All 3 New M1 Macs Unboxed! MacBook Air, MacBook Pro 13in and Mac Mini!


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    Opening up and taking a look at the NEW M1 Macs! Follow up video testing them out tomorrow 👀
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    1. Harel Mahler

      Are u going to do videos on each one of this devices

    2. Layne

      She can afford this, she has a apple book for every room

    3. Tomas Bres Bullrich

      Hey! Whats that drink?? Yerba Mate in a can??? Im from Argentina, and we drink Mate all the time. I came for the review, I subscribed for the Mate!!!

    4. Bella Lee

      i know every one of you snapped your fingers

    5. Novek

      iJustine: how silent are you MacBook: BOOOOOOONG

    6. Alby

      I thought that was a twisted tea

    7. Baran Yellowww

      Where is the mouse

    8. Fiona Raindrop

      Question. Would the M1 Mac mini be the cheapest and easiest? I usually go for pc laptop but Mac mini is cheaper and I also already have a keyboard and mouse. Also can I put any type of monitor with the M1 Mac mini??

    9. Muralha

      her sugar daddy bought her this

      1. Muralha

        @Octaviayou don't know

      2. Octavia

        Nope, apple sponsors her

    10. Margaret Perkins

      Just bought a pro and I can't wait for it to arrive!! Wondering if I should have just gone with the Air because I don't do anything crazy on my computer.

    11. Rey Flores

      What's up with thumb sleeves 😜

    12. Real留园网手机数码版主gzmtl

      OMG, you like Apple, you like Samsung, you like Microsoft, you tell the world that you love Apple so much; yet, whoever pays you the most, you love that "man", you remind me a service that is only available on street.

    13. Dave Earl Niño Barnido

      I wish have this kind of gadgets for my online class😅

    14. Morgane Smith

      They should really put face id for Macs and touch id for iPhones and iPads

    15. KeyVlogsAndVids

      i got the macbook pro wanted the air but i love the pro and it has a fan but it rarely ever turns on, i love it so much i got it for christmas

    16. Ryan Infinity


    17. PhDr. Richard Andrassy

      Super video Justine, thank you :-)

    18. Angel Leal

      Great video setup, love the lighting & audio‼️ By any chance do you travel with your Mac Mini? I’m trying to figure out what bag/ pelican case & monitor to travel with???

    19. Cranked CODM

      Plzzz do a separate vid on m1 macbook air

    20. Kenma Kozume

      Gurl, where do you leave all those devices after you get them? You had like 10000000 unboxings O-O


      wheye da heck is da monitaur of da mini

    22. Ali Ibrahim

      watching this on my m1 MacBook Pro be like 😄

    23. SaradaCashFlowHoney Donovan

      I’m getting a 16 inch MacBook Pro in February

    24. andri404

      I wish i can have therapy Like this

    25. The SoloTwin

      I hurt myself trying to figure out that snapping thing that you had already took the time out to explain...

    26. Silly Me

      I need a MacBook for school in 2021 does anyone have tips on with one I should get? I was planning on getting an air.

    27. Juan Hernandez

      The ragged avenue erroneously place because custard distinctly hover past a curvy curtain. royal, lush weeder

    28. Chenghez Ali

      I am also getting a MacBook Air for my editing

    29. Virgie Villescaz

      Who else uses a iPhone 6 for online school?

    30. Commodre 64

      7:25 earraped me

    31. Commodre 64

      I feel like iJustine is Apple’s favorite HUgetsr

    32. IsaacDDestroy

      I had actually discovered that snapping thing a few months ago on my own. Blew my mind, but it really puts into perspective how much time we have on our hands now.

    33. Liliana Benchea

      I think the M1 Chip/CPU will fail and Apple will change to AMD

    34. - CRYPTiCEXiLE -

      never owned a space grey mac mini so i don't know right now i'm using a mac mini late 2012 base model with 16gb of memory, i order the base model of the mac mini m1 at least it will look the same as my mac mini 2012 ... i quite like the silver myself to be fair it's very mac ish style ... can't wait to get my mac mini m1 gonna be awesome and i'm gonna be using a computer for the future its really cool ARM is back with style baby!

