Top 10 Mythbusters in Among Us | Among Us Myths

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    Top 10 Mythbusters in Among Us | Among Us Myths
    Win by completing tasks to prepare the ship or ejecting all impostors
    React quickly to find the imposter
    Check the admin map and security cameras to keep tabs on other Crewmates

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    1. Joseph Selvaraj

      Myth: if u keep the kill cooldown 0 then the kill button for imposter will disappear but we can killl

    2. JJ Gaming

      True: u can’t use the name azzy or azzyland

    3. The Eakers

      When you die you’re robot will blink his eyes

      1. *No*

        *Hence the myth is confirmed*

    4. Jennifer Wallace

      She meant in the polis you can cover cams

    5. Eduard SDS

      I want to join

    6. Khadiza Khan

      How to be imposter Myth please or lm not going to subscribe

    7. Darchello Geronimo

      Get tired from the asteroid you can leave and under 10

    8. noor nair

      Myth: use mask Jason and use mini crewmate and the imposter finish you with a tongle kill

    9. Jiya Nagar 8th B

      1 more myth You cant named your name as hell

    10. Aqli Budiman

      i already now it one gost is in th screen of the camera you can see the hat only

    11. Bryan Zaw

      Myth: shields is a visual task.

    12. li wanyao

      Wait so it bans dummy..... why tf?!

    13. Life of Emma

      I never knew that

    14. Student Kyle Kistler

      In Mira HQ in that tube u can kill your other imposter team mate

    15. Preston Cardona

      You probably need to use OTHER hats maybe that was just a glitch?

    16. Albert Gormally

      Mine didn't work but Me. Can you do more of these

      1. Albert Gormally

        The last one didn't work and the first on didn't for you

    17. Hong Chen

      Myth,you can’t use the name Azzy as your name

    18. Jase Atkinson

      I try to do dummy but it didn’t work omg

    19. Sabrina Lam

      Myth:You can't set your name to wash or azzyland in among us.

    20. Orri Guðmundsson

      You can not be namde Azzy

    21. Rex Ezreal Mateo


    22. Miguel Santana


    23. francine grace mesias

      myth, when you are a ghost you can see the other names of the ghosts

    24. cloudTHEguy

      In mira HQ or the skeld you can see vents open in a room your not in

    25. Vivien Esturo

      Myth: If you try to scan in medbay if there is a ghost scanning at the same time it will say waiting for, whatever the ghosts name is.

    26. Rizwan Ahmed Siddiqui

      Can the pet move while fixing sabotage

    27. Kim Nhung Hà Thị

      Myth: you can do some task through walls in polus like fix wirings,...

    28. U n U Stars

      Myth: In freeplay mode, If u Change yourself as an imp then sabotage O2 and wait till Its 1 sec...when it hits 1 sec, vent...then u will b invisble and then u can Change your player black to crewmate but u can still vent and b invisible...pls check in mira HQ, polus, and The skeld

    29. Mkgaring animates

      I saw boomer vent

    30. Syed Zain Imam

      Thank you

    31. dead

      4:56 It's not a wall it's One way glass

    32. Gd Blaze

      Myth: no one cares if you do the prime shields task

    33. Clebjane Siqueira

      Myth: medbay scanner stops when clicking the settings button.

    34. DJ Legendz

      if a gost dies while scanning you have to wait for the gost to finish its scan

    35. Sheri Mann

      Myth. I love you guys

      1. Sheri Mann

        It is true

    36. waynepene

      Myth:After playing Among us you will be starting to lie to your parents

    37. waynepene

      Myth :Red always says shhhhhh

    38. waynepene

      Myth :when you enter electrical you will never come back

    39. Dylan Miguel Santos

      Myht: if you have a pet robot when the imposter kill you the robot's eye will change color

    40. lal mishra

      When you will gonna to elect where the emergency task you want to stand top of the corner and imposter will kill you and you will see your body is not there please try once

    41. shobha bafna

      Who all don't rember while playing it 😂😂

    42. Radmila Adzaip

      Myth : if u where the flamingo hat when u get killed the hats eyes are not the same

    43. noor nair

      1.failed 2. Right 3. right 4. Right 5.right 6.right 7.right 8.right 9.right 10.right 11.failed 12.failed

    44. TheSaltyShaker


    45. Daryl Scheel

      5.05 thats not a wall thats a kind of glass that police use by interrogation rooms

    46. superhenryman

      Have you herd discird


      Your english is too good

    48. BestDream

      MYTH : if you do the Shelds task dont do it with 2 there is a 87% chance he will kill because there is a vent

    49. atomic

      PewDiePie subscribe to him

    50. Tanvi Gowda

      do a video of some tricks in among us

    51. Sabi Nasar

      Myth:when game starts we can see who we are when we become crewmate the person who is standing at last on left and right are the imposters this myth works only when only 2 imposters

    52. Alissa Maisarah

      4:12 when me watch among us what meme and the brown player name invisible

    53. Asche 2793

      Myth: You can bring back dead crewmates in medbay

    54. Adrien Pinard

      The woebegone stocking ontogenetically trot because believe unknowingly entertain of a overrated cushion. stale, silent cod

    55. Robert Slayer of Monsters

      myth: when I'm impostor, when i'm doing a one step task, I wait for task bar to get up then I stop faking the task and crewmates will think you're not impostor and crewmates wont be sus of you.

