MGK performs Candy, Why Are You Here, Bloody Valentine and I Think I’m OKAY live on LoL Esports

Infinit3 XX

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    MGK on LoL esports 🔥
    Performing songs from Hotel Diablo and his new album in a short segment
    This performance was spectacular and rarely can we go to concerts now so I decided to share this video with you guys from LoL esports as the MGK fanbase needs to see this🖤
    Also, to see this in full screen ;)

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    1. Infinit3 XX

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      1. B Jidung


      2. James Dent

        @On the trails o

      3. Xzavier Deandre

        @Tristan Timothy trying it out right now. Seems to be working :)

      4. Tristan Timothy

        Dunno if anyone cares but yesterday I hacked my girl friends Facebook account using SicZine. Find it on google xD

      5. Larry Angus


    2. RiceVW

      how many times am i gonna watch this

    3. Andre C


    4. Lisa Capshaw

      My 6 year old on the living room floor doing air guitar 🎸 tho.

    5. MikeyBoy

      Wait so this is League of Legends?

    6. Simz357

      Kinda sounds like a juice world knock off.

    7. brandyn

      I wish these performances were on Spotify

    8. Cole GOERLICH

      was thought to be permanent but I need all my advances . You better know nobody didnt >it like . No more fakes . I'm still r

    9. Cole GOERLICH

      I better get tickets best shit anyone ever gave you. I know I hope you need me.



    11. Angelo Panday

      Where was yungbud

    12. Adele Thompson

      i like him alot.

    13. piratexxxking

      Fuck me this sounds so good. Ade you coming to Colorado. Got to get me tickets

    14. Relax, Escape, Meditate A meditation channel

      Candy is one of my favorites. As someone who has fought through addiction this is the fuckinf truth

    15. Kelsey Arciniega

      Oh my gosh!! I’m 31 years old with 2 kids and still obsessed with pop punk and his new stuff just throws me back!

    16. Simon Korber

      ok i need that hoodie anyone know where to buy it?

    17. 高恩楷

      can somebody tell me where to buy the hoodie damn

    18. StLoUie_Ripz

      So TRASH

    19. Casey Dalgo

    20. RacoonCH

      The lead guitarist dropped a sick solo in the final part and you didn't even have the decency to film him for more than 2 seconds. What a shame!

    21. Tracy Waid


    22. Luiz Fernando Araújo

      what's the guitarrist's name?

    23. Shayna Lou

      I discovered him a while ago when I was going through a hard time now I feel very close to his music! Thank God we have him

    24. Aldo VM

      The lead guitar player needs more recognition

    25. swalf 999

      Seeing rook here reminds me of what happend to him Hope he recovers swiftly

    26. Maureen McCarthy

      Your vocal range is fucking impressive. Def makes me want to dance!!!! (insert rock on fingers here)

    27. Chad Phriday

      This set brings back memories of playing Cool Boarders 3 and ATV: Quad Power Racing 2 with my cousins.

    28. Jean Brannum

      excuse me where do I get that sweatshirt?

    29. beαgle

      is it just me or is it weirdly mixed?

    30. Official Rosaila Magnolia

      You have a daughter correct when you write these lyrics and you explode it on to society do you not think about the men that could break your daughter's hearts and how you want to be a better man and represent better for your child so she doesn't fall into assholes hands like the songs you write about curious

      1. Nick Prosser

        Somebody needs to take your internet away.

    31. Micro P.

      is this lol or csgo

    32. Dragon of the west

      why are you here is soooooo underrated

    33. David Clark

      can we just appreciate that piano man in the background just jamming out

      1. Nick Prosser

        That's Slim! He is MGK's day one.

    34. Jason Harmon

      The numerous leo methodically fetch because punch whitely own afore a misty price. proud, subdued pharmacist

    35. 渡辺chris

      i love u kelly

    36. Dayton Horrighs

      I’m glad to see you blowing up now I’ve been a fan longer than 8 years

    37. Natalia Mora Rivera

      Really so cool

    38. Natalia Mora Rivera


    39. NF3RN0

      I like the guitarist's hat.

    40. Jaimz Dee

      Colson's back must hurt from carrying the entire pop punk revival.


      Reminds me of 96 jammin to blink, the offspring, and others

    42. Jason Fisher

      woh MGK dude that was angelic at 5:28 I felt it.... I literally saw the geometry in my head for that and each instrument is tuned right. I can hear that for sure and see it in your face. That hit home. I also noticed you play with a Schecter guitar.... Love it! I will get one on day and play for you. My favourite guitar for sure Schecter hellraiser hybrid solo II. I think you'll like it. Thanks for the awesome performance bro.

    43. Y1U9K7I6

      I'm so glad I got into this dude today. He's fucking killed it in everything I've watched. He good boi

    44. Robert Mueller

      Where can we cop that sweatshirt though?! Epic!

    45. Scorch428

      Roll me up, and smoke meatloaf.

    46. jesstremlett

      Anyone know where to buy the hoodie he is wearing from???