    35. mattPG

      3:43 "if you happen to have Apple's $6000.00 monitor" Yep I think I have one in the attic somewhere lol. Great review Justine. I am going to be picking up a new Mac Mini here in the near future.

    36. Joseph Mauro

      Can the mac mini be used to play games at 1080p and 60fps?(dont get mad at me if she answers this in the video im commenting this at the start of the video)

    37. Ryan Werthmann

      Try out gaming on the Mac mini

    38. jalynn williams

      thank you soo muchhh for having a channel , you make everything easier to understand 💗💗

    39. Sonja Menhard

      I have a rlly interesting question ..... what are u doing with so many macBooks and devices ?

    40. mogof1234 0

      Justine: says 13 inch Mac Pro Me: If there was a 13 inch Mac Pro it would be small

    41. Bibhabaree Sahu

      Um what does she do with her devices after she’s done with her video?

    42. Jose Guevara

      Can you please buy my a Mac book Air I really need it for school 😩

      1. DigBick •

        @Jose Guevara Haha you can’t afford it. I’ve got a MacBook Pro and a iPad

      2. Jose Guevara

        I love you your videos 😩

    43. Eronnn PH Hero Tikatok

      apple always the best

    44. Anisabelle Rivera

      Does anybody else not understand what she's saying when she talks about like the benefits and the disadvantages and like all the new stuff that is happening in the laptop or is it just me?

    45. Amogh Medhekar

      One day macbook air will be thinner than ATOMS

    46. why so sus

      1:10 the king has arrived

    47. Lachlan Burroughs

      you have to try the mac mini with the pro display xdr

    48. matty_matt

      This hurts I just bought a Macbook and a month later they come out with this

    49. iTech256

      She is so cute☺️ , love her videos

    50. Siri Beijar

      which one should I get for my 7 hours of school?

    51. Puffy Jupiter

      Justine watch your mouth

    52. Jamie Lee Ashton

      Cool 😎

    53. RamLipad

      Will those mac handle after effects easily without lag?

    54. Random Things

      As of right now in my local Best Buy the MacBook Air is $799.99 check your local stores cause last time I was there it was $999.99 😁😁😁

    55. Shanaye Reid

      here in australia they’re around 2 grand😭

    56. Karen Black

      What exactly is a Mac mini?

      1. Syailen Thahir

        @Karen Black sorry I meant keyboard on the last sentence

      2. Karen Black

        @Syailen Thahir oh okay thank you.

      3. Syailen Thahir

        @Karen Black what I meant is that it’s a computer that you can connect to any desktop, so of course the monitor you’re setting up has to have a keyboard

      4. Karen Black

        @Syailen Thahir but it doesn’t have a keyboard?

      5. Syailen Thahir

        It’s a small version of an iMac that you can use with any monitor

    57. Kaustubh Devarasetty

      This is a question for iJustine Did u rob a Bank or something like that mate? i think u have aleast 40 pcs 30 laptops 20 phones is that true? let me know By the ay i love you every single video

      1. haha yes

        Y O U T U B E M O N E Y

    58. Keagan’s Life


    59. David Keogh

      Hey Guys l Need your help - I have the Mac Mini M1 which Is great but the FaceTime and photo booth or any apple camera app does not work, yet 3rd party apps like zoom and the camera works fine! Please can you or anyone on the forum please test your FaceTime on your Mac mini so I know if its just my issue or the is a BIG issue ??

    60. SergejGajičYT

      how about mac mini air?

    61. ThatMGArider

      Omg I loooooovvvveeeee the air 🥺

    62. Arom Suh

      Hi how are you? ;)

    63. Bladimir Sanchez

      Can I get one I need a new one for school

    64. sergioh’s 3D vlogs

      I think getting a Mac mini and a display would be the best option; like you said “be done with it”

    65. Hill Reflects

      How about a software developer using IntellJ, running web service, running database (well in a docker) would I get....? Oh, never mind, I figured it out. :) Great video!

