I Won The Hardest Round Ever in Among US!

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    We played Among Us with the Sidemen! There's a lot of big brain plays from KSI here, so don't miss out on watching it.
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    1. Regina UwU

      NOBODY LISTENTS TO KAARLLL 3:13 Hahahahahahaha 😂😂😂👌 I love that part

    2. Evander Pierznik

      Hey does anyone else notice he brings up the notes in two different vids and they react the same way?


      I bind Idolatry in Jesus' name.

    4. Om Shanbhag

      Mr Beast : - imposter again . Mr Beast :- crewmate again . :/ bit too sus . he always gets the one he dosent want . :)

    5. CJS Films

      Can we have more among us

    6. Graki Taki

      KSI : how can u see the cAmErAs Me: ur in communications ;-; Also me : but nice try It’s security


      karl-get these tasks done cuz ima takhandy. Me-A wha

    8. Czelig Yousef Gumabay Czelig Yousef Gumabay

      i givee you the link how to be always impostor

    9. Andrew Zeitler

      The sweltering act interestedly grip because lip microscopically ski circa a careful bath. wary, flaky dragonfly

    10. Aditi Aatmaja

      hate the black people and the indian

    11. Jose Ninja


    12. Tspitz3

      Why does vikkstar124 make a perfect team with chandler

    13. Jamie Barbery

      How come u can’t do admin swipe card it’s so easy! Lol # I love u

    14. Krystal Murphy

      The homely swamp emotionally supply because class additionally pump failing a political car. bizarre, ill-informed drill

    15. Cristian Campos

      Can I Join

    16. MiniiDave

      Mr Beast: imposter every time Me: crewmate everytime Also Me: CAN I PLEASE SWICTH LIVES WITH YOU PLEASE PLEASE

    17. BIG O

      Ngl I hate Karl in mr beast videos

    18. Connor Eggers


    19. T.H.D Live

      Hi i am your new sub mr beast

    20. Mazamansir

      Mimister looks like NiftySmith A.K.A. Patrick Smith alot-

    21. Anish Pol

      The best part of this video for me is the maniacal laugh of ksi

    22. Just Shan

      Among us got kinda boring tbh or maybe its just me. I played way too much and now I lost all the hype for this game.

    23. Ekjim Steok

      Mr beast is saying Harold, like we do in the Netherlands and I love it. And I love you guys ❤️❤️

    24. Back n Cool

      They lost horold

    25. SmartBruh

      Yesterday I saw Chandler on street. That was awesome!

    26. Tc Gamez

      I love Mr beast gaming 👍👍👍❤️❤️❤️



    28. Vilma Casas

      The dtae is november 30 its my birthdate this day is celebrating my birthday but now its january 2021

    29. Sangita Kamde

      Wow Love all Of Your Videos Specially the Among Us Ones I would be Really Happy If you watch My Video of Me Making Among us Character Out Of Newspaper @

    30. Kayden Pierre


    31. Caden and cam Vlogs

      Me to

    32. Swish King

      0:40 5 seconds into the meeting Ksi : jimmy has been very quiet

    33. ronnie

      I love how his name is black man and he is white hahaha (not rasist)

    34. Zaruto uzumaki

      That’s just cheating

    35. itss_Plasma

      mr beast advertising honey for 2 years 0-0

    36. Prabhath Kotha Gaming

      Hi GuyzzzzzzzZZZZZZZZ

    37. Kanika Bhatia

      I am red

    38. ArYaN Sharma

      Sir i want to start my gaming youtube channel but i dont have enough instruments like pc , monitor , camara for live stream etc ..... i think u can help if u can pls respond to my message

    39. Damario Talieje

      More among us

    40. Cora Rehnberg

      KSI: laughing his head off Toby: quiet giggles

    41. Nivan Lauano

      KSI makes my day when he laughs

    42. Salty Snipers Animations

      bruh you said you won 😂

    43. Mauricio Avila

      Chandler got butthurt lol

    44. Megan Huggins

      more among us plz

    45. Jeter DiMaggio

      Mr. beast I was playing among us and you were the imposter with me

      1. Holly

        Doubt it. Sorry but a lot of people pretend to be MrBeast, so it was probably one of them. If MrBeast plays in public servers, he probably goes incognito so he doesn't get a ton of attention or anything.

