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    For well over a century, cars, trucks, and SUV’s have been manufactured and built in the same fashion. Today, though, there’s a company that’s doing things a bit different. The Czinger 21C is one of the most impressive vehicles ever built. Even more impressive than the car, though, is how the car gets designed and made. We’re going to take a look at how artificial intelligence, with the help of 3D printing, may change the entire automotive industry, and how a small team in California could make it happen sooner than you think.
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    1. New Revo

      Damn repairing this car will be a nightmare, looks like once it gets in a good accident throw the entire thing away and buy new...

    2. Skeleton

      If an A.I made that, then I guess a A.I can buy that.

    3. Chris Hazel

      Holy shit how is this not my life???? ***Excuse me, someone, there's been a mistake - someone took mine***

    4. David Miller

      Parts built into the chassy... A mechanics nightmare.

    5. The Fattest Hagrid

      Working in the industry. I can tell you, that guy is talking nothing but bullshit. Plus the production times for 3d printed cars would be abysmal at the current state of technology.

    6. jay morris

      Not designed by Ai, AI was told what to do and stick to the parameters then if unpleasant to the eye, thrown out and more parameters put in till it's accepted by the human, just being honest.

    7. John Shehata

      "No extra material" wth is he talking about, it's not magic. The entire tub of metal powder becomes unusable after one run so they try to jam in as many parts in one print as possible. There is still a huge amount of specially manufactured expensive metal powder that's basically wasted every time. Not only that but there are some parts that just can't be made because of the current material properties like the engine block. Not to mention the annealing process required to make a part finished which shrinks it in unpredictable ways that can cause huge problems. Basically, there isn't a perfect additive manufacturing method that exists yet. I hope I'm proven wrong at some point.

    8. Anthony Giangaspro

      Getting a replacement part must be a pain in the ass

    9. MrLaTEchno Reality,Stop Fake News.

      money money money money money moneymoneymoneymoney.......... I like to know those Parameters it Used during this process........... Bumper clicker....I do you one better,....do it myself AI in trunk .

    10. Dezee Fresh

      Go Chk CZinger, C if they wnt 2 cm Help me n Buildg my FLV ( Fastest Land Vehicle ), The Lightning GODRam Van . I Got it Alrdy. Just Need Time n Plenty Donation. Pssst, I might Mk it Fly lk a Bumble Bee or Dragonfly. Myb. Myb. Prob if I Find me a SuperWifey, I Might jst do it. Me n her go 2ce arnd d World, thn go 2 Venus 4 Our Honeymoon. All dat den n No time. Myb a wk. Gt 2 gv her atleast 5 dys n Venus. U Know Why. Dats Evry Female's Planet. Donations n Wifeys probablys Welcome.

    11. AudacityHimself

      Machines building machines...what could possibly go wrong.

    12. Erick Soler

      I can't imagine trying to fix this car if it is ever in a crash or just needs regular TLC.......

    13. robert kennedy

      Hey genius, why dont you make a car that you pay one cost for.....no gas costs no part and maintenance costs no insurance and registration costs. Like, you pay for the car and everything comes with it.... that way you would actually get what you paid for instead of some ripoff. Your not selling cars , your loaning them

    14. robert kennedy

      Bet A.I. hasnt learned to build one that wont break down

    15. robert kennedy

      Bet it still dont last any longer than any other car. They still want more money for their purpose built crappy parts. So try to stop being greedy and make cars that last

    16. Jake Shingleton

      Why can’t cars just be built like they used to. My 79 z28 still stands to this day. Great engineering

    17. David Riezinger

      It amuses me that we've always discussed the dangers of A.I. eventually becoming so advanced that humanity becomes outdated and is the eventual undoing of the human race. To the point that many of the top brains agree, "it's a bad idea and we'll lose in the end". Yet, here we are, making A.I. smarter and smarter.

    18. ᴍᴀɢᴇ ᴍʏsᴛ

      It kinda looks like a Walmart McLaren Senna. But its cool tho

    19. Megaman The Second

      AI copy's designs from nature which is what the best designers already do , 3d printers used to make high efficiency weight saving parts but 3d printed metal parts are by default structurally weaker than cast parts and forged parts.. this car is a gimmick it would be 5x more expensive and perform the same as a standard sports car(also automated assembly lines only save the company money of employee sick days insurance ect that won't make the end product cheaper the company will just absorb those savings into profit and sell the car for the same price as if it had human assembly lines similar to Tesla)

    20. Sunman

      у парня нос заложен

    21. Chad Tinney

      So basically, we will be able to become iron man soon

    22. LavenderDakid

      We hate being born to late

    23. Ed

      In other words it's going to be a pain the the ass to fix and get parts for

    24. Rik Aus

      Waffle, waffle, waffle

    25. Hermit Card

      Mmm... Can human mechanics give it maintenance and repairs???

