Machine Gun Kelly - Downfalls High


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    Downfalls High, a film by Machine Gun Kelly & Mod Sun
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    Music video by Machine Gun Kelly, Halsey, blackbear performing Downfalls High. © 2021 Bad Boy/Interscope Records

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    1. Emily x

      rewatching again bc i love it

    2. Dan Jefferies

      I'm a heterosexual male but lil huddy can get it no cap

    3. Jessica Gray

      This hit deep. Thanks for putting this out. Loved the whole album.

    4. Krisalee Montez

      love it!!!!!!!

    5. Lizeth Arevalo

      So this is like R Kelly's: Trapped in the closet Opera series but the alternative rock version?

    6. #Ilda Celia

      Is it really that Lilhuddy took the ear off or it is it an effect ?

    7. ebony johnston

      why does the main guy have to be such a dick to women??? that's where it lost me

    8. Mellow

      porra wi

    9. Ariel Kuhns

      ALL AROUND AMAZING BUT HOLY FUCKING SHIT TRAVIS 😳 this man is a legend. Him & mgk is out of this world

    10. Nutmeg

      Holy shit what a fucking great watch and listen

    11. Anais Barr

      me:too young to watch this me again: oh come on its chase hudson ill watch it ♥♥♥♥♥ love you chase hudson

    12. El Millonario

      Look what Em did to him. He turned him into a Sum 41 caricature lol.

      1. Eric Mcanany

        EM wishes he could do what Kells can do easily

    13. D R

      iann Dior turned mgk into who he should've been all along

    14. Zelenoe Bеzumie chanel

      Ой, тут девочка из ейфории

    15. Ben Tyblewski

      Loving this album so much right now, mgk is surely one of the best multi genre artists there is. This guy has overcome so much to get where he is, he deserves it. well done and keep it up peace out ✌🤘

    16. Valtisthechampion123654

      keep it up man this is great! i think ur gonna do great in this new genre

    17. Maria Cecilia Rodriguez

      what happened that fenix wont talk to his girl during forget me too?

    18. Joe Merks

      I love you mgk

    19. Kid RACER

      Da best thing I’ve ever seen.

    20. Pedro Posada

      Machine Gun Kelly do you got some Styx songs

    21. lyrics for you

      this is discosting

    22. Lopa Music

      I love the part 0:00 to 49:08

    23. Sandi

      I just found this, nostalgia is real man! Love it!!

    24. Marquise Prenatt

      Valinite is what we wish our relationships were like in the beggining and the end

    25. Lucas Ortiz


    26. Lucas Ortiz


    27. Bidyunmala Mukherjee

      when she said "i can't be with you if you're dead" i cried

    28. Jerry Hutchings

      I didn't get 39:00 till now

    29. MPOficial

      Som massa

    30. Riley Bones

      MGK definitely has the punk look down. I'm happy that he is following his passion🤔

    31. bananaxo

      I can't get over the fact that Chase is putting on a voice for this, like... A smoker or something? So weird.

    32. bobbydemarko

      very awesome!

    33. Jerry Hutchings


    34. a freak

      Dude can we take up the time to actually praise chase for his epic 🙌 memorable and on spot acting debut . The whole character was played so well it actually felt real 😳 we need to appreciate how properly and perfectly the role was played by chase cuz 👏 it needs an appreciation. Together with the legend MGK and Travis himself he portrait it soo well ....EPIC

    35. Jacqueline Alengo

      I’m just going to be sad if you stop making songs 💗💗💖💘💖💕❣️💗💖💘💟💟💟💟💟💟💜💜💝💜💝💝

    36. mandu babie

      such an emotional rollercoaster

    37. Fortnite God

      This guy gives he’s hart into wat He does

    38. Al N


    39. robert deeds


    40. Isobel Lyall

      this is like traumacore from Pintrest and I love it

    41. Lais Strohmeier Feres


      1. I M P X R F X C I O N


    42. S P

      been doin drugs since i was 12, i belive he done didder tripped out to much n lost his identity. what is this shit.

    43. fr4me01

      I respect him for not wearing skinny bitch pants like all the other kids these days.

