2020 $450 Gaming PC Build Guide

Toasty Bros

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    It's finally happening! We have made a step by step PC build guide, and also using an all-new parts gaming pc featuring a Ryzen 5 1600 AF and an RX 570. This PC can play any E-Sports title at 1080p max settings and expand into AAA titles at medium to high settings.
    20% coupon code for software: TB20
    Windows 10 Pro: bit.ly/2yURr0M
    Office 2016: bit.ly/2DeqIB1
    Parts List - Affiliate Links (Amazon)
    Ryzen 5 1600 (AF) - amzn.to/35L74q8
    Gigabyte B450 Motherboard -amzn.to/2uUna3X
    Patriot Viper 4 3000mhz - amzn.to/3alR2Xs
    XFX RX 570 4GB - amzn.to/2QQYyBI
    Adata 240gb SSD -amzn.to/2TGPtxp
    Aerocool Cylon RGB - amzn.to/2Tzbxd3
    EVGA 450 BR - amzn.to/30iUahT
    Parts List - Affiliate Links (Newegg)
    Ryzen 5 1600 (AF) - bit.ly/32eZo19
    Gigabyte B450 Motherboard - bit.ly/38Vq7kJ
    Patriot Viper 4 3000mhz - bit.ly/3gUtStB
    XFX RX 570 4GB - bit.ly/38YH1PE
    Adata 240gb SSD - bit.ly/32eeQuA
    Aerocool Cylon RGB - bit.ly/3ftXXjp
    EVGA 450 BR - bit.ly/3fuxJwX
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    1. Toasty Bros

      If you are having trouble with high prices/limited inventory on Amazon, try our Newegg links that we just added to the description. Hope this helps! - Matt & Toastybros Team

      1. Shiloh Rivers

        This came up to 685 on amazon but at least it's not like my last 1000 build

      2. Luxian

        Can this run fortnite

      3. Adam Gibson

        Is this able to play gta 5?

      4. alexander moon

        @Ary Balchandani you can go to almost any hardware store and pick them up

      5. Apples

        @SPYDR on 60 FPS has not

    2. 1983paparoach

      $80 cpu that cant be bought now for $80 they go for 200 or more

    3. Moises Calais

      why do you guys recommend using 3000MHz ram on the b450 ds3h?

    4. HLCG known

      I got all my parts for 414 euro half of them on Amazon and the other half on cex My specs Ryzen 3 2200g GTX 1050 MSI PRO MAX PSU 450w cooler master 16gb drr4 ram Pc case 1tb hard drive

    5. Edward Lamont

      lol this build is about 700$ now

    6. Corban Williams

      i am living where the shipping is more expensive than the product

    7. jackiboigames

      idk if prices went up or something but this is nearly than twice the price specified because i went onto amazon and found some pieces for it and it adds up to be CAN $838.73 but i used a calculator and it SHOULD cost CAN $587.76. is there a less expensive alternative to this? i am only 12 and have a very tight budget. thanks cool pc build tho :)

    8. Gage Mitchell

      This is pc is 596.65 why you lye

    9. Gian Carlos 726

      It it better then next starter

    10. Gian Carlos 726

      Is no one gonna say if its a good god I'm if it is

    11. Christopher Bassat jr

      Do you think I could use this PC to play Call Of Duty or no?

    12. LF Duckyy

      how many frames would this run on fortnite??

    13. Scyth3

      whos the new guy

    14. Diego Pina

      You need to show more of the wires being connected

    15. DojutsuZae

      pc builders are looking at this like ewww.

    16. K.Ellis

      Bro the price came out to almost $700 not $450

    17. xxMercz

      Hey Taylor it’s me Eli Jacob’s friends I just found you channel

    18. Kushtrim Amiti

      Do I have to have super good WiFi I get like 28 ping on fortnite so should I build a pc

    19. EMINEM 04

      تحية لكل العرب ❤️ أخوكم من المغرب 🇲🇦 باقي 10على900🙏🙏🙏 تعاونو معايا 🙏🙏🙏 6

    20. JRprods H

      Has anyone tried this build? Im thinking about starting to order the parts to begin

      1. blanketyurr

        i havent tried it but the parts look good

    21. Josh Tracey

      thats shite

    22. Jeremy Marc De Guzman

      I like how he nods like understand all the parts. lol

    23. Josue Antunez

      Can you use any case with the rest of the parts ?

      1. Amr Khogali

        Yes. Any modern PC case will work with parts



    25. Karloz Diaz

      Note and please read. I bought this motherboard, cpu, and ram but thing is you have to update the bios for the motherboard. Meaning you need a 1st gen before using

    26. Noodles DaGoat

      I clicked the link for the Ryzen 5 1600 af and it was $250

    27. PhatePlaysFN

      If you go to this website the mother board and cpu is not compatible

    28. Tiegen Buskey

      Does the PC case come with the toshiba hard drive included in the vid?

