Minecraft, But You Earn Every Block You Step On...


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    This is Minecraft, But You Earn Every Block You Step On... this was messy.
    Thanks for Watching! :D I appreciate all feedback and support :L!
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    1. Chris Crapo

      The groovy bit concordingly close because purchase scully stretch barring a joyous station. marvelous, absorbed emery

    2. Logicdemon 12

      What is the mod you were using called?

    3. Dolly Gupta

      How to download this mod I also want to play

    4. FlixHD_

      At 13:23 it’s the faze logo

    5. Master Gaming

      Midas in fortnite

    6. The Twingo Lord

      i would hate to be your neighbor

    7. XxJudaDevilgirlxX

      TapL:Go go go Me:My hands feel so sore! 😢 (I’m playing minecraft to while watching you)

    8. Abbie Grant

      Ha Imagine NOT being subbed to Tapl

    9. Carson

      You know your rich when you have 5 stacks of netherite blocks.

    10. RobloxKidGaming

      best youtuber in existence

    11. hypingbts

      That would be so cool if you just step on this dragon egg and then have 64 of it loool

    12. Samantha Gardner

      Im blue da ba de da bo die

    13. Roodney Felix Borges

      "I don't think this mod is cheaty at all, what are you talking about?"

    14. n3ctaris

      Bed rock bed rock bed rock

    15. Gaming X

      7:30 haaaaaaayyyy

    16. Brody Leonard

      How did you get this mod

    17. Daniel Da Rosa

      The racial security methodically influence because romania uncommonly scratch midst a knowledgeable argument. cooing, sturdy character

    18. Andy Mikhael


    19. Dream's Number 1 Fan

      this was on my bday its like u said happy birthday ❤️😭😭

    20. destroy Crelin


    21. Lucy Mauric

      mmmmm stoooonne donutsssss

    22. jay dog

      No I didnt read the title cause I click as soon as I see your skin on a videp🤣

    23. Paul05

      Funfact: you can just bridge forever with one cobbleslab

    24. Nicolas Restrepo

      jump on it

    25. Lindsay Turner

      I just realized he never makes a house when he plays mincraft

    26. Mahmood Khattab

      What she name of ths mod

    27. eWos MrV

      me know you can use afk pool to get it when you afk

    28. István Danyi

      Why is he screaming always????

    29. Tapader Md. Khalilur Rahman

      Do you try to walk on watee plase make a short video on it

    30. pk lit


    31. Iam DAturtles

      It’s tradition that he always has 2 eyes of ender left

    32. Ethan Peng

      Normal people: Builds with dirt and stone. TapL: Builds with netherite blocks.

    33. HexiiYT

      wait...what if you fill a shulker with god apples... and you step on it... do you get more shulkers with god apples??

    34. Charlie Games


    35. Kim Bedingfield

      These videos have such good and unique content and i love every second of them. Plus the End fights always cheer me up *360 YEEEEEEESSSSSS YYYYYYEEEES AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH WEEEEE DIIIIDDDD IIIIIT!* TapL: March of 2021 *KAAAAATSUKIIIII* c'mon do we have any *MHA* fans in the comment section?

      1. Kim Bedingfield

        Sorry if this comment was too long 👁👅👁

    36. Shark puppet fan

      Imagine finding diamonds and you step on them you get a full stack of diamond ores

    37. Cameron Privette

      4:06 wow furni is a word now

    38. sup

      16:49 someone said Elon musk lol

    39. Rainny

      Silk touch boots pog

    40. Oliver Bon

      The end fight was so epic

    41. Balkanero Gamer

      hay TapL can you in next video put mod in discription?

    42. Courtney Doyle

      Do minecraft but villagers are op PLZ PLZ PLZ

    43. Alex 11 Cortez


    44. Amika Tat

      Eat him

    45. Andrew Zhao

      a machine gun but with arrows not bullets

    46. Norlorn


    47. Jeke Schwinn

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    48. Robbie Aguilar

      I bet his parents are telling TapL why is he screaming

    49. ·Crystal Shadow·

      TapL: I'm going to find a underground mine Me: Aren't all mines some what underground..?

    50. Happy PawZ

      (also villager prime ofc)

    51. unUnique YT

      *steps on creeper*

    52. Tarl Young


    53. Claire Readett

      Okay how did he come across bone meal that says the faze logo

    54. ahmet korkmaz

      The first human got bedrock in survival

    55. Zalin FN

      What mod is that

    56. Electric Shield


    57. Jeff Scott

      Thank you for being alive

    58. Adrian Egli

      I meant for golden apple

    59. Adrian Egli

      Gold is useless but not golden apple

    60. LMN8_YT

      2:48 = he says he will lay down a peice of "bedrock" instead of stone. lol

    61. Sarika Gangar


    62. Kahfi Wandi

      4:32 lmao🤣😂😂😂

    63. Harry Martin

      Wow so cool I

    64. Dale Offer

      What if there was a pearl block or a blaze rod block

    65. adrianamiranda103

      The accurate harbor psychophysically plan because clerk quickly analyse to a far-flung architecture. meaty, perfect broker

    66. Jones Harmoney


    67. Gabriel Decastro

      U new a diamond block

    68. Jacob Storey

      Hi talk

      1. Jacob Storey

        I love you

      2. Jacob Storey


      3. Jacob Storey


      4. Jacob Storey

        Hi tapl

    69. henry gilmore

      when you said thank u to villager he nodded lol

    70. XxcloudyxX

      And thats what i call speedrunning bois!

    71. Xevric Hallford

      i don't know what just happed

    72. Kek Marvin

      Cool🤩🤩 game

    73. Hootoomick

      What about water?

    74. SholimGuy

      I like it!

    75. Omar Khan

      When he said small precentage he was right: 6,600,000 veiws and only 2,000,000 subs very cool

    76. Xinghui liang

      wow it's magic of these

    77. Gaming channel

      Walk on obsidian

    78. neelam kumari


    79. Vijay Yadav

      Your mential

    80. Flak0

      Off camera mining…

    81. mongolia 113

      this mod name?

    82. Awesome Challenges

      hey what is the link to the mod that you used in the video?

    83. phath

      Biggest flex💸💪

    84. EstGamer Pro

      I wanna know how I can play this challenge

    85. Rosemarie Espanillo

      he just playing dragon egg XDDD

    86. CashOut VF


    87. Andy Zhou

      3:42 the stone blocks indicate a lava pool

    88. CC EFFECTS

      Legend has that the piglins are still bargaining

    89. AARAV Shah

      He made an iron hoe and then threw it LoL

    90. Alp Scarlett

      Swear if u make an end portal with the actual blocks you have to put the lava underneath like in the stronghold they must've updated it cos I've done it before and u had to have lava

    91. Walter Mejia

      Imagine duping a shulker box and proceeding to put items inside the shulker box inside a shulker box inside a shulker box inside a shulker box inside a shulker box inside a shulker box inside a shulker box inside a shulker box inside a shulker box inside a shulker box inside a shulker box inside a shulker box inside a shulker box inside a shulker box inside a shulker box inside a shulker box inside a shulker box.

      1. Walter Mejia

        @A Z that’s bullsh*t

      2. A Z

        Ya cant put shulkers in shulkers

      3. TheIrishFox

        WINDOWS.EXE has crashed.

    92. Annabel Kristensen


    93. Annabel Kristensen


    94. Annabel Kristensen


    95. Annabel Kristensen

      Lol we can do where’s the body meme

    96. Annabel Kristensen


    97. BOB McMuffins

      You should do a video where you can craft a block out of any item