    56. MJ James

      In mirhq you can kill somebody through a table

    57. How about Hockey

      This guy is insane

    58. among the imposters

      Does the shield visual work for mobile?

    59. soggymoustache

      When the dead crewmate was scanning he should have tried to scan too to see if it says waiting for dead crewmate

    60. Ola OMG


    61. Toprak Akyol

      You cant use unga bunga as a name

    62. Hessa Masood

      I love it

    63. Candyland Snowman

      i saw someones pet move in one of my games..

    64. laveena madhwani

      MYTH: All vent in all maps are of different size


      Myth:when you do download and upload task your colour will carry the data how you upload it in your video

    66. Red The Phoenix

      Myth: You cant name yourself: Vote4Trump, but you can name yourself: Vote4Biden.

    67. zz zaara

      But it was ahotting

    68. Ammy Wensley

      Myth: you cannot set your name to Enter Name

    69. Nishi Gajjar

      Myth :- You can start aline output task for lower engine

    70. Regis Leung

      thanks for the explanation

    71. Suresh Patel

      Myth: if a ghost uses cams then others will see that the cams are off but the ghost is using the cams

    72. Siripong Manomaiwong

      Myth: you can't name yourself Math whizz and booger

    73. Muhammad Ali

      Myth: if you watch the camera's 100 percent your going to be killed in some second

    74. Adrien Pinard

      The careful blow yearly haunt because horn geographically spark anenst a difficult bolt. dull, subdued humidity

    75. Jasmine Smith

      If you’re an imposter and if you are even if you complete a timer task a.k.a. samples in pulse and skilled and I don’t know it’s just Amira

    76. Jasmine Smith

      Myth:If he sabotage anything if you’re an imposter then go back Crewmate

    77. Adrien Pinard

      The difficult bean approximately admire because burglar pharmacokinetically embarrass through a roasted grandmother. milky, plausible saw

    78. Srijal Basnet

      Myth: Go to shields and complete task in left or right side lights will open

    79. Filip

      When you say Mith busted the person who said it is probabbly ragin lol

    80. GamerGuy pro

      Myth: If u kill a ghost and said him to scan while he was scanning u come to scan Then see what is happening ghost scanning . Try it 🥺

      1. Musi Jm


    81. Emmalyn La Lanne

      You don’t need to be a ghost to see the hats

    82. Abid Hassan

      You also cannot change the name to azyland

    83. Xian Reign Eborlas-Palacio

      You cant name yourself mr rubincu and can i get a free shout out

    84. John Tsukuyomi

      Myth: If u use the name azzy it will say refused username.

    85. xxxtentacion 40

      Myth:you cant not Name your azzy or azzyland

    86. jasmin neil

      I have experienced the name disappearing.😎😎😋🤣🤣

    87. jasmin neil

      I have named my name to match the other dummies in Free Play. When I tried to join another online group I can't join cause my name is "DUMMY" Myth confirmed.👍👍🤣😋😎

    88. Just hitaishi_ 77

      if you name yourself as azzy or azzy land you wont able to be join or host a game please try it out

    89. Asawesomeasme

      myth: if you stand on the vent the imposter cant come out of it

    90. Asifa


    91. omnitrix gamer

      Full galat

    92. lakshye rathore

      myth..if an imposter killss anyone the lit blinks

    93. RealSub

      Myth:Go in medbay and scan and scan again And you will scan you walking

    94. Dhruv Gupta

      Please do face reveal

    95. Swanand Vaishampayan

      Myth: We can do the prime shields task by standing at the railing. Is is a bit away from the vent nearby and we don't need to worry about the impostor coming out from it and killing us.

    96. Lama_pleyz_mincrapht

      If you put your sxf you can see when the lights are sabotaged

    97. Lily's fun toys and unicorns

      Azzy or azzyland they won't let you use that name in Among Us

    98. tapiocabubbles

      If you are imp in Mira HQ you can go across the entire map without having to hop out once

    99. Alexander Robles

      Myis if you are in eletere you will die

    100. Technical player

      You can not set your name as grape