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    1. Jericho Yagin

      Yeah I’m a Gamer A Mobile E R

    2. Jericho Yagin

      Yeah I’m a Gamer A Mobile E R

    3. Jack Katunich

      This man will always look like Quentin Tarantino's younger brother.

    4. Baba boi

      i got killed by a team forties 2 lgbtq is that a sandwich once

    5. Zion Bates

      TABG is free..... Now you don't have any reason to not download

    6. Truly-DC

      I live in Ohio... soooo... I can confirm everything this man said is 99.99% true

    7. TheOnePotato

      0:39 is my favorite part

    8. Timmy Perry

      i dont like how he uses a ton of tf2 sounds/effects and dosent have a tf2 video

    9. Adam Scott

      You last tabg vid has the devs comment saying there adding Bruh

    10. Medic Gaming

      I queued for like 20 minutes and still couldn’t find a match

    11. MR_BEAR

      Bra this dude needs keeps



    13. Tucker Hughes

      I live in ohio and im 12 and, theres always a bar fight in the news paper atleast every year.

    14. Mark Bertrand

      i play at 20 FPS

    15. Ravenatort

      Next TABG vid should be called "Big Smoke's FanTABstic Adventure" Yes it took me a month and a half to come up with this idea

    16. McnuggetGod Chicken

      But I live in Ohio :(

    17. Orrin Kusser

      I came from Ohio and I totally agree

    18. NiftyPayload

      Bruh, I literally know Asherzombie irl

    19. Paranormal Virginia

      What's wrong with vegeta go super saiyan my boy

    20. Aron Smith

      S P O O N

    21. AimToDM Ultra

      Oh.... Wow

    22. Dog Manasd

      You should play deep rock galactic

    23. Abderrahman Chafi

      I don't know about you but everytime I see the thubnail of badger's videos I moan knowing what's about to come

    24. disxrect sounds

      Oh jah means like xxxtentacion

    25. cloud walker314

      6:08 is amazing

    26. ThatOneUltraMarine

      This video is trash *GIMME ANOTHER*

    27. RedRaptorGaming

      We are sandwiches

    28. Retmispar

      when will Keeps sponsor you

    29. Alex Fimbres

      Yo what's the beat he uses for "the drip squad" introduction if anyone knows

    30. Sinzarh

      2:46 okay Quentin Tarantino.

    31. Jake Rapley


    32. Arkas


    33. Unbreakable2199

      They predicted pickle rick in r6s!

    34. Noah Pfister

      You look like a handsome version of Quentin Tarantino but without the crippling foot fetish.

    35. Akasha Posegate

      Russianbadger looks like offbrand Quentin Tarentino

    36. TAG_Toov playz

      I wanna be exacted Jew style

    37. Keeva Grace

      Poggers for God

    38. Leroy Rice man

      My mom is dead this is targeting the small percent of us young fucks

    39. Collision Specialist

      I swear last time I heard about this game I heard the servers were deserted, what happened to this game since then?

    40. Fenn

      0:09 insurance fraud??? how about murder instead............

    41. Captain Nutter


    42. Logan Villamor

      i thought it was free. i played during the beta and i didnt have to pay for the full game

    43. Hhtgh Hnbh

      two words.. BIKE DRIVEBY

    44. Margabuls Fievka

      As a direct descendant of Thomas Jefferson, I can confirm that we blow people in half with cannons and then put healing barrels on double barrel shotguns to threaten them for money

    45. Fedora Doge

      has anyone ever realise that badger is the only one who is funny enough to watch thru the sponsor?