    26. Hermit Card

      Let an AI to design a humanoid robot.

    27. Willis Raabe

      2500 square feet.... You can put that in a car dealership.

    28. Blyatiful Chin

      Dey terk ur jerrbs!!

    29. rizla

      Amazing video

    30. bavel shbib

      Who the fuck use earbuds and not the car stereo ?

    31. Poiuyt Tyuiop


    32. jvv belise

      Can't u upload the cad drawings of classic cars and reproduce, like a camaro a mercedes jaguar ect. Modify it to standard specs. And have a dream car affordable for the average jo.

    33. a day in the life

      I would buy the world a coke with all that money 😂

    34. Adam Osborne


    35. Mike Nolan

      Almost had something going but then got greedy and ruined it typical cooperation.

    36. chaser107

      I am sure AI wouldn't design the most energy/material efficient car with a fkin V8 ⛽ engine, that noise/heat machine is a human engineering "marvel"

    37. Latin Doggy

      If everything is designed to specifications impossible to humans, then it will be impossible for humans to repair them. I’m assuming they will send damaged cars to the robot arms again to put the broken car back together

    38. azrul nizam

      BMW Mechanics: “Ahh shit here we go again”

    39. Ory Fox

      b2b on adam lz's 2jz s15

    40. Roberto richardsen

      nice but first see...the beleave

    41. luckystriker

      Having some knowledge about the Rimac Concept 2, the new Gordon Murray car, the Aston Martin Valkyrie and the AMG One, the Czinger really does seem to be the most forward-thinking and revolutionary car of them all. Now, having said that, I'd still prefer the Murray T50 to this.

    42. William Gomez

      technology is amazing

    43. The Randomer

      270 isn't even that fast compared to the latest hyperca... WAIT WHAT?? A 2.8 ltr V8?? Ok I'm impressed.

    44. Rich Cooper

      Probably best not having an orange face with and orange background lol

    45. Atharva Karale

      What if a virus enters the A.I. 🙄

    46. g jenkins

      Why couldn't this video be school when I was growing up..

    47. Xavier Sales

      In the future the consumer will be able to design their own cars using AI technology

    48. Daniel Jones

      Vertically integrated assembly. Is this company Royalton?

    49. Alan C

      $3 million on those printing machines....I really doubt that. Even if that were the case, imagine what material cost. The cost of programmers, + cost of expert maintenance guys to be right by the machine 24/7 which they would absolutely have to have because automated machines break just about everyday in some form or fashion in industrial settings. Plus god only knows what other expenses. I promise that 3 million dollar figure that was "estimated" is only a mere fraction of the reality

    50. Alan C

      A skeltonized car That's hardcore af

    51. Carlos Almeida

      The bell does not work for me. I can't get notifications. Any one know why?

    52. BakaOppai -

      if the guy is smart he'd build the car like this for 1/50th the cost and sell it for half of everyone else. Wipe out the industry for himself. The only real issue is they're completely unrepairable.

    53. Crazy Sounds

      2030... Me: “Check this new car I just printed!” You: “Cool, I just downloaded the blueprints to print mine.”

    54. Crazy Sounds

      I would donate the $497million to Elon Musk to help further his cause!

    55. Jacob Stech

      We should use this technology to make new firearms that would be cool to see an ai built rifle and how it decided to make it

    56. Joseph Shipman

      Mfs in Detroit watching this like 😳

    57. RNdom

      I just got a veloster n ad made by donut ON THIS VIDEO WTF

    58. Fenchell Forelle

      Okay, cool and all but... what if it breaks? Find me a mechanic willing to work on this car. Find me a single mechanic who isnt gonna throw up all over you when you tell him "oh yeah, my car has been having electrical issues could you check that out? oh, by the way, the wires are exactly the length they theoretically need to be down to the millimeter, have fun"

    59. Dave M

      Only plans to build 80 units, but that's okay. Because with a base model price of $1,700,000 and very little labor cost he only has to sell 80 and retire.

    60. Devon King

      lots of satanistic avatar pics in HUgets comments lately, not cool

    61. W4Pz

      Majority of the people in the comment be like: "this is not true because....... and I don't want my car to be built by a robot, coz I am old"

    62. Brad Littlepage

      AI does not yet exist. It may never exist. This car was not designed or optimized by AI.

    63. CounterProductive

      No. Machine learning did. ITS NOT A FUCKING AI!

    64. L J

      Homer Simpson needs to have some input.😜

    65. Kara G

      9:15 so with the ease of programmability and simplicity we all can expect automakers to catch on and make affordable exotic cars right? lol I wish

    66. Griseld Islamaj

      I worked for KUKA, the company that produces the robotic arms and i've seen them in action in factories, they are truly mesmerizing machines

    67. devxc

      21 century car that uses oil/coal ... LOL ask AI to design engine

    68. noodles6669

      There is a lot of "in theory" that you're leaving out. All this stuff is great in theory. In practice it is an absolute nightmare and requires a ton of engineering to make it work. Over time it will get better but right now it is technology in its infancy. I don't expect you to highlight all the negatives but at least a very short summary of why this hasn't become the widely adopted method for all car manufacturers.

