Apex Legends Nintendo Switch Gameplay Trailer

Apex Legends

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    Apex Legends makes its long-awaited debut on Switch this season on March 9. x.ea.com/67416
    To help Switch players catch up on the Season 8 Battle Pass, they will be granted 30 free levels and will earn double XP for the first two weeks after launch. For a limited time, Switch players can also get an all-new Legendary Pathfinder skin - P.A.T.H. - .
    Looking to make an instant impact? Unlock all Legends through Season 7, get over $100 worth of exclusive cosmetics, and 1,000 Apex Coins with the Champion Edition.
    Get ready to take your legend with you.

    Apex Legends™ is a free-to-play battle royale game where legendary characters battle for glory, fame, and fortune on the fringes of the Frontier. Apex Legends arrives on Nintendo Switch on March 9, 2021. Play for free now on PlayStation® 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC via Origin and Steam.
    Learn more about Apex Legends Season 8 - Mayhem: x.ea.com/67416

    Check out our HUgets channel: x.ea.com/56710.
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    1. Angel FS

      Interesting modes and skins in packs, but this is all that the developers do, I am saddened by a huge number of cheaters, from the very first seasons, apart from pulling money from players, what are you doing there ???

    2. scatchnana thx

      So far the apex on switch sucks and i hope it could get better

    3. Bearded_Z0mbie Gaming

      More like, Nintendo ditch...💯🤦👎

    4. Darklight Gaming

      I hope Apex mobile gets a skin :)

    5. SK- GENMRU


    6. Pmguino

      0:36 those are ground emotes confirmed!

    7. Chase Tiongco

      Pls buff revenant

    8. Chase Tiongco

      Pls buff revenant

    9. Chase Tiongco

      Pls buff revenant

    10. Chase Tiongco

      Pls buff revenant

    11. Chase Tiongco

      Pls buff revenant

      1. Elliot Thompson

        Stop spamming that message, you have to many comments and you haven't even realised how good revenant is.

      2. Zveks 06

        Oh my god stfu revenant is good now

    12. malachi cannon

      that's cool can y'all fix the damn lag to where I can get in the game and or play . just watch my recent video and see how bad it is for me

    13. malachi cannon

      that's cool can y'all fix the damn lag to where I can get in the game and or play . just watch my recent video and see how bad it is for me

    14. malachi cannon

      that's cool can y'all fix the damn lag to where I can get in the game and or play . just watch my recent video and see how bad it is for me

    15. Alaa Alsamahi

      Why your not making a video for 3week

    16. Dancehall Music Ent.

      what with mobile???????

    17. naz sleepy

      Respawn can you ban 2 cheater i have video on my channel

    18. AXL Gaming


    19. human1312

      Trash servers

    20. Clam Chowdah

      Can I sign into my actual account tho?

    21. さん


    22. yusra hassan

      i dont have a Nintendo switch but i play it through ps4

    23. BRUH network

      I wish I had bloodhounds intro I would main him if I had it 😔

    24. こまぎんちゃん


    25. Rise And shine i guess

      Teasing emotes? :)

    26. Sophie Adams

      I love to run into a fight only to die being unable to see anything as my frame rate rapidly drops

    27. Jade mustang

      They messed up big time having it ship with crossplay on as default, should of had it switch only with the option to turn crossplay on. No one, absolutely no one plays switch only because of that. You can not compete in crossplay on switch, so disappointing...

      1. 2fast4all

        There is a big following regardless. Heck my switch friends are willing quad up while I use my Ryzen PC or Dell G5 laptop.

    28. Saleh Gamer

      Can you let apex legends on ios and android please

    29. Emel Yilmaz

      fun fact: apex is underrated like holy apex needs some respect

      1. Mete Çalışkan

        İf you really think this is underrated then you Will lose your mind over how Titanfall 2 is underrated

    30. hell gate

      Next mobile pls.

