Dua Lipa - Levitating Featuring DaBaby (Official Music Video)

Dua Lipa

Dua Lipa

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    1. Олег Солдатенко


    2. Osman çıkmaz

      🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 hitttt hitttt hitttt

    3. Leo Cbx

      Como no tiene 1b de vistas esto ya por dios dua lipa te podes calmaaar? Te amo gracias por ser semejante artista y transmitir tanto.

    4. Yabin Damian Badillo Luna

      Me gusta el tema es mi favorito

    5. Ali Assaad

      I rather this dababy evolution than live again to see quavo spreading in the music industry

    6. Ali Assaad

      Someone do a mashup with supalonely

    7. Camrens Fc

      this song is super catchy, you listen to it once and it plays in your head for the rest of the day 🙌

    8. Ali Assaad

      Her best video, collaboration, production and lyrics

    9. Amey Agrawal

      Song deserves at-least billion views

    10. Juraj Jonáš

      Dua super muzica,video e tu Sei belllisima tanti auguri ciao Bella 😻💘💘

    11. Abby MM

      I like this collab

    12. Julián Hernández

      Disco music return !!!

    13. Kartik Gupta

      Can’t stop loving you🤩❤️

    14. Maximum Power Pro Funciona

      pesada demaisssss

    15. Unknown Person

      The best song of FUTURE NOSTALGIA

    16. Valeria Ochoa

      i loved please answer me please y loved i am a girl please

    17. trapkid finest

      Dua lipa doing the most, go girl ♥️

    18. Akshara Medam

      She filmed an MV with TikTok lets just take a moment of silence.

    19. Raelynn Myers

      True queen

    20. Christiano Pinho

      even the video aspect ratio is retro, mindblowing

    21. Answer_Human

      imagine being in that rotating magnet thingie and watch newton fail badly... ahh... its a dream....

    22. Blerina Mallakaj

      Can we just appreciate Dua Lipa for bringing back her two-toned hair? 🌼

    23. Feli Luna

      Dua lipa hace la mejor música

    24. Get me 5,000 subscribers without any vids

      whose watching this in november 2020??

    25. Get me 5,000 subscribers without any vids

      whose watching this in november 2020??

    26. Get me 5,000 subscribers without any vids

      whose watching this in october 2020??

    27. Marcosbroadcast

      Dua Lipa - I Love You

    28. Daria Maciąg

      This choreography is awesome !!

    29. Estuardo Perez

      Clock of tik TOK

    30. lg78

      lowkey love that the video is in 4:3, makes it feel just that tiny bit more retro

    31. Viní xxxtentecion

      love this

    32. xDrift

      Ktoś jest tu z Polski?

    33. Pikachu H

      Like it if you're- Enjoying the vibe Watching on half screen On bed Reading comments

    34. bubblanb

      Great, except rap which is dorky, rap music is for dorks

    35. Johnathon Loveless

      Why do recording labels insist on putting rap verses in every pop song. If people can't enjoy the og then its their loss.

    36. PD AT


    37. Nick Chkheidze

      Wonder Woman of Pop!

    38. Juan Pablo


    39. Cristian cordova


    40. Cristian Schumacher


    41. SoAlex

      This song would've been goated with bruno mars or the weeknd as features

    42. aizann Hafiz

      I love 80s music but hate on styling... She make me love disco back...

    43. oiyouforgot

      Is it just me or would the weeknd and dua lipa kill in a song together

    44. BLACK FIRE

      Этот рэп...., боже

    45. ยศกร สุขแม้น


    46. Gramfordd YT

      Mixed mad mastered really on next level, magical sound

    47. Fun Fun

      23 millions views

    48. Shylane Guy Miller

      she put the tiktok sign in the video in the elevator

    49. Max Games


    50. amit kumar

      Ticktock promotion

    51. Benoto Kibami

      Lalalalalala Staying alive staying alive ....

    52. Time News Roman

      You know the song gonna be good when you see her black hair again.

    53. Jesús Valle

      Esta canción en concreto es electrizante, pero este álbum en general es totalmente perfecto. En estos momentos difíciles es de mucho agradecer que Dua nos de estas canciones tan espectaculares

    54. Akhmad SW

      Why does elevator's arrow look like TikTok's sign?

