Getting EVERY OP MYTHIC Before they LEAVE In season 5!


674 E megtekintés69

    Season 4 is about to end, lets reminisce over the completely broken and overpowered mythic weapons that the marvel season brought us!
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    1. Ali Jabbar

      I think next season is gonna have mandalorian as a boss, and the zero point will be above the map.

    2. Abdul Waheed


    3. cookie gaming

      at the time im watching this theres 666,666 views

    4. Mohd Shariq

      Wolverine was the easiest boss to kill .you don't know how to kill him

    5. flaming dragon

      5:30 ummm Eliot? You uhhh you know you have a jet pack right?

    6. flaming dragon

      2:38 nahhhh, really?

    7. hfjabzfs Gaming

      I miss pumps so hard every time annoyed 😠 from charge and tactical shotguns

    8. Jaxon Towsley

      R.I.P. helicopters

    9. Christopherhouse

      MUSELK do you really hate Zylbrad.

    10. Mazin Mohammed

      guys this is not good, fortnite is kinda dying. this is bad news for me

    11. Noah Judeh

      They should make ur locker combo with ikonik and stuff as a skin like how they did for bengy and nickeh30

    12. stub stub

      ohohohohoh no

    13. Theo Swales

      The amount of gold pumps he missed in the second game I I I V

    14. Cayden Lightfoot

      9:10 - 9:12 she pulled off the ultimate imposter vent

    15. Kurtis Gooch

      When he missed the gold pump😂😂😂🧐🧐🧐🤬🤬

    16. Stephen Iskandar

      @ 7:23 muselk leaves a gold pump. Me thinking: He has Some talent and a low IQ

    17. Nate M

      here is a deathrun code for you 5472-4770-1041


      whos watching this in season 5 ?

      1. Nate M


    19. Colin Fidler

      Muselk is bad

    20. Colin Fidler

      Hi muselk

    21. Sarita Akhade

      hello elliot

    22. Jake Climpson

      U are the best at fortnite

    23. Adriel Pacheco

      Make another overwatch vidio

    24. xd Chilling


    25. Jaq _

      Muselk just an idea remember superjeffey the alt f4 Vid can you see if he is still online and still plays

    26. Spartan Playz

      9:09 Damn muselk is a bot LOL Jk muselk you da goat

    27. Gavin Coronilla


    28. ʟɪʟᴊᴏsʜ

      Muselk: imagine trying to fight a guy with 4 mythics Also me: have 4 mythics and dies

    29. dogieshrimp

      Yo anyone else remember the cult of torbiorn

    30. Angus Clarke

      When are you gonna play team fortress 2 again

    31. sid

      Muselk: oi thats identity theft! identity theft is a crime! Me: identity theft is not a joke jim!

    32. Collo Gaming

      Elsa. and. Annal

    33. Vanessa Quan

      When I play with my friends wolverine is so easy to kill, we all stand together aim at his head count 3 2 1 then completely spray the heck out of him with smgs, wolverine doesn’t last 5 seconds

    34. OneTapz

      No hate but if your looking for new content in a new game Apex Legends is pretty good and there is new modes added and map changes every season

      1. GamingOddity


    35. Herpling

      Anyone here thinking it’s season 5 and

    36. Mohammed Baghdadi

      Can I have the battle pass in fortnite season 5 my name is 70moammed007

      1. GamingOddity

        He probably won’t see it, but I can play with you sometime. I can gift it to you when i get the v-bucks from save the world. Whats your nick in Fortnite? I’m GamingOddity

    37. Stewart Moran

      It bugs me that Muselk didn't activate the iron man suit until the end of the game.

    38. Dylan Reyes

      Can we take a moment to notice that HE LEFT A GOLD PUMP ON THE FLOOR TWICE

    39. Mr. MANGO TANGO!

      I am so glad you got it I started to get it done before you got it and it looked amazing I was just like I love the new one and it is a good thing

    40. Aidan Teaters

      RIP to all the mythics

    41. Makii Adams

      Who else is here when season five is out

    42. Deserted Coder

      Do u watch sketchek

    43. trollsmovieyay

      Omg best day I can’t wait to PLAY😊😊😊😊😊

    44. Fortnitegamer ??

      Help get Muselk to 10 m subscribers. suuuubbb

    45. Lucas Rhode

      In your regions video you made fun of my ansestors language and that is German

    46. jrbd oebd

      Nobody: Muselk out of nowhere: oye

    47. Giuseppe Musarella

      Who’s watching this after the event

    48. Joshua Lee

      The end of the season muselk always got us with a banger

    49. Gladwin Anbuseelan

      Who is here watching muselk live and the servers are down

      1. Giuseppe Musarella


    50. Fortnite_Topic

      I did that on my youtube and won the challenge check it out

    51. DEF Mistwalker Eevee Nation Gaming!

      You literally did the absolute impossible 👀 new King of games here boys he got 4 mythics at the same time on the first try wtf 😬

    52. *

      people will either call him muselk or mucas

    53. Lex East

      He leaves 3 gold spaces on the ground when he has a purple one

    54. Isaac Alvirde

      This man deserves 10mil subs.