    31. Sai

      Please just bring Cross-progression my Account is stuck on Ps4, and i Switched to PC

    32. Zeitgeist Gaming

      sooooo is there gonna be a mobile and if there was will it be for a specific type of device cause if it is that way i hate it :(

      1. Zeitgeist Gaming

        @2fast4all yea i guess so :(

      2. 2fast4all

        Well it has too. Games like this wont run on a potato for today's standards.

    33. Hydronamic

      So if I get the path skin on nintendo with the same EA account as my ps4 can I use it on ps4

    34. Hydronamic

      They make it look soon easy but on nintendo aiming is hard

    35. NotRite

      0:10can we get an F in the chat

    36. Pfct Saif

      We want Titanfall 3

    37. Manki Kng

      Switch Version Crash so many Times. Switch Version sucks.

    38. Epa-kounya 509

      we need to improve the graphics would be great for the next update

    39. PANTEON 41


    40. GLM Zac

      Just hit lvl 100 on switch 🤗

    41. Kmaster09

      Just got apex a week ago and holy shit it’s so fun highly recommend if you haven’t played or have interest of playing it

    42. Nacho Friend

      can you please PLEASE fix the frame drops whenever people get into combat. It's really bad.

    43. sis Lopez


      1. Green Tea

        You have to contact customer support. Commenting here is just falling on deaf ears.

    44. That Random Guy

      Literally they make it look so easy but in reality

    45. sponge_better Than_logical gaming

      Buff lifeline

    46. Natas Nehru

      Game is broken

    47. strech147

      So... The game crashes when there's too much going on screen, sometimes when nothing is happening at all. The motion controls don't register horizontal movement properly. Render distance is much lower. Console players have wayyyyy better frame rates and will almost always wreck Switch players, which is why there seems to be so many fresh console accounts with names that are obviously smurfs accounts. Right now, more accurate and functional motion controls on Switch would be a good way to balance the game in terms of cross play.

    48. kit

      Finally it's here!

    49. SpanNachos 81

      I have it

    50. Alienation

      The frame rate during combat is horrific

      1. Cris Hernández


    51. _Elijah_

      So how long will the pathfinder skin be out?

      1. Omar HD Amusement

        Wish my dad would play wit me😞

    52. HYPER 6o9

      Everybody gangsta till you get framedrops by doing actually nothing

    53. DMminion Tech

      Apex legends on switch seems slow and way harder to aim or even pick up items. Think I'll stick to PC and PS4 "until I get my ps5". Also on PS4 I have notice that no-regs are back with the caustic town take over. I had TWO full clips from a volt have no bullet registration.

    54. Brandon Whitehouse

      Hey are you guys going to fix Lobas completely unusable jump drive?

    55. Slitherman

      It’s great except for when in crashes when there’s more then 40 frames going on. (Not even joking happeneds way to often)

    56. FannerBanner

      My frame rates feel most alive when rapidly approaching a gunfight

    57. Chris the stickman

      pathfinder w smash?!

    58. Sentinel

      Yeah don’t forget *30 fps*

    59. General Goat

      Looks like game play from a ps3

    60. Nj miukuのライブ配信垢

      最悪だなぁ ps4民

    61. DarkFrosty101

      Nintendo fix the dam mic glitch these kids sound like there parents gave them $10 mics

      1. vanmorlo


    62. Meng Huy

      Enjoy this game with 20fps

    63. tteS

      Yeah i played 10 hours, port is actually good can improve fps more maybe ?