    46. TaserDonut

      Badger in TABG: *has RTX 3090* "You cannot expect me to hit shit at 26 frames chat" Me in Enlisted: *has intel uhd 620* *claps soviets at 17 FPS* "Fucking casual"

    47. filip 72 siema

      4:57 persona 5 crownd

    48. Flaming_Gauntlet

      As a native Wisconsinite I am a cheese expert


      One of the best channels on youtube

    50. Jonas Parks

      That's why your shoes raggedy *That's why yo mama dead* *Dead as hell* *W h a t s h o e s s h e w e a r i n'*

    51. breezy bee

      You should duel weild jesus

    52. Jarin Warner

      As a local Ohioan I can say that everything he says is tru about ohio

    53. bonnie the gamer

      I think this channel is the ONLY channel where I don't skip the sponsor's

    54. giant taco god


    55. bro bish

      When badge says "hello" Doesn't sound like him

    56. In Baller


    57. Chappie AI


    58. ARC 7

      How do I change my catchphrase voice. Only the basic ones work. Half the reason I wanted to play this game is to spam HMM in the voice that sounds like they’re using an Xbox mic.

    59. Atomiz

      that's why yo shoes raggedy

    60. Jacob Davis

      As someone from Ohio. Outside of the three cities people know about in the state he’s not wrong about ohio

    61. PXA Alpha

      8:50 When someone asks you to do a flip

    62. Samson The Shiba Inu

      How do you get into lobbies like this? Nobody's even fighting


        He's a famous streamer it 90% stream snipers and most people who play it likely only play cus him so they'd recognise the name

    63. -mako-

      "you just see two arms and an AK-47" thas a shotgun tho

    64. Frog Dogger

      Lettuce Guacamole Bacon Tomato Quetiapine

    65. BIll cypher

      Why don't they add YOU as a skin badger

    66. Vincent Campbell

      49% of Ohio: Shitty roads and slightly shady cities The other 51%: *CORN*

    67. chikitabowow

      TABG is genuinely fucking hilarious

    68. Timothy Kamenev

      less like Vagita and more like Phoenix Wright

    69. vDonut XVII

      0:20 badger that is a Remington shotgun man

    70. Meme man

      I got the game when it was free

    71. Alvrick Reinhart

      One of the best vids off of badger ever

    72. void_of_everything

      Ngl bro you kinda look like a Jimmy neutron character

    73. Kingless_

      3:23 "going to the store is pain"*has to wait a week since you order*

    74. Tanner Junkins

      It now be free soooooo prepare for death

    75. Entity Unknown

      TABG was so good they made it free

    76. The Poke Flynn


    77. geecha

      I love tabg

    78. pee

      and now its free

    79. dreadHavoc

      And this commentary is coming from someone with the intelligence stat of a sub-brick, referencing his fnv video for those thatll get triggered

    80. Drewoodle Mc.Noodle

      Yet again another scp reference...

    81. Carter Brown

      lol i got tabg for free

    82. Gin And Tomic

      Hitler forgot to put his healing barrel on his luger

    83. Ph3ntomic

      Forget TabG Return To Vegeta Hairline

    84. Copper L

      Got TABG during its first 100 hours when it was free but couldn't play because terrible internet; great to know there's still life in this game.

    85. Jonno Bombino

      my man lookin like Trevor from gta 5

    86. Alberto Pablo Valdes

      Ball spraying but wipe when you’ve been gaming for 5 hours and you shorts smell flameable Like what’s and sub Me shows this to my dad: welp guess I better buy this

    87. DarkSword

      Old animation+good jokes and broken the game=good content

    88. Rhys Millership

      Badger built like Ohio Jimmy carr

    89. S PIDER

      2:34 It does kinda look like that

    90. Entity

      Tabg is now free to play

    91. Jon Courtney

      TABG makes about as much sense as a soup sandwich

    92. Tron the Miner

      TABG is free now too. This needs a third video for sure.

    93. Apollo Lake

      TABG is a great game, bought it and couldn't even run it on my laptop. I only got to play it on my uncle's PC, which is a beast of a machine, love it.

    94. Storm Mann X

      0:39 "God Damn Piece of ×%÷=" lol

    95. Tim Can

      badger my game lags at 1 frame per second when I see someone

    96. SonySonic

      I have watched this like 10 times i love this

    97. Kim Keaton

      I live in Ohio

    98. Killerfoxy Foxy

      Tell them to add this game to xbox an ps even if my game crashes this shit would be fun lol

    99. Buhbuhbreeze