*NEW* SLENDER MAN Mini game in Among Us


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    We play a NEW Slenderman Game Mode in Among Us!

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    1. mehreen fatima


    2. Dave Cook

      Siren head mod

    3. Doug Lowrey


    4. Dustin Hight

      This vid good❤️❤️❤️😁

    5. Poonam Goyal

      Hi ssundee I am your biggest fan

    6. Tahj B

      I think the next roll should be Mom and they can spank you and kill you and ground you and it puts you in a room and you died after 10 sec if some one don't save you.That was my Mod Idea I think you will like it.

    7. Jackson Evans

      I literally love your Among Us mod so funny and I love it when he is in pasta

    8. Hoi Tin Au

      I did not see he got Impostor

    9. Ryan thegetter

      Do a venom mod ssundee

    10. Hannah Terry

      I think you should do a chef mod

    11. Imma Unicorn

      cat mod on among us, please and thank you

    12. Soti Joannou

      You always won in every round

    13. Rosharne De Jong

      For cartoon cat

    14. Rosharne De Jong

      The 4 moves are: Scream so the crew gets down growth switch and blind

    15. Rosharne De Jong

      Make a mod when cartoon cat kills some of the crew cartoon cat wins

    16. mohammed noushad

      distraction imposterms mod

    17. Matt Bisenius

      I’m 😔

    18. Alpha wolf

      WHATS HE DOING THERE ON MY GAME??????well....a slenderposter


      I found almost everything


      I got among us in Roblox in earlier I think I saw slender man in Roblox but nobody ever believes me I mean like back in those days when I was looking friends I don’t know how to skate but then I’m call me bye-bye I song

    21. Naayaab Poggenpoel

      SOCCER the ball kills people

    22. Tiffany Ana Iuzic

      cursed image in: 14:31

    23. Shivani Mahindru

      I get scared when slenderman gets near

    24. Sunitta Petersen

      I do remember him because he’s outside my house every single night trying to get in. Funny it’s not a lie so please Sunday send someone here to help one date for the close March

    25. James Alvarez

      GG sundee slender is very scary

    26. Mandy Hopkinson


    27. GamingKitten

      Angel vs devil devil has 3 powers and is an imp angel has 3 powers too and works with the crew mates plz do this mod I really want to watch the vid

    28. Catherine Phillips

      Medic vs mind controled

    29. DamoGamerTV

      Slender is one of my biggest fears

      1. Col. Savage

        He is scary

    30. Scarlett Fox

      Do a mode we're the imposter can showt TNT and he can explore qoeqle

    31. Alan and Sayless


    32. Alan and Sayless


    33. Rachelle Budde

      I love tipc

    34. Joseph Lam

      Love your videos 👍🌈

    35. Jagat Chemuturi

      do the star wars mod

    36. Ollie L


    37. lithika sree

      Someone, please tell me what Slenderman is. I have no clue who he is.

    38. Novus Talks

      Among us maybe be garbage but hey it’s got slenderman so atleast it’s somewhat tolerable

    39. Yt shadow Ryan


    40. Magaly Herna

      ssundee i play with you i wus ho no ho ok

    41. Kara Matida

      The wide height successfully remember because diving interspecifically fry like a axiomatic distributor. auspicious, elegant john

    42. Janet Ungkakay


    43. Vaijanta Pandharkar

      Do a alien vs predator mod

    44. Gaming Nintendo

      Five nights a Freddy’s mode!

    45. Brett Buchanan

      i hate slender men he scars me:D

    46. Kamyra Baker


    47. Killer darkness

      Fortnite mod plzz

    48. Adeline Bass

      that was the longest chase of all time

    49. Chelsea Nguyen

      Big Bain Biffle

    50. Hira Ahmed

      Pls tell me

    51. Hira Ahmed

      How do you install your mods

    52. Ultima Gaming

      Wolf mod That of you’r the wolf you can howl bite skratch jump Throw à moon

    53. King_

      I do remember slender man

    54. Steeven Andrian

      kapten amerika

    55. Justin Jiang

      Can you do a dragon one

    56. Tyler The weasel

      You should make a mod where the imposter is jigsaw.the imposter will have 3 abilities.1 when he poisons task so when crewmate do that task it dies.2 bear traps jigsaw can put bear traps in head and the have 30 seconds to do the hardest task in the map.3 keys he can lock tasks and hide keys so when the crew mates find the key then they can do that task

    57. canadian man

      I feel like 3 quarters of the people including me that liked the video don't know what slender man is

      1. canadian man

        @Novus Talks i know i was saying most people probably don't know

      2. Novus Talks

        You don’t who he is? He’s a a horror character that started off as a bunch of photoshop images and then he got several HUgets series and then two official video games and later on a movie . Nowadays he only shows up as cameo appearances in popular video games and children’s animated movies

    58. Ker Loz

      The tearful bongo whitely bake because christopher practically crash without a clammy shingle. understood, jagged comfort

      1. Novus Talks


      2. Blakey


    59. Bot nation

      The majestic alto ideally grate because particle pathophysiologically snore times a tacit venezuela. relieved, rigid swamp

      1. Novus Talks


    60. Melissa Leddy

      Try tycoon who is the imposter is a cat

    61. Autumn

      Ssundee: ima play this smart, ima plat this smart Me: is that posible

    62. Amy Emerson

      Among us but the impostor can turn into a pterodactyl

    63. Super Legends

      Make the super ultimate slender man

    64. أبوفلة العرب

      Super Duper pooper imposter mode

    65. Lorraine Ware

      Do a cartoon cat role

    66. Nuri Fischer

      du a Mod that the Imposter Is Hug

    67. Mari Guadarrama


    68. KVdevinaa

      Make a sponge bob modd!!



    70. 22Kinglance

      Kill call manarmani

    71. Kabooguy

      pazza eating it my idea

    72. Micki Sparrow

      The male soybean legally trap because broker chiefly unite round a aloof advantage. loutish, lethal thursday

    73. Alvaro Martinez


    74. Katie Sheepwash

      U could do a zues mod

    75. bawi cung

      Hi my favorite man

    76. Emory Ward

      Wait Ian your green now!!!!!!!!????????

    77. Mpendulo Mndebele

      The spider mod

    78. Jamarr Williams

      c gets to kill i

    79. Jack Bellairs

      Slender man is scary even though it is 7:43

    80. Glenn Tang

      make a digger mod

    81. Takla Chamoun

      If you sabotage and the time goes to 0 it will still go its gonna be 1-2-3- like that

    82. Takla Chamoun

      Ssundee i played these mod you can close doors and you can sabotage

    83. Takla Chamoun

      Idea:find a mod that when the impostor kill you you will be poor and if you are alive you famous and rish.

    84. Balaji Srinivasan

      Make a mod where there is detective he knows where poeple goes it I'll give foot prints of colours

    85. Amelia Zoleta

      I have the slendermàn modè

    86. Zeyad Hany

      I play slemderman

    87. Anthony Smith

      Hahahaha hahahaha

    88. EVAN THE GAMER and live

      *bruh u died YOUR FUNNY

    89. Shaunta Cooke


    90. brando macaspac

      This MOD. Is so fun

    91. Stephen Chulu

      Make power ranger mode

    92. Yannick Cadieux

      Idea: do a play dead mod:)

    93. Noe Mejia


    94. Jennifer Weller


    95. Brady evans


    96. Brady evans

      Broa I love it if I get to play slender man mod with him

    97. Florita Pasague

      Wait at the start of the game you can see slender

    98. Ashton Bowman