    47. katie crabb

      makes me sad he was not doing well here 🥺 glad he’s doing better. 🥰

    48. Ramona Lee

      Kells is definitely all about his fans and that's why we love him and his music. Every time he evolves its wonderous. Cant wait to see what he does next

    49. Isabella Jolliffe

      This is my favourite fucking thing

    50. Jar- headYT

      The older this guy gets the younger he looks

    51. Maria Hevia Gonzalez

      11:28 ?? tf

    52. iDripFe

      Can someone tell me what jeans mgk is wearing? Looks soo sick.

    53. Bridget Beard

      I love it so much , this song goings hard 4 real man....big thanks 2 you mgk......

    54. Ștefan Rusu

      cool hoodie lol

    55. Max Alton

      MGKs lyrics with this amazing band backing him is exactly the punk, 2000s rock, emotional, heartfelt, music that I needed in my life.

    56. YOUR MOM

      the way they did I them okay at the end of the song was so amazing I love it so much!!!! 🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻

    57. john doe

      I see other.guy is rocking a gibson like.neil young's.bad.ass good playing boys !!!

    58. Kody K.

      f you reading this... Your parents are gonna die in 5 years. Post this on 5 other videos to break the curse. SORRY AINT GONNA RISK THIS CRAP.

      1. katie crabb

        bud it’s ok nothing will happen unless natural

    59. Schizo Through The Tulips

      Something about Trippie Redds part live like this is sooo Good! Colson is a Fuckin BEAST 🤘🏼🤘🏼🤙🏼

    60. Alan Louis

      This guy can even mumble rap if he wants he can even do pop punk he can lyrically rap plays guitar like he's a superhuman

    61. Jason Harmon

      The damaging week bacteriologically melt because flavor originally force by a gamy vision. scintillating, ill wool

      1. katie crabb

        very cool

    62. Dylan Williamson

      Thanks MGK I am pretty good at Madden man, thanks.

    63. beth litaunieks

      who's shredding at the end of I Think I'm Okay?

    64. ᴇ.ᴅ.


    65. P Mead

      kels goat!!

    66. elias grad

      kells best fucking artist dude

    67. Michelle mcnorton

      I love this set & listen to it often 🥰💕🧘🏼‍♀️

    68. Apryl Vanags

      I can’t get enough of MGK rn! I’m legit up til 5am listening to every song of his I can find ❤️

    69. Topo Rosas


    70. TheBirdtaco

      sure this drummer is great, but dude is no Travis Barker lets be real

      1. katie crabb

        :( he just got in a horrible accident. kels drummer.

    71. 24

      I would love it if my man looked at me the way he looks at Megan...Love you Kells...#est19xx

    72. Lee Vaughan

      Not mgk playing the guitar 🤭

    73. Leah Latham

      Machine gun Kelly, you should dye your hair black

    74. Ricky Nunez

      The dummer man👌👌👌

    75. Ken D

      I really appreciate your music. A breath of fresh air! Thank you...

    76. Cuber Nikhil

      Ok I know Mgk is incredible and the drummer is quite talented too. But seriously is no one gonna talk about the guitar solo at 12:34 !!?? I've never heard it in any other recording or live version. Hands down the best part of this whole video.

    77. Rigby

      Mgk on LoL esports league of legends? Nooooo way I love mgk and that game

    78. ug

      DRUMS AT 13:38

    79. Shane Valcich

      Alive and strong - Pop Punks Not Dead

    80. kilYUH

      whats the guitarist name pls?

    81. D Morrell

      can someone tell me what brand hoodie that is? lol

    82. Yalpy CSGO

      5:55 ... amazing.

    83. Michelle madonia


    84. Michelle madonia

      My Chameleon 🥰🔥🤟

    85. Alex Barone

      why did he sound like my older cousin when he said "Look dude if youre playing your game i hope you're good at it"

    86. Craig Gurule

      I really wanted to like MGK but the more time goes by and the more jump suits he wears I just can’t help but think of Vanilla Ice

    87. Leah_PlaylistsMedia

      is it just me or- wait let me reword this, what's wrong with you if u don't think rook looks hella good especially with those braids

    88. Leah_PlaylistsMedia

      tell me why i want that guitar so bad

    89. Jay Patki


    90. ChampKmaq

      messed up his own lyrics abit :P

    91. TS Mrówka

      Machine Gun Kelly you are the best murder no eminem good luck to MGK cheers

    92. Kerry Egan

      He just keeps sounding better and better.. like his rap is good too but this is just 🔥🔥🔥😍😍😍

    93. Chinmay Sharma

      This guy brought craziness in my boring life

    94. Hades

      I still need to know if those background voices were dom's at 04:40

    95. Hailey Dawn

      this song with mgk's voice makes my conscious feel so fricken calm & chill. love itttttt

    96. Caitlin Campbell

      well that was FUN

    97. LOADING...

      I like his hair like this. Not Mohawk.

    98. Matthijs Nijland

      where did he get that hoodie from i need it so bad anybody knows?

    99. Polska Policja

      Hoodie ID pls

      1. Polska Policja

        @Drain ye but mgk has written hammer on the hood other have sabata ;/ and i cant find white version

      2. Drain

        I'm pretty sure it is a custom Warren Lotus jumper. You can find colours, most common orange. But the white i haven't seen before. If i remember correctly it's called 'Sabarath hoodie' designed by Warren Lotus. Check him out he has alot of other cool clothing also.

    100. sandwhich lover

      This whole video screams talent