    44. txzzz


    45. txzzz


    46. Mar Mar

      love it

    47. Janoah Upton

      Am I the only one who thinks the kid in the video looks like Brian Molko, Placebo's lead singer

    48. Kate Knight

      The way they take thier school photots thou they can sit and do what they want noweredays its haed lookin at me at and body facing away from you

    49. vivet litore

      This is amazing

    50. Bryce Bishop

      26:41 holy shit

    51. Bryce Bishop

      "life sucks everywhere bro. let's get a burger."

    52. itishotHere


    53. Gülcan İnan

      Birbiriyle alakasız olup bu kadar güzel olan başka Bi video yok😅

    54. D. Mac

      This is 🔥.

    55. Torianlol

      Hello, I'm from Russia. If someone asks us , what are you doing? Like that girl. Usually the answer is-do you have any problems? no? They'll be here soon! My brain refuses to believe that this girl and the guy with the black hair will be fine.

    56. Cptain.Fine

      So this is what happens when u diss eminem 😂

    57. HYVNG LVRD

      Took me awhile but god damn is this fire

    58. djcarelessperris

      Wow 👏 😮 👏

    59. Leo Moura


    60. Mikayla Aspeslet

      I need some wicked plastic surgery pretty soon fuckk

    61. Mikayla Aspeslet

      its too cute aha fucking relatable tbh 👀👀👁

    62. MG 911

      Yes we come here every day



    64. Jeremy Crosby


    65. North Terror

      This is a huge step up for most of the rap he did, can picture hearing this in a tony hawk game so sounds good to me!

    66. John Blaine

      I met my wife in high school. It was this magical. Sometimes it happens

    67. filthyreece

      MGK deserve a grammy for this. this shit got me in my feels

      1. filthyreece

        okay halfway into the fuckin movie im crying my eyes out, this is beautiful.

    68. Dark Girl

      Literally this is a fuckin' master piece!

    69. Samantha Nicholls

      I love fenix

    70. Gamer Guy

      At first I thought it was dumb that he cut his ear off, But after watching it and seeing that he used scarlets knife makes so much more sense

    71. X- Snipo21

      I'm rocking the storyline and clothes

    72. KnopperBopper

      watched this for the 5th time today, i still love this

    73. Mr.Popeyes

      Damn, this a whole fking movie

    74. Colten

      I cried the whole video. So good, but I'm not okay.

      1. Sweet Ana

        Lace tf Up!!

    75. ikooko

      this is music with a story and I love it.... Thank you :3

    76. jay Cruz


    77. liaxt10

      This came out on my birthday

    78. Sub Zero


    79. gewoondo

      Love to mgk I want to go to a concert

    80. CATVLYST Music

      academy award - best first time director - kelly

    81. Rukan

      I'm watching this again.

    82. Shinso

      I balled my eyes out at this thank you mgk

    83. Floppy Balz

      I've probably listened to this a hundred times already, aight brb gonna play it again.

    84. Moody Shakib

      Loved this

    85. Nevaeh O'Connell

      Every song by MGK is a banger!!!!

    86. Trippy Kate

      Random tiktokers getting famous off of no talent >>>> people with actual talent not getting the recognition they deserve. LMFAO WHAT IS THIS 🤣. I love MGK but come tf on

    87. FeuerTeufel

      This is a masterpiece! I'm absolutely in love ❤️

    88. Still 481

      Too strong👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽

    89. Yule Fitzgerald

      Damn he looks like a young Brian Molko! (Fenix I mean)

    90. Jorden Babik

      This is a fucking masterpiece! Greetings from Germany.

    91. Wrigley Experiment

      I hate this bit its pretty tight thogh.

    92. Dalton White

      Your a goat at this style man. I had some trouble backing you after the em beef, however you lit some real vibes here. 💯💥

    93. Maja Konieczek

      can anyone explain the ending please

    94. Forsakken 1

      I literally watch this whole album on a weekly basis it's my serenity for my anxiety ❤️🔥🔥🔥

    95. Dime

      fuck i love this

    96. Nayha Mistick

      Never underestimate my capacity to watch this over and over again.

    97. hazelboy

      I Got Jeans On Me 👖