HITMAN'S WIFE'S BODYGUARD Trailer (2021) Ryan Reynolds, Samuel L. Jackson, Hitman's Bodyguard 2

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    HITMAN'S WIFE'S BODYGUARD Trailer (2021) Ryan Reynolds, Samuel L. Jackson, Salma Hayek, Hitman's Bodyguard 2 Action Movie HD
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    1. USSR ak47

      It's even better than Transporter

    2. Moiz Ali

      I on the other hand will tell you everything.😂🤣

    3. Sajith Rasith

      Favorite movie

    4. Elise Samuel

      Britney for theme song. YES!!!

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    6. Javier Lazaro Blas

      Cool a movie with Ryan Reynolds & Samuel L Jackson my Favorite Actors

    7. johnny gigolo

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    8. Bing Bong

      nice trailer but... where tf is my freeguy?

    9. Why so serious ?

      Yeyyyy....... Deadpool and Nick Fury

    10. John Chen

      thank you for bringing back the 90s

    11. idrees chohan

      Hitman's wife's hot.

    12. Raunak Satvadhir

      Biggest crossover of DEADPOOL & NICK FURRY

    13. East or West

      "Who are you?" "I'm the Hitman's Wife's Bodyguard. Who are you"? "I'm your fathers, brothers, nephews, cousins, former room mate." "So what does that make us?" "ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!"

    14. Jackson Bayubahe

      hhahaha finally something funny

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    16. Abbie Howard

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    17. culpe hyuns

      waiting for it

    18. Yele Yt

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    19. Berkehan

      Another feminist propaganda from Hollywood

    20. Freddie Highmore

      I on the otherhand will tell you everything! 😂😂😂

    21. Johan Last

      Finally, a movie where Hit Me Baby One more time is relevant...lol

    22. kirk nay

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    23. Muhammad Vidi

      so basically this is a movie about wade wilson going for holiday

    24. Arielle Caitlin

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    25. Joseph Callaway

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    26. DARK Angel

      So Deadpool Meet Nicky Fury and Ajak

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    28. Kayleen Leviney

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    29. Know More Know Less

      Ok so who is arranging this Bodyguard of the year competition 😂😂

    30. Arifin Istiaque Ahmed

      hilarious. Love the trailer. Looking forward to it. The "I on the other hand will tell everything cracked me"

    31. schnaaddi

      Already iconic

    32. Ronald

      does salma even age?

    33. El Eitchdee

      Comment section: I can't wait to see Ryan and Samuel in the same movie Me: Uhm ... Dude? You know this movie is part 2, right? There is a movie called Hitman's Bodyguard. Yes, it exists.

    34. no name

      Really ? This is like a "gay"

    35. What can I say?


    36. Nerryles Joe

      ~Bevillo Tutto Bevillo Tutto Bevillo Bevillo Bevillo Tutto~

    37. mist

      I just found out this is a sequel..

    38. prénom nom


    39. TriCoil

      1:13 at 0.25x speed Thank me later😗

    40. Jhyykssa Oijkleed

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    41. Pankaj 7p7

      Guess what you are not watching it for the first time 😂😂

    42. lukman pelu

      Hitman's wife's bodyguard's security's friend's wife's assistan's bodyguard's boss's wife's security's guard

    43. EastCoastGaminq

      Give us free guy first before releasing another Ryan Reynolds movie been waiting over a year for free guy

    44. Mr. Tibbles

      who else got the venom trailer as an add like tf

    45. DatsMe#

      Hahah Just seen the 1st movie last week.. and I didn't know there's gonna be a sequel. I can't wait 🍿🍿🍿🍿👊😍

    46. Eternl


    47. Cofce

      Song ??

    48. Nesreen A

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    49. Shamis

      ❤️‍🔥 “Sometimes you climb out of bed in the morning and you think I'm not going to make it but you laugh inside remembering all the times you've felt that way” ❤️‍🔥 ~ Charles Bukowski 😎

    50. EternalsLive

      It's Ryan. I'm in 😁

    51. Venus Sanders

      I just still see Deadpool lol

    52. PawpawOintment

      Wow, didnt expect a sequel

    53. Edlynn Sophea

      I am going to watch this movie just because of Salma Hayek.