    55. Atharva Halapeti

      Pause it at 7:53 and you'll see he missed a gold pump

    56. Teeds TheGod

      The end of the season muselk always got us with a banger

    57. Kristin Robertl

      "Identity theft is a crime!" Michael!

    58. Supify

      I like how muselk killed 2 guys with golden pumps and didn’t pick them up

    59. AMG Food Channel

      Nice video 👍

    60. Sharolynn Boyd

      Who else missed the live event

      1. Ethan C

        Me! school = trash

    61. Daniel Hernandez

      Jungle season

    62. ScoobyDoo

      Rip lachy

    63. D0GE 1277

      You mean season 4

    64. Dominique Alley

      When he was in choppa the mithcals were to the left

    65. Suran Rao

      Iron Man mythic: Op Venom Mythic: Am i a joke to you?

    66. Corrupted

      Muselk with purple pump: walks past gold one

    67. J Gal


      1. Nikstar112

        He just doesn’t like gold pumps

    68. P C

      I hope we go back to like the season 7 days of fortnite

    69. GamerBoy27 Chavez

      I think 🤔 that GALACTUS will be tier 100 💯 skin who knows

    70. Nercely Reyes

      And I wore the wolverine mythic for the galactus live event

    71. Nercely Reyes

      I got the wolverine skin in fornite and his claws and won three games whith only his wolverine mythic

    72. Nercely Reyes

      Bro I did a challenge that I only use wolverine mythic only

    73. Prady Marella

      Now that the live events over...

      1. Nikstar112


    74. Abbasgavazn3 A1363a

      nice brother !!!

    75. Lauren Pitney

      whos watching this after the live event

      1. Nikstar112


      2. Vibing Gaming


    76. 8YiviY8 Pro

      I’m waiting for the event 8 minutes left

    77. Sully Petz

      Was Anyone else watching the galactus livestream?

    78. Jae Park

      This is how many times Muselk says “oi” ⬇️

      1. Maxwell Thuo

        @Recxi That dude was hungry for likes thats why

      2. Recxi


    79. Rory Parsons

      I hope the world ends and the black hole spots out the OG map

      1. Nikstar112

        That’s not going to happen 😂

    80. Mikkebak The Gamer

      HUgets: This gameplay looks like Street Fighter V to me. Me: *queue JonTron Face* What?! Also, tip for Muselk, Wolverine can regenerate.

    81. Holly Relihan


    82. JungerZzz

      Does muselk play bot lobbies?

      1. Nikstar112


      2. JungerZzz

        And can’t kill wolverine that’s kinda sad

    83. A Yo Fool

      THAY HAVE RUEND THIS GAME OMG. I miss 2017 fortnite... before all the 10 year olds came

      1. Nikstar112

        But your a 10 year old?

    84. Fire99ball

      i love how muselks description says hes playing street fighter 5

    85. Kim Nguyen


    86. Xcv011

      I love how he says “secure that victory royale” not lets get the win

    87. Anish Batwara


    88. Anish Batwara

      Me: watching Muselk saying oi a billion times and then sees comments about him saying oi Also me: starts playing fortnite and can't stop saying oi every time someone lazers me ( Let this be a lesson for those of u who still have so much to live for ) :(

    89. Melik The man

      Next season is mandolin

    90. addtopy XD

      now why is the game topic street fighter 5

    91. Lugland

      Imagine he does a glitch and gets banned

    92. Leslir Wright

      I will keep cometing

    93. Leslir Wright

      You haven't made your offering to Pete the sheep you forgotnabout out him

    94. Leslir Wright

      Please u also haven't beat the wither

    95. Gillsfish Y.T

      2:37 Identity theft is not a joke Jim millions of families suffer every year!

    96. Miles Smith


    97. Leslir Wright


    98. Leslir Wright

      Get netheright armour

    99. Leslir Wright

      Bretheren help me get muselk to play mincraft again

      1. Leslir Wright

        @Nikstar112 no it's not if it is so bad then why did he play it that's your opinion bro

      2. Nikstar112

        Minecraft is the worst! Muselk will not play that