    46. Megumi Pugel


    47. Natalie Yang

      2:00 walks away like he didn’t see the vent

    48. Sophie-Anne Leblanc

      K why does Chandler remind me of Zane Malik 👉👉👉👉👉👉👉👉👉

    49. Leeroy Jett Pawid

      3:16 the black men is now united

    50. Beyond Logic

      Title : I won the Hardest round ever in among us! Meanwhile : KSI hihihihihi.....

    51. Tilly Rousey

      5:53 ah yes the card problem 😁

    52. דן כהן

      תסתכלו על הלוגו היפה שלי

    53. דן כהן


    54. 200 Sarthak

      Tommy innit is sad

    55. 1DkWH4T _T0pU7h3r3

      3:43 my favorite part I laughed way to hard the way jj said “ ohhhh danmmm” just got me

    56. Z Marcella Animations

      If you have played exploding kittens you will get this. Pro tip: if you gonna get voted play a nope card! Also, if the dude at the store asks to pay just play a nope card!

    57. Killian Janovec

      Mrbeast I a hacker I played with him he's not nice he's evil

    58. Sharad chougule

      Poor Challow he dont get imoster in one game

    59. Rocky Gamer

      "7:56" I just got a free gift card code from *gift2.online**

      1. Rocky Gamer

        Hello I am night bot

      2. Holly

        You commented THIS EXACT COMMENT on many other videos. You sound like a bot and I wouldn't be surprised if you were

      3. Holly

        I don't give a crap

    60. Dizzi_Ez

      why ksi named black man and in game he is white ? XDDDDDDDDDDDDDD 3:35

    61. Pooja Mishra

      Mr beast and mrbeast gaming is the best

    62. • Moonlight Forever •

      I wanna see more among us!!

      1. Lakko YT

        Me too

      2. Ariana Cardona


      3. ツyCaiow

        @siimplyrxse lranja

      4. Phia Does Gaming

        Me too

      5. Just Shan

        For some reason, I don't like among us anymore. It got kinda boring

    63. Muscular Igneel


    64. Edison on YT

      karl sus andsneaky

    65. NRG Voxify

      0:50 They were so dumb. Vikk said he didn't go straight to lights. Why they didn't trust? And skipping at 5 is so -10 IQ.

    66. Shiba Inu

      why dont you play among us anymore?

    67. JustB4Dark Gaming

      When did Ksi say you are about to die vik?

    68. Sam Steward

      Everyone join up the code is OWKPOF on europe!!!

    69. Sima Roy

      I not watch this full because dream is not in here

    70. WAYNER74311

      karl is good

    71. Heather Taylor

      Comment have not ripened yet... I'll come back later 😜

    72. Alex Roblox user huntCBee

      If u find “notmrbeast” in among us it’s mr beast

    73. Mr Beast

      Mr Beast i am your twin

    74. Jake Bergerson

      Jimmy the guy who’s mad when he’s crewmate and imp

    75. Caden Mason

      Nice teddy bear chandler😎

    76. Ignition YoYo

      You suck at this game kid

    77. GamingWiz 108

      6:43 Has got to be my favorite part😆

    78. Doug Dimmadome

      Wait...Karl saw Tobi, but he accused vikk?

    79. Doug Dimmadome

      Respect to Karl for saying he’s sus and one of the suspects

    80. Doug Dimmadome

      Why do Americans say a as r?

    81. Kyaw Htin Shar

      Poor big josher he said oh lights are out a kill is going and he got killed

    82. Quinn Roth

      whats the point of disliking soemthing showing how your a rude person

    83. Endre Bakken

      I can hear the difference between KSIs and Tobis laugh

    84. Adan Nunez

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    85. Henry

      Nobody: Karl: lEts pUT suS on mE

    86. William Phillips

      Sup your the best amount us person

    87. Delanie Wutzler

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    88. uzair hanzala

      Lol good video I really like mrbeast videos :D

    89. Matt Cisneros

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    90. Isabeau Vereycken


    91. Justice tyrelle

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    92. Shehrbano Metla


    93. li wanyao

      “Whywouldyouskip, whywouldyouskip.” - Karl 2020

    94. Unknown Gamerboi

      This is the seventy ninth beast gaming video I’ve liked

    95. John Chibunna

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    96. Adrien Pinard

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    97. L.D.L LifeStyle

      The fact he gets a PI just for a game 😂