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    Original Video: Would YOU Rather Have A Lamborghini or This House?

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    1. MrBeast

      How much would you make?

      1. George Harrison


      2. gacha gamer

        A LOT A LOT

      3. Alexandra Callahan

        A lot

      4. Megh Chalke

        70100 dollars😂

      5. ƈɦɛʀʀʏ

        More than 3k >:))

    2. Elijah Collius


    3. Unica25

      Isnt that ben houselog, the famous tiktoker?

    4. Bedrock miner

      I watched this one and meny others on all chanels

    5. The Dragonic X

      You pretty much scanned him without knowing because that red bar disappears after a couple of months.

    6. Aggy Joseph

      Wow good

    7. Rile O'Brien

      is this for real?

    8. Aryart 14

      I will definitely be. A millionare

    9. Rayan Hussein


    10. Anwesha Basu

      Elon Musk, here I come!

    11. Jose Rossy


    12. michael andrews

      I watched them all MrBeast.. some more than once.. I am now a better man

    13. Random Videos

      sooo.... i would've gotten millions of cash cuz I watched most of your vids lol

    14. Jonathan Goudy

      Where is my money

    15. The Milk


    16. 07bond07


      1. iamthebosshere


    17. lilyzgamez


    18. SplashLord

      When you have your history off

    19. Lego Obsessed Kid

      I seriously watch all your videos probably three times

    20. SleetyHurdle300

      when he was only at 40 mil in january but now he is at 50 mil 👀👀👀

    21. Crypto Juliuspfpf

      Buy a lot of XRP ;)

    22. Velayutham saravanan

      I've watched have your videos

    23. sarah zahid

      Wheres ma mooneyyyyy

    24. shaiann white


    25. justdrippp

      39.5 million in jan to 50 million and counting in feb and march

    26. dope trick

      0:45 that pain inside the smile

    27. AVILASH R

      Mr beast should have given his whole property if he asks me

    28. Random Game RG

      Welp better pay me up

    29. Waggly Gull

      I am goin there to take my money..!


        Same I want money


      I'd Have Arleast 3000 Dollars

    31. I shall not be infringed.

      I've deleted my history so much he wouldn't be able to see.

    32. Vedant Kamat

      Started watching you last month.... I'm just addicted to your channel....😄

    33. Vedant Kamat

      I would make 20 grand...

    34. B I S H W A M シ

      Imagine he cleared his history after watching all of his videos

    35. IRON MAN

      *watch history was disabled* *instant regret*

    36. Wintercourse

      Problem I have is I go back to look up things in videos so sometimes it shows it halfway even though I've seen the whole thing or sometimes it just doesn't show watched. lol

    37. Chloe Joseph

      if you did that to me you wouldn't have any money left


      John 14:6 Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.

    39. Catherine Healy


    40. •{Aldix}•

      If i trick yall you have to subscribe to me A man was in africa Read more

    41. Dynamicduo 618

      I would have so much money if I was there

    42. Bruno Baptista

      Me: But I see your videos on my PS4 😢

    43. NickMeh

      Yup i made at least 5000 dollars

    44. Sonny The vloger

      I think the watch bar on yt is broken. Sometimes i watch the entire vid but it says i only watched half of it. Most of the time it doesn’t even show that i watched it.

    45. A_DD7〰


    46. ThePotatoStuff

      I would make about $20,000

    47. Grass Daddy

      You can set your watch history to clear automatically

    48. SheepyPlayz

      When I reseted my watch history: 😭

    49. Mohammed Mishal473

      I watched your entire videos you didn't give me anything😔😔😔😔

    50. ZBlazeTron

      If I was there I would get atleast 15K

    51. Wigadama

      Mrbeast in 2050: last to stop touching Mars keeps it

    52. TYS worldTV

      Meanwhile me who has seen all MrBeast Vids on all channels lol

    53. Azzeddine Morsli


    54. Emmanuel Geleta

      I have watched almost all your videos


      I would get $5,300

    56. ThisTaken

      He probably cleared his search history or some crap

    57. Optimus Prime

      MrBeast come to the Philippines

    58. Lofi !!!

      I’m watching this tho....

    59. Andrew Feil

      I’ll probably make $1 million

    60. Rohit Venkatesh

      Dang I wish I was this guy


      I would have got a million dollars

    62. Mobile Lag ako

      If I were that man I would get like 100000dollars I watched MrBeast videos all the time

    63. hxrv bd

      but for the older videos/ones you watched a long time ago, it doesn't come up that you watched it even if you did plus he could've had a new phone or been watching the videos on a laptop or other device, idkw I'm saying this and and givin him excuses on why he didn't watch the videos

    64. A getting 1M subscribers with no videos

      I think this is the most longest video in mr beast shorts

    65. Sammie Washington

      Yes I do watch your videos

    66. Crina Simion

      Yes, and I really like watching you. Supces on further 🤗👍🇹🇩Romania

    67. BoomBoy

      Obviously I watch I have SUBSCRIBED So you can't take all my COOKIES

    68. Anahi Hernandez

      Yes I watch mrbeast videos

    69. FinalLight 1083

      Hey, MrBeast, could you put all the shorts in one playlist.

    70. Nelson Duel

      If that was me I literally wouldn’t win more that 14 grand

    71. Code With Claire

      Allow me to bankrupt you with this challenge, MrBeast

    72. Diego Reyes

      finally could get a house out of youtube if it was my phone :"u

    73. Mysterious Man Gaming

      Are u actually keeping his phone???

    74. Zhyar Muhammad

      Maybe 10000

    75. حماده قدبو

      Can you help me please i need to go doctor u can film it no one help me please you can do it please

    76. OMCat!!

      YES I DO 🙀🐱😹

    77. PerryThePlatypus

      Imagine just clearing your history...

    78. JulijanPlayzMinecraft

      How many videos have you uploaded? Cuz' i would get that much money x 100...

    79. Kiri1234jojo

      This shouldn’t be trust on tho, HUgets removes the red bar if you completely watch the video or if you restart your phone

    80. hgf dgfx

      new phone :/

      1. Amrit Johal

        old phone ;\

    81. Sparsh Gupta

      If he was my teacher he would say Solve 2+2 and get 100 bucks

    82. Real Games For Life


    83. Poekiee

      Me that watcht all dubble

    84. Julius James Cagalawan

      What no you can't take Mr beast is phone

    85. Kristen Garcia

      I thought it was James from Unspeakable’s channel from the thumbnail! 😂😂😂😂😂

    86. Yosdani Moscoso

      Me: wow i thought he be good person .. :10 hours later* i just realized they joking

    87. Blazing Inceneroar

      I would make like 2000 because i watched like 20 vids

    88. Imran Shakeel

      This dude didn't subscribe to mb gamkng

    89. :]

      he so scared look at his face

    90. Sam The Mule


    91. Nobody but Chris

      This doesn’t work since the red line goes away after 2 months

    92. Lavínia Sousa

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    93. Preetpal Bhullar

      The red bar resets after some t8me like when I go in 2020 I watched all the videos but it doesn’t show the red line because it reset.

    94. dreamiiemoon

      𝙸 𝚖𝚊𝚍𝚎 10 𝚖𝚒𝚕𝚕𝚒𝚘𝚗 :)))

    95. Verónica Bermudez

      no i dont watch your videos

    96. Ellis Nichol

      I have watched every Single mrbeast video

    97. Ute Hoehr

      I Love you Mr.Beast

    98. Night_Slash

      I would make a lot