      1. tteS

        @BigDJSlaps i hope so

      2. BigDJSlaps

        Hopefully there will be a patch soon

    64. KaYdI CaInE

      Respawn please see this comment as a committed day 1 player I ask can you change the button configuration settings to be able to unbind a button as from the beginning I’ve always had the havoc melee on me whilst shooting and I can’t handle it no more I thought that the button settings might of changed at some point to be able to unbind a button but you have to change a button only I beg you please change this as I’ve been killed countless time just for using the havoc please see this comment fingers crossed 🤞

    65. KILZER

      doesnt let me login

    66. Gabriel Verwichte

      I'm an xbox Predator, I need switch players, my gamertag is Talizer on xbox, free to add me

    67. ター


    68. emotinal 263

      There are three people's with this 1. The graphics 2. The frames 3. THE GRAPHICS

    69. JackieSz0729

      0:09 Lol

    70. Rumpel JR

      It runs Like shit

    71. maefiosii


    72. Grilled cheese Sandwich gamer

      When you’re planning to get a switch and see that you’re fav game comes out on it

    73. 3lMen

      tmr ni terminan el juego para pc y están sacando para Nintendo Switch

    74. BN Aquatics

      Does it require nintendo online ?

      1. Naughty Yuumi

        what? nooo it doesn't. You can play without online pass

      2. BN Aquatics

        Thanks a lot

      3. BN Aquatics

        Thank you

    75. luludu70 Le bg

      Rip octane

    76. mistic burrito

      I have a step brother who has a switch we both started playing at the same time and I'm kinda triggered that he has a dope Pathfinder skin but I don't because I don't have a switch and he is leveling faster than me but he has more benefits because he's using a switch and I'm using a laptop

      1. mistic burrito

        I know I'm complaining but I'm still glad the game is out on the switch

    77. Cris Cutie

      Well at least I could see the difference that Nintendo switch brings and it’s nasty

    78. Dep jep

      Hm... 30 fps, 720p and 50% 3D Resolution? Low textures, models, shadows, okay...

    79. cynicalhorse channel

      Nice some free kill

      1. Omar HD Amusement

        @PYRO 501st legion 😩 stop Bieng mad you 9 y/o add

      2. PYRO 501st legion


    80. Hawkkai10i

      How do I transfer apex legends data from the pc to the Nintendo

      1. Hawkkai10i

        @MannyXD26 oh why

      2. MannyXD26

        You can’t

    81. Saltii

      graphics and fps are trash this trailer was a scam

      1. Saltii

        @PYRO 501st legion yes

    82. payton N

      Yay there putting titanfall 3 on the switch

    83. Velcro.

      It’s fun but half the guns in the trailer aren’t in the game and the graphics are big that good

      1. AA - 06BB 790602 Tomken Road MS

        All the guns in the trailer in their what r u on abt

    84. knapperige knaap

      Dude fucking fix this shitty game. I've been sitting in a normal trios que for 20 minutes now. Why bring this game to switch if it's 15 fps and no one plays it.

    85. master roshi

      I was super excited for this game to come out and it runs great and dock mode but on portable it's damn near impossible to see anybody unless you're right up on them

    86. Jamie Woods

      I'm so good at Apex that I like playing at a major disadvantage to even the playing field so the switch version is perfect for me

    87. noname


    88. Donald Mafia

      No switch players🙂...

    89. Hhjj vjbkk

      When will Apex Legends Mobile launch?

    90. YXS!

      Mobile when?

    91. 人間


    92. Roberto Mercado marquez

      Jajajaja thats not see

    93. Twitter please don't cancel me

      I'm a console player and I will destroy all of you switch players 1v1me right now

      1. Ryan Rodriguez

        Switch is a console to you idiot

    94. Cheems Comunista

      How do i build in this game?

      1. Cheems Comunista

        @Darren Plays Games - Fortnite Concepts and more! : )

    95. Evan Keith

      SHEEEESH PATHFINDER SKIN KINDA NICE🥶🥶🥶🥶😩😩😩😩😡😡😡😡🥵🥵🥶🥶🥶🥶🤬🤯🤯🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

    96. Dog Soldier

      Just use the pro controls Pls

    97. MuziRift

      So excited to release it on Mobile devices💚 So hyped

      1. Omar HD Amusement


    98. nexxusty

      Absolute lies, the game looks and plays nothing like that. Its unplayable handheld.

      1. Deadsilver104 Borntoball

        I run slower than usual.

    99. David

      swich online ?

    100. antonio david ban

      10 fps y bajones a 5 xd