W2S admits to smoking during 20 Women vs 1 Sidemen


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    W2S admits to smoking during 20 Women vs Harry
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    1. You can’t have my Brócoli

      Legally he wouldn’t be allowed to show that it was a joint even if it wasn’t lit on video so

    2. OllyBPlayz

      everyone acting disappointed but your forgetting that JJ smoked weed in the sidemen try American sweets video.

    3. Gh0zt123

      I commented

    4. Krish Aggarwal

      1 Million views WOW

    5. Nikolas Zakrzewski

      So smoking a j before a vid now makes you a druggie? lmao

    6. Ciaran McCauley

      At this point I just click knowing it ain’t what the title says

    7. Gavin Watt

      Smoking a joint doesn’t make you a druggie Harry gtf

    8. Add a K get K’d

      The fact he says druggie makes it clear he’s done nothing

    9. Roberto Serrano

      Bruh he looks like a prisoner

    10. Joe McGuinness

      (x) doubt

    11. TheFreddieRM

      Tbh a joint is wayy better to smoke than a cig those shits r nasty

    12. mxrco

      is it just me that gets put off someone when i know they smoke

    13. Cormac Donnelly

      People need grow up

    14. Mia Schulz


    15. Swalls Gaming

      If he weren't actually stoned during that his acting skills are Hella good

    16. Rossouw

      why are you guys always calling him a druggie, he only does ket

    17. Rashed Elamin

      Yeah it didnt even make the final cut. I was so confused when the girl was like "I dont really want someone on a date who drinks and smokes that much"

    18. The great One

      I think weed is more acceptable than cigs nowadays tbh

    19. Flame on Deck

      It's funny how it got cut out so that it wouldn't get demonetized and JJ forgot to put ads on the video anyways 💀

    20. Cluez

      Weed don’t make u a druggy bruh😂 aslong as u still focus on ur work or whatever

    21. Mikee Lewis

      And a cigarette is much worse than a spliff

    22. Mikee Lewis

      Man said im not a druggie but he does ket man thinks a druggie is someone who buns cro

    23. Fin_1202

      ok and what? it’s his life

    24. notjoe

      If he has rolling papers and tobacco he most likely smokes weed

    25. Snug Dug

      he wishes it was a joint

    26. Ben Hutchinson


    27. James Earley

      Why does he have rolled cigarettes I’d he doesn’t smoke surely you’d buy a pack of STRAIGHTS. Straights to annoy the snowflakes

    28. Toby Green

      Who gives a fuck

    29. don't follow me

      Oi u fool smoking weed doesn't make u a druggy being dependent on it dose same as alcohol your not a addict until you depend on it

    30. WillHellmm

      Tbf, a J is better for your lungs than a cigy

    31. Candy 420

      Hand rolled by who 🤌🏻😌

    32. Sonny O’Dare

      Tbh I’d rather if he smoked a journal. Cigarettes are disgusting. I’ll smoke 10,000 joints before I even touch a cigarette.

    33. Soph

      he then after that said he has never tried a cigarette and hates them , he didn't smoke guys, dunno why you care that much anyways but yeah this title is lying

    34. s

      Is what a drugy would say🤔😂

    35. Z Mo

      this is cap

    36. Adam Little

      “I’m not a druggy”- Harold who is definitely a druggy

    37. binbag

      Bruh weeds not a drug it's just a plant which has medical purposes

    38. Side Kids

      So do u smoke?

    39. Zach Wallis

      If it didn’t make the cut how do people know about Harry smoking in that video?

    40. Silva Beats

      I wouldn't smoke a joint during a sidemen video, but any other time hell yeah lol

    41. Ben Antony Ferguson

      “I’m not a druggie” Harry the hypocrite strikes again

    42. You’re a FatNeek

      The thing I love most is that there is a vlog done by calfrozen and it pans onto Harry’s desk and there was loads of smoking stuff ie. grinder and papers


      Why would you call weed smokers druggies there normal people like you and I

    44. Jordan Fats

      harry: "i wouldn't put the camera crew thought the stench" also harry: "i'm not a druggie"

    45. Jayden R

      1. weed smells better than cigarettes 2. you're not a druggy if you smoke a little weed

    46. Matt Snider

      All these kids talking about how they are shocked about a cigarette. Just wait, i guarantee some of you will smoke when you're older

    47. Aquadity

      I would’ve smoked the joint tbh

    48. E Man

      These titles r always such clickbait ive trained my brain to read it as “w2s denies smoking”

    49. Jack Ditchfield

      He really fell down here.... And i thought all sidemen we’re good people and didn’t smoke

    50. Iftakher Hossain

      "playing a character" not so sure about that one

    51. czcv333

      Don’t think smoke pot once in a while makes your druggy lol.

