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    The 2nd 1v1 case opening battle. Who dares to challenge me next? B-)
    CHECK OUT CSMONEY BLACK FRIDAY: cs.money/r/bf20_anomaly
    Thank you Victor for opening these cases with me B-)

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    1. Anomaly

      CSMONEY'S BLACK FRIDAY EVENT IS LIVE, GO CHECK IT OUT: cs.money/r/anomaly_bf20

      1. Toyota

        83 likes really??

      2. lucutes


      3. Dunte

        f a t x d

      4. iamthewallrus

        no u

      5. Hafidzz


    2. xd Stealthlv

      viktors gejs

    3. Eris Beqiraj

      Wait you said 400 cases not 200?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??

    4. Mr. Potato Aim

      Thomaz Yeverzon

    5. Nightshade

      holy shit, 12:48 look at the p250 transition from victors screen to anomaly kekw

    6. C Dogg

      Bro that Jordan 1882 joke killed me 😂😂😂😂😂

    7. Burly Fire

      7:58 lol, they have the same pistol in the middle

    8. Xylia Moonlight

      Size 11? If those Thomas Jeffersons are size 11 and they’re so small compared to Victor how fucking large is he?

    9. Koffel

      If van goth was Chinese 9:23

    10. Koffel

      8:04 böx

    11. Koffel

      1:45 lmao

    12. Kosonostra

      4:38 The Civil War Fours

    13. Some Person


    14. ErRoR SAnS

      The case buying goes BUY BUY BUY BUY BUY BUY BUY BUY

    15. Sentry

      Är ditt riktiga namn ludvig

    16. Baguetolini69

      Mans said january 27-29

    17. Papugo 1980

      I cant buy a skin becouse i am poor but i can play for free at cs this Is a good things

    18. Ethan McCormack

      The declaration of independence was the receipt for the Thomas Jefferson 1756s

    19. KaLamaR.[]


    20. Kempan

      Victor is my first name and Ludwig is my middle name, i think that's epic

    21. gerrard

      ah yes my favorite content 2 guys screaming about pixels

    22. Mattdw

      He got a tooth fairy 0.69 float and it was 6.96 euro nice

    23. sk8 Jaden

      8:05 BÖXES

    24. Kermit The Frog

      Anomaly is a real life cart man lol hahaha

    25. Doom Slayer

      One day, Anomaly will make a video about speeding through 300 cases each, and Viktor will get a stattrack knife, it may not happen today, or tomorrow, but one day it will happen, and anomaly won't upload that video

    26. SupremeGioo

      The steady friend peroperativly cry because grandson conversantly peck like a childlike connection. shiny, unusual lumber

    27. LagDon

      Victor: **gets bullied** Also victor: **loses 80€**

    28. Jules N' Stuff

      You could've spent the money on investments, charities, drugs, cocaine, and etc. But you spent it on pixels.

    29. Sir VIGILANT

      he literally said January 27 28 29 instead of nov 27 28 29 and no one noticed XD

    30. Retz

      Ooooh a tiny sparkley strip imma pay $100 for that

    31. Bashanborlang khongshei

      Poor Victor always getting bullied by his friends and also Gaben Bullied him too although he bought 400 cases😭

    32. ActivatedClosure

      Every time anomaly with victor his always get good luck

    33. Mahib gadi Saamthani

      This is the funniest i ever see 11:22

    34. yeetmaster3001

      13:21 aAaAaAaAaAAaaAaAaAA

    35. farouk Abi

      The most people said that cs money is scam

    36. lucutes

      8:10 lol

    37. Pavlussuk

      Printstream is lazy made shit skin I'd say.

    38. Grey Baphomet


    39. Phalanx 1441


    40. Robiică 0

      i like ur cut g VICTOR

    41. Danielw863

      Spaz is on yo ass

    42. Carrot's Wild Hunt


    43. goza

      spaz is on yo ass

    44. Stxllar _


    45. Deady DeadSh0t

      Lmao the knife unboxing at 13:22 lol.

    46. Arthur Bilyk

      Anomaly really out here about to make a case opening battle royale

    47. engineer gaming


    48. ChV3z

      Meanwhile f1:I will take over ships

    49. The Fool

      I love jokes made by people who have a very limited knowledge of American history. It makes it more funny to me.

    50. RobyHatz


    51. CabbE


    52. huggemedtanden

      Du sa januari istället för november

    53. Cookie CSGO

      Free cs:go skins :@t​

    54. Swipe_YT

      Anomaly make victor thick again plz

    55. Need Help?

      Crazy hamburger

    56. Macc-kun

      7:40 Kore ga requim da.

    57. Mackleboy

      Finally, someone who doesn't promote scam gambling websites who opens cases. I got a headache from watchgamestv's channel for that reason

    58. Kalumea


    59. Rune dahlen

      imagne being able to play a match w anomaly

    60. Keeter

      Victor had the slavery 7s in the back

    61. Adrian Yudea

      thomas jeferson lmfao

    62. August Markström SA19 Pihlskolan

      420 690 views

    63. ThiccCheese

      420 690 Views. Nice.

    64. Yahya Nabil

      Victor looks like Karrigan from mouseesports

    65. StreX

      14:04 xd

    66. Wka Wka


    67. TQ-10 GaminG YT


    68. Dawiśシ

      Tylko jedno w głowie mam

    69. Sandy's Cheeks

      The Jeffersons are fire

    70. Spiyuder Mon GAMING

      I love watching people getting things. That i would never have.

    71. kalin

      he really said january instead of november in the ad

    72. Abcdif


    73. Francis


    74. Reason

      budget karrigan

    75. I_Like_Tuwtles

      1st case, both Cassettes. Last case, both Cassettes.

    76. Денис Хрнчиар

      like, betting in case 1v1 battle with anomaly is suicidal mission

    77. Firewall

      0:28 January ??? you mean November xD

    78. Bobak TV

      You dropped my fav deagle, i really want it :[[

    79. TommyGG


    80. vasko kabral

      next you should make the player who has the less profit wins, to change things a bit

    81. JustLouis

      you could give your friends some skins just to make him happy tho. hes losing a lot more than you.

    82. Jofer

      i love watching people get things that i’ll never have.

    83. Wêlanduz Fullô

      like stfu

    84. Johan Kira

      skip scam 1:06

    85. Stan Kolodin

      The challenge was an excuse to roast victor.

    86. spanky

      He said “let’s” go 9 times

    87. Big E

      Holy shit, victor has a job

    88. lyserk

      hello guys its yaboi anomaly from us within

    89. Emil Gripenbäck

      7:59 middle top row, pretty Nice if you ask me.

    90. nn

      Victor getting bullied I see

    91. Jakooza


    92. Damien

      Anyone else noticed the float on the Bs m4 was 0.69 and the marked price was 6.9? 😂 XD

    93. Fireplays

      haha its cool how anomay got sponsored by cs money, while my inventory, wich i worked hard for (wich included a knife and some cool skins) got scammed by a fake cs money account. keep an eye out for these. i lost everything wich i put my money into.

    94. TheFDDP

      You both lost money, so really GabeN wins again

    95. prepoxsessing

      is that a sock on victors mic

    96. DinoDuck

      Anomaly: 1 red in 60 cases My friend: FN Butterfly knife Fade in 31 cases

    97. Zem01

      me: buys 15 cases gets nothing also me:buys 15 more gets skeleton knife cw mw 0:

    98. Matt Trudeau

      im getting ads for cs wallhacks lmao

    99. ZZALeCSZZ

      My dream is to have a 60e knife=(

    100. reznor

      Oxygen is good