    69. 0MindSwept0

      2:56 the name sounded cool at first, but so much for that 😒 7:19 I guess support material isn't a thing 🤔 11:08 I would use all the technology, robotics and materials necessary to make a full size functioning Bazzi (the big adorable boi in my pfp) so I can finally give him the love and encouragement he needs to feel better about life 🫂😞

    70. Tom Hayward

      If i had $439 I'd set up a shop that'd essentially do the same thing except tell the computer to leave the body a certain way

    71. decaf Raids

      The car's not that impressive. Neither is the production. I can make cars just as fast if not faster in FH4 in 30 min

    72. Brock Hinton

      I just see a lot of topology optimization.

    73. Aaron Gaming/vlogs

      I would buy all the dodge hellcat srt challangers and chargers

    74. rr4298 Rukidding

      Click bait with no control arm

    75. Volo

      Cool car! Does it have a door? I mean, do AIs need doors?

    76. Kyle Altmix

      B2B DRINKING GAME!! Watch B2B and everytime he says "bespoke", have a drink.

    77. Gary J

      blink 182 sux without you, Tom.

    78. rcdov10

      It's been a long time since I've started to play such dumb vid

    79. Shock Value

      Buy Raycon so you dont hear the traffic and vital signs and threats. Will bring about large accidents and death

    80. SiniorGolazo

      "A 3D printer doesn't print out extra material." *Rafts and support beams:* Are we a joke to you?

    81. Cptchurch33

      Imagine if they teamed up with Tesla to make a battery powered hyper car for hell

    82. Christopher R. Bessin

      excellent video on this exciting new tech

    83. Anthony Garcia

      Im an industrial electrician that works on mostly GM and Ford manufacturing facilities. It sounds like the turn around for the manufacturing process is crazy long. If a process like this were to go mainstream you would run into a similar problem that Tesla is having. They can’t produce cars fast enough. The Ford plant I was just at produced almost 100 Ford rangers a day.

      1. Anthony Garcia

        I understand that this could be scaled larger so that more cars were being produced but it seems like that would take up just as much space as current facilities

    84. Deny Chandra

      Why we dont have 3d print for food in 21st century ?

    85. Da Os

      designs state of the art car with beautiful machine generated underpinnings, covers it in bland human influenced shell and uses a fossil burning powerplant. and it looks nothing like the SR71, which wasn't designed with the assistance of AI. promising advanced design project turns into stylistic circle jerk.

    86. Da Os

      lot of comments here from people who literally have no idea what AI means in this context. but yeah, youtube.

    87. Jas M

      All of the saving process in manufacturing...... Hope it can be felt on retail😂

    88. donkey baba

      1.9 sec 0 to 60 Tesla : we are f#!/-d

    89. weirdo cow

      wow Allen Iverson is really a genius,huh

    90. Joshua Bynum

      ‘Which means a human being could never manufacture the parts designed by zinger’ but im watching a video of ideas from a machine i cane up with years ago. Honestly the technology is already available, its just nobody is willing to put a crap of money into making something bold and possibly innovative. I still have car ideas in my head i question why nobodies done them yet. Only guys thats gotten close was Koenigsegg and Mclaren. Porsche can do better, but i still believe they are working on something and not saying. None of this surprises me. Also other manufacturers use simulations to r&d which is a form of A.I in a sense just not fully autonomous. However that leads in my theory of we should branch away from saying artificial intelligence the way we use it. What people are afraid of we should rephrase to autonomous intelligence because technically we already have many forms if artificial intelligence in our everyday live today. But a software that can learn on its own is something totally different and we are along ways away from that. It would take way more than circuit boards and wires to accomplish that.

    91. Vitor Hugo

      can you speak to the Xpeng founder so we know if they make real donuts

    92. Vitor Hugo

      at Xpeng Motors humans charge 1 dollar per hour .... so, rip computer boy with the aerospace expensive materials

    93. Michael Mast

      With this manufacturing method, after the base framework meets regulatory requirements you should be able to custom order anything you want. Forget AI, where is the Homer car?

    94. Bernie Zelvis

      Yeah, yeah. The Czinger production process is so efficient and cost effective that their cars only cost 1.7 million dollars! Base model, that is.

    95. Philadelphia W Dustwater

      Humans are obsolete

    96. Callum Fettes

      They've made an STC...

    97. Socom CygnusX1

      Is there even a non functioning example of this car?

    98. Russell Sanderson


    99. Raymond G.

      When will we see an A.I made HUgets video?

    100. gray

      wait why are you wearing buds in your car? cause man you’re making me jelly