    29. Luxian

      Can this run fortnite

    30. Anna Soutiere

      Lmao $450? Ok. Amazon: $659 NewEgg: $700

      1. Anna Soutiere

        @Keyan Moore sad that it did but makes sense

      2. Keyan Moore

        This was made before the quarantine. Everything has skyrocketed in price during and after the quarantine.

    31. jackiboigames

      is this USD or CAD because i live in canada

      1. ツSneffy


    32. Jordan C

      Does this pc do wifi?

      1. ツSneffy

        the motherboard isn't wifi youll need ethernet

    33. Slipz

      What hdd is that?

      1. ツSneffy

        i think seagate barracuda really good hdd

    34. Alexander Reid

      How much FPS does Fortnite get off this pc?

      1. Amr Khogali

        my PC costs £650 and runs Fortnite at 250 fps easily

      2. Porter Leach


    35. Itz Austin's YT

      On amazon this build is not 450$ its 200$ more

    36. sportzboy

      How much money was this in total?

    37. Tekk Caiden

      dude looks so scared

    38. Douse gaming

      This pc build is now 600 dollars

    39. Wild Video Prod

      Whats your recommendation for cheap monitor

      1. ツSneffy

        i would recommend the acer sb220q it's a 75 hertz 90 dollar gaming monitor

    40. eboy pug


    41. top files

      Thanks I needed exp or something to know how to build a pc

    42. top files

      “ lazy “ were not lazy we just don’t care about the cords being clean tf we just want a working pc not the cleanest setup ever

      1. Caritibo


    43. top files

      lol from watching these behnjier builds all day I learned how to build a pc xd

    44. LH

      Did anyone use the windows key from gvgmall?

    45. NorthernANTs

      Good Morning, I have a I7-9700 running on a Gigabyte B365m DS3H motherboard, running 16 Gb of ddr4 Ram at Patriot Viper 2133MHz, I want 16 more Ram but cannot find the 2133 available on Amazon, they do have the 2666MHz that is compatible, but is it ok to put 2666MHz in a system running on 2133MHz? Thank you for the help, want to try to get it ordered today if possible.

    46. samuel reed

      I followed this videos, my parts are different but same case and my monitor says no signal and the leds won’t turn on that are on the case. But there’s lights on the motherboard that are on and all the fans are spinning

      1. samuel reed

        @ツSneffy yeah there was a cable never mentioned in the video I didn’t plug in

      2. ツSneffy

        or your case cables are plugged in

      3. ツSneffy

        make sure ur psu cables are plugged in

    47. therealbartman

      what about a dvd drive?

      1. therealbartman

        also i just tried checking on those parts now, months later and the same thing you built would now cost just over $600 in case anyone was interested

    48. DatMemeKid

      Everything seems easy except putting cables in the right place. I don’t understand it at all. I might buy a prebuilt pc or just get the items and get somebody to build it for me

      1. Amr Khogali

        Prebuilt PC are usually horrible value for money

    49. CHD

      €450 🤣 It’s €666.95

    50. Daniel Rivera

      For real this kid looks like a vulcan from star trek

    51. Nark

      Damn, this is the case I got with my 1050 Ti prebuilt. Upgraded it ever since I got it 2 years ago, it now has a 3600x, 32GB RAM, 500GB ULTRA FAST NVME SSD and I'm getting a RTX 3070 or 6700XT/6800 when I can :)

    52. Fernythesturdy

      It cost 675 btw

    53. oof

      lol, 450!! dollar gaming pc I add up all the prices gets a number it is 700 pounds and that is 916.79 dollars

    54. KenjiFC

      What case did he use?

      1. ツSneffy

        a bad one with restricted air flow

    55. Turtlaay

      Does the mic go into the monitor or pc?

      1. Amr Khogali


    56. -.PowerX

      im building 1 for 310$ is it worth it?

      1. ツSneffy


    57. LikeYaCutG

      Where did he get the cooler thats on top of the cpu

      1. ツSneffy

        i think

      2. ツSneffy

        it comes with the cpu it's the wraith stealth cooler

    58. lima Harnot

      bro.... at 5:50 i thought he was going to stab that huge screwdriver through the board.

    59. lima Harnot

      them: matt and i love cable management more then ever me: well i guess you dont know tech source

    60. LikeYaCutG

      what about the fans they arent in the description

      1. ツSneffy

        they come with the case

    61. Jester Cool

      wow its looks so cool i want one

    62. FourEyedFrankie

      Got everything on Amazon for $457 AUS, thankyou been having trouble finding compaitable items and things.

    63. L3RIsLIVE

      Get 16GB RAM and get an NVME M.2 SSD since it boots faster

    64. Once upon a time

      Wish I had 150 more dollars

    65. Dainty

      would the rx570 work well with 430 psu?