    52. Kevin G

      What about that kilo you... oh you didn’t wanna talk about that ok nvm

    53. Pig Wan Kenobi

      But I'm not a druggie 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    54. Joey Succo

      Nothing wrong with a fat joint anyways haha 😂 and prob would have chilled u out

    55. daniel roberts

      That explains when one of the girls mentioned about him drinking and smoking too much (we don’t see him smoke so didn’t make sense)

    56. Sam Anstead

      Nothing wrong with it if it were a joint. I don't see why everyone seems to care.

      1. Nathan Steele

        well it's illegal for recreational use

    57. Yasir Alhasan

      he definitely smokes spliffs off camera tho

    58. BumNuggetz Jr

      Didn't wanna put the camera crew off? A cig stinks nastier than a spliff 😂😂😂 whoever disagrees clearly doesn't bun on the devil's lettuce

    59. JimmersLad

      Man saw my comment eh

    60. Giovanni Gallegos

      Wouldve much rather it be a joint than a cigarette tbh

    61. Spinksy

      Smoked one after tho

    62. LSTH Canux

      It was definitely a joint

    63. Hamzah Mahmood

      So behz said "hes got a joint" for no reason huh

    64. LuxŘemainš 19

      I've just realised how honest harry is

    65. Skillerz

      Harry weed isn’t a drug its a plant 😂❤️

    66. TapWater

      Anyone else here think cigarettes are dirtier that weed anyway? Cause this seems like BS but why lie and say cigarettes when they are worse than spliffs anyway🤨

    67. McDonald's McMuffin

      In my opinion it’s actually worse to smoke a cigarette than it is a joint but that’s just me

    68. JustEsco-_-


    69. best bros

      I feel like cigarettes are worse than a joint

    70. Richie Daffodil

      He never said he hadn’t or wouldn’t :))

    71. callum thomas

      Don't make you a druggie to smoke green lool Jesus weed is the gateway drug to one thing....the fridge

    72. Dylan Nicoll


    73. Matt VKW

      you know he’s not lying when he’s not fumbling his words *cough* among us *cough* 😂😭

    74. Omz 9ž

      Just let him be it’s his life at the end of it🤷🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️

    75. Sparky852

      'I'm not a druggie' sounds like something a druggie would say 😂👌

    76. Violetxwinston 7

      “I’m not a druggie” ~ Harry 2021

    77. E E

      Does he smoke?

    78. Luke Pitrakou


    79. Tahmid Ahmed

      #13 Trending for *_GAMING_* ......noice

    80. Mohan Raj

      Only Harry can get 600k views on a 30sec videos under 20hours

    81. Christian Rauchenwald


    82. Ryan Wilsdon

      500k views for a 30 sec video

    83. The Hairline 35

      Woulda been better if it was a joint tbh cigarettes worse I think

    84. Jomallo 27

      cig smells are a lot worse

    85. ihax4uv1

      definitely bunned a fat head

    86. Claudio Alvarez

      who is this man stalking

    87. Anita Klūga


    88. Brad Trueman

      Makes sense now she was saying you're an alcoholic and a smoker I was like tf she on

    89. Bubbah

      bro said playing the roll of a alcoholic its been 4 years when's he gunna stop

    90. Don L

      It's okay to smoke Cali

    91. Zev Rev

      I’m not a druggy

    92. Full-Time, Part-Timers

      not a druggie bt loves concaine

    93. Connor H

      probably would’ve been more healthier smoking a joint

    94. Pieter Paddo

      Who cares?

    95. Aakif Naushad

      Nah it was a joint listen carefully to what Ethan is saying "He just joint it out" or something

    96. Sam Holmes

      Thats what a druggy would say am i right

    97. Diego Pansini

      Are you sure you don't mean "snorting"?

    98. cozimozo creature

      That explains why that girl said he's been smoking and drinking too much!

    99. qiang lin

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    100. Beats Buds

      Jus to say marijuana is not a drug it's a plant.. Plus it shrinks tumours an helps with seizures so put that in ya pipe an smoke it :)