Among Us - My Mini Crewmate Killed Me!


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    My mini crewmate killed me!
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    1. TirMax

      Beware of your Mini crewmate He can turn into impostor and kill you! I hope you like video🔥🔥 (Like) & (Subscribe) For More Videos

      1. Fi Lawrence


      2. Haze Gourley

        @Smruti priya darshini zossooaoaalals

      3. Leonardo Medrano

        Porque ablas ingles?????????

      4. Sabina K

        @Neha Joshy kk-[

      5. Bianca's Channell

        ur mini crewmate was kidnapped and forced killing u

    2. fran pro 2.0

      Ingles o español?

    3. Benjen 1211

      He might have mistakenly done it.

    4. Eubert Andrei Endozo

      That happen to me While. i was Playing Among us Its a Bug

    5. Öğrenci

      Lan? Nasıl?!

    6. JaeSun Koh

      Ending: Betrayed

    7. carlos Vindel Salazar

      La decepción la traición amigo

    8. Tuana Akın

      Among us

    9. Thao Trinh

      Tấu hài hahahi

    10. Magaly Soria

      Creo que quería matar al negro y te mato

    11. supercoolmom287 /pro cook

      plot twist: The crewmate was an impostor He was about to kill when the other imposter snapped his neck and then the mini imposter stabbed him to death plot twist they had a plan to *WIN* *THE* *GAME*

    12. Kristin Gall

      This is TWISTED.

    13. •Pändí_Kún•

      O M G

    14. Joanne Best


    15. Lata Bhatia

      OMG how dare he. He killd his family is he mad

    16. Βαλάντης Μακαρονάς

      Are you from Greece?

    17. Roblox Gamer


    18. Sachin Arora

      Mini crewmate sorry dad I hate u Dad shut upl!!!!

    19. ASY_12 Channel

      It's real or mime??

    20. fabiono jwhdjwd

      en el minuto 7:10 se ve una cruz al lado de pattho

    21. Sven Palms

      is dit nederlands

    22. abi abi

      selamat rjr

    23. abi abi


    24. ageliki nikolakopoulou


    25. San Flores

      Hala madre que pedo

    26. Papa Pipi

      Bad pet

    27. Mathirm12


    28. Богдан Кононенко


    29. NVDM

      Not real

    30. nada Oy

      your mini imposotor killed you and was with black

    31. abdrahim79

      Why could he do that to his father?

    32. Haylee bajenting

      Hah haha!! This is really fun to wach

    33. Andreia Dudu

      Mini crew mate is the impostor

    34. Wolves Galaxy * *Kaydance* *

      "why u should listen to ur minis" mini: give me the chicken nuggets parent: no mini: PLEASE parent: NO mini: *stabs father cuz he wont give him chicken nuggets*

    35. Mini Cyan

      Hehehe dada dead now

    36. Arcadesmasher 1.0

      Me: watches at 2x playback speed

    37. Logan Mackness

      cyan baby jump to the killer slide

    38. Maria Marta

      WAIT WHAT :P

    39. Ditya Agarwal

      How does all weird among us stuff happen with him?

    40. 팝캣


    41. Marina Ligrani

      E il mio preferito

    42. Gilberto Juarez

      Jajaja te engaño tu compañero

    43. Hamid Mujanovic

      Wtf mini cuan killed cyan

    44. ismail Korkmaz

      Çocuklar öldüremiyor

    45. Ayelen 19


    46. lilly poley


    47. Agiimaa Agiit

      Mini Crewmate:Wait Black I Will Do It By Myself

    48. TMNT 2012 Moments YouTube Channel

      I wonder on his vision he had the kid

    49. Sata Sara

      لا مش وااو❗❗❗❗❗

    50. Ghaisan Rafani

      wat kow indo kirain saya kow inggris...

    51. Valeria Aysan

      No lo uses para que aprenda su lexian

    52. Srividya vedagarba -

      I don't have mini crewmate hat where Is it Edit:u found it

    53. Davide Alabiso

      Ma tu non eri ita?

    54. Giota Iliopoulou

    55. اسو اسو


    56. Alice Higgs

      What map is this?

    57. pioterek Urban

      2 mini crewmmate

    58. xGravity


    59. mUHd aLiMIn

      mini cyan died now to mini cyan bad idea is kill the daddy

    60. mUHd aLiMIn

      i kill the mini cyan is bad

    61. Broken Head Gaming


    62. Doggy


    63. Doggy


    64. Manuela Azevedo Alves


    65. Monserrat Lugo


    66. Hazz Gaming

      Knife is bigger then son 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    67. madeleine rojas v

      the cyan have a friend and is black but.....

    68. 7 SOUL Bravery Army

      0:14 If You Speed is 0:25,You Can See Cyan Turn And Not Dead.

    69. Milosz Iwan

      Mój mały członek załogi zabił mnie

    70. Dania Dafny

      What the fck the mini crewmate is imposter

    71. FF

      Creumate te mato💔😞



    73. JJ Grgich

      0:16 sorry daddy sorry brother *black* yeah boy

    74. Chrispin Khonglah

      White baby go with black

    75. RENICECAVALCANTE Cavalcante

      Oxe agora vc e português

    76. Dragal Driga


    77. herly maihani

      Crewmate mini jahat membunuh

    78. Esmeralda Morales

      Your mini hat is so cute but the thief got the mini crewmate that one he stole ima squeeze him

    79. marcelo alves


    80. Mergensanaa Zolbayar

      black’s name is thief so he steal your mini crewmate

    81. Albatroz Diaz

      Is it true


      booo mine-crewmate

    83. 王静

      Your baby killed you

    84. Ahmad Sweiti

      How do these things happen to you is it an effect or what? it doesn't happen to me

    85. anh hoang

      oooooo love Việt Nam 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

    86. Honey playz

      Notice how he walked off with black instead of staying next to cyan's body 😂

    87. Elizabeth Foster

      Hmmmm how does that even happen like whaaaaattttt 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

    88. Kaung Khant Ze

      What the your mini Crewmate kill you ho my god

    89. Vinny Scholten

      0:50 Big hand

    90. Kim Pesigan

      His brother not die

    91. X MasterGod X 30

      What was the music playing at the end of the video?

    92. Y Huynh Ngoc Nhu


    93. Cleide Ramos


    94. María del Pilar Coronado

      Wow como paso eso?