    54. Hiranya Kr

      Jst release it man!!..i can't wait for it

    55. Dejon Charles

      I love the first movie I keep watching it over on dvd on my ps3 also The Bodyguard Hitman sounds nice it can b after The Hitmans Baby Bodyguard basically Bryce and Emilia have a child that gets kidnapped and he hires Darius

    56. Bruh_ Tricky

      1:36 when woman say he has baby

    57. Henrowue Poliia

      am not gonna tell you Shit Miachel : I , on the other side will tell you everything 😂😂😂🤣🤣

    58. JonatasMonte

      I didn't even get to watch the one where he's a videogame character.

    59. Bingo

      Alot bullets movie with Britney Spears song. who the hell in this movie? Oh okay

    60. Muhardi SI

      Bangun Lo bangun Lo bangun Lo

    61. shakur

      finally the world is getting back to normal



    63. estelle s

      Omg, so many movies that I need to watch this year! 🤣

    64. Theresa Cantrell

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    65. WYNNSANE

      i, on the other hand will tell you everything..👍

    66. Jeronmi Hasan

      1:35 why they both fi "WHAAT?!" 🤣🤣🤣

    67. Amogetswe Mavuso

      I'm so excited, I can't wait 🤗🤗

    68. nate levinson

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    69. D M

      I'm a very simple man. I see Ryan Reynolds and I click play

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    71. Ali Johnson

      Bloody bullshit

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    74. Christian Jackson

      Glad to see the 2nd movie will still be funny

    75. Eternaldarkness3166

      The next movie: The Hitman's Wife's Bodyguard's Auntie..

    76. Samil Asmodeus

      0:45 when the world around you goes to hell and you don't give a flying F

    77. Roblox The Master RTM

      All of you go watch godzilla vs kongs trailer its EPIC!

    78. being short

      Why you removed hindi trailer

    79. Mazel KERRY

      I just love the cast

    80. OURWORLD TV [MA 18]

      Why is Salma Hayek not listed in the title? Lol 😍

    81. Ash J.

      Friend: What's your fav movie genre Me : Ryan Reynolds Friend :

    82. Prince Singh chandel

      Man he was a looser as Green lantern now look at him

    83. Doan Ngoc San

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    84. Shridhar Subedaramath

      Kannada language trailer please

    85. Tegan Turner

      Yes I loved the first movie

    86. Ginia Chakraborty

      Oh that Britney Magic!!! ❤️❤️❤️ ryan is love!! 😂😂😂

    87. KpopNoodle

      "Oh my god a child would be so lucky to have you...as its host." LMAO

    88. Paula Valério

      OMG the first was great and this 🤣 is gonna be as good as the other 😂 and now with Salma in the game 👍🏻 these three rock. Ryan is good at every genre he takes 😉

    89. Fr0st B1ght3


    90. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

      Samuel L. Jackson is the king of Hollywood.

    91. Pern Sah

      Just realized Antonio is in the trailer!!!

    92. srikanth polisetty

      Nick Fury hired Deadpool as his wife's bodyguard? Lmao

    93. Yug Joshi

      Ryan my favrioute From india

    94. sarowar hossain

      Can,t wait to see their action

    95. Freaky Jasmine

      Who else is surprised they didn't hear Samuel say mf this time? 😂

    96. A. R.

      selama zalama alama segak, whatever her name is sucks all togethe!!!!r, Samuel Ryan what TF ?? I hope she plays a small roll, the title reads hitman's wife??? you bet my thumbs down. I guess the pandemic didn't leave a better actress alive!! she owns an owl as a pet???!! WTF.

    97. Veer S. Rajawat

      When nick fury and Deadpool met in another dimension

    98. richy spartan

      We're going to have a baby 👶... The duo : What the f***!!! 😂😂

    99. Steffko

      All I heard this whole trailer was the Camper song.. anyone else?