    55. Anusha Sharma

      Dua lipa’s back must be hurting from carrying the pop music industry♡︎

    56. Gaston Maqueda

      We need a collabotation between Dua Lipa , the Weeknd and Nile Rodgers They are the best of current times, so far.

    57. KatyPerry Forever

      Underrated don’t you think? It’s so hot in Australia

    58. romantic songs

      What a party song! Dua lipa is awesome

    59. Declan Savage

      im going to your concert in Dublin


      Duapink collab againnnn

    61. Aarslikker Danny

      No thanks

    62. Ark Salamera

      She rappin out this vid

    63. Ark Salamera

      She rappin at intro

    64. ozan tamince4

      i love you turkeyyyy

    65. Empty Row8

      2:46 me in among us

    66. SelanGkir

      damn i didnt know jamie fox can rap

    67. Jaya Supraja

      Rocking song

    68. Alpsy on Twitter

      TikTok written all over this

    69. 2k Subscriber with no Video Challenge

      *Literally 1% people , who read this massege,,"" I pray may your parents live more than 100 years with good health* ... 🤷🤷♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ 👇👇👇👇👇 ❣❣❣❣❣❣❣❣❣❣❣❣ ⚫ 47

    70. Thomas Andrews

      Her music has such a summery-party vibe

    71. get jcha

      quickly millionaire views. billion soon. 1991 borns are the best.

    72. NG A

      To enjoy this, watch in 128p😎

    73. FullThrottleKid#176

      the tik tok logo on the clock thing tho? can someone explain? great song tho, feels like a 80's disco party

    74. Hydra FN

      Is da baby and dua lipa dating

    75. Juan Bernardo Dela Cruz

      2020 and this still rocks!

    76. Luuka Luk

      The BEST version of this song!

    77. Itz_ Cøøkie

      Who noticed the tiktok sign ---->

    78. Lidwin Lidwin

      I suppose only acoustic is pending Or you have some more collage?

    79. Diego Pg




    81. Lady Mindkoff

      ♥♥🌸🌸💗💟😄💸💸💗💗 😄😄💗💗🌸🌸 *यीशु मसीह परमेश्वर का पुत्र है, जो मर गया और मरे हुओं में से गुलाब हमें अनन्त जीवन दे रहा है।* *उन्होंने यह भी अपने शरीर को ठीक करने का वादा किया।* *यह सच्चा प्यार है!!! (ऊपर देखो और उससे पूछो)* ♥♥🌸🌸💗💟😄💸💸💗💗 😄😄💗💗🌸🌸

    82. Fitria Nur Azizah

      So dua lipa is dating with captain kirk in spaceship

    83. Afrin Hossain

      Dua lipa making these corona days better with her music.

    84. RetroOnYoutube

      I swear i heard a faster version of this song before i heard this version...

    85. Juani

      Para los que hablan en español: a quien mas le gustaría la pareja entre Dua Lipa y DaBaby? Siento que quedan muy bien

    86. Ace

      Didn’t anyone notice the tiktok logo on the elevator?

    87. Gappy

      Any song: exists tiktokkers: Imma boutta end this songs whole career

    88. Itchy Boy

      Is she taller than him😂

    89. VIDEO MUSICvevo


    90. Cristian Yarit

      One of the best songs I've ever heard just in its release!

    91. Ish Huizar

      Imagine a Colab between Dua Lipa and The Weenkd 😭

    92. Jair Alexis Flores Hernandez


    93. Happy Leaf

      I feel like I’m in outer space walle trip

    94. jon scr

      i am stunned. What a beautiful song and girl :)

    95. natalia denisse

      que genial que esta mi dua , muy bueno,felicitaciones mi galletita de jengibre

    96. ans san

      I love when she said " sugar boo" (´∀`)♡

    97. Drahcke De Leon

      Dua Lipa give's me 70's vibe

    98. Kelvin Handsome

      Dua Lipa es tan hermosa 😍

    99. Adrian Crespo

      He ruined the song💀

    100. Elco Dasrein

      Ik fust.