    66. Lucas Hernández Saenz-Valiente

      ''I dont care being wrong'' Justine in court with Microsoft producers. ''Apple is better''. Judge says Windows wins she minds being wrong

    67. mig gaming

      the mac mini sounds like macdonalds hamburger but its mini

    68. CMDR BRAVO

      hey i like ur videos

    69. Angelina Moreira Jé Nacromancer

      Good luck 🌬️🍀🌬️ 🎁🌬️💜🌬️💵 🌬️💎✨🌬️🏆

    70. Muhammad Thakei

      This video convinced me to buy my first Mac. The Mac mini. Thank you for putting so right that I saw how easy now I can get a Mac and the keyboard, mouse and screen I can get access to easily later or use my current ones. Thank you 🙏🏼

    71. Sitaram Behera

      You are looking so nice and you explain so crazy.

    72. Ali Zubaidi

      Give Tyler a raise 😂

    73. Maxen

      2050: Apple sells air for $500 Reviewers: 8:50

    74. Maxen

      8:21 that's what she said

    75. Maxen

      When your monitor is 10 times more expensive than your computer

    76. Angelina Woolsey

      I have it

    77. Joshua Lawrence

      Why did you shout!!! you surprised me lol

    78. kramasnu

      7:41 Well.... I hate using this word, but... DUH.

    79. Amithkumar BG

      Can you sell your old mac mini

    80. Lauren Schultz

      Hi Justine I'm your biggest fan ever!! I really enjoy watching your videos about mac books and all of your videos but I love them all!!! i currently don't have a mac book I would love it if you could reply to this comment and maybe we could get in touch and possibly you could help me get a mac book Thanks!!!!

    81. 岿然不动的习近平

      I wonder how many stickers she have

    82. Luca Noah Sadie

      Poor *old* Computer in the back at the left

    83. jake brown

      maybe an accessory video for new macbooks??

    84. skull

      ill get none i cant afford none

    85. Philipp Styles 2

      You so Beautiful baby 🥰

    86. Anita Chimalwar

      Use Mac mini with windows laptop as a display monitor. And try using a MacBook as a monitor too

    87. Dhruv Pai

      Ok who else started snapping their fingers to test out the theory!!!

    88. thirisa piraisoody

      do 2018-2019 mac book air cases fit the m1 macbook

    89. Rhen Montilla

      overacting sh**

    90. Digital Rapport

      Looks like software issues with Mac mini when using monitors in portrait mode. The Resolution is way way to low (have tested monitors with older Mac and work fine). Spoke to apple and support said it looks like a Big Sur issues. So should get resolved when updates come out. But no good for me at the moment :-( (otherwise its awesome)

    91. R K

      Best Battery Life ( 1. Dell Latitude 9510 (18:17) 2. Dell Latitude 9410 2-in-1 (16:54) 3. Asus ExpertBook B9450 (16:42) 4. Apple MacBook Pro, 13-inch, M1, 2020 (16:32) 5. Samsung Galaxy Book Flex 15 (15:44) 6. MacBook Air with M1 (14:41) 7. LG Gram 14 2-in-1 (2020) (14:00) 8. Dell Latitude 7400 (13:23) 9. HP Spectre x360, 13-inch, Late 2019 (13:20) 10. Dell Latitude 7400 2-in-1, (13:08) Good to see Apple finally catch

    92. Canal do Guga

      eu quero um

    93. Madeleine O'Connell

      i just got the new air and... I LOVE IT!

    94. mix mix

      What about the display calibration? No reviewer is showing that, as a content creator it is a must to calibrate the display Does the display calibration like spyder 5 pro works accuratly on the new m1 chip macbooks..??

    95. Tony J

      Mac mini looks like a dog food tray in your hand.

    96. Tony J

      I like that loud “what the heck!”.

    97. Charles

      What are you going to do if you want to run windows? The M1 will not run windows.

      1. Charles

        @Syailen Thahir She does use windows but she has PC's that will run windows.

      2. Syailen Thahir

        She doesn’t use windows

    98. daillengineer

      Having a lot of issues with my M1 Mini and the Magic Mouse 2 not working well. Lots of connection issues.

    99. Tigerex966

      I am still not sure if apple is making the two tb3 ports share the same 40Mbs bandwidth or if they are truly fully independent with 40Mbs each. Please test that. Thanks Also can you recommend external ssds since these memory limited internally un upgradeable machines use the fast ssd as a memory swap file, this makes "the external ssd the single most important addidtion you can make to your m1 mac" performance wide, especially since GPUS are not currently supported.

    100. TheEnde124

      Hey, what jacket is that you're wearing? I really like it