next to nothing I just wanted to mentionbut I feel Court-ny has come such A long way comedically with all these bits from where she was originally.

    82. Peter Parker

      Hello I've been in a coma for 8 years. I just typed in ianh and this appeared. Can someone explain to me what happened ? What's this channel?

    83. vfwestphal

      Jesus christ, what is with the lip smacking? Did they invite farm animals to do sfx? for fuck's sake

    84. StarryIcewolf

      I really hope this was Courtney's idea...I know she was adamant in the past that she wasn't interested in being a participant

    85. Touya Todoroki

      i want Courtney's shirt/sweater thing for my monokuma cosplay UwU

    86. SnorlaxKing 990

      I have an idea! Each time a player finishes the dish and they don’t yeet it, the Garret sliver gets bigger.

    87. Ashen Onixe Gaming

      Episode starts, special guest introduced, immediately i think to myself: "shes gonna die"

    88. Abdullah Meer

      I don't know why I always end up watching this while I'm eating food.

    89. CatnipNapkin

      "Stick your butt out so the fans like it" *SHE'S ON TO US BOYS*

    90. Kyran Edwards

      He was on kid danger

    91. Yolanda

      I'm only here for Tommy

    92. Emilie Yding

      Do a episode with all kind of different shots of liquid! Like soy sauce, etc... 😁😁

    93. Eli Jenning

      I’m waiting for someone to get a shot glass of magnesium citrate

    94. emmetthelegoman


    95. Drew

      Yay Courtney gets to play!!!

    96. Lauren Alyssa

      When Shayne said it tastes like Christmas I thought it was Jägermeister ngl

    97. John Cook

      Their wheel is ghetto now. Perhaps they should invest in their props department.

    98. Brigham Tosi

      I'm pretty sure young people from cali actually think they conquered 2020 and covid and its like, " totally all good bro.". Everything is a fuckin fad for those people.

    99. Jack Gaetz

      I just found out that Keith is in Henry Danger in season 1 episode 22

    100. Leighton

      there should be a special episode where shayne and garrett go back and forth giving each other progressively worse dishes