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    You guys asked for it so here you go. My BILLION DOLLAR LOCKER TOUR (totally real and accurate)
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    1. Tylor Hockaday

      My locker cost 180$

    2. Claudia Garcia


    3. MysticFNBR

      Wonder is my main 🥶😎

    4. Daniel Salazar Torres


    5. josue Portillo

      Fresh won skin you don't have is the iconic skin

    6. Logan stevenson


    7. Those Two Kids

      am I the only one who clicked on this video to see if he had renegade raider or ariel

    8. Isa Estrella

      1 dollar locker buddy

    9. Axton i

      Fresh: my locker is insane Me: he has more legendarys than my whole locker

    10. Ethan Phillips

      after nearly 5 minutes he finished the green OMG

    11. Arturo Coria

      Don't laugh at flamingo skin I like his vids

    12. Justice Thomas

      I have a $1 million locker with 177 skins 😤😤😤😤😤😠😤😠😤😤😤

    13. toby jones

      I have a $7,000 dollar acount

    14. exploding duck123

      Me: 300$ locker Fresh: 1 billion dollar locker

    15. Typical Gamer


    16. Dan Al-Khan

      Please can I have the ikonik and the snerieo and the back bak

    17. Elizabeth Gaming

      I thought i had a lot of skins........... 🤯

    18. logan coulter

      i think i have over 500 skins bascally 1200 dollars cool locker bro luv your vids

    19. Dj_yonder31

      Cool locker

    20. Liam Ryan

      fresh is the best player in the world fresh will win world cup

    21. Galaxy Tornado

      Hey fresh I bought pumpernickel with code fresh

    22. jack teese

      i have a 1k account

    23. Dawn Jeffery

      Pickle pickle

    24. Fresh Prince

      Locker bundle for you coming soon ?????

    25. Chilyasa Gaming

      Me: 30$ Locker Fresh: Billion$ Locker

    26. shanestacy1


    27. Matthew amaya

      Its not actually that much money

    28. Matthew amaya

      Bro what the frick

    29. Matthew amaya

      No way capppp

    30. Matthew amaya

      No not billion

    31. Stephanie Brookes

      For anyone looking for a simpler means fast_tech01 can do this for you no stress no sweat

    32. Debora Saxon

      You should do a challenge where every game you have to wear one of those skins

    33. Ayden Ibarra

      Me: 500,00$ locker fresh: billions of $

    34. Haider Abbas Vines

      This was just skins make a part 2 where u show us rest of your stuff

    35. yasharxo

      give me your account

    36. Krpzyシ

      Hey Fresh, Can you please reply to me i am your biggest fan

    37. Jennifer Zimmer


    38. Madiganboy99 Madigan

      He only likes skins that are green lol

    39. StefaGamerrr

      I thinked you have renagade raider?

    40. Sara Annabell

      Hay fresh that hard garger skin no one remembers that

    41. lessnumbers

      Nintendo Switch back in the day...? really Fresh?

    42. Pro Reaper2.00

      Bruh u don’t have renegade raider and aerial assault trooper

    43. Jayden Hudson


    44. Anthony Gonzalez

      so will you be my friend in fortnite?

    45. Anthony Gonzalez

      I use cod fresh instead of lazar

    46. Anthony Gonzalez

      My fortnite name is kjathedestrower

    47. Anthony Gonzalez

      Fresh I play fortnite and can you friend me and I am a fan

    48. GBKfalse YT

      Half of the green skins is my whole locker lol

    49. AuSy Fortnite


    50. Fentom sav4ge

      also fresh doesent have lazarbeams skin favourited

    51. Fentom sav4ge

      fresh do you have renegade raider

    52. florence crossland

      HOW can you not have malice

    53. Zak Jessop

      you have drift

    54. Teo Kim

      13:00 The *YEAH* sound kinda matches with the travis scott skin lol

    55. SHI XO

      Me: 60$ locker Fresh: Billion $ locker

    56. Nik Parratt


    57. The Gamer

      Best locker I have ever seen

    58. Oskar Pelling

      Do you have tfa

    59. SkeltzombieGaming

      OK cool

    60. Alexplaysgames


      1. Alexplaysgames

        hi fresh

      2. Alexplaysgames


      3. Alexplaysgames



      HOw ThE HeLl Do I hAve So MuCH dAm GhOust BuSters

    62. Phinix


    63. DEAD CRAP

      I know your here because of his locker bundle 😉

    64. galaxy Dan Playz

      Fresh I have you’re skin I always where it

    65. Theo Finlayson


    66. Cool man11

      That is alot

    67. John Gaming퓿

      Me: Laughing to my DEATH ☠️ fresh:pulling up ali-a skin out then the Ali-A intro🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    68. Christina Shilvock

      do you have renagade raider

    69. Carl Caballia

      Cool loker

    70. WrangWrang is me

      Dude I’m a default play on oceanica servers plz gift and my name is unclewrang

    71. WrangWrang is me

      Monks I want so bad u know

    72. WrangWrang is me

      Love ya vids bro you and lannan make me wanna play fortnite

    73. WrangWrang is me

      Bro wow this is 🔥

    74. Shadow Kid

      I wish I had that locker

    75. Daniela Trujillo Castaño

      Do you hace renegaide

    76. Logan Hemming

      If you read this bless you and your family

    77. K 163


    78. Cely Rivera-Cruz

      How meny do you have in all (sooo cool)

    79. Papi Rubio

      Me: ok I have to spend my v bucks wisely Fresh: ok I have 1000 skins I never wear them

    80. Ilai A

      Oh that's fresh I didn't know I did know this is fresh fooled u

    81. Zachary Parker

      Fresh u know all take a skin u don”t want

    82. Sandino Wade

      Fresh didn’t play in season 2 lol

    83. George Turner

      So u have renegade raider

    84. Rebellion

      I am not asking fresh ofcourse ge will not add me cause I hav like 20 skins and I am a bot

    85. Rebellion

      Cool locker wanna add me

    86. Dylan Woodhead

      U have like every skin in the game except the renegade raider

    87. Default army legend 1234

      My freaking name is cole and one of your skins is that name

    88. Finn O'Daniel-Hansen

      Why did you comment your own video

    89. Addison Money

      What about rengad rater

    90. Alie Ahmed

      I want

    91. Pavlos Petrou


    92. Aleksa Djordjevic

      Fresh iz good

    93. Jeff Boi

      Lol hes trying to flex when fortnite isnt even cool anymore

    94. Sarp Ördekçi

      He does not have the leviathan skin and I have ıt lol

    95. Teodor Mihov


    96. Juan Hernandez


    97. teo loves federicas

      Mai boi

    98. Gerald McHardy

      me: I got nothing am a default mi epic is Jerry2424242

    99. Maria Resende