      1. ツSneffy

        i mean it would but you might want more watts for future upgrades to your pc

    66. Chris Webster

      Would this be good if I was wanting to play games like Arma 3, sqauds, he'll let loose, games like that


      BTW bros, the 1650 super is cheaper (20$) than the 570 rn

    68. Bruce Roberson

      You just can’t get these components for $450

    69. CBZ Coyote

      hey guys thinking of getting this pc do you guys think you could go on video call and help me make it?

      1. ツSneffy

        that would never happen lol just follow the build guide

    70. DavinatorXD

      This is getting out of hand...now there are three of them!

    71. Nickolas Reno

      I hate video's like this, the price is now $200+ over it's actual price even when I price compare and shop for deals. I'm trying to build someone a budget pc for $500 max and all prices are way over. In other words, you will never be able to build a PC at the price they supposedly build it at.

      1. ツSneffy

        because of the rona stupid everythings so expensive

    72. Bread eater

      off of amazon the whole thing is more than $650 :/

    73. Martez Daw

      can anyone tell me if it runs warzone well?

    74. Andreas Michael

      100% pure garbage lies.

      1. ツSneffy

        ur salty lol

    75. OCE_ JERKOB

      Hello is the alilled singer a good gaming PC for the price

    76. ORXA TERN


    77. CheapShot Mike

      meanwhile all the parts listed are now 2 to 3 times as expensive, lol.

    78. N4G

      Hello, I like the way this build looks and is setup. I would be highly interested in getting one or having help building one.

    79. N imations

      This is the XMX variant which looks very nice. Bro it looks like it's made out of duct tape

    80. ꧁Momo꧂

      Can you play GTA Online with this pc? And with how much FPS?

      1. ツSneffy

        probably over 75

    81. Irish Potato

      You know ur poor when ur apartment wasn’t as much as that

    82. Turtlaay

      Do you need a specific monitor for the pc or does it not matter?

      1. ツSneffy

        make sure your monitor is compatible with the pc so get an HDMI monitor for higher speeds

      2. daves

        Don't matter

    83. Vic Rey

      $$$698 that is how much it came out without taxes.

      1. daves

        Newegg used or amazon?

    84. Victor Jimenez

      This is actually like. 700$ build

      1. alexander moon

        Just priced it on Amazon, it’s closer to $500.

    85. Victor Jimenez

      Is this actually 450$

    86. Nick Piazza

      cable management looks worse than if you just routed it normal...

    87. RicoLen1

      So let's just assume you can get the PC for $450. Why isn't anyone talking about the fact that you're either going to have to get Linux for free and then learn that OS, or spend another $130 on Windows?

      1. Amr Khogali

        @RicoLen1 hugets.info/show/opZ2arvNqJ-Es34/vide.html how I did it

      2. RicoLen1

        @Amr Khogali how did you do that? I can't find any way to get windows, minus pirating, for less than $100

      3. Amr Khogali

        I spent $10 on windows 10. Just buy a key

      4. ツSneffy


    88. rudy

      can you show us whats the best wifi/bt pci

    89. FourEyed Frankie

      I am a Australian and because of this everything is normally double the price but for this video i searched all the items on amazon and got $409.20!! AMAZING, thank you so much Toasty Bros!

    90. Jose

      ADATA SSD’s crap out constantly. Never use an ADATA SSD just to save cost

    91. Hated Crew Gaming

      Bro that whole parts list equals out to $734.86? how is that a $450 build? got my hopes up thought i finally found a cheap but good build for my Marine Veteran Brother.

    92. Eloy Reyes Guell

      can it run with a b450m ds2h?

    93. Garrett Hildebran

      The 450$ build is now a 650$ build lol

    94. ZoZo

      ok do all of those chords come with the stuff youre buying cause im not about to remember the names of all of those chords

    95. ZoZo

      Title- $450 Reality $666

    96. Rob Cooper

      I just skimmed the comments but didn’t see anyone else ask- My son and I put this build together and no matter how much I tweak the graphics settings we get severe glitches that makes some games unplayable (GTA 5 all the way down to Roblox.) The XR 570 doesn’t seem to be stressing, any clue where we may have messed up?

    97. Javier lozano

      Does it matter who the power supply is sold by

      1. ツSneffy

        no but make sure it's 80 plus bronze and a reliable company

    98. Hydra

      bro they are just like all the other pc builder channels "450 dollar pc" bro shut up its 646$

    99. Cydin

      ok Is the steelseries power thing the same as the power thing in the description??

    100. Kam Uela

      Really confused on how I'm four items in and its $570 :(( someone help please.

      1. Venomsoul

        Computer part prices fluctuate all year round and unfortunately computer part prices have gone up significantly since the pandemic started.